Покемон Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Okay so where do you think they should hang out ?"Nuzi asked

"What were doing disguised as Danae anyway ?"Bree asked Selina
Больше года Nojida said…
"Hm, it usually starts with a cafeteria" Dawn says.

"Just some things" Selina replies with a grin.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"A cafeteria ?"Nuzi asked

"Well you ruined my fangirl moment"Bree said with a pout
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(IT'S QUEEN CHRYSALIS! Wait, no, just Selina XD)
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Больше года Nojida said…
(Queen Chrysalis? XP)
"Yeah, some place where they're not alone so they can feel more comfortable" Dawn replies.

"Fangirl moment?" Danae asks blushing a bit.
"Oho, so you were watching?" Selina asks.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(How do you pronounce that ?)
"Yeah that makes sense"Nuzi said "Do you know where she is now ?"

"Yep, from behind the counter"Bree replied
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Here's a pic of her(prepare for the hideousness) but she can take the form of others as well as any Zorua or Ditto)
 (Here's a pic of her(prepare for the hideousness) but she can take the form of others as well as any
Nojida commented…
BTW, they have the same eye color XP Больше года
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: hello meloetta
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oho! XD She's actually scary..)
"Well we can't tell her" Dawn says.

"Snicky, sounds like a fangirl would do" Selina says with a snicker "So, what did you think of my acting?"
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Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Meloetta: Hi!
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Doesn't look that scary)
"Yeah I'm just wondering where she is"Nuzi said

"You were good, I was about to take a photo"Bree said
Больше года misshedgehog said…
(dont forget our other rp)
Abagail: i heard of you your one of those rare pokemons and you love to sing like me
Больше года Nojida said…
"Hmm, maybe Jace knows" Dawn says.

"Well I can do it again so want to take one now?" Selina asks as Ditto jumps on her shoulder.
"Ah, it's not necessary.." John says nervously.

(Here's how Selina (or Kennedy) looks, cute outside but a devil in the inside XP)
 "Hmm, maybe Jace knows" Dawn says. "Well I can do it again so want to take one now?" Selina asks a
DragonAura15 commented…
Good taste in Pokemon X3 Больше года
Nojida commented…
Yep! X3 Больше года
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Saige: Okay, cease-fire!
(all stop throwing snowballs)
Saige: That was awesome! But now let's go and get some hot cocoa.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Where is he again ?"Nuzi asked

"Not really, I want it be the real thing"Bree said
Больше года Nojida said…
"He said he's wait for us downstairs" Dawn replies.

"Now that won't be a problem!" Selina says looking at Danae and John with a grin.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Then lets go"Nuzi said walking out

"Excellent"Bree said taking out her phone
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(I won't)
Meloetta: You love to sing, too?
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: hollow moon
Больше года Nojida said…
Dawn walks out behind Nuzi.

"Ah.. But I..." Danae says with a sweatdrop.
"Don't be like that, you know you're going to love it!" Selina says walking to her with a grin.
"Well, as much as I want it to happen, I'll have to say no since Danae doesn't agree" John says grabbing Danae's hand and running upstairs.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"There's Jace!"Nuzi exclaimed running over to him

"You underestimate the power of a fangirl"Bree said disappearing
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
HM: (looks at Abagail, Silver, and mythical PKMN) Do you want to come with me and get some hot cocoa, guys?
Больше года Nojida said…
"Jace!" Dawn exclaims running behind Nuzi.

"Oho, I want to see them getting away from a fangirl" Selina says walking upstairs.

John drags Danae upstairs and goes into a room, closing the door behind him.
"That was close..." he says with a sigh.
"Sure was..." Danae says huffing
Больше года vegeta007 said…
Jace turned around "Hm ? What ?"
"Do you know where Bree is ?"Nuzi asked
"Not really, why ?"

Bree was hiding behind an object in that room
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Dazzlina: Oh, I'd love to.
(goes inside with the others)
Больше года Nojida said…
"Nuzi was wondering where she is" Dawn says catching up.

"Say.." Danae says looking at John "Did you really think she was me?"
"Well, she is your sister so she was acting well" John says "Although I was feeling a bit unsure.. I mean, you'd never try to do that.."
"Yeah, you're right.." Danae says looking away with a sight blush
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Well I'm sorry I haven't seen her"Jace said

"Or would she ?"Bree thought
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(all come inside and Saige starts making hot cocoa)
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Больше года Nojida said…
(Saige! Make one for Magia too! XD)
"Wonder where she's off to.." Dawn says.

"I...think we should go out now.." Danae says walking to the door and John suddenly hugs her.
"You wouldn't do that, but I kinda would" he says, making her blush even more.
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DragonAura15 commented…
Is Magia still in the lobby? Больше года
Nojida commented…
Well, she will be! XP Больше года
DragonAura15 commented…
I don't doubt that Больше года
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Probably on fangirl business"Jace said

Bree peeked out and giggled in her head
Больше года Nojida said…
"Fangirl business?" Dawn asks.

John stops hugging Danae and looks into her eyes, holding her shoulders.
"Um...uh..." Danae says nervously, blushing.
John smiles widely "So, how about we go get some hot cocoa?"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Yeah I don't know"Jace said "Why are you looking for her again ?"

"Come on! Swap saliva"Bree thought
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Celeste: Make mine extra marshmallows!
Jay: Whipped cream for me.
Saige: Okey dokes!
(soon, the chocolate smell spreads through the Pokémon Center)
Больше года Nojida said…
"Nuzi was wondering where she was" Dawn says.

"Hot cocoa? Sure!" Danae says relieved.

Magia walks down the stairs "Now that smells nice" she says walking to the lobby
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"And why were you wondering where she was ?"Jace asked
"Girl talk"Nuzi said
"Should I believe you ?"
"Fine, now what's that delicious aroma ?"Jace asked sniffing

"Oh poo"Bree thought
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Saige: You're just in time for some hot cocoa!
Больше года Nojida said…
"My!" Dawn exclaims sniffing around and walks to where it comes from.

"Hot cocoa? Awesome!" Magia exclaims "It smells -achoo- delicious!"

Danae walks to the door.
"Hold on" John says.
"What?" Danae asks turning back to him and gets a quick surprise kiss.
"Now we can go" John says smiling and walks out of the room. Danae stays stationary blushing unstoppably.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Cocoa!"Jace exclaimed arriving
"Here"Red said giving another "Maybe you should carry a pack"

"Yes! My fangirl thumb never fails!"Bree jumped
Больше года Nojida said…
"I would like to have a cup!" Dawn says arriving as well.
"Maybe..." Magia says nervously wiping her nose.

Danae gets frights and jumps "B-Bree?"
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
Red and Jace snickered "Cup"

"Yep, never underestimate a fangirl"Bree said showing her the photo
Больше года Nojida said…
"Hm?" Dawn asks.

Danae glows red "Wh-Tha-You-"
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: i love cocoa
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Oh nothing, some male humor"Jace said

"Oh don't be like that, I've got one of everyone in this couples folder"Bree said scrolling through the photos and accidentally stopped on one of her and Al giving her a kiss on her cheek
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Any of my characters in that folder? >XD)
Silver: Okay, let's go get some.

Saige: Who wants marshmallows?
Больше года Nojida said…
Dawn and Magia look at each other confused.
"Let's just -achoo-" Magia sneezes "Let's just ignore it" she blows her nose on the tissue.
"Hmm, okay" Dawn says and turns to Saige "Me!"

"Aww..." Danae says looking at the picture.
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Nojida commented…
g2g, be back in one час Больше года
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Chu: Can I haf teddy gwams on mine?
Saige: No.
Chu: Nice twy, though, wight?
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"None for me, I'm on a champions diet"Red said
"Oh could I have some please ?"Jace asked

"You see it's all..."Bree looked at her screen, turned red and hid her phone "You saw nothing!"
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Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Saige: Coming right up!
(pours hot cocoa into cups and puts marshmallows and whipped cream in it)
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: ok lets
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Saige: Here you go. (hands out cups of cocoa)
(Luna takes a sip)
Luna: Delicious as usual!