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 4 cutest boyz alive
4 cutest boyz alive
im getting sick and tired of people going around saying mindless behavior is gay. well guess what THEYRE NOT. i bet if i asked u to give me one reason why u think that u would proabaly say oh cause they sing but i bet u go and listen to justin bieber sing all day. well heres a newz flash JUSTIN BIEBER ISNT THAT BIG ANYMORE. mindless behavior put him on the bottom like #15 on the best male singer. alright i know some of yall may feel offended but im getting tired of yall calling my boyz gay cause they 100% straight and they alwayz have been so get yo factz straight. so the Далее time u wanna call my boyz gay u might wanna go to Youtube and type in MINDLESS BEHAVIOR TAKEOVER или MB TAKEOVER AND SEE WHOS GAY NOW!!!
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