Picks HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: Someone has stolen your пудинг cup! What do Ты do?

Pick one:
Go get another пудинг cup.
Publicly accuse the person Ты believe украл, палантин your пудинг cup.
Reminisce about those precious moments Ты had with your пудинг cup.
Offer a reward for anyone with information about your пудинг cup.
Go get something else to eat instead.
перфоратор, удар, пунш em in the eye!... it was my пудинг cup!!!
Added by ilovekud
Do whatever it takes to get it back!
Added by HannaK
accuse my bff katy!
accuse my bff katy!
Added by 123horsegal
accuse Big Fluffy
Added by bvgf
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 chel1395 posted Больше года
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