Случайное обыгрывание ролей Raven Academy for the 'Special' Kids

Kat-chan posted on Aug 15, 2015 at 12:09AM
Raven Academy, a boarding school for all but humans. Usually if you find yourself here you are either the child of rich parents that don't have time to waste on you so they send you here or orphans.

All ages are accepted, but we are not responsible for drugs, sex and other problems your child may encounter. However we do have class. One that is, and it is of meditation and learning to control powers. I warn you that there are fights on the campus. We are also not in charge of that. We DO however have a small student council that may or may not enforce their own rules and the only person who can expel a student is me, the principal. I hope your child enjoys their stay.

Yours truly, Mr Porridge the principal.

General Rules:

No God modding
No excluding anyone out (all are welcome)...unless your human.
There are a FEW cases in which a human can sneak in.
Bad words, sex and mature content is allowed
If you are a human and you are caught you will be killed or expelled.
Can't have more than 5 powers/abilities
Have fun!!!

Student Council Rules (can be broken):

Only 3 student council members (allowed including the president)
No sneaking into opposite sex’s dorm (but people do this all the time)
Lights out at 10 (unless there is a special event, which there are on occasions)


Amelia Black - Siren - kat-chan
Julliette Yen - Witch - kat-chan
James Davis - Vampire - kat-chan
Charlotte Fairchild - Nightmare - kat-chan
Akio Arcadia (teacher) - ??? - Tiger-gaming
Roukhan Vulra - Draki - Mirra1007
Cynti Kichida - Fox demonnes - Mirra1007
Thaida N' Haeriyn - Elf - Firebird06721
Mephi Saint O'Feles - Witch - Beckie545
Veronica Silicca (teacher) - Cat girl - Tiger-gaming


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Больше года Kat-chan said…
Name: Amelia Black
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Power/ability: Control over water, Hypnotism with eyes and voice.
Species: Siren
Bio: She was raised shipwrecking sailors alongside her sisters, and never once questioned if it might be wrong. After a particularly rough storm, she was washed up on shore, not sure how to find her way back home, or if she were strong enough to swim back on her own. After wondering around on land, she found the academy and decided to enroll.
Other: She can only survive for a certain amount of time out of water. The longer she spends in water, the more time she can survive out of it. As such, she arranged to have a tank of water set up in her dorm.
 Name: Amelia Black Age: 19 Gender: Female Appearance: Power/ability: Control over water, Hypnotis
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Name: Julliette Yen
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: pic
Power/ability: witchcraft, but her specialty is necromancy
Species: Witch/necromancer
Bio: She never knew her family, nor did she ever have a family of any kind. She was raised by the dead and only associated with the dead, which made her very awkward with living beings. She began attending regular school when she was six, and scared the living daylights out of everyone by summoning a skeleton to play with on her first day. She never went back. She finally began attending SFTSU when she was 10.
 Name: Julliette Yen Age: 13 Gender: Female Appearance: pic Power/ability: witchcraft, but her sp
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Name: James Davis
Age: Old. Very, very old. Looks around 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: pic
Power/Abilities: Normal vampish stuff
Species: Vampire
Bio: His family was killed in the early 1900's by a group of Vampire hunters. He managed to escape, but was always haunted by his past.
Other: He hates humans
 Name: James Davis Age: Old. Very, very old. Looks around 17 Gender: Male Appearance: pic Power/
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Name: Charlotte Fairchild
Age: Quite old, but appears 17
Appearance: Pic
Gender: Female
Abilities: Can show people their worse fears through eye contact, can take the form of people's fears.
Species: Nightmare
Bio: That isn't something she talks about
Other: She usually wears sunglasses to avoid direct eye contact.
 Name: шарлотка, шарлотта Fairchild Age: Quite old, but appears 17 Appearance: Pic Gender: Female Abiliti
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(Can I be a teacher with powers??)
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
Name: Akio arcadia
Age: ??? (Looks like 20 - 25)
Gender: male
Appearance: pic
Power/ability: materialization, (how it works: picture a object in your mind then one of his bodyparts will produce it, armor included)
Species: ???
Bio: He was known in the academy, respected and looked upon, he knew the principal in a long time and was best friends with him
Other: the strongest teacher in the academy, he is naturally selected to be the adviser of the council, he is too damn kind to say no, but when he is pissed, he is like a demon.
 (Thanks!) Name: Akio arcadia Age: ??? (Looks like 20 - 25) Gender: male Appearance: pic Power/ab
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(When can we start?)
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Name: Roukhan Vulra
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pic (In his Draki form he also has blood red wings)
Power/ability: He can stay in his human form or change into his Draki form (with the horns, wings, tail and claws of a dragon) He has the ability to fly and to breath/control fire. Also his senses are higher when he is in his Draki form.
Species: Draki (A race that is half human and half Dragon)
Bio: Roukhan is the oldest son of the Draki village's chief. He was raised to always be good to the people he has to protect and was trained as a true warrior. Except he wanted to know more of the world and other species so he decided to enroll into the academy to learn and study before he becomes the new chief.
 Name: Roukhan Vulra Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: Pic (In his Draki form he also has blood red
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Name: Cynti Kichida
Age: Appears 18, secretly way older
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pic
Power/ability: The senses of a fox. The power to control and manifest electricity.
Species: Fox demonnes.
Bio: Cynti is the bastard child of a fox demonness and a to her unknown electricity wielding demon. Normally as a fox demon she would have the power to control fox fire and be a magic trickster but she can't. Because she is a bastard it is needless to say she wasn't very loved, causing her to be quite a troublesome child so her parents (ofcourse mostly the fox 'father' who hated her) decided to enroll her into the academy to teach her a lesson.
Other: She always wears kimono's and always holds her umbrella close to her since it is secretly a weapon as well.
 Name: Cynti Kichida Age: Appears 18, secretly way older Gender: Female Appearance: Pic Power/abil
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(I wanna start)
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((I'll definitely be joining this asap))
Больше года BlackSparrow said…
((I wanna join, but it may be a little later since it takes longer to make a character than to post for one))
Больше года Kat-chan said…
((Take as long as you need. I'll try to start this tomorrow))
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Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Thaida N' Haeriyn
(First name is pronounced Thay-duh I'm not going to try with the last name)
Age: Comparable to a 17 year old human
Gender: Female
Appearance: (pic)
Power/ability: Her Elven Physiology gives her many abilities, and as an elf she also posses some elements of Druidic magic however many of her abilities are inconsistent.
-Enhanced Senses
-Ecological Empathy
-Nature Manipulation
Species: Elf
Bio: Her family came from the Caelthas Tribe. She learned archery, swordsmanship, hunting, and use of magic from her tribe, and she, as an Elf, showed a natural gift for all four. When she was still young, war broke out between the Caelthas and the Elseiryth, and her village, along with four other Caelthas settlements was burned to the ground, leaving only twelve survivors from all five villages. Thaida was left orphaned, the only surviving member of her family and one of three from her village. When the war finally ended, the Caelthas were a dying people. For the benefit of the tribe, she decided to enroll and learn what she could from Raven Academy.
Other: Like all Elves, Thaida is burned by iron
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 Name: Thaida N' Haeriyn (First name is pronounced Thay-duh I'm not going to try with the last nam
Tiger_gaming commented…
Hayrin Больше года
Tiger_gaming commented…
That how I pronounce Больше года
Firebird06721 commented…
Absolutely! No problem, sorry about that I meant to ask Больше года
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
( can we start?)
Больше года Beckie545 said…
Name: Mephi Saint O'Feles

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: On the short side, brown skin with light freckles. Black and white dreadlocks, with purple charm beads in them, bright purple eyes, and has burn scars on her back and legs, a few on her hands but not as much. Prefers oversized sweaters, shorts with skeleton knee high socks , and giant creeper shoes to wear. Has a choker locket in the shape of a skull that she never lets anyone open and always wears, as it has a picture of her family in it. Royal family crest tattoo/brand on the right side of her neck (usually carefully covered by her hair), various sigils and charms tattooed around her body, various silver earrings, rings, eyebrow ring, and shark bite piercings that are charmed to act as a protective/offensive measures if she takes them out and throws them at a person, usually wearing purple or black lipstick and big circular white framed glasses cuz she usually has terrible eyesight as a side effect from the fire. Basically eternally painted nails.

Power/ability: Shadow control, silver-tongued (when she's not nervous), can use her dreads as limbs (i.e.: pick up things with them, hangs from the ceiling with them, etc), pretty agile (contortionist level), talks to the dead - she can pretty much do general witchcraft ( especially good at potions, fire craft, and sigil/rune craft, though she's okay at charms, etc...), these are just more or less specialities of hers

Species: Witch

Bio: She used to be a princess of a far away country, until the humans under her families' rule realized that they weren't humans themselves, and burned them all in a power siege, with Mephi barely escaping as a child. She wandered for a bit, before she heard about academy and decided to enroll as she really had nothing else to lose. She decided to keep the whole 'used-to-be-a-princess' thing to herself, and instead pretends that she was always just a normal peasant girl with family that kicked her out when they discovered her powers, because she doesn't want to accidentally bring that royal drama back into her life or have it affect any friends she makes - she's unsure whether or not the teachers and faculty know the truth however.

Other: Doesn't trust humans, loves reading and can be often found hanging from the ceiling reading a tome twice her size. Really bad at anything to do with plants or cooking, but surprisingly good with fire.
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Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
Больше года Kat-chan said…
((Alright, we can start this now, but let's try to keep it slow until Sparrow gets a chance to join))

It was the first day of the new year. MAny of the boarding students had been back for a while. In fact, quite a few of them had never left at all. This included little Julliette, who was currently sitting at an empty table in the cafeteria. Well, not empty, per-say. She was sharing it with several skeletons, and was currently engaged in a fascinating conversation.

Amelia hadn't stayed at the dorms, but was on her way there now, needing to re-settle before classes began and ensure that she had everything she needed.

James, as unenthusiastic about learning as always, was lurking around in a hallway somewhere, sitting on the ground with his legs accross the walkway, headphones on, eyes closed, trying to waste as much time as possible before he actually had to get to class.

Charlotte was outside, sunglasses on, not to protect her eyes, but rather, to protect others from her eyes. She was headed to class early, but figured there was no harm in stopping for a moment to enjoy the view.
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Thaida had moved in two months ago, but she'd been adjusting and had spent much of her time alone in her room, only getting out to escape in nature once and awhile, and even then she tried to go when no one would be around. She was ready to end the shut in routine though, as her first day of schooling at the academy was only minutes from beginning. There was a small garden area that had become a sort of safe haven for Thaida, where she currently sat on a bench, trying to calm her nerves. The presence of nature was perhaps the most comforting thing for her. It gave her somewhere to sit and think alone, but with the company of the plant and animal life, she was never lonely. Surrounded by their pleasant aura she was at peace. She sat there eyes closed, silent, taking one last moment to herself before her first class. Only twenty minutes before class was scheduled to start, she stood, talking one last deep breath before turning to leave. As she did, though, something caught her eye. Holding her hand out, a wilting germanium began to mend, until it was once again full of beauty and life. Then, Thaida began to make her way to class, though she soon noticed a girl around her age and wearing sunglasses nearby.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Charlotte managed to tear her gaze away from the oddly beautiful school campus, starting off towards her classrom once more. She noticed an unfamiliar girl nearby, who seemed to be heading the same way. Likely a new student. She offered a small smile and a wave.
Больше года Beckie545 said…
Mephi was pacing back and forth in her room, her dreads whipping around her as she tries to ensure she has everything she needs. She picks up the giant history book she was flipping through last night, packs her messenger bag, cleans off her glasses, then finally ensures that at least some of her hair was still covering her brand on her neck, before finally stepping out of her room. She walked down a random hallway while reading her book trying to calm her nerves, before she accidentally tripped over a boy who was sitting on the ground. Luckily enough, her dreads cushioned her fall considerably, but her book fell out of her hands and slid over to the boy.

"Fucking hell... oh sorry, didn't see you there." Mephi says as she pushes herself up into a sitting position, fixing the glasses that had gone askew on her face.
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Больше года Kat-chan said…
James looked up sharply as someone tripped over his legs, eyes widening slightly in surprise. He pulled his headphones from his head, the music blaring from them loud enough that it could still be heard. He looked to the girl sitting on the ground not far from him.

"Oh, shit. That was probably my bad. Sorry." He drew his knees closer to him so as to not block the entire hallway before spotting a large book on the ground near him. "Uh, this yours?" he questioned, picking it up and holding it out to her.
Больше года Beckie545 said…
Mephi looked up from fixing her glasses and gave the boy a smile, "Mhmm! It was probably both of our faults - I need to pay more attention to the world outside my books, I get kinda unaware because I know my hair will protect me if it comes down to it, but thats really no excuse." She reaches towards the heavy history book, and hugs it towards her chest. "Um, I'm Mephi. Mephi O'Feles, sorry for falling over you."

Mephi then starts hearing the music coming out of the boys headphones, "Oh what song is that? It sounds kinda cool."
Больше года Kat-chan said…
"Jenny. Uh, that's the song's name, not mine. It's by Studio Killers. I'm James." He got to his feet, offering her a hand. "Where were you going?"
Больше года Beckie545 said…
"Jenny? I thought I recognized the song! I recently got into the Studio Killers actually." She gladly took his hand and hoisted herself up. "Nice to fall over you James." She laughs a bit, "I don't really know where I'm going though, I'm just really nervous about classes, so I decided to wander and read to get my mind off things - I guess wandering and reading at the same time wasn't the smartest idea though." She gave him a sheepish grin.
"I'm a bit new here though, so I'm unsure of how classes will be... Do you think we have the same classes? Do they split them up via species? Oh! I'm a witch by the way. I tragically lost my long pointy hat." Mephi rolls her eyes with another laugh, though she inconspicuously ensures that some of her dreads were still covering her neck brand.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
James shrugged. "I've been here for a while. It's pretty okay. You definitely don't need to be worried about classes; they're not usually that big a deal. Dependig on your teacher, of course."

He paused for a moment, thinking. "They don't usually split anything up by species. A lot of the students here are the only enrolled of their kind, so doing it that way would be kind of complicated, though I'm pretty sure there are a couple of other witches. Not including myself, of course. I'm a vampire."
Больше года Beckie545 said…
"A vampire huh? So if you ever bug me just start wearing garlic necklaces, and then give you some blood to make up?" She smiles jokingly, and lightly knocks her side into him, the jostle making her glasses slip down her nose a bit.

She pushed the frames back up absentmindedly with a long nailed index finger, and hums before asking, "Other witches huh? Any mean ones, or prissy royal ones I need to avoid? How long have you been at this school anyways James? What are the teachers like? -Gah, sorry for all the questions, I'm a tad nervous."
Больше года Kat-chan said…
James shot her an amused look at her vampire questions, but she was speaking again before he had time to think of a clever response.

He smiled slightly at her worry. "Just relax. It's perfectly understandable to be a little nervous. And I don't mind the questions."

He paused slightly, trying to figure out how best to amswer. "A few of the witches can be kind of bitchy, but most of them are nice enough, I guess. And most of the teachers are cool. They're all non-humans too, so they've more or less had the same experiences as most of us. As for how long I've been here...lets see...maybe about, uh, 12 years, I think? Something like that."
Больше года Beckie545 said…
"Woah, i'm walking with grandpa, do you need me to get you a cane or will blood suffice?" Mephi laughs, her eyes crinkling at the sides. She calms down and continues, “So what your basically saying is James-senpai noticed me?" and bursts out laughing again, this time covering her mouth with her hands. "Sorry sorry," she giggles, "nervous laughter." She continues to chuckle, seemingly unable to stop.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
James found himself laughing as well. "Hey, junior, I may be old, but I'm still hip. 76 years old, and still going strong." He stopped laughing momentarily, his face becoming serious. "I may not mind joking about my age, but some of the students here are even older than I am, and not all of them are as willing to laugh about it as me. You should try not to bring up age unless you know them fairly well."
Больше года Beckie545 said…
Mephi calms down, "Thanks for the warning.... senpai." She chuckles again, before clearing her throat, "What are the class like?" The two had been walking aimlessly for awhile and were coming up by the cafeteria.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
James laughed quietly. "you can stop calling me senpai now, you know." he informed her. "Classes are pretty varied. There's the written stuff like theory and history of magic, then there're more practical type classes. Those are mostly focused on control and mastering abilities."

Julliette was just finishing up her conversation with the skeletons, which all collapsed into a pile of bones once dismissed. She stood, leaving the cafeteria. It was about time to be headed to class.
Больше года Beckie545 said…
Mephi smiles, "Call me a nerd but i'm looking forward to class! Sounds interesting." She looks around and sees a girl exit the cafeteria. "Hey James, do you know her?"
Больше года Kat-chan said…
James followed Mephi's gaze, spotting Julliette. He frowned slightly as he tried to remember her name.

"Yeah, I know her. That's...um...it starts with a J..." he paused for a moment, thinking, before snapping as it finally clicked. "Julliette Yen. She isn't exactly the most social butterfly, but she's pleasant enough. Maybe a little awkward."

Hearing someone mention her name, Julliette looked up, spotting James and an unfamiliar girl not too far away. They were looking at her. Had she done something wrong again? She offered a small, uncertain wave, though her face remained blank.
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Больше года Beckie545 said…
Mephi noticed the girl- Julliette - waving, and decided to give a wave and smile back, seeing as James says she's not mean. Mephi drew herself up and hugged her book to her chest once again, and after mentally checking to ensure that her mark was still covered, she turned to James and says, "I think I might go and try and say hi. I'd rather have friends then enemies after all."

With a breath to brace herself, Mephi made her way okay to Julliette. "Um, hello. I'm Mephi, Mephi O'Feles, it's nice to meet you! I'm new here. And you are?"
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Julliette glanced behind her, as if checking to ensure that this girl was really speaking to her. There was no one else around. "Oh. Um, I'm Julliette Yen. It's nice to meet you too." She spoke in a quiet voice, almost as if she was trying not to be heard.
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Just wanted to let everyone know that I did make cuts to Thaidas power set, I'm really sorry if it was a bit too op, totally my bad))
Больше года Kat-chan said…
((That's perfectly fine, everyone makes mistakes ^^ It's alright now))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
The girl waved to her, and smiling, Thaida waved back. "Hey," she said to her trying to strike up a decent conversation. "I'm Thaida. It's my first day here. How about you?" It felt awkward as it was her first real conversation with someone here but she thought she hadn't made herself into too much of a fool.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
"Nice to meet you, Thaida. I'm Charlotte." she greeted in a friendly manner. "I've been here for...ah...a very long time. You'll probably like it here; it's a nice place."
Больше года Beckie545 said…
"You have a pretty name. Uh, I'm a witch here, how about you?" Mephi asks, tilting her head a bit.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Julliette seemed a nit surprised at that.."I-I'm a witch too. Um, n-necromancer, specifically." she informed Mephi.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Roukhan closed his locker after taking out the book he needed for his next few classes and putting them in his backpack. A new year in the same troublesome school. He must admit, when he enrolled a year ago he hadn't expected the school to be this diverse in species and he had expected the students to be more.... Like students. People who actually wanted to learn things like himself but that hadn't really beent he case. Not that he didn't like it here though. He swung his backpack over his shoulder before heading towards his first class of the day.

On the rooftop of the school sat Cynti, a frown on her face as she stared down at the people entering the school. Those idiotic freshmans had no clue what a hell they were about to walk into. She absolutely hated this school. But she had no choice but to stay. Her lovely parents had made arrangements with the principal so she couldn't leave. She was stuck here. With a sigh she jumped down the rooftop, landing perfectly on her feet infront of the entrance of the school and making some people shriek in suprise. With another sigh she enters the school.
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Unpacked and satisfied with her dorm arrangements, Amelia grabbed her things, leaving her dorm and heading towards the classrooms. She wasn't exactly an 'eager beaver' when it came to the actual school work, but being late for class on the first day back didn't exactly seem lke a good thing. Maybe the second day, though.
Больше года Beckie545 said…
"An actual necromancer? That's so cool! I talk to ghosts, and skeletons if I focus, but I'm not necromancer-level, maybe you could help me get better? If you want of course." Mephi smiled slightly, fixing her glasses nervously.
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(Sorry, I got a buisness outing to attend)
With a yawn akio lazily sat back in the faculty as the teachers are preparing to go to their respective classes, "oy akio, aren't you a little too laid back for a teacher?" A teacher who has a height of a little girl said to him, "am I?" He said suprised but still sitting back. Then he stood up and grabbed his lab coat and bag then walked to the classroom.

Name: Veronica silicca (a.k.a veron, or little shrimp, (the little shrimp is a tease from akio))
Age: more than a hundred
Gender: female
Appearance: a loli with breasts (yeaaah i'm tired)
Power/ability: dematiralization (the reverse of akio's power, it has one major drawback though, it can't be used depending on how big the object that will be erased)
Species: cat girl (?)
Bio: a close friend of akio, she is like a little sister to him, but she can match up to akio for a short time, due to her small strature
Other: depending on the situation, she will ALWAYS try and tease akio.
 (Sorry, I got a buisness outing to attend) With a yawn akio lazily sat back in the faculty as the te
Больше года Kat-chan said…
Julliette furrowed her eyebrows a bit nervously. "U-um, I've never taught anyone before. It was always just something that came naturally to me. B-but I can try to teach you. I-if you really want me to. Sorry if I'm bad at it..."
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
"Nice to meet you too, Charlotte. I sure hope you're right." She replied, "I have Mr. Arcadia first period, how about you?"
Больше года Kat-chan said…
"I have him too." Charlotte replied, grinning. "Cool. We should definitely sit next to each other in class."