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HollyCombsLove posted on May 07, 2011 at 08:43AM
I think this club is very still, and I thought about making an icon contest!
Rules: I will say a theme, and you have 3 days to put an image. After spending 3 days, you have 3 days to vote.
1st place: 4 props
2nd place: 2 props
3rd place: 1prop

I hope it's fun:)

Round 1: Piper & Leo kissing. Winner: HollyCombsLove
Round 2: Piper & Wyatt. Winner:Piperfanatic
Round 3: Piper cooking. Winner:flowerdrop
Round 4: Piper & Dan. Winner:Piperfanatic
Round 5: Piper pregnant. Winner: KaterinoulaLove
Round 6: Piper crying. Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 7: Piper with a funny face. Winner:KaterinoulaLove&makintosh
Round 8: Piper in "Coyote Piper". Winner:KaterinoulaLove/makintosh
Round 9: Piper using her power's. Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 10: Piper & Paige. WINNER:flowerdrop
Round 11: Piper & Victor Winner: 80s-Gal
Round 12: Piper & Chris.Winner: valleygirl4
Round 13: Piper in her wedding day. Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 14: Piper in "Hell Hath No Fury". Winner:KaterinoulaLove&makintosh
Round 15: Piper & Prue. Winner:HollyCombsLove
Round 16: Piper with Paige & Phoebe. Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 17: Old Piper. Winner:HollyCombsLove
Round 18: Piper in "All Hell breaks Loose". Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 19: Piper in "Forever Charmed".Winner:House_Anatomy
Round 20: Black & white Piper. Winner:flowerdrop
Round 21: Piper in "Vaya Con Leos". Winner:flowerdrop
Round 22: Piper with curly hair. Winner:HollyCombsLove & KaterinoulaLove
Round 23: Piper in "Ms Hellfire". Winner:HollyCombsLove & KaterinoulaLove & twilightsaga94
Round 24: Piper in "The Wendigo". Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 25: Piper in "The Day the Magic Died".Winner:80s-Gal
Round 26: Piper in "Centennial Charmed".Winner:smckinlay2
Round 27: Piper in "Chick Flick".Winner:HollyCombsLove
Round 28: Piper in "Kill Billie Vol 2".Winner:ViennaTang
Round 29: Piper in "A Call to Arms".Winner:flowerdrop & Grumpy62
Round 30: Piper in "Cat House".Winner:KaterinoulaLove
Round 31: Piper in "Something Wicca This Way Comes".Winner:flowerdrop
Round 32: Piper in "Brain Drain".Winner:makintosh
Round 33: Piper in 'Piper in Give me a sign'. Winner: KaterinoulaLove & 80's-gal
Round 34: Out of the Character ~ Holly Marie Combs. Winner:
Round 35: Piper in 'Witchstock'. Winner:

KaterinoulaLove- 51points
80s-Gal- 22points
smckinlay2- 13points
Piperfanatic- 12points
twilightsaga94- 11point
ViennaTag- 7points
Grumpy62- 4points
CharmedFan4eva_-4 points
valleygirl4- 4points
House_Anatomy- 4points
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