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posted by Skittles98
Dear fellow pyromaniacs,

do not let other people call Ты weird, или obsessed. Ты are simply being you. If someone calls Ты a freak for loving огонь say thanks and walk away. Do not let them call Ты names because Ты like something they think is dangerous. Pyromanism is a gift, not a curse. It offers jobs and excitment. As a job, Ты could study volcanos или stars. Ты could become the greatest scintest simply because Ты dared to look deeper into the огонь of your heart. Ты dared to look for еще fire. Ты dared to find еще about the very thing people may или may not dislike Ты for. Ты could find the secret of a super nova. Ты could find out when and why they happen. Simply because Ты Любовь fire. огонь may be a destroyer, but it also a giver, so Далее time someone calls Ты a name for being a pyromaniac say Thanks, that means alot to me.

Skittles98, a proud pyromaniac
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