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posted by MrsProdigyWifey
i hav on skinny jeans n a red спагетти strap tank top. Prodigy has on jeans n a blue tshirt. me n Prodigy r @ da Фильмы movies, for a date. hes takin me a horror movie, n im expectin 2 go c a romantic comedy. we get 2 da movies. but i wasnt payin attention wen he got da tickets.

Prodigy: 2 adults please

*we go in*

Prodigy: 1 large popcorn. wat u want 2 drink?

Me: pepsi

Prodigy: good choice. 1 large pepsi as well. thanks.

*we walk in da movie*

Me: hold on.

Prodigy: wats wrong.

Me: i thought we was cummin to see a romantic comedy или something.

Prodigy: nooo we came to c candyman, unless u scared....
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