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 She may look pretty, but she's not!
She may look pretty, but she's not!
Kristina's Perspective

I think I just Остаться в живых the Любовь of my life. I think he's in Любовь with my classmate, Nishka Reddy. That's because I just caught Vincent Поцелуи her. I ran away crying. Words can't tell how jealous I am of Nishka right now! My greatest fear is losing the Название of prettiest girl in the world to a different girl. And I'm afraid of losing it to Nishka. I know she's prettier than me, but I'll never admit it. Never!!!!!!

I'm also really afraid if Vincent proposes to Nishka. Then they'll get married and my сердце would break. But what if Nishka says no to Vincent? I don't have much...
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Narrator:lets start on where we were on last time.
Buttercup:BUT MRS. KEANE!!!
Mrs. Keane:Yes buttercup?
Buttercup:Y do they have sit with us?y cant they sit with...umm...with...umm...mitch?
Mitch:No way i like sitting by myself at a table.
Mrs. Keane:plus u girls will make be good then and mitch will make them horrible.
Everybody in the class:YES U R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Keane:ok class settle down.now boys take ur seats.
Brick&Boomer:But Mrs. K-
Mrs. Keane:no buts brick...
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Sometimes things go away. Like somethings Ты loved from your childhood disappear now. Ты see, 15 years in the past, The Power Puff Girls was crime-fighting superheroes. Now their еще mature adults. But we never saw what happened to the Rowdy Ruff Boys? That's a Вопрос that lasted for a long time... But, we seemed to get a hand of what Butch was doing.

Miami, Florida
2:00 AM
Butch's House

"Dude, I think I'm going to get some shuteye." Mitch Michelson said. "Dude, this Is a dude's night out. "I know. But It's 2:00 in the morning and I am pretty freaking sleepy. Just let me get some shuteye....
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The Green POV

My first reaction was time to fight.But Blossom hold her hand up and pointed her and my pajamas.She was wearing a розовый tank вверх with a клубника smiling sexly saying,"HEY,SWEETIE" and white шнурок, кружева underwear and I was wearing a light green tank вверх with an angry green яблоко saying,"BITE ME"and black shorts.

I frown,"So"

Blossom sighed and she turned to go get her robe.There was another slam against the door but harder.

Who doses this guy think he is?!Slaming his fist on the door of The PowerPuff Girls,even if we are retired,I thought angrily.I jumped from upstair,stuck the landing...
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