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Capturing the exact emotion is the toughest task of portrait photography. Whether Ты are choosing an amateur model или a professional one, nervousness can affect anyone and Ты as a photographer are ought to make your subject relax so that she can give Ты better poses and expressions. Here are some useful techniques that will help Ты make your subject feel comfortable.

First Relax Yourself

Your nervousness can make your subject feel еще nervous and therefore, make sure Ты are absolutely relaxed. As soon as your model arrives, greet her with a lovely smile and ask her about her day, her breakfast,...
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In 1994, South African photojournalist Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer prize for his disturbing photograph of a Sudanese child being stalked by a стервятник, гриф (left). That same year, Kevin Carter committed suicide.

Without the facts surrounding his death, this behavior may seem surprising. But Carter received heaps of criticism for his actions. While in Sudan, near the village of Ayod, Carter found a small, emaciated toddler struggling to make her way to the Еда station. When she stopped to rest, a стервятник, гриф landed nearby with his eyes on the little girl. Carter took twenty минуты to take the photo,...
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