Покемон Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Did I do something wrong ?"Mikey asked

(Um, nooo XP
Mordo:You big mouth!)
Больше года Nojida said…
"N..no, you did nothing.." Charity replies blushing and scratching her head.

(I already knew that, actually XP But oh well, Alexi's still following Claire's advices XP)
last edited Больше года
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Then what's wrong ?"Mikey asked

Get outta here! *Shoves him out* Well you just ruined his hopes and his pride in his son XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
"Hmm..." Charity says looking down at her PJ's, "I'm gonna need to change.."

(Well he's just a kid, he can try many different techniques and then go with the best one XP)
"And remember, never stop eye contact" Claire finishes off.
"Okay" Alexi says noting it down, "But Ms Claire, I never thought you were a charmer"
"That's because I don't do it often" Claire says, "Now go to them"
"Alright!" Alexi says and runs off, "Thanks Ms Claire!"
"You're welcome!"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"That's it ?"Mikey asked

(Mordo's not speaking to him anymore XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
"What's it?" Charity asks looking back at Mikey. (She forgot XP)

(Why not? XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(You were gone XP)
"Nothing"Mikey replied

(Because he's disappointed XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I know that, don't you have my schedule? XP)
"Hmm?" Charity asks tilting her head.

(Well Alexi actually did nothing wrong, he's still a kid and has the right to try many different ways of doing things XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yeah but you didn't leave when I expected you to leave so I was confused XP)
"You're cute"Mikey randomly said

(Speaking of that, how did he end up with Claire anyway ? XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(When were you expecting me to leave? XP)
"Now that was random" Charity says with a giggle.

(He went to the kitchen first and found her there XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(At 7, it's when you usually leave XP)
"Was it ?"Mikey asked tapping her nose

(Oh okay, so that's where Claire has been all this time XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Well I usually leave at 18:55 XP)
"Nose tap!" Charity exclaims covering her nose.

(No, that's where Claire was this morning XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yeah but you didn't XP)
"Yes, nose tap"Mikey said

(Where has she been all the other times ? XP)
(I want couples! XP)
"What ?"Cana asked blushing
"Wanna go do something ?"Quincy asked smiling
Больше года Nojida said…
(When did I leave?)
"My turn!" Charity says tapping Mikey's nose.

(Out on a research XP)
(The answer isn't so hard, Cana XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Like 7:05)
"Nice"Mikey said with his nose twitching

("Resaerch" XP)
(For her it is XP)
"So ?"Quincy asked
Cana didn't answer and felt a lump in her throat and blushed even more
Больше года Nojida said…
(So that's why I was late for the lesson XP)
"And this!" Charity says moving in and kissing Mikey's nose.

(Yes, what else could she have been doing? XP)
(Come on Cana, you can do this! XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Shame on you XP)
"Aww"Mikey awwed (And what's Mikey's bestie Zikky doing ? XP)

(I don't know it's Claire XP)
"Are you okay ?"Quincy asked
Cana tried to speak but couldn't move her mouth
Больше года Nojida said…
(Don't make fun of me XP)
"Want another one?" Charity asks. (Watch XP)

(Yes, which is why she was on a research XP)
(C'mon Cana, I know you can't do this! XD)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I'm not XP)
"Can I have one ?"Mikey asked

(Well it's not like anyone was concerned XP)
(Alright, Bree step in! XP)
"She would love to!"Bree said appearing behind her
"Really ?"Quincy asked
"Of course, she just speechless with excitement"Bree said
"Okay then, I'll catch you later Cana, bye"Quincy said walking off
Больше года Nojida said…
(I'll be watching you XP)
"Yep!" Charity says moving in to kiss him again but Zikky hops between them and Charity eventually kisses his cheek instead.
"Hehe" Zikky snickers.

(I know, she didn't want anyone to be XP)
(She's a life savior, kinda XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Why ? XP)
"Oh hey Zikky"Mikey said

(Loner! XP)
(And a shipper XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(For reasons XP)
Zikky then shots Mikey a glare.

(More like she's afraid that people might mess up her work XP)
(We have so much in common XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(In the bathroom ? XP)
"Something wrong bud ?"Mikey asked

(Then Akita will do just that XP)
(Guess you do XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(No XP)
Zikky takes a big breath to calm himself and shakes his head.

(What? XP)
(Yeah XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Why not ? XP)
"Alright then"Mikey said petting him

(Mess up her work XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I have some boundaries XP)
Zikky this time couldn't take it and bit Mikey's hand, hard.
"Oh my!" Charity exclaims.

(How? XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Unlike Hert XP)
"Are you hungry ?"Mikey asked not being bothered

(She just will XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Not going to commend XP)
"Guess he is" Charity says looking at him.

(No she won't, Claire doesn't let anyone touch her files or even smell them XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(What ? XP He kissed Janice right in front of Lance XP)
"You want some food ?"Mikey asked

(She will find a way XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Speaking of that, how did you come up with that plot? XD)
Zikky lets go of Mikey's hand, shots him another glare and returns to his Poke ball.

(I wanna see her try XP)
last edited Больше года
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I heard it on Ratchet and Clank XP)
"Are you sure he's okay ?"Mikey asked, "He's acting a bit different"

(I know you do XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(They were watching a show like that? XP)
"I'm not sure.." Charity says looking a bit depressed.

(Yeah XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(It's like a radio show that plays when a robotic supervillian malfunctions XP)
"Maybe you should try to see what's wrong"Mikey said

(Ice cream! XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Ooh I see XP)
"I think I do know what's wrong.." Charity thinks to herself and nods, "Yeah, I will"

Больше года vegeta007 said…
(There are 21 letters in the alphabet right ? XP)
(Don't you just hate it when you like book but then you watch the movie and the movie is just soo off ? XP)
"Alright"Mikey said, "Do you wanna get up now or do you wanna stay lying down ?"

(In the belly XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I guess XP)
(Harry Potter, yes)
"Up!" Charity says getting up.

(Dang it! XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Play along with me! XP)
(I was forced to watch Animal Farm this morning and it was so off)
"Alright"Mikey said also getting up

(I also have chocolate milk XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(What? XP)
(How off?)
"I'm going to change!" Charity says picking her pillow up and running out.

(I want too! XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Nevermind! XP)
(Like in the book Benjamin is very grumpy and prefers to be alone but in the movie he is friendly)
"Alright then"Mikey said

(I'd give you some but you're in Greece XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oh-kay then XP)
(Oh, that much difference)
(Hmmm, blank XP)

(So? XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP If you ask your dad really nicely, can I come over for a slumber party ? XP)
(Who do you wanna go with ? XP)

(Okay, here you go XP *Gives you choco milky*)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Umm... XP)
(Yeah it really is irritating)
(I'm having the urge to use Alexa and Aurara XP)

(Yay! *Takes it and runs to the kitchen*)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Is that a yes or a no ? XP)
(Go ahead, I'll use Alex XP)

"Mom"Jatina said shaking Dawn

(Where are you going ? XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Didn't exactly get what you meant XP)
(Alright XP)
"Alexa, wake up" Aurara says shaking Alexa.
"Mmhum" Alexa says going under her blankets.
"Come on Alexandra, almost everyone is awake" Aurara says.

"Mn?" Dawn asks opening her eyes a little.

(Somewhere XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Sleep over! XP)
"Alexandra ?"Alex asked

"What are we doing today ?"Jatina asked

(Where ? XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Sleep over, my house can't afford that XP)
"Hum?" Aurara asks turning to Alex

"Eat breakfast, go to the bathroom..." Dawn says half asleep.

(Somewhere XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Don't worry I'll sleep in your bed XP)
"Can I get the bucket ?"Alex asked

"What ?"Jatina asked

(Fine XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(And where will I sleep? XP)
"Go ahead" Aurara replies.

"Exactly...." Dawn says closing her eyes again.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(In your bed XP)
"Awesome"Alex said running out

"Dad was in pain"Jatina said
Больше года Nojida said…
(I don't think my bed can afford us both XP)
Aurara looks at Alexa again and sighs, "Sleepyhead"

"Really?" Dawn asks opening them again.