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 Blossom as Deedee
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While Bubbles shares Deedee's hairstyle, Blossom shares Deedee's color, PINK!
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posted by ppgFireball
 Berserk: еще power....than I can ever imagine!!!
Berserk: More power....than I can ever imagine!!!
Blossom: ow! -turns around- YOU!!!
Berserk: don't forget your counterparts.
Buttercup: hey! we got rid of you!
Momoko: Ты see, they decided to help us destroy you.
Brat: and this is a perfect way to get revenge on you.
Buttercup: THAT'S IT!!! NO еще PARTY-POOPERS!!!! -flies up to them-
Brute: -punches Buttercup-
Buttercup: -falls down-
Kaoru: well someone met her match.
Bubbles: why are Ты teaming up with Аниме us? they're bad.
Berserk: oh look, the baby speaks. they're evil like us.
Blossom: they tried to takeover our world!
Berserk: and that's just what we're gonna do. Ты ready girls and girls Z?...
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posted by heeeeeeeeeeeey
bubbles:who are they, they look like us
bubbles z: Эй, who are they, they look like us but more... cartoonie
blossom: i dont know but it might be trouble
buttercup z: woah they`re comeing over what do we do
all: who are Ты and are Ты evil
buttercup: *reaches out to shake buttercup z`s hand*
blossom: wait! they are our doplegangers if we touch the world falls apart
buttercup: but i did touch her


all: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
blossom z: is there a brick here?
blossom:from rrb?
blossom z: yeah
blossom:if i make it stay away from him he`s mine
 Poor me. Tee Hee!!
Poor me. Tee Hee!!
*Arjin is sitting on her bed, using the computer, feeling lonely and her friend Hazal and Rosa come through the door.*
Hazal:Arjin! Your mom сказал(-а) Ты were crying.
Arjin:That's because Ты wouldn't play with me!
Hazal:I'll play with you!
Arjin:Ok! Wait! I know what'll be even better!
Arjin:Great! Rosa can come too!
*Arjin gets the Chemical X that she found when moving in from the shelf*
Arjin:Ok, if Ты drink this, Ты get superpowers!!
Hazal:Cool! *drinks the chemical* Wow! I can fly! Try some Rosa!
Rosa:Ok! *drinks the chemical X* Awesome!!
Narrator:Hey! I'm finally in the article! Meanwhile...
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posted by bcthestrongest
 im so sorry
im so sorry
Everytime i do something wrong или feel guilty i end up doing crazy things to myself now a friend of mine is leaving and i blame myself for why she is leaving i hate this life i am in i just look up to the sky and says its my fault so to make things better my friend should stay and i might as well go away from here as long as possible i just hate seeing people hurt еще than me so i gotta say goodbye blf powerpossible маргаритка Любовь boomerlover kevinkramps and all the others im leaving Далее week so good bye to all u people who help me with my problems i Любовь u guys and i feel sorry to go
 i really am
i really am
posted by brickthecutest
 brainy and confuse
brainy and confuse
Brainy-the smartest one of the bunch she loves to read just like her cousin blossom and looks just like her but have oranges eyes her choice of a weapon is a blade
Bruise-this girl is always ready for action everytime she comes Главная with a bruise on her face and body like her cousin buttercup her choice of a weapon is a нож
Belly-this quiet girl is always ticklish and not ready for fights her power is a chainsaw and speaking to Животные like her cousin bubbles
Confuse-this dude is a leader of the powergoth boys and Brainy counterpart he is cousin to mojo and the gang green gang his power is lighting
Shy-this shy boy is the oppsite of Belly his counterpart he loves action and is the smart one of the group his power is thunder
Cut-this dude is the oppsite of Bruise he hates action he is the quiet one of the group his power is tornado
 belly and shy
belly and shy
 bruise and cut
bruise and cut
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