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posted by tareva1451
Ryan/Rachel Quotes:
"She was inspiring. Ты know, she's just like Allie in the movie: She laughs like that, she talks like that. She's elated one минута and devastated the next. She's a very real person. Ты tend to forget what real people are in this business but she was a jolt of reality, Ты know?"

“I think Rachel is really – she's got chops, ya know. What's interesting is that I really don't think we would have made the film if we hadn't found Rachel. Really this is Rachel's movie. If this is a car, she's driving it and we're in it. So it all, for me, depended on finding...
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*taken from fanforum*

Reasons why we Любовь Ryan/Rachel:
1. Because it was "His pleasure"!
2. Because they had mad chemistry, on and off screen!
3. Because they won "BEST KISS" at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards!
4. Because they shared one HOT Kiss on stage!
5. Because they shared a Kiss in the press room as well.
6. Because they just Любовь Поцелуи each other, lol.
7. Because of how he looks at her.
8. Because of how she looks at him.
9. Because their characters in The Notebook shared a Kiss in the RAIN!
10. Because they are hot together!
11. Because he picked up her coat.
12. Because he signaled to her.
13. Because...
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