Piper Halliwell Need a Piper (And the other Зачарованные sisters)

Pennyless posted on Sep 09, 2010 at 08:34PM
Hi all,

I might have a strange request but I'd like to post it here anyway =3

I'm in a role play group and we've been doing a multi fandom rp for several months now. Which means we need new members every now and then.

As of now we have Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd and some original characters in our group.

Would there anyone be interested to play Piper Halliwell in our role play? Preferably someone who's not scared to be one of the first characters of the series Charmed and who loves to be online to post a reply at least once a week? =3?


Some technical things =3

The RP is multifandom, it's text-based, it works with profiles, you can react whenever you're online. Some members will check their profiles daily, others once a week, please listen to the admins Alice & Draco, anything else....? Just have a lot of fun =D

Interested? Please leave a message here or pm me if you'd like to join =)


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Больше года piperleoforever said…
I would love to,but i have school stuff so it's gonna have to wait 'till summer!! :((