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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn grins proudly and a tad bit smugly as Valeryia said she was smart. Ofcourse she knew that already but it felt nice to hear other people say it. Yeah, her smug attitude was deffinantly from Joseph. "I know I can. But I don't know exactly what I want to be doing." She says as she folds her arms and thinks hard. Well, she was still young so she guessed she had time to think about it. One thing she knew she wanted for sure was a husband. Speaking of which. She takes her phone out of her pocket and smiles softly before texting Takao. 'So when can I see you again?'

Fayline chuckles at his comment, his big ego who he tried to hide once again showing. But that was partly why she loved him so much. As he begins to talk about the baby she gently takes his hand and puts it on her stomach "I.... Can't wait either." She says with a soft blush before kissing his cheek. "Don't get too excited yet though. I am not pregnant yet and it could take awhile. We were lucky that Eadlyn was such a happy suprise but I have heard some people really have to try hard to get a baby. It might not go so easily this time." She said while still smiling. She knew there could be troubles but she looked at it very optimistically.

No one dared to move as Lucifer punched Tomoe. Not Cecilia, not her father, Perygrine, and not her sisters, no one. They listened in quiet and fear as Lucifer spoke. That man was different than Belial. More intimidating, more likely to kill and thye all felt it. So when Lucifer raised his sword, Perygrine knew it was over for him as he heard his daughters scream in panick. He closed his eyes but the pain never came. When he opened them again he was suprised to say the least when he sees Belial had caught the blow for him...

When Lucifer was gone Cecilia ran to Belial and hugged him tightly as tears were streaming down her face. She was still rather upset of him attacking Tomoe but he was still her husband and the fact that he protected her father like that both made her proud and sad because he got hurt. She had been so afraid for so many reasons in such a short amount of time. Tomoe getting killed, her father pushing them out, her father dying, Belial getting hurt. It was just too much to handle in a too short amount of time. "D-Don't do things like that again..." She sobbed out as she buried her face in his chest.

"Belial." Her father spoke as he walked closer to them. Cecilia automatically held her husband a bit tighter, afraid of what was going to come. "I wish to speak to you. Privately. I'll be at my son's shrine whenever you're ready." That was the only thing he said before walking towards the no partly destroyed shrine of his dead son.

Annelise was trying to figure out Raiden in her head when Louisa walked towards them. The question kinda made a knot form in her stomach. "I have thought about it...." She says quietly while looking a bit to the side. "But... I just.. Don't know. Yesterday has been so... Eventfull that I am still dizzy from it." She says honestly. The attack on Eva, the confession from Louisa, meeting Fillian. It all has been way too much to handle

Souji smiles softly, knowing he could do absolutely nothing to change her iron strong mind. "Alright then. But the second it gets too much just tell me and we will find ways to make it easier." He says as he kisses her forhead.

Riza raises one eyebrow before looking at tad bit disgusted. Yurichi had his eyes on her? She literlly shivered at the thought. Ew. That was something she did not like at all. But she could en will end it today after going to drink coffee with him which she sadly had agreed on. "Don't worry. He is not going to get a step closer." When she sees him check his phone she couldn't help but ask. "How about you? Dating this woman already?"

Moira sighed a bit though tensed when she saw a person attack the other. Though before she had time to react Akiro had already handled the situation. She guessed this was really all their was to this work then. It will get boring so extremely fast... She leans against Akiro with a bit of a pout, wishing there was somehting more to do. Atleast at the millitary she got to train and at school she got to learn. Here? She gets to do nothing.

Kane couldn't help but grin as Virgil downed down the whole bottle at once. "Never knew you could hold your liquor that well." He says as he down half of his bottle as well. He almost never drunk alchohol. Highly one glass a week or on special occasions. But today, he was going to let himself go.

Felicia was concentrating hard on her paperwork when her daughter ran in with news so unlikely that she simply smiled and shook her head. "Honey, you must have seen or heard it wrong. You and I both know Kane never drinks. And he sure won't be a bad example for Virgil."

Kierra bit her lip and moaned softly as his cold fingers conected with her oh so senstive area. God, he was really driving her crazy already. Though she still did not like comment. "I am not that sh-Ah~" She started but couldn't help but moan as he pushed himself in, making her forget her previous thoughts immediatly. She trusted back against him, loving the feeling of him inside of her and the fact that they were doing this in his car only made it better. It add an edge to it all.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Oooooooooooooh~ Who's that!?" Shiomi asked energetically as she saw Eadlyn text someone. She didn't know Eadlyn had gone on a date yet, and was panting out a bit as she saw her text someone.

Joseph chuckled a bit. "Dear, those are humans you're talking about. They are much less fertile than us and they have to deal with menopause." He said, explaining a little bit more about how vampires worked before he rubbed her stomach a bit with his hand with a smile on his face, sighing out quietly. "I still can't believe your first time got you pregnant..." He said quietly, still in awe after twenty four years.

Belial raised an eyebrow as Cecilia's father wanted to speak to him privately. What was this? He never wanted to do that! After he saw him walk away to the shrine, Belial hugged Cecilia tightly, not wanting to let get before he kissed her cheek and nuzzled her head lovingly. "Sorry for making a mess." Belial said quietly, genuinely sorry for destroying the house. "And don't worry, I won't my fluffy wuffy foxy." He said, rubbing her ears a bit before turning to go to the shrine. "Give me a moment." Belial said before he walked to the shrine, meeting Shiomi's father there. He sat down on he knees, as her father was and stared up to the shrine. "Your son meant a lot to you, didn't he?..." Belial asked quietly.

"Oh it's okay, Annelise. You just need time to think." Louisa said with a smile before putting her hand gently on Annelise's shoulder. "When you're ready, you'll know. And I'll wait for then." She said quietly before rubbing her face. "How's your family, by the way? I haven't visited in a while." She admitted. Yeah, it was always Annelise who came over.

"Okay..I will." Mina said quietly before she unclinged herself from Souji and let her hair down, running her fingers through her long hard and getting all the tangles out of it while also making sure Souji got a little view of her messing with her hair. She knew how much her husband just loved her long, flowing red hair.

Takao responded back first to Eadlyn, texting back 'Anytime you want' before looking up at Riza with a slight blush. "Uh..what?" He asked before chuckling a little bit, his blush getting deeper. "Haha...ah....uhm." He cleared his throat. "No, no we are not." He said.

Akiro wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug, placing her behind against his crotch as he nuzzled the side of his head against hers with a smile. "At least you're not going to get hurt here." He said with a smile, rather having her safe than entertained.

Virgil went 'Hah!' loudly at Kane's comment. "Of course I can! I'm a freaking Stadner dammit, we all can hold our liquor!" He said, sounding just a little bit buzzed as he went into the cabinet and brought out the heavy clear vodka. He poured it into his cup, breathing in deeply before he chugged it down, feeling as if he was drinking rubbing alcohol as it burned and numbed his throat at the same time.

"Mom!" Remi growled, knowing exactly what she had seen. "Virgil is yelling something about being a Stadner, mom! He never gloats like Louisa unless he's drunk!" She said, knowing that for a fact because she had seen Virgil drunk before.

Hei stuck his tongue into Kierra's mouth, savoring the taste of it as he rubbed his tongue against hers as he thrust into her, making them both rock. He rubbed one of his fingers around her sensitive area, getting it nice and wet from her juices before he titled her behind a little bit and stuck his middle finger up her slowly as well, expanding that hole that they never touched. As she came up from Hei thrusting into her hard, he would have her fall back down into his finger, digging inbetween her cheeks with that naughty finger. "Where is my finger Kierra? Where am I filling?" He asked during their kiss.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn's eyes widened slightly at Shiomi's enthousiasm and quikly hides her phone from sight. "No one." She said as she blushed fiercer. Really, she knew how much Shiomi loved news about boys and dates and stuff so she would rather not go tell about Takao yet or else that crazy fox might want to go search for him. Still she looks at the text she recieved and smiles softly. 'As quik a possible. You have time tonight?' She texts back.

"Aah, so you are telling me I am so fertile that I am going to be popping babies out like a machine?" Fayline says with a teasing grin. Though she knew Joseph would not mind a huge family. Her face softens at what he said next. "I can hardly believe it either. Though it did not exactly start as a happy pregnancy." Remembering exactly the time she had amnesia and forgotten about her own lover.

Perygrine was staring silently at the shrine, not even looking at Belial once, though a small smile couldn't help but form on his face at his words. "He did. He was my first born after all..." He replied quietly and he was silent for a short while before sighing. "Your brother was right. You disgust me and I feel nothing but anger and hatred as I look at you. But do you know the reason? To tell you the truth, I blame you for my son's death. Lucien's death.... Cecilia told me how you have met. That you possesed a human's body and then you two got intimate. But those actions, your actions, triggered that man to kill Cecil, and his death triggered Lucien to go seek revenge which led to his own death. You caused my son to die in a weird twisted way. Actually you caused them both to die and even though you thankfully managed to bring Cecil back to live I just.... I just can't get over the thought that you have set the events that caused my boy to die. True you did not kill him directly but.... In some way you took both of my sons away from me..." He admits, his ears flat on his head, clearly struggling a bit to admit the hidden thoughts and feelings he has been hiding for like 20 years.

Annelise luckily didn't show it but she felt like flinching when Louisa touched her. It was so strange how different the simple contact felt now. "They have been good. Buzy with work but good nontheless." She says with a small smile.

Souji immediatly reached out and runs his fingers through her lovely long red hair which he adored so much. He just couldn't help himself. It was one of the things that made her so gorgeous. "Have I ever told you how much I love your hair?" He asks as he plays with a piece of it. Oh yes, he has probably told her a million times already.

Moira blushes softly and giggles a bit as he holds her like that and rubs his head against hers. "I guess that is true. Though I might die of boredness." She says with a slight pout. "There has to be atleast SOMETHING we can do to be productive." As a princess, her shedule has always been full and filled with helping people, learning, teaching, working. So doing nothing was something she could not do.

Riza couldn't help but grin as her strong boss looked so goofy, shy and blushy when she satrted talking about that woman. "Looking at your reaction I do guess you would want to date her. Or is she just for a one time fun?"

Kane simply chuckles as he leans his elbow on the table and raises his bottle. "Cheers to the Stadner blood then." he says before chucking down the rest of the bottle. He pouts as he finds it empty but quikly grabs a new bottle.

Felicia still found it highly unlikely but for the sake of her daughter she would go check. She puts her stuff down before standing up. "Fine, I will go check." She says before walking down, not expecting to find anything. So when she did see both of them drinking like that in the kitchen her eyes widen. "What... Are the both of you doing?!" She asked, clearly not liking this behaviour at all.

Kierra's moans got louder and louder as she began to pant as well. Her pleasures were increasing with each trust but then she gasped as she felt something she had never felt before, causing her to blush immensly and automatically her walls tightend a bit around him, making her moan loudly. "Oh Hei!~" She mewled against his lips. That felt so much better than ever expected. "You know exactly where you are filling." She managed to say between the pants and moans, to shy to say it out loud.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi growled playfully. "Liar!" She said as she attacked Eadlyn with her poofy tails, rubbing on in her face after she sent the text message. "Tellllll meeeeeee before I make you sneeze!" She said playfully as another tail came into the mess.

"Yes, yes you are." Joseph said before chuckling a little bit, although in all seriousness, she could be a baby making machine. If she wanted to. He sighed quietly, thinking off all they had been through together. "No it didn't...especially since we found out you were pregnant after you were hit by a truck..." Joseph said quietly, remembering how much he freaked out when he heard Fayline had been an accident.

Belial bit his lip, listening to Perygrine's reasons as to why he hated him. Belial sighed, deeply, knowing that to some degree, it was true. "I know no amount of words can atone for the loss I've made you suffer but..let me just apologize for what has happened. When I possessed that man, I did not know who he was or what he was going to do. I never wanted your son to die, and if I had known, I would have stopped it." Belial said quietly as he stared at the shrine, not looking away. "I know some of you will always hate me for what has happened, I know, but please, can we make some sort of amends?" Belial asked, looking over at Perygrine. "Me and Cecilia, we're trying for another child, and I want that child to be able to be with it's fellow fox-kin." He admitted quietly. "I'm sorry for taking away your son, I truly am, but please, your grandchildren will be as much of you as your son was and we need to be good for them, and for Cecilia. It hurts her to see us fighting too and while she is no longer your son, Cecil. She is still your child." He said quietly with a sigh. "Is there some sort of fox thing that your kind does when making amends?" Belial asked.

Louisa smiled a little bit. "That's good. I always liked your parents. They were kind to me." Louisa said before looking over at Raiden. "Raiden, how is your family?" She asked.

"M-Me?" Raiden asked, shocked Louisa had even spoken to him. Instantly, his heart started beating faster.

"Yes you, you imbecile." Louisa said with her arms crossed.

"My step mom has been the same as usual, taking her frequent trips back to Britain to see my grandparents." Raiden said, looking to the side as he tried to hide his smile.

"That's good, I suppose." Louisa said with a small yawn, not caring too much honestly. "Annelise did you ever meet Raiden's parents?" She asked, not remembering if she had came with her the one time she visited Raiden's family for dinner.

Mina giggled a little bit and nodded, blushing a little bit as well. "Yes, yes you have. A million times I think." She said with a small giggle before she smiled softly. "But I love that you like it so much. I've grown it my entire life for the man I loved." She said as she tilted her head back, letting Souji get his hand in more of it.

"Watching the merchandise is productive. If we didn't we wouldn't have anymore money, meaning we wouldn't be getting money. Which would mean we aren't being productive." Akiro said before rubbing his head, confused at what he just said. It didn't make much sense in his head. "At least I get to look at your pretty face while doing work. That's a productive thing to do." Akiro said with a small smile before he kissed her cheek.

"No, I would like to date her." Takao said before typing 'I sure do' into his phone and setting it down. "Although I wouldn't mind some fun." He admitted with a dark blush before gulping a tad. "Besides. She's too high class for one time fun." He said, knowing that she wouldn't hand out sex to just any guy.

"Cheers!" Virgil said, clanking his glass against Kane's before he heard his mother come down, making him spit his drink out completely. 'H-Huh!? Oh, uhm, n-nothing!" Virgil said while standing up with his hands in the air. "I wasn't doing anything!" He said in his defense.

"I sure do.." Hei said with a slight pant before he moaned, feeling her walls just closing in on him tightly. He started to thrust harder, shoving his finger deeper inside the untouched space as he started to throb inside her violently, having to pull away from their kiss to breathe. The car started shaking violently as the reached the home stretch and Hei, going as fast as he could, went all the way inside her before he bit his lip and finished, moaning out loudly.
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Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn laughed as she shielded her face with her hands. "Okay okay I will-"' She was interrupted by her own sneeze. "-tell you." She says while still laughing and blushing a bit. First she pulls a white fox hair out of her mouth before speaking. "You hair tastes blech. Anyway, I may have had a date yesterday as well and that guy I just texted." She says as she looks at her phone before blushing. "Looks like I have another date tonight." She says as she texts back 'Then I will see you tonight ;)'

Fayline shakes her head a bit. No, she was not going to be his baby machine. Softly she rubs his cheek. "It was such a strange turn of events. But atleast we got out of it stronger."She says with a smile, looking at the bright side of things instead of the darker side.

Perygrine did not look away from the shrine, not wanting to see the look on Belial's face after he confessed such rough things. "I know you could not have known that would happen... I know I shouldn't blame you as much as I do but I just can't shake it off of me... Not yet atleast. I might in time." After that he was quiet for awhile before sighing and running a hand through his hair. "I can't really wrap my tail around yours to make amend." He says, actually saying he does want to make amends. He thinks for a second before saying. "You help me fix the shrine and then we are all good... As far as we can be good." he says as he stands up and brushes of his kimono a bit. "Your next child better be a boy. I love my girls but their squeeky voices still often do hurt my ears." He adds, this actually might be the first normal conversation they have ever had.

Annelise thinks about it for a second. "No, not that I can remember." She answers. Actually, she has not ever been to Raiden's house at all. That was probably because Raiden always brought her home before going over to his own house.

Souji blushes a tad bit in embarresment before giving a bit off a goofy grin. "Oh. Good that you know then." He says with a small chuckles before running his other hand through her hair as well. "And I really really love it." He says before leaving kisses from her forhead to her cheek and lastly on her lips.

Moira looks amused as she tilts her head a bit in confusion. Really, she probably had the best hearing on this planet but even she could not completely hear his words right. "Sounds not logic at all honestly, my dear." She says before blushing a bit. "Well, that is not that productive. Flattering yes but not productive." She says as she poked his nose playfully.

Riza chuckles in amusement as she folds her arms and raises one eyebrow. "Oh really? If she is so high class she will expect alot from you. Especially since you are such a tough Yakuza leader. How are you ever going to explain you are still a V? A very shy and nervous V." She teases him as her grin grows.

Kane didn't look as suprised or stressed as Virgil. He simply takes another gulp of his drink before putting it down. "We are drinking, that is very clear now is it?" He says as he raises one eyebrow.

Felicia's mouth fell open. Kane was acting weird, very weird. Normally he would have never drink this time of day and he would never speak to her like that. "W-Why..." She asks, clearly confused and flabbergasted.

For some reason the look on his wife's face just made Kane grin and chuckle. "It is better to have you mind numb and your throat burning instead of your thoughts swirling and your heart hurting." He says, being completely blunt about it. Oh yes, when Kane drunk he completely lost any sense of his gentlemanness and he did not think about his words at all.

Kierra did not even notice the shaking off the car or the fogging of the windows since she was too focused on the pleasures Hei was giving her. These delicious feeling she knew and some foreign feelings she could get addicted to. She tangled her hands into his hair and screamed out in pleasure as she finished as well. She softly lays her head on his shoulder, not moving from his lap at all as she came down from her high and tried to steady her breathing.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi squealed a bit, not believing that Eadlyn had found a guy too! "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Tell me all about him! How does he sound? What does he look like? How big is he? How does he smell?!" She asked excitedly.

Valeryia's face soured a bit more. Oh. A date. Yay. Something to remind her of the loneliness she was going through. Wonderful. Just fucking wonderful. But then she smiled, pretending to be happy for Eadlyn even though she couldn't feel happiness for herself.

"I'll gladly help fix the shrine." Belial said while standing up himself, brushing his pants off because the upper part of his clothing was utterly destroyed by his wings and transformation. At Perygine's comment, he chuckled a bit, knowing the squeaky pain all to well. "Oh believe me, I am trying my best to get a boy. I love Shiomi but by the gods..." He rubbed his ear as he remembered Shiomi's voice. "You haven't seen Shiomi in a couple years, so you wouldn't know but her voice I mean...I think her vocie is squeaky, like really squeaky. Even by fox demon standards." He said before looking over at the shrine. "Thank the gods I didn't do too much damage..." He said before looking over at Tomoe. He was still outcold. "Is he even alive?" Belial asked.

Louisa rubbed her chin. "Oh, hmm. Well, it isn't that interesting anyways. Maybe I should come over to your home for dinner again, Annelise. Would that be okay?" Louisa asked with a small smile.

Mina blushed a little, reaching behind her and pulling Souji closer as she smiled. "Thank you husband..." She said quietly as she closed her eyes. "Should we get ready for work?" She asked with a smile.

Akiro sneezed quietly after Moira poked his nose, making his nose wrinkle a bit. "Ah..ah..." Akiro said, feeling like he was going to sneeze again. Luckily, he didn't. He rubbed his nose before grinning and poking Moira's nose back.

Takao chuckled awkwardly before sighing a bit and looking down. "Actually...she is a V as well, as she has never had a boyfriend so...Ill be alright. She won't know the difference between good and bad." He said with a small sigh.

Virgil growled at Kane for what he said. "Don't you talk to my mom like that!" He said, sounding very drunk and now angry. He walked over and wrapped his arm around Felicia. "She is gentle, and sweet and dammit she does what she wantsss!" He said, sounding extra agitated. Remi looked almost scared as Virgil yelled in his drunk rambling.

Hei continued to pant out, heavily as he tried to catch a breath. After he calmed down from the panting, he pulled his finger and his member out of her, allowing her to sit back down in a seat as he zipped his pants up. He sighed out quietly before looking over at her with a smile. Boy that had felt good.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn quikly covered her ears just in time to save her sensitve ears from Shiomi's squeal of death. She chuckles at her enthousiasm before grinning teasingly. "His name is Takao and we actually just met yesterday. And that is all I am going to tell you~" She says the last part teasingly in a singing voice as they reach the entrance of the school.

Perygrine took some tools out of the closet on the other end of the room that he always kept there to fix and clean the shrine. He couldn't help but chuckle at Belial's words. "Bring her with you next time. I havn't seen her in way too long." He says as he puts the tools down infront of the shrine and examins the damage. Groaning a bit he rans a hand over the broken wood. "I have to get some new planks for this..." He mumbles though luckily he always kept stuff in the shed. He glances over at Tomoe to see him still breathing. "He is. Though I really insist you do not ever put a finger on him again." He says, a bit off anger seeping up. "I have known that boy since he was a cub and he may not be of our blood but he is still part of this family."

Annelise smiles softly and nods. Even if the events were still swirling in her mind, she could not deny her friend coming over to dinner. Speaking of which, she suddenly remembered something from yesterday that actually made her blush. She had asked that guy, Fillian, to join her for lunch at school. "S-Shouldn't we be heading to school soon?"

Souji smiled softly and once again kissed her cheek. "Yeah we should." He says before gently holding her hand and leading them upstairs to their bedroom. He listned closely to hear Mei or Dequan but he heard nothing. They were probably already on their way too school. He picks out some clothes to wear and quikly puts them on before grabbing the stuff he needed to take with him

Moira giggles slightly as he sneezed. That sounded truly adorable. She was tempted to do it again but he beated her to it, poking her nose. She didn't sneeze though it did tickle a tad bit so she rubs her nose to stop the tickling. She smiles as she leans up and kisses his lips quikly. She really was blessed to have him.

"Lucky for you." Riza says as she picks up another reports and browses through it so see if there was anything interesting in it. But then a small thought hits her. "So you want to date her. And let's assume she is interested in you like that as well. Are you going to drag her into this world?..." She asked softly, knowing that her boss still had some good parts in his heart.

Kane narrows his eyes at Virgil. He was deffinantly not in the mood to be yelled at. Being ignored and avoided was already enough to handle. He did not need Virgil's screaming as well. So he grabs his bottle and without a word he leaves the kitchen to go up to his study to numb himself in peace.

Felicia sighs deeply at both of their behaviour and rubs the sides of her head, feeling a headache rise up. "Virgil, go get sobered up." She said with motherly sternlyness before sitting down on a chair. Why did she had the feeling this family was falling apart again...

Kierra puts on her pants as well as she blushes softly when he smiles at her like that. She knew exactly what he meant because she felt the same. She smiles back as she lays her head on her shoulder and lazily draws some circles on his chest. "You truly are amazing, Hei." She mumbles softly.
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"I will eat you!" Shiomi said with a small, playfully growl as she felt something bump into her. Oh, it was Gilford. "Hey shrimp, watch where you're going!" Shiomi said as she pushed Gilford with her tails, making him get mad very quickly.

"Shiomi, stop." Valeryia said, knowing that probably was Gilford's sensitive nerve. She held Shiomi back until Gilford left before she let Shiomi go.

"Sooooooo, when do we get to meet him?" Shiomi said Eadlyn with a grin.

Joseph chuckled a bit, a small smile forming onto his face as he nodded his head a little. "It's true, and we are stronger, better people because of it." He said before closing his book, just wanting to be with Fayline in nice, quiet silence as he leaned his head against hers.

"We are going to bring her here later today." Belial said as he followed Perygrine, seeing what he was doing. He rubbed his head a bit, knowing this could have been much, much worse. A few planks were nothing compared to an entire, destroyed shrine. At Perygrine's comment, he narrowed his eyes slightly. "I won't touch him as long as he doesn't touch Cecilia, give her perverted looks or even talk to her in a slightly flirtatious manner." Belial said, being firm in his jealously before he helped Perygrine get the heavy planks out to the shrine. Belial used some of the tools, getting a plank off as he waited for Perygrine to get the next one over to nail it. This happened for a couple planks and, after a little while, it was done and it looked just about as good as new. Belial straightened the urn, fixed the offerings that were at it and placed a small little offering of his own at the shrine, murmuring 'Rest well' to Lucien's urn before he stood up and dusted himself off a bit, rubbing his head as he looked at the house. There was a Belial sized hole in the wall. Well, walls. "Do you want help with that too?" He asked.

Louisa narrowed her eyes as she saw the blush, seeing the look of what it meant in her eyes. The boy. The boy she, as far as she was concerned, was dead. "I suppose so..." She said with a sigh, rolling her eyes a little. She was too smart for that school and she, along with everybody else, knew it.

Mina got on what she was going to get on before getting the car keys and going downstairs, starting the car up. She waited until Souji got in before she started driving, moving the death car through the streets, not speeding as much as she usually did as he headed towards the government building, which was the Kanshinin HQ that had been expanded to be huge. More huge than it already was.

Akiro closed his eyes and kissed back lightly before smiling, feeling truly blessed to be with a woman like her. He wrapped his arms around her, leaning his head on her shoulder as they did their job together. The job was most surely boring and was not what he had expected, but being with her, being able to hold her and talk to her made everything so much better.

Takao looked to the side a bit before looking back at her and shaking his head strongly. "No, never. This life, this, this is not for her. It won't be for any woman I am with." He said strongly, never wanting to have to bring anybody into this life. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she got hurt.." He admitted quietly.

Virgil whined loudly as his mother told him to sober up, not wanting to. He sat down next to her chair before reaching over and hugging her before he sniffed a bit, his eyes watering. "I saw Yumi yesterday...and....she didn't even miss me...she said she was sick from seeing me.." Virgil sobbed out a bit, no tears coming out just quite yet. "And I later forced Kane into telling me what happened..after I tried to overdose again..." He said with a sob before he hugged her tighter. "Mommy, are you disappointed in me?" He whined out. "Do you hate me because it hurts to be around me?" He asked, the tears fully coming out now as the sobbing and sniffling got to the extreme's, along with the drunkness.

Hei wrapped his arm around her, yawning a bit as he rubbed her arm with his hand lazily, now horribly tired from their activities. "You are very amazing, Kierra." He said with a small smile before he moved his head a little and gave her a light kiss. "I love you." He said before giving her another one.
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Eadlyn simply sticks out her tongue at the not scary threat. "Not any time soon. Dad will first have to meet him and then the both of you will." She says with a wide smile, wondering what they would think of him when they bumped into Gilford. She simply smiled at the smaller boy and waved a bit as he walked away. Yes, they often teased him but he was not a bad kid.

Ichirou was already sitting class, drawing some manga characters out of boreddom since he was the first person to arrive. Yesterday he did not go to school thanks to the circumstances at home but he guessed no one noticed his missing presence. He was the silent weirdo of the class anyway though he did not mind that much.

Fayline gently caresses his cheek as she closes her book as well though then she looks at the clock and sighs softly. "I have to start working soon." She says, knowing that Joseph never liked it when she had to leave for work, even though she worked in the same house.

Perygrine smiles a tad bit at the thought of his grandchild coming over but the smile dissapeared again at the words about Tomoe. It was understandable ofcourse that he would feel jealousy but attacking like that was just overboard. They worked in silence, which he perfered much more than chatting around and he smiled softly as the shrine was fixed again. "You know, I understand the jealousy and hatred you are probably feeling towards him. But I just have to tell you that the relationship between Cecilia and Tomoe is still rather strong. And I don't mean in the lovers way. Those two, and Lucien as well, have grown up together, fought together. They are brothers. And their relationship may have ended a very long time ago but that does not change the fact that they still feel bonded to eachother. To fox demons like us, family is everything. And he is part of this family. So... Don't think too quikly that their behaviour is that off secret lovers. The closer you look you'll see they are like brothers." He explains, hoping it would calm Belial down to the point of not wanting to take action when he felt jealous. "Yes, I could use some help with that."

"I will help as well." Tomoe said as he leans against the dooropening, his arms folded, finally awake from his unconcious state. Even though he has been beaten up, yelled at and savagely attacked for no reason, he looked calm suprisingly.

Annelise smiled a bit as Louisa agreed. Not that she wanted to go to school that badly but she wanted to get out of this rare place as well. "So shall we go then?" She asks, eager to go.

Sora walks over to Louisa and hands her a small phone. "Here, lady. There is only one number in it, ours. If you need us you can contact us and we will contact you as well if we have news or stuff." He says with a smile.

Souji noticed she was driving safer, which he was very VERY gratefull for. He gets out of the car as they arrived and together with Mina he walks into the HQ. They were the first ones to arrive. He sits down in his chair as he already sees some reports laying in the middle of the table. "And so another day starts." he says with a light smile.

Riza knew that would be his answer. But in her eyes, it was not possible. "Takao... I understand that you think that when you keep her away from here she won't get involved but... She will be. She'll be the girl of the Yakuza's boss and no matter how much you'll try to hide it, word will come out and she will be a target for attack to hurt you." She says, wanting to open his eyes a bit.

Felicia softly hugged her son back. Yes she had heard about Yumi but hearing him about overdosing really made her stomach turn. But what made it worse was the fact that he knew what had happend.... Quietly she runs a hand through his hair as she wipes his tears away. "Virgil, listen very closely to me. I do not hate you. I do not find it painfull to be around you. You are my son and I LOVE you. I want nothing more than to have you here with me so stop thinking that way about yourself." She says before kissing his forhead.

Kierra gives him light kisses back as she blushes softly. "Love you too." She says before suddenly realizing they were still in the car infront of the hospital. "Perhaps we should go home." She says with a small smile.
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Valeryia sighed as she saw Gilford walk away. He was such a little twerp. He was her little twerp though, and she liked to be the one to really piss him off. She didn't like it when other people messed with him as much as she did. In an odd way, she had a jealous reaction towards those sort of things.

Shiomi pouted. That was going to be so freaking long! Long, long, long! "How did you go on a date without your dad meeting him?" She asked with a gasp.

Joseph sighed as he heard the words 'work'. He hated her going to work. It took so much time away from them and even though time wasn't a problem anymore, he still didn't like it. "You're still doing that?.." He asked with a sigh.

"He had sex with my fucking wife. If he touches her, I am going to rip his tail hairs out. One..by one.." Belial said darkly, having zero tolerance for physical contact with Cecilia. He knew she would do the same thing if he was touching another woman whom he had previously had sex with. Actually, she'd do it to the woman anyways, even if they hadn't had a previous relationship. As he heard Tomoe, he narrowed his eyes. He was awake. "You can fuck off." Belial said angrily before he sighed and rubbed his face. "Excuse that comment. Anyways, sure, help. But...." He narrowed his eyes even more. " Never touch my wife. Ever. Or I will tear out every single hair you have on your body before killing you." He said before unnarrowing his eyes. "Let's get to work then.." Belial said with a sigh as he looked over at the wall and started to get ready for work.

Louisa took the phone and nodded, putting it in her pocket before coughing a little bit and looking around. So this was it. This is where her dreams of being more than just a normal girl were going to come true. "I understand." She said before looking over at Annelise and Raiden motioning them to follow her as she headed towards to the exit of the bunker and then, to the school.

After they left, Akira jumped around with a gigantic smile on her face screeching 'We did it!' Before running over and squeezing Sora, tightly.

"And so it does.." Mina said with a smile as she followed him up an elevator to the top floor. She walked into the area with him, seeing it vacant as she came in. "They're all not here.." She said as she looked at the room. She looked over at the wall to see the pictures of the councilors that had died or retired, which were Lei, Vasilia, Kyo and the founding fathers of the Kanshinin.

"I know..." Takao said quietly as he rubbed his face. "I try not to think about it, but I know. I also know, that she is strong, and that I am strong, and that I will NEVER allow anyone, or anything to harm her.." He said strongly, looking over at his fridge, now in the mood for a beer.

Virgil continued to cry, listening to his mother as he laid against her, sniffling loudly and sobbing although calming down a little as time passed. "Oh mom..I-I'm sorry I had left for four years...I...I...It was me...I hated seeing how you would die inside a little everytime I hurt myself and...and.." He sniffed. "I thought you would be better without me and I would be better too but.." He hiccuped before he started crying again. "I was wrong! I need you mom, I need you so much! You're my mom, my only mom...my only parent..and..I can't live without you..I was so dumb to think it would have been better.." He said with a sniff while sobbing a bit still.

"Perhaps." Hei said with a small smile as he started up the car and started driving home. When they got home, he exited the car and unlocked the house door before he walked over to the TV remote and turned it on, seeing news about the hospital shooting still as he went to go lay on the couch. "What a mess...that must have been what all the police cars were for.." He said to Kierra as he watched.
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Eadlyn chuckles a bit nervously as she rubs the back of her neck. "I sneaked out and let Valeryia keep my dad inside. Which I am still very gratefull for by the way." She says as she smiles as Valeryia before looking on her phone for her time table. "I have Biology. What do you al have?" She asks with a smile, hoping they would be in the same class but knowing it would be unlikely.

"Yes, I am still doing that. I love my job." Fayline says with a small apologetic smile before leaning up and giving him a deep kiss. "I love you as well though. And I will make sure that when I am done with todays work I am going to spoil you alot." She says seductively as she began to softly kiss and suck on his neck.

Tomoe raises one eyebrow as Belial threatend him but then he simply grinned a bit. "I have never done anything like that with your wife. I did however do those things to a male demon fox called Cecil around 250 years ago. In other words, that was a long time ago and the circumstances were different. And I may not be an angel but I have no intentions of jeopardizing your relationship or to take her back. So rest assured." he says as he picks up some broken planks and burns thenm away, not even leaving the ashes. It was quiker to clean it up this way. "However, I can not promise that I won't touch her. And with 'touch' I mean casual touches. No further intentions."

After a short while they arrived at school. Automatically Annelise began to look around to see if she saw a pink haired boy walk around. She don't know why she did it or why she wanted to see him again but she did.

Sora squeazed his wife back, carefully though, as a wide grin was on his face. "Yes we did. I knew it." He says before giving her a deep kiss. "Everything will now go as planned." He says with a wide smirk. Oh yeah, this world was going to go through hell.

Souji picked up a file and opened it. It was about the hospital shooting from yesterday. They had still not found the killer. He sighs a bit. He had hoped they would've caught him by now but he guessed not. "They will be here soon I guess. Counselor Romanov I think not. I heard she had some troubles going on in her household." He says.

"I know you would never alow it." Riza says as she stands up and walks to the fridge. She uses a small heat ray that was build into her glove to seal the fridge closed temporarily. Yes, she had noticed Takao's look. "But you and I both know that somethimes things just happen. Even if you do not allow them."

Felicia gently continoud to stroke his hair as she held her sobbing son. "Virgil, honey, calm down." She says sweetly as she kisses his forhead. "I know that all now. So please, don't let the guilt eat you away. It is all okay. And I'll always be there for you whenever you need me." She says softly, rubbin her cheek against his head.

Kierra followed him out of the car and puts on her coat and shoes before sittin on the couch next to Hei, leaning against him. "I guess so..." She says, quite interested by the news. Things like this never happend. Not after the war atleast. This might be the first major thing happening in times. "Who would do something like this..."
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Valeryia chuckled a bit before flicking Eadlyn's head. "I have that class with you, you dunce." She said with a chuckle, looking over at Shiomi. Shiomi's ears folded down as she pouted.

"I have history." Shiomi said with a grumble. "I have to learn about the stupid war, and there is a stupid section with my father in it, and the entire stupid class is going to ask me stuff about my father and I'm not looking forward to it." She said with a grumble.

Joseph shivered a bit, suddenly feeling much better about Fayline going to work. "Ohohoho~ I will be looking forward to that later then." He said before he gave her another deep kiss. "Have a good day at work. And don't work too hard, okay? I still need some of that energy of yours for later." He whispered huskily in her ear as a small smirk formed onto his lips.

"Then I can't promise that I'm not going to break your fingers. No further intentions." Belial said simply, seriously not wanting him to touch his wife. At all. Letting him look at her was generous enough in his head. "Help me get this in, now." He said as he got a piece of drywall out of the shed and put it in place. "Perygrine, you know you don't need to help with this." Belial said as he held the drywall in place.

Louisa's eyebrow twitched as she saw Annelise looking for the boy. The boy which she had stabbed and whom she thought she had killed. "What are you looking for?" Louisa asked with a smile, pretending that she didn't know.

Akira grinned a little bit at Sora's words. "Yes, yes it will." She said before leaning in and giving him a deep kiss. Just as Akira and Sora kissed, Seth had picked up his rock which he had drawn a pair of sharpie lips on and started making out with it as well, right in front of Yumi.

Mina scrolled through her government computer, going to her email to see one. It was from Yamato, the general of the military. She opened up the email and inside, there was footage. She shared her screen to the main monitor inside of the room and played the video. The content of the video was Seth, shooting and killing nineteen people within the hospital. Mina gasped at each thing he did, clinging to Souji as she watched what had unfolded last night. Cantenseel hadn't had something happen like this in years, and it surely wasn't going to be the last time it was going to happen either.

"That's why I'll try to keep her with me at all times if we end up dating, so I can protect her." Takao said as he looked over at his fridge, making him grumble. "Goddammit." He said under his breath, now having his alcoholic craving unsatisfied.

Virgil smiled a bit at his mothers words, still crying a bit from his eyes as he moved his head so he could rest it against her. He sniffed a bit, rubbing his eyes with one hand as he looked over at his mom and smiled. He very much so was a mommy's boy, even if he had been acting distant for a very long time. "Thank you mom.." Virgil said with a sniff, sounding like he was finally beginning to sober up a bit. "I love you." He said with another sniff.

Hei sighed and shook his head, not knowing the answer. He was surprised as they showed the suspect on television however, seeing non other than Iris's son, Seth. He was a good kid, who had been in his class for several years. His stomach churned, utterly in disgust. "I don't know...but this has to be just the beginning of more to come.." He said, feeling this in his gut.
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Eadlyn blinked twice as she rubs her head before giggling as she realized that was indeed true. "Oh yeah. Sorry Val" She says before smiling at Shiomi and patting her back. "Hey, cheer up. History may be bad but you should be proud of your dad and what he has done. Trust me, the hour will fly by." She tried to encourage Shiomi when the bell rang. "Guess that's our time to say till later sign. So see you later Shiomi" She says with a wave before heading to their classroom.

A shiver ran down Fayline's spine as he whispered like that in her ear. Damn that man. He knew his voice turned her on and he always used it in moments when she should go but he was turning her on so much that it made her want to stay. No she didn't want to leave anymore. But she had to go. The agony was real for the both of them. "See you soon." She says before kissing him one more time and winking before forcing herself to leave the room.

Suprisingly, Tomoe chuckled at Belial's words. Not in a way that he was mocking him and showing him he did not believe it, but in a way it sounded like he was actually amused and found it funny. Strangely enough, Tomoe could see why Cecil, or more liek Cecilia now, would like this man. He immediatly helped, fixating the drywall in it's place at Belial held it still. Suddenly he grinned. "It is true what Perygrine said, me and Cecil, though I guess I shoud start saying Cecilia, are like brother. So since you are her husband, that makes us brothers-in-law." He says as he grins more. He then looked at Pergrine. "I agree, you should not have to help. Grab the sake bottle I brought with me and just relax, alright?" Perygrine hesitated a bit, or more like alot, but still he nodded and said a thank you befor leaing the room.

Annelise jumped a bit and smiles nervously as Louisa asked that. Was it so obvious she was looking for something? "O-Oh, nothing." She says quikly and thank god the bells rang. "Have to go see you la-Ah!" She had turned around to quikly walk away and escape from the situation when she bumped into someone and landed on her butt.

"Geez, you have the strange habit of bumping into people." Fillian said with a slighty amused grin as he looks down at the girl he had brought home yesterday who once again bumped into him as he was looking for Dequan. He reaches out and gently grabs her hand before pulling her up, making her blush furiously. "Really, you are making me think you like running into people." He says with a chuckle. He looked absolutely fine. No trace or sign at all that he had been stabbed.

Annelise blushed even more and smiles a bit shyly as she clutches her bag close to her. "S-Sorry." She says shyly and her heart skipped a beat as Fillian simply smiles sweetly and shrugs as if saying it didn't matter. Then she remembers what she had wanted to ask. "W-What's your name?" She almost squeaked out.

"Fillian. No back name. Just Fillian. I do know who you are though. Your name is Annelise. Very nice to meet you." He says with a smile before walking away but then he paused as he looks back. "You coming or not?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Annelise looks very confused and shakes her head. "I-I can't come with you to anywhere. I have class. I have to go to-"

"Math, I know." Fillian interrupts her before grinning a tad bit. "We are in the same class. You are always in the front of class while I hide in the back." He says as he waits for her to follow.

Annelise blushes fiercely as she rubs the back of her neck. He is in her class? She truly had never noticed. "O-Oh, okay then." She says before looking back at Louisa and waving a bit. "See you soon Louisa." She says with a smile.

Sora held her tightly and dipped her down as he kissed her deeply in return. A grin was on his face as he pulled away. "This is going to be a true revolution. It gives me chills already." He says, clearly excited for it all.

Yumi was digusted by Seth and his make out rock. She tried to ignore it as hard as she could but the sounds and sight of it were just making her gag. "Hey! You! Go do that gross shit somewhere else." She growls out a bit.

When Souji noticed what was showing her quikly puts his hand over Mina's eyes to shield her sweet soul from more horrors. Horrors that should not have happend. Horrors that hadn't happend in so many years. Why now? Why was still happening now? And for what reason? Thoughts kept swirling in his mind. But maybe the gods would have an answer for him later. Once the footage was done he klicked it away, not wanting his wife to see it. "Are you okay?" He asks a bit worriedly as he gently rubs her shoulders.

Riza folds her arms as she thinks it is high unlikely that he would ever manage to completely protect her like that. "Okay, I might not be an expert but even I can see that will not forever work. She is a schooler right? That means that you will get seperated more often than you want and you will still need to go here, to work, to kill. You are going to bring her along on those missions as well?" She says but then she sighs a bit and look a bit sorry. "I don't want to bring you down. And I want you to be happy.... But I also want to keep your thoughts clear and realistic."

Felicia takes a handkerchief out of her pocket and wipes his nose like she used to do when he was still a little innocent kid. "I love you too, Virgil." She says before kissing his cheek. "Now stop crying. Don't spill your tears. There is no reason at all to cry." She says in a motherly sweet voice.

Kierra's eyes widened as well as she saw the suspect. They were truly suspecting Seth of this all? Yes she knew this kid as well. He wouldn't hurt a fly even if he would sometimes annoy the girls with his flirtagious behaviour. But he would never kill.... Her heart clenched at Hei's words and she immediatly shakes her head. "No. Nothing more is to come. You are overhtinking. This is just a single happening in years of peace. Nothing more than someone who just snapped..."
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Shiomi flipped her wrist. "I don't care that it's bad. I just get sick of having to talk about it." She said before the bell rang, making her ears fold down in pain while also making her whimper a bit. As she saw Valeryia and Eadlyn walk off to their classes, she pouted while going to her class, sitting down in her chair and leaning into her hand as she waited for the class to start.

Valeryia walked with Eadlyn to their class, rather silent today. Something was wrong, very, very wrong.

Joseph whined a bit as Fayline went towards the door, not wanting her to leave. "See you.." He said with a mopey pout before he got in bed and lazed around, rolling around as he waited for Fayline to come back. He reached down onto the ground, finding a pair of pink lacy panties she wore that she hadn't gotten into the wash yet. He pulled them up his to face and sniffed deeply, smelling the faint scent of her lady parts as he dug his nose into it. He felt arousal come before he set the panties on the ground and got up to find Fayline. He heard her cleaning a room, and knocked twice and the door to make his presence known before coming into the room. "Hey, my lovely wife." Joseph said as he came behind her and hugged her as she folded a blanket, doing a playful thrust.

Belial narrowed his eyes. "I don't care what it makes you. I will still break you if you touch her." He said while focusing on the work. "Stay here while I get the wood panels from the shed." Belial ordered, walking down to the shed and getting enough wood panels to repair the outside on the mansion. He came back with them and placed them along the wall, waiting for Tomoe to hold them up.

Louisa was about to catch Annelise when she stopped dead in her tracks. It was him. The man that was supposed to be dead. He was here, and he was jeopardizing everything. Her heart started beating hard in anger, but her face remained still. When Annelise said bye to her, she managed to force a smile onto her face and wave, saying goodbye before she went to the bathroom. She ordered Raiden to wait as she went in, looking in the mirror for a second before smashing it with her bare fist, going psycho inside of the bathroom, destroying everything she saw. She smashed the sink, she ripped the door off of a stall, she broke all the mirrors. Two girls walked in on the middle of her rampage before walking out immediately, said 'Nope' as they left. When Louisa was done, the entire room was trashed and destroyed and her fists were bleeding. She called for Raiden to come in, knowing he had a medical kit in his backpack. "Fix me." Louisa ordered Raiden and he did, cleaning our her cuts and wrapping her knuckles. "Fillian, you know who he is, who he lives with, yes?" She asked.

"Yes I do, milady." Raiden said with a nod.

"Go to his house tonight, break into it without setting the alarm and waking anybody up, and make sure he never flirts with Annelise again, even if it means you have to kill him." Louisa ordered.

"It shall be done." Raiden said obediently, not daring to disobey her at all.

"Fuck off this is my girlfriend!" Seth said while making out with the rock, not taking Yumi's shit. "Fight me if you have a problem!" He said, flipping her the bird as he started to lick the rock.

Mina nodded and sniffed, never having liked seeing stuff like that. She still sometimes would have flashbacks from what had happened during the war. Her entire training regiment being slaughtered like cattle. It was still in the back of her mind when she saw things like these, and it would never go away. "Yes...I am okay.." She said with another sniff before hugging Souji.

Takao's face turned red as Riza continued to talk to him about how he would handle everything. He growled, before slamming his fist against the table. "Enough! I will figure out a way for everything, now quiet!" Takao said, finally having had his tolerance for this conversation run out before he sighed deeply and ran his hand through his hair. "I apologize for that outburst, and I know what you're trying to do is good, but Riza, my thoughts are ALREADY clear." He said before standing up and going to the fridge, using his super strength to actually break it and get to his alcohol. He tore the cap off of his bottle and started to drink his beer, feeling the headache he had go away with each sip.

Virgil's nose wrinkled as Felicia wiped his snot away, although a smile came to his face. It made him feel good that she would still do those things for him, even if he was an adult. He nodded at her words, listening before smiling even more. "Yes mom." He said, obeying before he leaned his head agaisnt her shoulder and closed his eyes. Soon, he actually fell asleep, emotionally exhausted still from everything, which was making him physically exhausted.

Hei nodded his head, trying to believe his wife's words as she spoke. He just hoped they were true because if they weren't, the world was going to be in trouble once more. "You're right...I'm just overthinking. The world is peaceful right now, nobody in their right mind would want to change that.." He said with a smile.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn sat down in a chair and pulls out her books when she noticed something. Silence. Valeryia was completely silent. That never happend and it surely was not a good sign. She looks worriedly over at her best friend. "Hey Val, are you.... Alright? You don't seem completely like yourself today..."

Ichirou was waiting patiently in class as everyone walked in. Well, not that patiently. He was chewing on his pencil and tapping his foot as he waited to see if the girl he met two days ago would walk in. He really wanted to talk to her again. But maybe she hadn't even notice he was gone yesterday or maybe she did not remember or want to talk or... With a groan he pulls softly on his hair, trying to get himself out of his negative thoughts.

Fayline was working hard when she heard the knock on the door, causing her to smile a tad bit and roll her eyes. Oh, she knew who it was even before her husband walked in. She chuckles a bit as he wraps his arms around her and bites her lip as he playfully thrust. Perhaps she was still a bit aroused as well but quikly she shook her head. "Joseph, I said after work. Not during work." She says with a giggle as she reaches behind her and lightly runs her fingers over his cheek.

Tomoe simply rolls his eyes and shakes his head with a chuckle. This man was rather violent. Though he guess it was understandable and he might have reacted the same if he had been younger. Actually he knew for sure he would have done the same but he guessed age had made him wiser and calmer just like Cecilia didn't look as killer crazy anymore. He did what was expected from him, holding the wood up, and soon everything was fixed.

Yumi's eyebrow twitched in pure annoyance as she stands up from the couch. "Fight you? Very well then." She says as her eyes began to glow. But before she could do anything Sora's voice boomed through the room. "NO FIGHTING IN THE HOUSE!" He warned the both of them. "And don't you DARE talk like that to my daughter." He growled at Seth.

Souji gently hugged her back as he rubbed her back to comfort her a bit. He knew what she was thinking about. Even after so many years the war had still had his visible grip on his wife's life. He understood though. She has been through hell and back and yet she was still standing strongly. It made him very proud of her. Gently he kisses her before holding her closer. He prayed this incident was just a one time thing.

Riza flinched as Takao suddenly yelled at her and her eyes immediatly downcast to the floor. This was the same as yesterday. She was trying to help him see the right and the wrong things but all she got was a yelling and she got ignored. That hurted. She clenches her fists as she stands up from the chair. "Fine, I'll be quiet and leave you alone then." Was the only thing she said before leaving his office.

Felicia hadn't expected him to fall asleep like that but when he did she simply smiled and let him lay on her shoulder. She knew she had to continu work but for now it just felt good to have her boy this close so she would not ruin this moment.

"Exactly what I was thinking." Kierra says with a smile before kissing her husband when suddenly she noticed somehting. She raises one eyebrow as she looks around. It was quiet. "Hey, are Chidori and the kids still here?" If so it shouldn't be this quiet in the house.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia jumped up a little and gasped as Eadlyn took her out of deep thought, surprised a little bit. At her question, she smiled and nodded, not wanting to worry Eadlyn. "Yes, I am fine Eadlyn, I'm just thinking a lot, okay?" She said before putting her hand on her shoulder and rubbing it. "I'm just thinking about things.." She said, looking down again and thinking about everything. She tried to keep her parents words, running through her head to keep her calm, knowing those would be the only things to do it.

Gilford came into his class, sitting down next to Ichirou quietly and noticing him practically eating a pencil. He flicked Ichirou's forehead, getting his attention before he smiled at him. "Hey, where've you been?" He asked, having noticed Ichirou's missing presence yesterday.

"I know. I'm still going to follow you around." Joseph said with a small smirk before he gave Fayline a light kiss. "Although, you know how much it tortures me to see you in your maid outfit while following you around." Joseph said with a small chuckle, never having lost his maid fetish, ever.

Belial grumbled a bit, wiping the sweat off of his forehead before he used the door this time and walked inside, feeling exhausted from beating up Tomoe, getting sliced open by his brother and fixing a shrine and a house. He causally went over to a couch and laid on it, sighing in pure relation from the comfort. Although there was one thing he was missing. "Ceciliaaaaaa..." Belial whined out quietly.

Seth shrieked a little bit, terrified at the moment of being killed. Sora's booming voice clearly had an effect on him, because it made instantly quiet down and stop touching the rock. He took a pillow from the couch and rested his head down, trying to get some sleep after the rather traumatic awakening of his power.

Mina tried to get it off her mind as much as she could, closing her eyes a bit and resting her head on his shoulder before she took his hand and placed it on her stomach, making her actually smile a little bit. If there was one way to make Mina smile, it was to think about her little growing child that was inside of her. She loved kids so much.

Takao winced as Riza left, and instantly inside he had felt he had done something wrong. He quickly put his mask on in about a second flat before he left his office and went to Riza. "Come back Riza." He said, taking her hand and leading her back to his office. He knew she wouldn't disobey an order in front of everybody, especially not in front of Moira and Akiro. In the room, Takao broke down, hugging her hard while crying silently, his hand trembling a bit as it was on Riza. "I know what you're saying is true Riza, but I keep trying to deny it. I don't want to have to face it, even if I know I can't stop it." Takao said quietly, sniffing a bit as he showed Riza the side he never showed anybody as well.

Virgil slept peacefully on his mom, enjoying being this close to her. He adored his mom, even if she pissed him off sometimes or made him not feel the best. He was, in most regards, a good son. Virgil woke up, moving his head up from her shoulder and stretching a bit, wrapping his arm around her and kissing her cheek before smiling. "I'll let you go to your work mom." He said with a smile, knowing he couldn't keep her from important things before he hugged her.

"Hm? Oh, hell no. Chidori sleeps in late. Like, really, really, really late. She has since we were teenagers." Hei said, remembering Chidori being the last one to wake up every morning. Literally. His father would have been finished with two kakuhou transplants by the she would get up. "I bet all of her daughters do too, since they all are exactly like her." He said with a small smile.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
That did not help to reassure her at all. It only made Ealdyn worry more. Valeryia has never ever looked so down and she knew she was hiding her feelings but what were those feelings and why... She opened her mouth to speak again when she narrowed her eyes at the man entering the classroom. Gideon. Oh yeah. She still not not like the snake at all. She kept her eyes narrowed on him as he sits down in his chair and pulls out his book, seeming to ignore Eadlyn's stare he felt digging into her back.

"Ow." Ichirou says as he rubs his forhead. A tad bit suprised since he had not seen Gilford enter at all. How in the world could he have missed that! Though at her words he blushes. Oh my god, she had noticed! She had noticed him not being there! So she had been looking for him right?! "Just some things going on at home." He says with a slight smile, not really wanting to go into detail.

Fayline chuckles, knowing he would forever follow her like a lost sweet puppy, but then she grinned mischieviously. On purpose she bends down to pick up a blanket, giving her a good view of her rear before standing back up and casually folding the blanket. "Oh? Is this torture for you?" She asks innocently as if she didn't know that already.

Cecilia's ears twitched as she heard her husband call out for her. She excuses herself, since she had been talking to her sisters. Or more like she had been convincing them Belial wasn't as bad as they thought they were. Belial had really shaken them up. She goes into the large living room where her husband was laying on the couch. She smiles softly before walking over and laying down next to him before kissing his cheek. "How are you feeling?" She asks as she caresses his cheek sweetly.

Sora folds his arms and grins a bit in statisfaction. "Good boy." He said, finding it very good that Seth already knew his place. And he will make sure Seth will never forget. He looks over at his wife before winking. Just for the heck of it.

Souji smiled softly as his hand touched her stomach, automatically he began to rub it. A life was growing inside of her. A life they have created together. Again. It still felt too good to be true. Even though he had been a bit hesistant about another child at first, now he wouldn't want it any other way. "I wonder if it will be a he or a she." He mumbles softly before leaning down and kissing her cheek.

Riza didn't want to go back but she could not ignore a command from her boss. So with a sigh she simply follows. As they entered the room she opened her mouth to speak, ready to tell him she was done talking and just wanted to go when he suddenly broke down. To say it was a shock is quite an understatement. Takao. The Yakuza boss. Was crying while embracing her. In all those years she had never seen him like this. "What in the world has that woman done to you..." She says completely flabbergasted but then realization dawns in. "You.... Must really care alot about her already..."

Felicia smiled softly as her son woke back up. He hadn't been sleeping for that long but long enough to make her shoulder a tad bit sore. "Thank you." She says as she embraces him back before kissing his cheek and standing up. But then she remembered something that made her stomach clench a bit. "Hey Virgil. Could you do your mother a favor and go... Check on Kane?" She asked quietly, not daring to go check on him herself.

Kierra's eyes widened a tad bit. That was truly late. She was really the complete opposite. She always woke up early and on time and she did not understand how people could sleep that long. Even Hei sometimes did it and she couldn't understand how. "Wow.... Shouldn't we wake them up?"
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia put her head into her arm, closing her eyes as she felt all energy really drain away from her. She already had enough trouble in school, but this depression was going to make it much, much worse. She breathed out quietly, feeling like crying but for no reason. She turned her head a little bit and looked over at Eadlyn, her thick green hair covering over her eyes mostly. "Hi Eadlyn." Valeryia said with a tiny smile, still having fun by bugging her.

"Oh, well didja have fun?" Gilford asked with a small grin, wishing he had gotten a day away from school. School was so boring to him, even if he had decent grades and no issues like Valeryia had.

Joseph clenched his teeth as he saw his wife tease him by giving him a great view of her behind. God could she be evil sometimes. "Yes...it is.." He said while breathing in a bit, looking down as his pants before he unzipped. God did he feel horny. "Are you going to make your poor husband do it himself?" He asked as he rubbed himself a little bit, looking at his wife with lust in his eyes. " Fayline? Please?" Joseph whined. "I'll get you something nice if you do, so pleaaaaase?" He begged her.

Belial groaned a bit in response to Cecilia's question, feeling rather exhausted and sore. "Sore...and exhausted.." He said before turning over on his back to look at her. Belial wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands through her soft big tails as he nuzzled her head with his. "How is my fluffy hubby lovey duvy wuvy feeling?" He asked, kissing her cheek as he smiled. "Is she happy I saved her dad and didn't kill you know who?" He asked, squeezing her a bit lightly. He didn't like being away from her for too long at all, as he adored the hell out of his wife.

Akira giggled a bit, winking at Sora back as she noticed what he was doing. Boy, he sure was protective of her. And boy did he get jealous easily. But she liked that, she liked the fact that her man would get so jealous over her. She walked over to him and gave him a deep kiss, taking his hands and leading him to the bedroom while doing so.

Mina smiled a bit, placing her hand over his and rubbing her stomach with him, feeling blessed to have gotten pregnant, even if a lot of sickness and soreness came with it. She blushed a little as he kissed her cheek before she turned and kissed his back, smiling more as she listened to what he said. "Oh I am fine with either honestly. They are going to be my little baby either way." She said with a small little laugh, excited a tad.

Takao sniffed a bit and nodded, rubbing his face before he got himself off of Riza and sat down, rubbing his head with his hand as he nodded more. "I do...there is something about her that just...I don't know. It draws me in and the way she speaks and how she looks at me and....I just...I care for her..." He said quietly before getting the tears away. "I'm sorry you had to see this Riza. I didn't want you to leave here upset at me, I'm sorry. It just..ended up making it's way out..." He said with a sigh.

Virgil bit his lip, nodding at his mothers request. "Yes mom." He said before kissing her cheek and going up the stairs to Kane's study, knocking on the door before he came in. "Yo, you still alive?" Virgil asked while walking in, shutting the door behind him.

Hei shook his head quickly. "No. No we shouldn't. Chidori punches when she wakes up." He said with a shiver, having been punched in the face many times by Chidori. He grinned a bit as he looked over at Kierra, pulling her in for a warm snuggle. "Are you sore?" He asked, referring to their rough session they had earlier.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn smiles slightly back at her friend as she poked her cheek. "Hi Val." She says, hoping Valeryia will feel better soon, nomatter what was bothering her. The teacher started class, immediatly asking for home work. She looks a bit nervously into her bag but nope, no made homework. Damn it, she should have made it yesterday but she had been on a date. She sighs softly.

Ichirou rubbed the back of his head. No, no fun at all. A dead uncle, missing niece, almost dead cousin and his aunt and whole family living with them now. But he didn't want to tell her that. It'll ruin the mood drastically. "Not really but it was okay. So how was school yesterday?" He asks with a smile, quikly changing subject.

Fayline simply grinned more, knowing she could play her husband like a puppet. She had him wrapped around her finger, just like she has had for the last 25 years or so. "Maybe" She says with an even bigger grin before walking over to him and running her nails over his chest slowly down. "You know you can't bargain me into doing this by buying me stuff." She says teasingly as her hand slowly started to reach his manhood before touching him she pulled her hand away, not giving him the delight of being touched by her. Yeah, she knew how to make him crazy.

Cecilia smiled widely as he pulled her into his embrace and giggles as the nickname he gave her. "I am feeling fine though the emotional stress has kinda tired me out." She says before kissing his cheek in return. "Yes, I am very happy you did that. Not so happy though that you started this all but I am proud you solved it in the way you did." She said happily as she rubs her head against his chest like a pet begging to be pat.

Sora closed his eyes as she kissed him, enjoying the taste of her lips to the fullest when she started to pull him into the bedroom. He felt his arousal spike simply by being in the bedroom since that is where his naughtiest desires came true. After closing the door, and locking it, he wraps his arms around his wife from behind and began to gently suck and bite on her neck. "Have I already told you today that I love you?" He asks between bites and sucks.

Souji held her a bit tighter as her laughter sounded like music to his ears. The way she smiled and her eyes shined just made him feel so blessed. This was truly all he wanted in life. "I agree. No matter the gender, this little boy or girl will forever be ours."

Riza was almost speechless, not knowing at all how to react on his sudden cry outburst. Strange how quikly he got so attached to this woman. It was not like him at all. But still, it looked like he was real head over heels for the woman. "It's okay...." She says, not knowing what else to say to his apology.

Kane had looked decent in the morning but now he just looked like a mess. His hair was ruffled up, his neat blazer gone to somewhere, his button up shirt slightly open, his shoes were kicked off and there were three empty bottles laying next to him on the couch and ground. After finishing the bottle from the kitchen he had opened the liquor cabin in his study, which he never even looked at normally, and was now buzy on his fourth bottle. This was not what he had planned on doing at all but now he couldn't care less. When he sees Virgil he lets out a harsh short laugh before mumbling to himself. "Ofcourse she wouldn't come personally." He took another big swig from the bottle.

Kierra couldn't help but chuckle a bit as she saw him shiver. She could simply guess that Hei had experienced that first hand more than just a couple of times. It was funny to think about. At his question she blushes a tad bit as she cuddles a bit closer to him. "A bit yes. But it's slowly getting more sore." She says as she kisses his cheek.
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Valeryia groaned quietly, getting her homework out of the bag before she handed Eadlyn a page. Yeah, she had done Eadlyn's homework while she was on the date, because what else were best friends for? "Here." She said with a whisper, sliding the page onto her desk before the dumb teacher would notice.

Gilford rubbed the back of his head and chuckled awkwardly as he looked to the side. "Ahhh...yeah...about that.." He gave a sheepish grin as he looked up at Ichirou. "I kinda...was...asleep..." He admitted reluctantly.

Joseph's want, no, need to be touched, got worse as Fayline kept teasing him with her running her nails on his chest and when she almost touched him but didn't. He screamed internally as she pulled her hand away right before touching him, driving him insane. He bit his lip, screaming inside as he whined a bit. "Fayline you're torturing your poor husband..." He said with a whine. "Do you want me to have to beg?.." He asked with a sigh.

Belial gave a smug smirk and rubbed Cecilia's ears, seeing the want to be pet in her eyes as she moved her head onto his chest. "I'm sorry I made my fluffy hubby lovey duvy wuvy feel emotionally stressed and tired.." He said, rubbing her ears in the sweet spot that he knew always got her as he continued to hold her close to him, enjoying their snuggle.

Akira grinned a little as he started to nibble and bite on her neck, knowing exactly where this lead to every single time. She moaned out a little bit as he sucked and giggled a tad as he nibbled, feeling a small pressure come down in the lower realm. Her arousal had spiked. "Why yes you have." Akira said in response to his question. "But you can do it more, in much, MUCH naughtier ways..." She whispered huskily into his ear, nibbling on his earlobe as she pulled away.

Mina smiled and nodded, knowing it was true and liking the way he had worded it exactly. She looked around, thinking about the things they had done in here. Some of them were quite naughty. "Remember that one time we were in the middle of a meeting with Vasilia and I milked you right in the middle of it?" She asked with a giggle, remembering how much poor Souji had to fight to keep himself quiet during that moment.

Takao laid back on his couch and stared at the ceiling, just thinking about everything. After a little bit, he turned his head and looked at Riza. "You know Riza, I've been wondering this for a long time but...what do you consider me as? I have raised you since you were a little child, but I have not exactly acted like a father either. Do you consider me as your dad, or a really close friend?" He asked out of curiosity.

Virgil's brow twitched, not exactly liking the tone Kane had in his voice when referring to his mother. He however, remained calm enough, knowing it would upset her if they fought. "Look at you, look at the mess you are right now Kane. You need to get it together man, you can't just give up so easily." He said while looking at all the bottles. Virgil however was not one to talk, he didn't do the same himself.

Hei smiled a little and kissed her cheek back, bringing her closer and closing his eyes. Suddenly, he heard a stair creak and turned his head to see. It was Chidori and she was walking down the stairs without any...."Ah Chidori please get some clothes on!" Hei whisper yelled.

"What?!" Chidori said as she covered herself with her hands. "I thought you were at work! Both of you!" She said with a growl.

"What?! I thought we told you." Hei said, forgetting they hadn't told Chidori.

"No, you didn't." She said before quickly getting a glass of water and getting back up the stairs. "I'm going back to bed." She said with a grumble.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn blinked twice as she looked at the piece of paper. The answers of the homework assignments. She smiled happily but most of all gratefully at Valeryia. What an angel she was. She would've hugged her friend so tightly if she could. "Thank you so much." She whispers back.

Ichirou chuckles in amusement though he was blushing as well. God she looked cute when she smiled so sheepishly. "Then I can guess it was just a boring day." He says while still chuckling a tad bit. Falling asleep in the middle of class kinda sounded like somehting he would do himself. Probably because he actually had fallen asleep in class as well quite a few times.

Fayline knew this was pure torture for her poor husband. But she couldn't help herself. This was very enjoyable for some reason. And it felt good to see the need for her in his eyes. In some way it reassured her he would never leave him. Yes, in the darkest deepest part of her heart there was always the fear of him ever leaving her for someone else. "No, even though I would love to see you beg, I think you have been tortured enough for one day." She says as she slowly moves her hand into his pants to wrap around his hardened member. Softly she began to stroke him.

Cecilia yipped happily as he rubbed that oh so sweet spot on her ears. He knew exactly what she liked. She closes her eyes and looks very content and happy at the moment. "I love you." She says softly as one tail wraps possisively around his waist. "All forgiven."

Sora loved the adorable sounds she was making already though he shivered as she whispered in his ear. How could one woman be so damn cute and be so alluring at the same time? He grins before pulling her closer again, her back against his chest. One hand moved up to her chest while the other went down into her panties where he slowly began to rub her sensitive spots. "Then I'll show you the love I feel for you. I naughty ways." He says with a grin.

Souji blushes furiously at that memory. It was one he never wanted to think about since he had found it rather embarresing. "It is truly a miracle Vasilia hadn't noticed a thing." He mumbles, still not fully understanding how anyone could NOT have noticed that was going on under the table. It was not like he had been that good at keeping a straight face.

Riza sat down on a chair, Takao's emotional outburst still in her mind when he asked the next emotional weird question. She frowns a tad bit as she thinks about it. What did she consider him as... "I... Don't know actually. Here I consider you as my boss but... At home I guess I see you as a father in some kind of way..." She says as she rubs the back of her head. It was weird to think about.

Kane simply laughed at Virgil's words as if they were one of the most amusing things he has ever heard. When his laughter quieted down he was grinning. Obviously he was very drunk. "I have kept everything together for years. Years. It is not like I felt so great I never had a reason to be break down. But you know why I kept myself together? Why I never cried? Why I never broke down? For her. Everything I have ever done was for her. All the times I stayed strong, all the times I hid my feelings, all of them were for her. Never for myself. For her. And no matter how much it hurted sometimes I continoud doing so because I believed that she fully loved me." At this point he was laughing again while talking but at the same time tears were streaming down his face. "How stupid I was to think that. I was always the 'safe' choice. The one she married because otherwise she would have been forced to remarry someone else and she was too depressed because of her true love to be able to raise you three up on her own. So there I was. A convenient idiot. An idiot on who's shoulder she always cried and asked for full love and support while she can't even face me now and pulls away from me." He said as he continoud to laugh before looking at Virgil as his laughter quieted down a bit but the tears kept streaming. "Hey Virgil, why aren't you laughing? Isn't it hillarious to see your not so dear step father finally come to the realization that all the things he has done for a love unrequiered?! You keep on saying she will turn around but she won't! I am fighting for my wife's heart against a dead man and I am losing! How pathetic is that?!"

Kierra's eyes widened in suprise a bit as she saw Chidori and quikly covered her husband's eyes. "Does she always walk around like that?" She asked, hoping that was not the case
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Valeryia grinned a little bit as she saw Eadlyn's reaction before nodding. "Anytime Eaddy." Valeryia said as the teacher came by and checked both of them off without an issue. "I knew he'd believe it was yours." She whispered before snickering a tiny bit. She was feeling rather mischievous today.

Gilford nodded his head with a small grin, accepting the term Ichirou had called the day. "It really was though." Gilford said with a small yawn. It was days like yesterday that made him honestly want to skip class, the only thing keeping him from doing that of course was his mother, who would react very....strongly, to him skipping class.

Joseph had to prevent himself from jumping around like a little kid as Fayline said she'd do it. "Yes! Sweet! Hell yeah!" Joseph thought inside of his head as Fayline came closer to him. As she came in contact with him, he moaned softly, feeling himself instantly harden like stone. He was addicted to her touches, and he would probably be a major mess without them. Sure, even if they split Joseph would still be able to get pleasure, but it wouldn't be the same. What mattered more about them, was that it was his wife doing it. It made things for some reason feel much better for him. "You have the hands of a goddess..." Joseph moaned out as he looked at her and began running his fingers through her hair.

"I love you too." Belial said before kissing her forehead. He chuckled as he felt her possessive tail wrap around him, knowing what it meant. He wrapped a possessive arm around her, not letting her go as he gave her a nice and long kiss.

Akira moaned softly as Sora started rubbing her, biting her lip a little as she closed her eyes, letting the only thing she felt be the pleasure Sora was giving her and his presence itself, making all the sensation she was feeling all the more better and making her moan much, much more.

Mina giggled loudly at the memory, having to try and calm herself down to breathe at least. "Oh...oh my...oh Souji.." She panted out and breathed deeply, getting a flow back with her breathing. "Ahh...well.. You kept your face pretty covered and you finished rather fast. Something about the pretty nails I had done that day really got to you for some reason." She said before she giggled a little again.

Takao rubbed his head. It was a very odd question indeed, and he didn't know what his answer to it would be. "Well...I feel rather fatherly sometimes I suppose...but sometimes..not." He said outloud, not fully sure as to what he was thinking.

Virgil winced at every word he said, feeling a small bit of anger grow after each one. When Kane was finally finished, he stomped his foot against the ground to shut him up. "Shut your mouth! You being here has made sure that Remi and Louisa lived happy, regular lives! Without you, they both wouldn't have had a father figure in their lives. That isn't enough for you to be happy, Kane?" Virgil asked angrily. "She'll come around you idiot, it's only been a day but.." Virgil kicked the empty bottles around. "Shit like this!? This shit!?" He took the bottle away. "Isn't going to help, and I know that now!" He said, feeling bad about having drank with him earlier.

Hei sighed out deeply. "When no one is around, yes." He said, knowing Chidori quite well. "She likes to feel the breeze I suppose." He said while uncovering his eyes, now knowing she was gone.
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Eadlyn had to really keep in her laughter as the teacher checked both of their work and actually truly believed it was legit! When the teacher was out of hearing range she whispers. "I can't believe he bought into that. He must think we are so close that even our handwriting is the same." She grinned as she holds the piece of paper up to Valeryia and indeed on Valeryia's paper was ofcourse the exact same handwriting. Every person with a brain would know it was a bit fishy.

"Guess I am glad I wasn't there then. Though I don't think this day will be any better." Ichirou says with a small groan as he rubs the back of his neck. He hated school. But ofcourse, skipping was no option when your parents were teachers in the exact same school.

Fayline softly bites her lip as she heard him moan, to sound of it turning her own. "So I have been told many times." She says with a grin before leaning up and nibbling on his neck as her hand held him firmer and she began to move faster. She began to talk seductively in his ear. "You have no idea what kind of things I want to do to you. Your begging, your voice, your body, everything is such a turn on to me. And as the good maid I am I want to do nothing more than serve you. I want to pin you down and-" But suddenly the door was trown open, making Fayline shriek in suprise as she pulls her hand away. Her face paled a bit when she saw Rex standing in the doorway.

Rex had been looking everywhere for those two disasters and he was not pleased to see them going at it again when he wanted to confront them. He glared at the two of them as he folds his arms. "Joseph and Fayline Bordeaux, will you two please explain why you two found it necessary to destroy my desk in that kind of way?" He asked, clearly pissed off at it all.

Cecilia kissed him back, her heart warming a bit as she felt his arm wrap around her. This is why she would never cheat or return to Tomoe. The protectiveness. The sweetness. Everything. This man truly had every single piece of her heart. No doubt about it. "Can't wait to have another baby with you." She mumbles softly against his lips.

"That's it. Moan for me my love." Sora whispers in her ear before softly biting her earlobe. Suddenly he took his hand out of her pants and lifted her up bridal style before walking to their bed and putting her down. He takes off his shirt before leaning down to passionately claim her lips as his hands massaged her chest. "I am going to make you feel so good. But you are going to have to tell me what to do. So tell me, what do you want me to do?" He mumbles against her lips, forcing her to order him around.

Souji blushed even more, almost matching a tomato as he quikly hides his faces in Mina's shoulder. He had to bend down deep to be able to do that though since she was smaller. "How about we just forget that?" He mumbles out, clearly still embaressed by it all.

"Oh, okay..." Riza said as she looks a bit around the room. She knew this could be good bonding moments between people and stuff but now that it was happening to her it just felt awkward. "So..." She says, not really knowing where she was going with that sentence.

Kane's laughing immediatly stopped as Virgil began yelling at him. For some reason Virgil was very angrey and he did not understand why. What he did understand was that his bottle was being taken away, making him groan a bit in annoyance. "Ofcourse I am happy that I have been a father figure for them. I never said I wasn't happy of that. But would it be enough for you? I assure you, you would act content but there will be always a part of you, praying, hoping, wanting more. " He says as he leans his elbow on the armrest of the couch, his hand feeling empty without the bottle in it. "Honestly, I don't think she'll come around. I don't think she was even mine to begin with. I know that man has always been on her mind. She even still keeps a picture of him in her wallet. And now that she knows he is still here in some sick twisted way, she won't even dare to touch me again." He chuckles a bit. "And drinken may not help but being sober for all this time hasn't really helped either and strangely I see things much more clear now than ever."

"I guess so..." Kierra says, not completely understanding Chidori in that regard. Even if it would be just her alone in the house she would never dare to walk around like that. Hell, she never even left the bathroom attached to their bedroom without anything on.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia snickered a bit, laughing a bit that they had gotten away with it. "He's so dumb sometimes." She said, giving a nice and big smile, showing off her shiny teeth. She looked over at Gideon, who appeared to just be off into space and wrote a small little note saying 'Hi Gideon' before crumbling it up, freezing it into a tiny ball and flicking it at Gideon, hitting him in the side of the head and breaking the ice around it, making the crumbled note fly down onto the desk. The act of helping her friend out with her homework for some reason had energized her just a little bit.

"Well, you're here. Things will have to get interesting." Gilford said with a small chuckle, looking up at the board and quickly writing his notes down so he would not miss them.

Joseph moaned a tad and throbbed as she made her grip firmer and nibble on his neck. As she started to whisper to him seductively, he started to throb even harder, feeling a familiar pressure began to build up and swirl inside of him as suddenly the door flew open and Fayline pulled away, causing his wings to fold over him and hide his exposed member as he saw Rex. As he saw Rex in the door way a little bit he remained calm. He was going to play dumb. "What are you talking about, Rex?" Joseph asked convincingly. Oh yes, five hundred years did sharpen ones skills.

Belial felt his heart warm a little at her words as he kissed back, rubbing her ears still with one hand while his arm still stayed around her, tightly. "Me either, my queen." He mumbled into their kiss as he got real comfortable and relaxed on the couch, sinking into it a tad with her. He played with her ears a bit, making a small smile form onto his lips. He simply adored his wife, and even though she pissed him off sometimes he still loved her completely and would never try to do anything to hurt or betray her.

Akira gasped a bit as his hand was taken out ever so quickly and much too soon, until she realized he was taking her to the bed, making her grin a little. She moaned as he massaged her chest and kissed him, kissing back deeply before she listened to what he had said. "Well...there's been a reason I've been denying you my tightest and naughtiest hole for the past two weeks.." She said before kicking all of her clothes off, getting herself naked for him. "I've been making it tighter and tighter for you my dear, just for today.." She grabbed him by the shoulder and made him sit back against the bed post before she slowly crawled over to him. "Tonight, you're going to be extra rough with me. I want you to force my head down, choking me. I want you to slap my ass till it's blue, and jam yourself into it so hard that I cry. I want to be dominated by you tonight Sora, because you're making my dreams come true, and I want to reward you." She huskily said before she reached over to her desk and got her black lipstick out, applying it before she unzipped Sora's pants and pulled his member out, dragging her shiny black nails up his shaft before her head went down and her black lips touched the tip of it before her mouth opened and she took him in, bobbing her head up and down as she waited for his forceful hand to come down and force her to submit.

"Hmm....let me think about it..." Mina said teasingly before grinning, turning around and kissing his cheek. "Awww, I'm just kidding dear. I'll forget about it if you really want me to." She said with a smile.

"Where are you going with Yurichi later?" Takao asked, knowing about their little date. Yes, he was still thinking about it and god yes, he wasn't liking it. At all.

Virgil looked down and to the side, rubbing his arm as he listened. It was true and he knew it. Kane had been used by accident. Used for as an emotional crutch. Virgil handed him his bottle back, understanding as he sighed. "I'm sorry Kane....I can't fix this....nobody can..." He said with a sigh.

"She's much like..mom, in that regard." Hei said, the words 'mom' leaving a bitter taste on his lips. He hated that woman that was supposed to be his mother. She was no 'mom' no, she was a bitch. "Anyways...none of that matters now." He said before smugly smiling. "I have my cute little adorable wife to make me feel all good." He said playfully before booping her nose.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Gideon was indeed staring off into space, or more like out of the window, since he found this lesson easy and he already completely understood it all. Like most of the times. He was deep in thought when something hits him against his head, forcing him out of his thoughts. Frowning slightly he rubbed the side of his head as he looks at his desk where now a paper was on it. He uncrumbles the note and he couldn't help but smile a tad bit. The message was so simple it seemed silly. But still he wrote a note back, crumbling it and looking if the teacher was paying attention before trowing it onto Valeryia's desk. 'Hello Valeryia.' Was all it said.

Luckily Gilford looked to the board so he couldn't see how bad Ichirou was blushing. She found him.... interesting? It made him really really happy that someone thought that! Normally they would find him weird or socially awkward but this was great! With a big grin he even begins to write down notes as well.

Rex's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "You know exactly what I am talking about." He says between gritted teeth, not buying into his playing dumb at all. He might have been convinced by Joseph if he did not have security footage and if Fayline hadn't been blushing furiously and hiding partly behind Joseph. "You knew how to dodge the cameras well but sadly for you, the glass still reflected you both." He says as he folds his arms, awaiting explaination and soon.

Cecilia giggled a bit and yipped as he played with her ears. She always loved that but it was obvious that he knew. Her body completely relaxed though her relaxed state of mind was interrupted as the door opened and Tomoe walked in, his hands behind his back since he was holding Cecilia's youngest sister Mio up who had decided it was her right to piggy back ride on his back. Not that he minded. "Sorry to interrupt but-"

"Will you two stay for lunch?!" Mio interrupted Tomoe with a high pitched voice, causing Tomoe to grimace and his ears to flatten on his head since she had been nearly yelling near his ears.

Cecilia giggled at both her little sister being adorable and at Tomoe's misfortune. She really wanted to stay for lunch, just to be able to spend more time with her family. But ofcourse they needed to go to Belial's part of the family as well. So she looks at Belial to see what he wanted to do. "Can we stay?" She asks sweetly.

Sora couldn't help but shiver and grin at her words. She had been saving herself for this day? Well, now he was sure this was going to be one hell of a steamy night. To believe she was giving him absolute power and control like this. Normally she would never do that and he'll make sure to use this oppertunity to it's fullest. God, even just her words and the though of dominating her and taking her roughly aroused him. So when her gorgeous lips touched him he moaned out. Normally he would have lovingly ran his hand through his hair. But not today. Today he'll be rough on her. So he grabbed her hair and forced her more down on his length. "Deeper. You know you can do that." He said huskily.

Souji sighed a bit in relief as he smiles at his wife. "Thank you dear." He says before lightly kissing her lips. "We should continu work though." He says, seeing they have done none work at all yet except for partly watch that video.

"To a cofee shop." Riza says, not even questioning how he knew about their 'date'. Well, she really did not want to call it a date and it was clear anyway that she did not like it either and that she did not want to go. But she kinda promised and this might be a way to get rid off him forever.

"Nobody can indeed." Kane said as he gratefully takes another gulp out of the bottle, loving the way it burned his throat and heated him up. "You know, you are a good kid Virgil. Even if you have made some rash decisions and done some things you shouldn't have. You are still good at heart." He says with a small smile, suddenly changing the subject. "I know I am not your father and I will never be. But I admit, I have always wanted a son like you." He admits out of the blue before taking another sip of his drink.

Kierra smiles softly but then she frowned at the nickname and narrowed her eyes as he booped her nose. The nickname was a no. But the booping was a hell no. "You know I will bite your finger off." She threatens
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia smiled as she saw the note. It was just two little words, but it still made her a little happier inside. She responded with 'How are you?' before flicking another little ball at Gideon with the note on it, hitting his head again and making it land down on the desk. She was lucky this teacher was old, and dumb, and wasn't looking around too much to see is people were off task.

Gilford continued to take notes, listening to the teacher ramble on about something that was off topic. "Bleh. I hate it when teachers get off topic. It's so annoying." Gilford said to Ichirou, just wanting to learn and not wanting to hear life stories.

"AH, fucking shit fuck shit dammit!" Joseph accidentally let out as he heard the word 'mirrors'. The vampires weakness was mirrors. As Rex awaited an answer, he rubbed his head a bit before sighing. "Because Rex, it is kinky." Joseph said simply while looking up at him with a straight face. "And I apologize for the desk, we didn't mean to break it."

Belial couldn't say no when Cecilia looked so happy like she did, and asked so sweetly. "Yes we can stay." He said quietly before nuzzling against the side of her face with a smile, knowing she was going to be very happy about this. She seemed to really be enjoying her family time today.

Akira opened her eyes wide as her head was pushed down but quickly got used to it, breathing very slowly as she was forced down upon his member deeply. Not much room was left for breathing, with the only room being left when she moved her head up slightly, only to go back down. She looked up at him while doing so, trying to form a smile on her stretched out lips.

"We should...." Mina said, not thinking about work as she sat back down in her chair. "Time to crack this monster." She said while pulling some paperwork out of a stack, feeling like she was conquering a beast as she did so. Still, due to Rex doing a lot of paperwork now, at least it was easier for them.

"Check your drink to make sure he hasn't drugged it. You'd be surprised how many guys do that these days. Take girls out to dates and bam! Into their sick, creepy, rape fetish room!" Takao said, really thinking that Yurichi was the sort of guy who'd have a creepy rape fetish room in their home.

Virgil smiled a bit and nodded as he was called a good kid, accepting his compliment. Sure, he was no longer a kid really, but the thought was nice at least. "Thank you." He said in response as he listened to Kane's next words. He felt his heart clench a little. "Thank you again Kane.." Virgil said with a smile, although inside he couldn't feel sadder. "I'm going to go tell mom you're alright now so...I'll see you later." Virgil said before quickly leaving the room, having to hold back his tears as he went downstairs, thoughts of his father plaguing his mind.

"And you know I'll just grow it back and do it again." Hei said with a small little smug grin as he booped her nose again. God did he like doing that. "And come on, would you really bite your husbands finger off? You husband who you love and care about?" He asked with a sweet smile.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Gideon groaned a tad bit as once again his head was hit. It may only be a small ball of ice but still ice was hard and she managed to hit the same spot twice. He looks at the paper as he rubs his head before writing one back. He crumbles it up before trowing it again onto her desk. 'Good. How have you been? (p.s. Aim on the desk please. Not the head.)' The note said.

Ichirou was leaning with his ellbow on the table and his chin leaning on his palm. He was chewing his pencil again as he listens to the teacher rambling on and on and on and on. "Agreed. And I hate it too when they stay on topic." In other words, he just hated school and learning overall.

Rex's eyebrow twitched hard. "You apologize for breaking the desk..." He was quiet for a few seconds before exploding. "YOU SHOULDN"T HAVE EVEN BE ON THE DESK IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Fayline took a slight step back as she clutches Joseph's arm and smiles apologetically. She wasn't really scared, she had seen him explode many times before, but it was nice to be closer to her husband in these situations.

Cecilia squealed in happyness as she hugs her husband close, the squeal causing Tomoe's ears to go down slightly. God, since when did she have such a damn squeaky voice? It hurted his poor ears. But then his eyes widened as Mio, who was still directly next to his ears, squealed as well, even louder and higher pitched. "Gah!" He said in pain as his ears flatten completely and he drops Mio to the ground though he catches her by her leg before holding her up so she was hanging infront of him face to face. "Be carefull with who's ears you are destroying with your voice." He said a bit sternly but Mio simply giggled and shrugged. Cecilia chuckled at Tomoe's misfortune but that only caused him to grin as he looks at her. "I am the one cooking lunch so if I were you I would stop chuckling."

Cecilia actually immediatly stopped before groaning a tad bit. "YOU are cooking?" She asked, obviously not pleased but that only caused Tomoe to grin more and nod. "You would be a great cook if you did not put shiitake mushrooms near every damn dish." She mumbles out in annoyance. She has always hated those mushrooms and Tomoe cooked deliciously but he always forced her to eat those things because they were 'good for her health' or something like that.

Sora sighed in delight and closed his eyes for a second as his lovely wife pleasured him greatly. But he couldn't wait for that long. He wanted to feel the tightness she had been saving up. So obeying her request of being rough he pulled her off of his member by her hair before forcing her down on the bed onto her stomach. He moved her into a usual doggy stand on her knees and hands but he forced her upper body down against the bed so only her rear was up in the air. He grinned as he sat down on his knees behind her, loving the sight of her like this. He held her down by her hair as he pushed only his tip inside of her and rubbed her hip with his other hand. "Tell me how much you want me." He said huskily before suddenly slapping her right buttcheek, hard. "Come on, tell me."

Souji sat back down as well, grabbing a few papers before silently beginnining to work. He did not like paperwork but he did not mind it either. He was rather indiferent about it but atleast in his eyes it was easy work to do. Quikly he had one file done and ready before he grabbed another one.

"I know. I know. I'll be very carefull." Riza says with a slight smile. She agreed with Takao, Yurichi did seem like a guy who would do such a thing though she would make sure to be very carefull. He wouldn't even have a chance to do a damn thing.

Felicia was waiting a tad bit nervously downstairs, wondering why it took so long for her son to come back. But when she saw him her stomach clenched a bit. Immediatly she goes to him and gently cups his cheeks in her hands. There were tears in her boy's eyes. "Virgil, are you alright? What happend?" She asks, worry laced through her voice.

Kierra narrowed her eyes as he grinned so smugly. Did he really think she would not bite? Just to prove him wrong she grabbed her hand before he could pull away after booping her nose and bit into his finger, not hard enough to bite it off ofcourse, she would never do that, but it was hard enough to hurt.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia caught the note as it was passed to her and snickered as she read it, laughing a bit at his discomfort due to the ice. She wrote back 'I've been better, but that's not important. Are you doing anything?' While adding (P.S, Sorry about the ice) before flicking it back towards him, this time actually hitting the desk.

Gilford nodded in agreeance, finding school boring. "I wish I could sleep right now, or watch TV." He said, thinking all about the things he'd rather do right now besides school. "Hanging out with you is pretty cool though." He commented with a little smile.

Joseph winced as Rex screamed, feeling his ears sting a little bit before he sighed. "Hey now, I said we were sorry. The desk was an accident, and if you want, i'll pay for damages. Just please, stop screaming." He said, pulling a stack of money out of his pocket. Oh yes, Joseph loved using his money to get out of situations. Especially ones like these.

Belial listened to everyone's conversation before he narrowed his eyes and turned his head slightly to Tomoe. "If my wife doesn't like what you cook, I'm going to force feed you a poisonous sea urchin while it's still alive." He said simply before turning his head and looking up at Cecilia, smiling as he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Akira was keeping steady at taking him in her mouth, having her routine until she was roughly pulled up, making her gasp a little as she got a decent airflow. She shrieked a bit as she was so forcefully put down but still smiled, actually enjoying it rather. When he put his tip in, she gasped again. It felt like it was extremely tight, almost as if it had been the first time for them again in that hole. She bit her lip and moaned when he asked the first question and when he slapped her cheek, she squealed a bit and moaned a bit more. "I want you so much.." She said through gritted teeth. "I want all of you inside of me, I want your children to flood my every orifice. I want every single little bit of you.." She said as she looked back at him out of the corner of her eye.

Mina silently and diligently worked as well, keeping up a good pace with her work. While she didn't mind paperwork, she did think it was boring a bit. Because of this, she worked hard without complaint and made sure it was done as fast as possible so she could do what she wanted.

"Good, Good. Tell me if he acts up, okay? I'll make sure he pays if he does. Dearly." Takao said, sounding a tad protective. Oh yes, he would gladly hurt anyone and their family if they hurt or messed with Riza. In that regard, he was extremely fatherly. He looked over at Riza's new tattoo and smiled slightly, nodding his head as he looked at it. "It looks beautiful." He said while looking over at it before he looked at his own tattoo's.

Virgil sniffed and nodded his head before he explained most of what happened with Kane, not getting to what made him cry until the end. "Honestly...Kane was fine..he just...he told me if he had a son, he'd want him to be like me and...it made me think about dad and I...I was just thinking..." Tears started to fall from Virgil's eyes as he mentioned his father. Clearly the absence in his life affected him greatly. "Would father have...would he have wanted a son like me as well?.." He said before he broke down crying again, wrapping his arms around his mother as he cried into her shoulder. Virgil continued to cry, crying about his dad much like he used to when he was younger. Before...he became like he currently is.

Hei screeched as Kierra bit him, having not expect her to do so. In return, he quickly booped her nose in several quick succession with his tentacles before he focused back on his finger. "Why would you bite me?!" He asked as he looked at his bitten finger.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Gideon couldn't help but smile a tad bit as he heard Valeryia softly laugh. He knew why she was laughing though he was actually rather serieus about the not hitting his head thing. Luckily, she listned, the note landing on the desk. He cracked the ice open before reading the note, frowning a tad bit as he did. When people said it was not important than it was actually important indeed. He wrote back 'Nothing at the moment. What is wrong?' He crumbles it up and trows it back. Normally he would not bother with anyone's problems but now he did.

Ichirou opened his mouth to agree when she once again complimented him, making him blush furiously. Quikly he grabs his book and hides his crimson cheeks behind the pages. "T-T-Thank you. You are pretty c-c-cool too."

Rex rubs the side of his head in frustration. That was not the goddamn point. He wasn't yelling because he wanted it to be paid for. He was yelling because he didn't want that to ever happen again! "Listen to me very closely cause this is my last warning. If you ever dare to do such acts anywhere in the house that is not your bedroom there will be concequences. So not in the library, not in the garden, not the stables and DEFFINANTLY not my office. Understood?" He says sternly.

Cecilia giggled a bit and pecks her husband lips back in return, finding it very very sweet he was being such a knight in shining armor at the moment. Teasingly she sticks her tongue out at Tomoe but he simply rolls his eyes while grinning a bit. "Can't help it that she is a rather picky eater. I doubt that has changed over the years." Cecilia opens her mouth to disagree but actually... Yeah, she was a picky eater, making her groan a bit as she had nothing smart to say in return.

Sora was really turned on by the sounds she was making and the words she said. Normally, he would have already given in and give her what she wanted. But that was not the game they were playing at the moment. "Is that the best you can do?" He asks with a grin before leaning down, his tip not moving and inch, as he roughly grabs her breasts and begins to play with them, occasionally tweeking her nipples. "Beg for me. Beg for the things you want." He said as he used one hand to slap her butt again, a tad bit harder this time, before biting her neck more forcefull than he would normally do.

Souji continoud to work when a thought interrupted his working process. Perhaps Mina would like some tea? It would be good for both her and the baby. Without even asking he walks over to the small kitchen they had in the HQ before he started making a ginger lemon tea, knowing it's benifits. After a short while he returns to Mina and puts the cup down infront of her. "Here, this helps against morning sickness and is good protection for several bacteria." He says as he sweetly kisses her cheek.

Riza chuckles a bit. "I know and I will." Honestly, she was tempted to make something up so Takao would get angrey at Yurichi. She was curious in what way Takao would punish him. But she decided not to do it. Yet. At his compliment she smiles widely. "I agree." She says happily as she looks at her tattoo. She was so proud to finally have one.

Felicia's heart clenched as Virgil told what happend upstairs and a wave of guilt so strong she had never felt before washed over her. It was true she would never completely get over Tiras and now that he was in some way close she was afraid. But she never used Kane just as an emotional cushion. He was more than that. She truly loved him and she really needed to let him know that. When her boy broke down crying again she held him tightly as she runs a gentle soothing hand through his hair. "Yes, undeniably yes. He would have wanted you as his son exactly the way you are now. I know so. And if he were here he would've told you the exact same thing." She says. She was silent for awhile before speaking again. "Did you know your father picked out your name? After we found out I was pregnant we almost immediatly talked about names. Virgil and Louisa were the first two names he said. Actually, the one two names he had said. And they just felt right. As if he already knew the two of you and knew those names would fit you perfectly."

Kierra could not stop the feeling of statisfaction as she heard Hei screech in suprise though she was not happy that his tentacles continoud booping her nose. She growled a tad bit. "I warned you didn't I?"
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia caught Gideon's note and started reading it. She raised an eyebrow slightly at the last part, surprised he cared. Surprised anyone but her parents and Eadlyn really cared. 'It's just some stuff going on that's been making it rough on me lately. Honestly, nothing to worry about." She wrote before sending the note his way.

Gilford snorted a bit as he heard the word 'cool', thinking about the familar pun his family often used before he chuckled a little bit. "I am pretty 'cool' aren't I?" He said before having a suppressed laugh, trying not to alert the entire class that he was having a laughing fit.

"Yes, it is understood." Joseph said with a small groan before sighing. "Never going to happen again." He said with a straight face, although inside he wasn't going to follow shit. He was just going to be much much more careful about how he and Fayline went about their acts now.

"Figure out something she likes." Belial said while looking over at Tomoe. Suddenly, a single hair on his tail erupted into flames and burnt off. One single hair. "Or there will be much more to come." He said with his eyes narrowed, holding his hand up for the express purpose of possible burning more of Tomoe's hair off. He knew the idea of having a hair burnt off drove a fox, let alone having it actually happen.

Akira began to let out moans as he started rubbing her breasts, shrieking quietly at each time that he tweeked her nipples. At his words she bit her lip and nodded before she moaned softly again, squealing again as she was spanked hard and as he bit her neck. "I want you to pound me hard in my behind! I want you to have two hands of my hair in your hand as you ever so forcefully violate my ungodly hole. Please Sora, I am begging you, please!" She said with a small little pant from all he was doing, wanting to have him finally shove himself inside of her.

Mina raised an eyebrow as Souji got up and left for a bit but did not question it, instead continuing to work. She didn't notice him come in and when he set the tea down in front of her, she jolted slightly before smiling softly as it. It was such a kind gesture. When he kissed her cheek, her smile got even bigger and she kissed his cheek back. "Awww, thank you dear..." Mina said before picking up the tea and blowing on it, hard before giving a small sip and going 'ahhhh'. "I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband." She said with a proud smile.

Takao smiled more at her smile, happy at how happy she was. She had wanted a tattoo for quite a long time and now she had gotten it. "Did it hurt? When getting it?" He asked, knowing probably that everyone's first tattoo would hurt. Hell, his had hurt during his first time. The second time he had gotten one, he had hopped himself up on drugs to make sure it wouldn't hurt as bad.

"No...you never told me that.." Virgil said with a sniff. What she said made him feel a bit happier inside, and a little sadder as well that he was gone. "Is there anything..is there anything else you can tell me about dad?" He asked before sniffing again. "How much did he want us, really?...Was...was he excited when he found out you were pregnant?" He asked shakily.

Hei whined a bit. "Yes you did.." He said before pouting a bit. "You still bit me...." He said with another whine, looking to the side before rolling over, his back to her now. Although still, his tentacles were wrapped around her leg. Maybe he wasn't entirely too mad.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Gideon actually caught the note in his hand this time and glances to the teacher if he was watching, which he wasn't ofcourse, before reading her note. He raises one eyebrow. If there is something that's making your life rough then it actually is important enough to worry about. His guess was she probably just didn't want to tell it to him. 'It is okay if you don't want to tell me. But do tell and talk to people close to you about it.' He writes back before trowing the note onto her table.

Ichirou couldn't help but chuckle along. "Yes you are very cool'." He says, chuckling a tad bit harder when he saw the teacher glare at him in a warning way, making him bite his lip and shut up before he got kicked out.

Rex narrowed his eyes a slight bit more, wondering if Joseph really was going to listen but then he just sighs as well. "Good. Now if you excuse me, I got some work to do." He says before leaving the room, closing the door behind him. As Rex left Fayline simply grins up at her husband. "You really mean that?" She asks, almost knowing for sure he had just said that to get Rex off of his back.

In suprise and a bit in disbelief, Tomoe accidently dropped Mio. But she luckily landed perfectly on her feet and quikly got out of the room, not wanting to be there for what was going to happen. Tomoe was quiet for a few seconds but then he clenched his fists and looked furiously at Belial. He looked even angrier then before while fighting. "I understand your dislike for me but you are acting absolutely ridiculous! Threatening me into hurting me, burning me, killing me as if we are at a fucking war while i have done nothing wrong! I am trying to be civil to you and I had expected and hoped you would have done the same! Like it or not but we are BOTH part of her life. So for her I was trying to see if we could get along! And you may be her husband, but I will not be disrespected like-" In his anger he had started walking towards the couch, fire swirling around his hands but before he could say anything more Cecilia jumped up from the couch and stood infront of Tomoe to stop him.

"Stop it. Please. I am begging you not to start another fight.... Please." Cecilia asks softly, her eyes begging him indeed to not go any further. She knew Belial was in the wrong here. He should have no done that. But she really did not wanted to let this end in a fight. They had been fighting enough and she just wanted to enjoy her time with her family.

Tomoe's eyes immediatly softened a bit as she begged him and with a sigh the flames dissapeared. There had been enough troubles around the house indeed. "Alright." He says, clearly calmed down making Cecilia sigh in relief. "I'll leave then." He adds as he turns around to leave.

Cecilia's ears immediatly flattend a tad. He was... Leaving? As in leaving the house? "W-Wait, why?" She quikly asks, not wanting him to leave at all yet. She hadn't seen him in years and even though she wouldn't admit it out loud, she had missed him. She still wanted to talk to him, ask him what he has been doing, see if he had already managed to rebuild his house and ask him many more things. She even wanted to be forced to eat those damn mushrooms again if it made them bicker like they used to.

"Because me and him are clearly not going to get along. And even though I would like to stay, it'll just cause more troubles. It's better for me to leave to prevent that from happening." Tomoe said, stating the obvious in his eyes. But then he smiled gently. "Besides, I want you to enjoy your time with your family. This'll make it easier for that to happen. So bye Cecilia. I'll see you around... Perhaps." After that he turns around and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Cecilia's ears flatten completely and her tails droop down to the ground, obviously showing the emotional state she was in. "Did you.... Have to go that far?... He was just teasing..." She asks Belial though she didn't turn around to face him. She didn't want him to see the sad expression on her face.

Sora grins widely and a smug look gleams in his eyes as his gorgeous wife begs for him. Sometimes he thought she had complete control over him but times like this made him realize he had so much control over her as well. Suddenly he grabs her hair with one hand and pulls her head slightly backwards, making her neck crane a bit into an uncomfortable postion. Softly he caresses her cheek with his other hand. "As you wish, my Queen." He says before he began to pound into her. Forcefully and rough. Not giving her any time to adjust as he plungs into her hole as full force and speed.

Souji blushes a bit and smiles shyly as he rubs his neck. Geez, she didn't have to praise him that much. All he did was give her a cup of tea like any person would. He did not realize that not every man would do the things he did for his wife. He thought it was natural to spoil ones wife like this. "I am glad you like it, my sweetheart."

Riza knew she could act tough now and say it didn't hurt a damn bit. But it had hurt. And he probably knew that as well through his own experience. Besides, she had tears in her eyes when they were giving her the tattoo so it would be onlogical to say it hadn't hurt. "Yeah, it did hurt. But I am glad I still got it." She says with a smile.

Felicia smiles softly though she had a sad look in her eyes. She always looked like that when talking about Tiras. The memories made her happy though his missing presence hurted. "We were both in quite a shock actually and both not sure what to do. You see, your grandfather didn't want me to be with your father, causing us to keep our relationship a secret. So when I got pregnant it would mean troubles for us. But your father told me he would do anything to force your grandfather to accept him so we could live normally. He wanted you both so badly. I remember him saying he wanted 10 children. " She reminds with a chuckle. "And he loved you from the second her found out about you."

Kierra couldn't help but grin a bit as he pretended to be mad. She reaches down and softly begins to rub the tentacle around her leg. "Don't be mopey. You deserved it since you were testing me."
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Valeryia caught the note, looking around to see if anyone, the teacher in particular, was looking. Nobody was of course. She wrote 'If only I could. But thank you.' back to him before throwing the note over to him, referring to Eadlyn of course. She knew what she would tell her would hurt her, and she would not want that.

Gilford silenced when the teacher looked over at them and continued his work, not wanting either of them to get in trouble. If he got in trouble again, he was sure his mother, or his father, or both, would chastise him into oblivion.

Joseph shrugged a bit before he got up and locked the door. "Kinda. I'm not going to have us messing around in his office or bedroom anymore, but he won't be stopping us from anywhere else." He said with a small smile which quickly grew into a mischievous grin as he sat back down in the chair. " He was just pissed about the desk, honestly. That was all." He said as he sighed a bit and motioned over to zip his pants up, thinking Fayline was probably out of the mood.

Belial opened his eyes wide, actually shocked at how badly Tomoe had taken it. It wasn't like he had harmed him or anything, he hadn't even burnt the skin and his magic wouldn't have caught anywhere else without his permission. So when Tomoe came up to attack him and Cecilia stopped him, it came as a complete shock. When he left, he breathed out a bit. But then he heard what Cecilia said, sparking rage inside of him. She was blaming him for that? FOR THAT!? He hadn't even said anything! All he did was burn a fucking hair out of hundreds thousands on Tomoe's body! "You're saying...that was my fault?" Belial asked quietly with his fists clenched, shaking from rage. "You think that I wasn't teasing either? Because I was..." He stood up, pissing off as hell. "I don't know what you mean, I didn't go that far. But I do know one thing, and it hurts a lot. I stood by you, I saved your father today, and I didn't kill him. And then, you take his side, his side! And I'm your husband! At the first chance you get after he gives you his faux act of being incredibly hurt and insulted by me!" Belial said, looking back at her with actual tears in his eyes as he went towards the back door. "Enjoy your time with your family, Cecilia. If you chose to find me, you'll know where I am." He said, referring to his father's palace as he head towards the door to leave, his hand now on the knob as he prepared to leave, perhaps waiting to see if Cecilia would stop him.

With each pound Akira gasped a little and moaned, not used to this level of savagery and brute force that Sora was using today. She couldn't even move back in return to try and pleasure him, no, she was his ragdoll at the moment and she was loving every moment of it. Having her eyes shut and her mouth mostly closed so she could focus on everything she was feeling.

Mina nodded her head and continued to sip her tea, always having loved the way Souji prepared it. She rubbed her stomach, feeling a bit better and less tired. "You always make tea so well...." She said quietly.

Takao chuckled a bit while nodding his head. "It truly is worth it. The memory of your achievement will be with you for life now that you have that." He said before reaching over and patting her head. "Now, you should get out there and work. Or get on with your date, whenever that is." He said before looking over at his beer and sighing, throwing it in the trash.

Virgil smiled a bit as he listened to the story his mother was telling him, feeling himself warm up a bit inside. He chuckled a bit, looking at his mom with a happy yet still sad smile as she finished up. "Wow...Dad sounds a lot like Louisa. Not letting anybody get in the way of what they truly want..." He said quietly with a small smile. "Wait, ten kids? Were you actually going to have ten kids with him?" He asked with a chuckle.

"But....but you hurt me..." Hei fake whined out, acting hurt even though his wife had done worse. Much, much worse with her claws. "I think I need a kiss to make it better before I can continue on living normally..." He said with a small devious grin.
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Gideon frowns as he reads the note. So it was somehting he could not even tell Eadlyn? That suprised him alot. It was not a secret that Valeryia and Eadlyn were as close as sisters so there must be something very wrong if Valeryia couldn't talk to Eadlyn. Perhaps she needed someone to talk to who wasn't very close or familiar with her. He knew that could sometimes help. 'If you ever need someone to talk to then you can call me.' He writes on a note before adding his cellphone number to it as well, not realizing how much that could mean to a girl. Without hesitating twice he trows the note at her.

Ichirou pouted a bit as Gilford silently did his work. Aw man, stupid teacher. He wanted to talk some more to her. But he guessed work was indeed important.... So with a soft groan he continous as well, praying for the holy sound of the schoolbell that would release them from this hell hole.

Fayline chuckles softly and shakes her head a bit. Ofcourse. She knew he would never stop completely. Even if Rex forbid him and would send him personally to hell. When Joseph motions her over she rolls her eyes a bit. Geez, thanks for asking it so nicely. He really could be a snob sometimes. "Darling, would you zip my pants back up? Ofcourse my love." She says mockingly, in a joking way so not in an angrey way, with a grin before walking over to him. But instead of zipping him up she softly runs her fingernails over his length. "You want to stop?" She asks a tad bit seductively, showing him that if he wanted to she would still pleasure him.

Cecilia knew Belial would probably not understand how much of an insult it was what he just did to Tomoe. To a fox demon, family and their tails and ears were everything to them. Their tails was like a pride thing so it was very insulting to even pull out a single hair of it. A fox demon would get so furious if his tails got mistreated in any way. So she understood Tomoe's reaction. She had hoped Belial would atleast have some understanding of it. But the rage Belial radiated off made her feel so guilty and sad and even a tad bit afraid. She didn't say a word even though she wanted to say so much. She wanted to talk it right but she didn't know how. She had screwed up. She had really screwed this up.... As he headed towards the door she felt so sick that her legs began to shake, forcing her to sit down on the couch as tears appeared in her eyes as well. He was leaving. He was really leaving. Her hands began to shake as she hugged her tails close to her chest which she normally did when she was sad and didn't know what to do. She had wanted so badly to enjoy this time with her family together with him. She had prayed that her father would turn around and that they could just have a pleasant time together. But everything every single thing that could have gone wrong had went wrong. She didn't even try to stop him. She didn't know how. And honestly, after everything that had happend, she just wanted some peace on her mind. "F-Fine...." She said quietly as she held her tails tighter, fighting the tears threatening to spill out.

Sora was absolutely in heaven as her tightness brought his pleasure levels to new heights. But there was one thing he was not statisfied about. The sounds she was making. They were way to quiet. Harshly he slapped her butcheek again before sliding that hand down between her legs, pleasuring her there as well as he pounded into her. He tug on her hair to get her attention before saying. "Scream for me."

"It is what I do best." Souji says with a wide grin, knowing how good he was at making tea but he only had only person to thank for that. Lei. He hadn't thought about his friend in a while. Well. Actually since his daughter, apparently, asked him for information about her father. That reminded him, he hasn't made an apointment with the young woman yet. He still had her number so he should do that soon.

Riza smiles softly as Takao patted her head but then groaned at his words. She prefered it not to call it a date. More like a forced appointment. "I guess I should get it over with." She says before standing up and stretching. "Don't drink too much." She says before leaving the office to go to Yurichi. He was still at his usual spot so lukcily that made it easier to find him. "So, you have time now to go to the coffee shop?" She asks as she folds her arms.

Felicia smiles softly and nods. Yes, Louisa did get some of her personality traits from Tiras, but so did Virgil. She chuckles a bit at his question. "No. Ten would have been way too much. Though I guess he would have seen that himself if he could have had the chance to help raise you two little hooligans." She says as she runs a hand through her boys hair but then her stomach clenches a bit. Here she was, talking again about her past lover as her husband was upstairs, feeling god knows what. She truly was such a horrible person in her opinion.

Kierra raises one eye brow as if asking 'are you serieus?'. But ofcourse she could not ignore the request of her husband in need. Gently she takes his hand and gives his ouchie a soft kiss before leaning in to his lips and kissing those as well. "There, all better now?" She asks in a mocking sweetness.
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Valeryia got the note and her heart almost skipped a beat as she read it. It was a number, a boys number. Surely this was good, it was a number after all. Not just anyone gave out their number to someone else. Especially not boys. She held her grin inside and nodded before writing her number down, sending it over to him and getting back to work. If anyone needed their notes, it was Val.

Soon, the accursed school bell rang and to second period they had to go. Gilford's second period was English, which he hated. Sure, he spoke it fluently and sure he understood it well enough but it tasted bitter and his tongue. He did not get his father's English tongue, he got his mother's Russian one.

Joseph shivered a bit and nodded his bed before grinning a bit at his wife. "You're so seducing...mm." He said before rubbing her cheek with the back of his hand as he got himself completely out of his pants for her. "It's nice to know that Rex yelling at us isn't enough to slow either of us down.." He said quietly before he rubbed her head and kissed her forehead. "Love you darling." Joseph said before biting his lip a little, loving her touches.

Belial's hand shook as it tried to turn the door handle and he stopped before going back and standing over by Cecilia. "So that's it then, you're not even going to try to stop me?.." He asked, the tears in his eyes getting larger as he looked at her. "You know Cecilia...You've just hurt me a lot..How do you think it feels, standing by someone through everything? Only...only to have them take another mans side the moment he pretends to be hurt? How is that supposed to make me feel?" He said down next to her, tears now flowing down his face as he put his hand on her chin and forced her to look at him. "If I did that to you with another woman while you were pregnant, how would you feel Cecilia?" He asked genuinely as his tears continued to flow down his face. "Wouldn't you just want to get away from me as well, or kill the other person?" He asked, knowing exactly what the answer would be.

Akira shrieked as she was slapped again, feeling like she was being put right where she needed to be as she listened to him. She moaned as he started rubbing her and when he started tugging on her hair harder, her noises became louder. As her pressure began build, she got louder and louder and eventually after one right rub within her anal canal, she started to scream a bit, getting louder and louder until she finished, finally tightening inside around him as hard as possible as she finished hard.

Lei appeared right next to Souji, sipping his spiritual tea as he looked around. "Man, back in our day, it used to be so busy in here, with reports constantly flooding in of scouting reports, finances and all other things. What happened, Souji?" He asked, looking around at the quiet room. "Oh and how's Leia?" He added.

Yurichi jumped up a bit and nearly cut himself as he got his knife under control again. "U-Uh yeah! Yeah I can go now. Do you want to drive or walk?" He asked, not wanting to admit that he rode a freaking bicycle to work.

"H-Hooligans?" Virgil asked with a small chuckle. "And two?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "You must be thinking about Remi and Louisa then, because I am a good boy." He said with a small laugh again, leaning his head down on his mothers shoulder as he smiled before sighing quietly. "Do you have to go to work today?" He asked, knowing she was already probably late.

"Yes, yes I am." Hei said with a small little grin before he bombarded her with little pecks all over her face. He really adored his wife, honestly. That was one of the reasons why he made sure they pretty much were together twenty four seven. "Are you feeling good?" He asked with a small smile.
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Gideon carefully puts the note away in his pocket so he could save her number later into his phone before looking over at Valeryia. It looked like she was going to concentrate on class now so perhaps he should do that too. But the second he picked up his pen the bell rang. Oh wel.. He would pay attention next time. He packs his bag and leaves the classroom t go to his next period. The second her left the classroom, Eadlyn turns her attention to Valeryia and slams her flat hand on the table to get her attention. "Sooo, you going to tell me what you and the Snake were chatting about?" She asks with a sly grin. Ofcourse she had noticed. It was hard not too.'

Ichirou grinned widely as he heard the sound of his oh so sweet saviour, the school bell. Great, only 5 more periods or so to go. He packs his bag and slings it over his shoulder before looking at Gilford with a smile. "What period do you have next?" He prayed for the same as him.

Fayline chuckles softly at his words before leaning in and giving his lips a soft kiss. "The onyl reason why I am this seducing is because otherwise my horny husband would get bored." She says jokingly though there was some truth in it. Especially in the beginning of their relationship she had been afraid he would get bored of her and leave her. Now she wasn't that afraid anymore but a small bit of fear will always be there. Softly she wrapped her hand fully around him and began to move very slowly up and down, purely to turn him on even more before she went further.

Cecilia felt a small wave of relief flow through her as he actually stayed but it dissapeared quikly as she saw the tears stream down his face. She had hurted him so much. The man she promised to cherish, love and care for forever. She had hurt him. And she hated herself for it. "I-I wouldn't want any other woman close to you, just like you don't want any other men close to me. B-But..." She bit her lip hard, afraid that everything she was going to say was going to make him leave. "Tomoe is not just any other man. He's family to me and I.... I-I-I..." I can't bear it to lose an other brother. Tears now streamed down her face as well as she held her tails tighter, her shoulders shaking slightly as she sobs. "I-It wasn't my intent to pick a side. I d-d-didn't. Atleast i t-thought I didn't. I don't want to pick a side. Because I understand him and I understand you.And I love you. With all of my heart b-b-but I..." She began to cry even harder. "I don't want to lose you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She didn't know exactly why she was apologizing. Maybe she was apologizing for hurting him. Maybe for not being able to push Tomoe out of her life completely for him. Or maybe because she thought he wouldn't leave then. Either way, she kept repeating those words as she hid her face in her tails.

Yes, that was what Sora wanted to hear. Her screams full of pleasure as he pounded into her roughly. He had to admit, he was thoroughly enjoying this. It became harder and harder to hold back so when she clenched around him he just let himself go, spurting his seeds into her as he groans out loudly. Slowly he pulls out of her, loving the sight of her sweating and panting in that postion. He leans over her to give her a kiss on her cheek before wrapping his arms around her and letting himself roll onto his back while holding her in his arms. "You... Have been a very good girl." He says, panting as well from the excersize.

Souji smiles softly as he hears the voice of his good old friend. At his words he simply shrugs though. He looks at Lei and motions over to Mina, showing him he couldn't really talk to someone who was dead when she was around. He knew how much Mina disliked his gods and powers so he tried not to talk about the gods or show his powers too much. And honestly, he had never told her he could see the spirit of the dead ex counselor.

Riza rolls her eyes slightly as Yurichi, once again, almost cuts himself with his knife. Really, he should not be may to handle weapons. "We can walk. It is not a long distance and it saves gas." She says before heading off towards the coffee shop.

"No, I was talking about you. Remi was a true sweetheart." Felicia says with a grin. "You were actually the worst when you were a baby. While Louisa was quietly, you were constantly crying hysterically for attention." Yes, Virgil had given her many many sleepless nights with his needs. "And I should be going soon to work indeed. I am already a tad bit late though I have done a small amount of paperwork here so it'll be fine."

Kierra giggles happily at the sweet affection shown to her in the form of small kisses. These small sweet things and interactions were one of the many reasons why she loved him so much. "I am feeling perfect knowing that my husband is completely healty again." She says with a smile as she kisses his cheek.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia turned her head and poked Eadlyn's cheek before grinning a small bit. "Nope." She said before turning around and pretending to walk away before she turned around and walked back to her. "I'm just kidding. He gave me his number and that's all I'm gonna tell you." She said with a small sly smile before poking Eadlyn again. "There, are you happy now?" She asked.

"Uhhhhhhh......I think Geometry?" Gilford said, pulling out a paper to make sure he was thinking about the right period. Sure enough, he was. "Yeah, Geometry. What about you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and a blank face.

Joseph moaned quietly as he was rubbed, shivering from the way she was pleasing him. "Oh wife...I could never get bored of you." He said with a smile as he rubbed the back of her head a bit. When she slowly went up and down, he let out a shaky breath and shivered a bit, violently throbbing into her palm as he stopped himself from finishing right there. "You're great." He moaned out slightly as he rubbed the back of her head, holding it in just a little bit longer.

Belial bit his lip as he listened to Cecilia, feeling just pain inside at the moment. It hurt, a lot. Like it was as if she had chosen someone over him. Someone who hadn't been in her life for twenty years. Someone who wasn't her husband. Someone who didn't give her a child and was doing it again. Someone who hadn't loved and cared for her and stood by her for over twenty years. Belial wasn't crying anymore, he barely ever cried, but he was still hurt. As Cecilia started to cry harder and as she started to apologize, he sighed deeply and pulled her out of her tails before he brought her close to him and held her, tightly, rubbing her ears as he rocked her. "It's alright, it's alright. I'm not angry anymore Cecilia. I'll forgive you." He said quietly while continuing to rub her ears. "But I swear to my goddamn ancestors, if he tries to act like he is going to fight me again or if you pick his side again, I will not hold back." Belial said strongly before giving her a kiss. "Now stop crying and yip for me like the happy little fox that you should be now that I am not leaving." He said while rubbing her ears.

Akira moaned loudly as he finished inside of her and when he pulled out she gasped a little, feeling her thoroughly destroyed hole try to return to normal size as she panted and sweated heavily. She breathed out, smiling at his comment before she rolled over and gave him a kiss. "You taught me a lesson I won't forget." She said with a small little grin before she cuddled up against him and put her head against his chest.

"She looks rather healthy." Lei said while looking over at Mina and rubbing her chin. "Making my favorite tea again, are you?" Lei said with a chuckle as he tried to touch the teapot, only to have a slightly sad expression as his hand went through it. Sometimes he forgot he was dead and it sucked when he was reminded of it. "I probably should go now. When you talk to my daughter, call for me and I'll come. I always do." He said with a smile before he faded away.

Mina sneezed a bit while doing her work, feeling dust moved around as she sneezed again, having snot come out. "Ahhh ahh, Souji, please get me some tissues." She said as she tried to keep snot from going onto her paperwork.

Yurichi internally sighed in relief as he quickly caught up with Riza and started leading the way to the coffee shop, still sticking rather close to her. "So, how are you doing?" He asked, just trying to break the awkward silence that was in the air.

Virgil pouted and shook his head. "It's not my fault I wanted all your attention when I was a baby. I just loved you a lot and couldn't be away from you for long." He said in his defense. Louisa was a much stronger baby than he was anyways as she had almost killed him in the womb. At his mothers words about work, he sighed a bit, hugging her tightly and not wanting to let her go. "Why don't you ever just bring all the paperwork from there and bring it here?" He asked.

Hei smiled a bit and nuzzled her head with his. "Believe me, I'm feeling much better knowing I am healthy too." He said as he cuddled her, placing his hand on her back as he continued to nuzzle. "You know, you're always such a warm person. I love it." He said, being as close to her as possible. "Is it because your a dragon?" He asked.
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Eadlyn opened her mouth to protest loudly as Valeryia walked away without telling her a thing but luckily she returned to tell her what was going on. But her words made her eyes widen. She got his number? Gideon's number. "W-Why? For what reason? You two going on a date?" She asks as her excitement begins to grow.

Ichirou pouted. Crap. They were not in the same class for this period. "I have science sadly Though it is the only class I actually do like a bit." He says with a small smile before rubbing the back of his neck. "Sooo... Want t-to meet u-up for lunch?"

His words warmed Fayline's heart and even though she knew he would probably never get bored of her, it felt good to hear. The way his was violently throbbing in her hand made her know that he was very close to finishing. She leans in and starts to kiss and playfully bite his neck. "I know you want to release. I can feel it. So come on, release for me babe." She says as she holds him tighter though she kept moving at the same pace.

Cecilia held him tightly as well, wrapping her tails around his waist as if making sure he wouldn't stand up and try to leave again. And even though he said he forgave her, the heavy feeling of guilt and sadness in her gut did not go away. She buried her face against his neck as she continoud to cry though she wasn't shaking anymore. They were now silent tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn't even yip like she normally would when he asked her. She didn't feel like yipping since this may have been the worst she has ever felt in the years they have been together. She was hurting the husband she loved so deeply while losing her brother.

Sora puts his hand on her hair and softly began to stroke it. "Don't ever forget indeed." He says with a small grin as his breathing returned to normal. His other hand began to move up and down her sweaty back as he held her tighter. "You really liked me being rough, didn't you?" He asks as he grins wider though her screams had been enough answer to him. Still he wanted to hear her say it.

Souji smiled at Lei's comment about his wife being healty though it dissapeared a bit as Lei tried to grab the teapot. It was a cruel thing that Lei was here while in truth he was not. He could even talk to him normally anymore. At his final words he smiles softly and nods. He wondered what would have happend to their lifes if the happenings in the war would've turned out different. Who would be still alive and who would not be.... His thoughts were interrupted by his wife's adorable sneeze, causing him to chuckle. No woman could look adorable with snot hanging from their nose but she managed to do it. Quikly he grabs a tissue before sweetly wiping it off of her nose like one who do to their child. "There there." He says before kissing the side of her head.

"Fine." Riza said, not even asking it back and ignoring Yurichi's efforts of trying to start a conversation with her. Instead she focused sharply on her surroundings. They were only going to a coffee shop but they were still two Yakuza members out in daylight. One could never be too carefull

Felicia chuckles softly as she pats his head. "Looks like even as an adult you can't stay too long away from me." She says a bit teasingly before smiling apologettically. "Sorry, but I can't. We need to discuss some things and that is easier to do with us all in the HQ and besides... Maybe it is good for me to go out, even if it's just for a short while." She says, not wanting to fall back in her previous depression patterns off only staying at home and in bed.

Kierra giggles a bit as he got so close to her. Geez, it was almost like he wanted to use her as his own body pillow. Not that she minded their closeness ofcourse. "Draki. Not dragon. Dragon are full dragons and Draki, like me, are only half." She corrected him for the millionth time. "And yes, thanks to me dragon blood I am actually warmer. Ichirou is as well."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya let out an awkward chuckle but looking to the side and sighing as she rubbed the back of her head. "Ah...I wish, honestly. But no, not yet at least. But this is a start. I guess I'll have to use my charming personality since the looks clearly aren't working, which is a huge surprise." She said sarcastically while sighing. "Next class we gooooo..." She said nonchalantly as she motioned over to the door, not wanting to be late to their next class.

Gilford raised on of his small white eyebrows at Ichirou's class. Science? "Isn't that the class your parents are in?" He asked, knowing Ichirou's dad was a science teacher and that his mother was an assistant.

Joseph tried very hard to do the opposite of his wife's words. Everytime they did this, it was almost like a battle to make him finish although every single time he lost because Fayline knew exactly how to force it out. "Ahh...You're so...seductive dammit.." Joseph said with a small grin as he moaned out and finished, making tattered pants come out as he spurted his seed out onto her.

Belial bit his lip as he heard her sad yip, not liking how depressing it sounded. He pulled her closer, wrapping his protective arm around her as he nuzzled his head against hers. "Cecilia..." He said quietly with a small sad expression. "Please...I'm not going to be bad again and I'm not going to leave.." He said as he nuzzled her. "Be happy, please? I'm not going anywhere...I won't go." He said as he pulled her even closer to him with his arm.

"Oh yes~" Akira said with a small sly smile, giving him her answer. "It was much different in a good way than how we usually do it. It added an extra spice." She said as she lazily drew circles into his chest. "Did you like it?" She asked with a small wink.

Naomi looked over to the side, seeing Seth and Alexander playing poker. Soon, a screech came from Seth as he lost and soon the side of the two fighting was heard.and then two large bangs were heard. Seth looked behind only to see that they had knocked each other unconscious during a fight. "Idiots.." She said with a frown and a sigh before she looked over at Yumi. "How are you?" She asked. "You looked...shaken up when that girl started talking to you." She said quietly.

Mina wrinkled her nose as Souji wiped it, making a Mei like whine as her nose was rubbed. Her nose was very snotty from her sneezing so the uncomfortable nose wipe was longer than it should have been. "Thank you dear..." She said with a small sniff as she started drinking her tea again. She hated sneezing.

Yurichi looked around but honestly he was not that worried. He could use a knife and he always had a small firearm in his inner coat pocket. if any members from the other clan were to try to attack he would dispatch them. "Me as well." He said, looking around as they entered the coffee shop. He waited till Riza pointed out what she wanted before he got what he wanted and bought both of their drinks. He walked back with their drinks, setting them down on the table as he sat down. "So, what do you want to talk about?" He asked.

"Eh...you're right. You might need some air." Virgil said quickly. He didn't want his mom to get depression again because the worst days of his life were then. There was no adult figure in his life then. It was almost as if his mother was dead as well when she was like that. Then, it was just him and Remi holding each other up with Remi faring much better than he did. He made sure she was okay, worrying about her needs first. He smiled a bit at the thought, knowing what he had wanted happened with her. She was happy.

Hei pouted a bit before narrowing his eyes. "But you just call me a ghoul even though I'm half." He said in his defense which was actually quite true. "So there." He said before playfully booping her nose. "But I'll abide by your wishes, my cute Draki wife." he said with a small grin.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn frowns a tad bit as she leaves the classroom with her friend. Something in the way she was saying that didn't make her very happy. It sounded... Almost depressing and sad. As if Valeryia was seeing herself less than what she actually was. She may be tall but she was really an exceptional beauty and everyone saw that. Sadly, boys did not act even if they found her a beauty. "Don't look so down on yourself." She says with a bit of a scolding tone.

Ichirou grinned proudly and nods as Gilford mentions it. Yes, he was very proud and happy with his parents even though lots of teenagers wouldn't find it fun to be in the class a parent would be teaching. But he absolutely loved it. "Exactly."

Everytime they did this, Fayline's clothes got ruined. Her maid costume has been dirtied so many times she can't even remember. And everytime it was while she should be working so she always had to come up with an excuse why she wasn't on shedule. But this time, she was prepared. Just as she noticed he was going to finish she grabbed a towel out of her apron and held it up, shielding her clothes from his stickiness. She grins as she wipes her hand off as well. "Glad to see you statisfied again." She says before softly kissing his neck. "Now, be a good boy and let me work." She says as she bites his earlobe softly, purely to torment him more, before pulling away and continouing what she had been doing before, folding sheets.

Cecilia didn't know why but she did not feel reassured as he said he would not leave again. mostly because she had the feeling it had been her fault he had been threatening to leave and she was afraid that one day she would push him too far and he would truly leave. And it would all be her own fault. She was quiet for a long time before suddenly grabbing his hair and pulling him down into a passionate desperate kiss. It was as if she was trying to show him all her insecurites, her apologies and her love for him with that single kiss.

A low moan rumbles through Sora's chest to let her head exactly how he felt about it all. He puts one hand behind his head as he grins down at her. "What do you think? I love spoiling you and being sweet to you, but I warn you, after this, I'm going to be rough way more often." Though he knew she would probably not mind that at all.

Yumi felt rather uncomfortable with the many people in the house now. It had been her small family of three for so many years. And now there were so many more people. It was getting too hectic. Naomi was okay, but Seth and Alexander were just not very pleasant people. And not to even start about Louisa... She was pulled out of her thoughts by Naomi, the question starteling her a tad bit. "O-Oh, I am fine. It is just.... That woman had such a strong aura around her, it kinda shook me up a bit." Not a complete lie ofcourse but not the complete truth either.

Souji chuckles softly, finding his endearing wife adorable as always. He sat down and continoud his work though he could not keep his mind off of the small little wonder growing in Mina's stomach. "What names do you have in mind?" He suddenly asks. It was early to already think about names but he had the gut feeling that she had already thought off some names.

Riza softly blew the steam away as she glances outside, glad they have taken a spot near the window. She always liked to watch outisde, see the people doing their regular life things. "I don't really have a certain subject I want to talk about." She says, honestly not really wanting to be here in the first place.

Felicia smiles a bit and nods. She really needed the air. The space to clear her head and just put everything right in her mind. Though she wondered how long that was going to take. Softly she kisses Virgil's cheek. "I'll be back for dinner." She says as she picks up her briefcase. "See you tonight, Virgil." She says before leaving the house.

"Well, there isn't really a different term for half-ghouls like their is for half-dragons. So I guess I just get lazy and call you a ghoul." Kierra says in her defense before growling as he once again dared to boop her nose AND called her cute. "I will bite again." She says as she leans in closer but instead of biting she softly pecked his lips.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia looked back at Eadlyn and raised an eyebrow at her, surprised she noticed the sadness in her voice. "I won't." Valeryia said with a smile and nod before putting her hand on Eadlyn's shoulder. "You know, you sounded like your dad when you said that." She said with a tiny chuckle, trying to get away from the other subject.

Gilford smiled and crossed his arms a bit, shivering from the cold even though he probably was the one causing it by accident. "That's nice. Your parents seem awesome." Gilford admitted with a small smile. He loved his parents of course, but sometimes they were too.....touchy. Especially his mother. Oh god was she touchy.

Joseph had his eyes closed so he didn't notice the towel up until he opened his eyes again and saw her wipe her hand off with it. Dammit, he liked spraying her with his seed. "Awww, you didn't get it shot onto you." He said with a small grin before she kissed his neck. When she nibbled on his earlobe, he cursed to himself quietly before laying back in the chair. "I'll be good, my beautiful wife." He said with a small grin as he reclined in the chair, giving him the perfect view of her behind. "Ce soir, cependant, nous allons avoir des relations sexuelles rugueuse. Sexe très rugueuse." Joseph said with a grin and wink, knowing that his French was a special little treat he saved up that perked up her arousal. Especially now since he didn't speak it too much anymore.

Belial was looking to the side awkwardly, wanting to speak up to Cecilia but not knowing what to say to do it. He was about to speak up to say something when suddenly Cecilia pulled him down and kissed him. He was shocked at first, but easily relaxed into it and began kissed her back, feeling almost a transfer of Cecilia's emotion as they kissed. "I love you, my wife." Belial said into their kiss before being quiet again, just enjoying it.

Akira let out a quiet moan as she thought about Sora being rough with her again. She liked it quite a bit.."Oh my, you're not even going to let it be your special treat anymore?" She asked with a small little wink and grin. "Not that I mind though..." She said quietly while drawing small circles on his chest with her index finger.

Naomi shivered a bit and nodded her head with a frown, knowing it to be true. "She seemed like she knew who you were, honestly...."Naomi said while thinking back at it all. now that she thought about it...Louisa looked familiar to her...as if she had seen someone who looked like her before.

Mina looked down a bit while smiling and rubbing her tummy before looking over at Souji. "Well...this time..I was thinking about a really pretty name, and I've been thinking about it for a while and if we have a daughter I was thinking kinda about the name.." She gulped a bit and blushed before looking out the window before looking at Souji and blushing a tad. "Anahita."

"Yeah..." Yurichi said before narrowing his eyes a bit and looking outside as well. Something was brewing inside of him. But he didn't want to really say anything. But then again, maybe she would respect him for speaking his mind? She seemed like the sort of person who respected courage. "The only reason you went on this with me, was to get me to get away from you, right?" He asked before looking at her face to see her expression. He sighed a bit before pulling his money out and putting it on the table for when their check was given to him. "I should have known, honestly." He said before picking his coffee up before looking over at the door to leave.

"Bye mom." Virgil said with a smile as he locked the door behind his mother. He sighed a bit though, before crashing on the couch and closing his eyes. For a while, he tried to sleep, but he couldn't. "Brunhildaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...&qu­ot; Virgil screeched out lazily. "Can you turn on the TV and get me a soda, pretty please with a cherry on top?" He asked her, knowing that's how he'd get what he'd want. That woman had watched him grow up since birth, and expected manners from him.

Hei braced for the bite but was most pleasantly surprised by the kiss instead. He kissed back, deeply, kissing her for the longest time before he pulled away and gave her a couple pecks on her lips before giving her a smile. "Thank you for not biting, my cute Draki wife." He said, getting the race right this time.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn wasn't sure if she should push the clearly sensitve topic. She knew there was something more going on that Valeryia would not tell. But when Valeryia changed the subject to her father she rubs the back of her neck and groans a bit. "Do I really sound like him?" She says. True she loved the hell out of her father but she did need all of his characteristics. People already said it more than enough that she looked like her father.

Ichirou grins even more as he nods frantically. "Yes they are. I love it when dad blows things up and mom starts argueing and lecturing about why he should not play with dangerous chemicals." He says while chuckling, obviously loving those moments the most.

Fayline couldn't help but grin a bit in victory at his small complaint. Well, he may like it but her clothes certaintly did not. She was about to walk away to continou her work, seeing her husband getting relaxed on the chair, when he suddenly spoke and that language that got her heart racing. Though it was not the language to got her so warm, it was the way he spoke it. He always made it sound so sensual. She softly bites her lip as she feels herself get slightly wet in anticipation for the night. She couldn't stop herself from leaning down and giving him a long, deep, passionate kiss. Relectulanty she pulled away. "Ce soir...." She mumbles against his lips, reminding them both it was not the time to do those hot things now. So even if she did not want to she stood back up straight, gave him a wink and continoud her work.

Cecilia buries her other hand in his hair as well as she caressed his lips with her, not wanting to stop till she had atleast stopped the tears from running. So she continoud to kiss him for a long while till she noticed she wasn't crying anymore. Slowly she pulled away and gave a small smile even though she still did not feel like smiling. "I love you too, my husband. So so much." She says quietly as she runs her fingertips over his cheek and jawline.

Sora gently took the hand she was drawing circles on his chest with and sweetly places kisses on her fingers and palm. "Nope, what we just did is going to be our standard. Me being sensually sweet is the new special treat." He says teasingly with a grin as he winks at her. Though he would not mind this being their standard pace.

Yumi knew Naomi was on the right track to finding out who Louisa really was. So she decided to say part of the truth so she would stop questioning. "I think I knew her once but that we weren't on very good terms. She seemed familiar to me as well. But let's just forget about it. It is not important." She says, hoping Naomi would just drop it. For some reason she did not want to say that Louisa and Virgil were related.

"Anahita..." Souji repeats, testing, tasting the name on his tongue. It sounded so fragile. So beautifull. So pure. Exactly like how he would imagine another child with her. He grins widely as he reaches out and rubs her stomach. "It sounds like a sweet lullaby... I love it." He says before leaning in and sweetly giving her a kiss.

Riza raises one eyebrow at Yurichi's words. Wow, appears that took awhile for him to figure that out. She had thought it had been quite obvious. But then again, he wasn't really the brightest person she knew. He really should have known. She did found it admirable that he dared to say those things but what suprised her that it looked like he was actually leaving. He was the one who wanted this 'date' and now he was leaving? She should just keep her mouth shut and let him leave, it would save her alot of troubles probably. But she does she opposite. She sighs a bit before saying. "Yes, that is the only reason. But I promised to drink coffee with you so I should atleast do that properly.... Sit down." In other words, she would try to make conversation with him.

Kierra couldn't help but giggle a bit as he pecked her lips like that. God, he still made her feel all giddy like a little school girl. Not that she knew what it felt like to be a school girl but whatever. "You're welcome, my sweet half-ghoul." she says, getting his race right as well on purpose.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia grinned a little bit and nodded. "Yes, yes you do." She said with a small chuckle as she imagined Joseph saying what Eadlyn had just said. "Even the movements you do when talking are the same." She said teasingly. "You really are little Joseph." She said before poking Eadlyn's cheek with a teasing grin, knowing Eadlyn was soon going to reach the point of snapping at her.

Gilford let out a hearty Russian chuckle as he listened and watched Ichirou, finding what he was doing rather entertaining. "Oh...oh my.." He said while laughing, trying to catch a small breath before he breathed out. "Phew....anyways....does your dad blow up stuff around your house too?" He asked with a curiously raised eyebrow.

Joseph grinned as Fayline leaned down and kissed him, kissing her back passionately as well before much to his dismay, she pulled away and reminded him the time that they were going to be doing this at. Tonight. Curses. "I know." Joseph said in response as he watched her go back to work, staring at her swaying hips as she moved, letting out a small sigh of enjoyment.

"I already know that." Belial said with a small smile as he caressed her cheek with his hand, giving her a loving look. He knew he needed to really flood her with attention to make her feel better. He genuinely felt bad for this, even though she was the one who had hurt him in the first place. "Come on, do you want to spend time with your family now?" He asked as he reached up to rub her ears sensually.

Akira grumbled a bit, not liking that Sora wasn't exactly listening to her. "Well, fine, but we're going to be doing it a lot less often then. I get sore." She said as he kissed her hand. "And you're going to have to treat me like a goddess outside of the bed, even more than you already do, if you want it." She said, letting out some of that personality Sora knew her for before taking her hand away playfully and grinning. "Oh Sora, my back hurts quite a bit." She said before turning her back towards him. "Could you help your wife out?" She asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

Naomi nodded her head, agreeing with Yumi to end the conversation. It was clearly making her uncomfortable. "So....." Naomi looked to the side, not knowing really what to talk about. "Do you want to...take a trip outside?" She asked, knowing some fresh air could do them both some good.

"I do too..." Mina said softly before giving Souji a sweet kiss back, already loving the name and the baby who could possibly have it already. "I hope they're graceful and kind, just like their father." She said into the kiss with a small smile before she closed her eyes, just enjoying their act of love with each-other.

Yurichi narrowed his eyes, slightly pissed off before he sighed deeply and sat back down, his pointed down eyebrows not moving a single millimeter away from their fixed spot. He didn't even say anything. He just stayed sitting and sipped his coffee, waiting for her to start conversation. He wasn't even sure why he was still sitting here. She didn't care, and slowly, he was beginning not to as well.

Hei gave a small grin to Kierra getting his race right before nuzzled his head against hers. She made him feel like a geeky school boy all over again, even though he had never been a school boy in his life. Actually, he never had been to regular school before besides college now that he thought about it. "Ahh...you're so adorable." He said with a teasing grin as he kissed her cheek.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn's eyebrow twitched as she folds her arms. No. She did not speak like her dad. And she did not copy his movements. She puffs up her chest a bit more, just like Joseph would have done. "I agree I have some things from my father but deffinantly not his way of speaking and acting. So no I am not a little Joseph" She says strongly with a small hiss.

Ichirou blushes as Gilford began to chuckle and laugh. He wondered why she was laughing exactly but either way, he found the sound of it very cute. He rubs the back of his neck a bit. "S-Sometimes he does yes." He says quikly as he looks to the side. Damn she was just way too adorable! He still could not believe someone like her was talking to someone like him.

Fayline felt Joseph's eyes digging into her back as she worked. Yes, he always did that, staring at her while working. And even though she loved the fact he wanted to stay as close to her as possible, sometimes it got on her nerves. She worked better and faster if she was alone. With a small smile she looks back at her husband. "Can't you do read a book? Or do something else to entertain yourself?" She didn't snap or so. She just asked it sweetly.

"Please, don't ever forget it." Cecilia says softly as she closes her eyes and leans into his hand. She was calming down finally. But now she felt rather tired. The emotional stress had been just way too much for a single day and the day was not even near halfway over. "Can we stay here for a tad bit longer? Just a tad bit." She asks. Ofcourse she wanted to go spend time with her family but she first she wanted to just be held by him for a while longer.

Sora raises one eyebrow as he heard her grumble but then pouted at her words. A lot less often? Daw man. But he guessed she was worth waiting for. "Wouldn't want you to get sore now do we?" He says with a small wink. "Oh, and I will forever treat you like the goddes you are." He adds as he kisses her cheek. In his eyes she truly was a goddes. And he will make sure that she knows. As she turned her back to him he grins and immediatly began to gently massage her back, pressing all the points he knew felt the nicest. "Ofcourse, my love."

Yumi was glad Naomi let it drop and she was even happier with what she proposed. With a smile she nods and stands up to stretch her limbs. "That sounds great, I could use some daylight." She says. She could also use some distance between them and the two male idiots laying unconcious on the ground.

Souji blushes a tad bit before pulling away and leaning his forhead against hers as he caressed her cheek. "I actually hope this child will be as strong and gorgeous like their mother." He says quietly, actually really hoping the child looked more like Mina than him. It was not like he didn't like who he was, he actually idiolized Mina so much that he wants their children to be like her.

Riza was kinda suprised at how pissed off he continoud to look. As if he was angrey at her for not wanting this date in the first place. Even though that was no reason at all to be angrey at her. He should have known this from the start. When he didn't talk she suspected that he wanted her to start conversation but she was clueless about what. So she said the first thing that came to mind. "Why do you always rid a bicycle to work?" She had seen him a few times and was curious why since she knew he had a drivers lisence.

Kierra grinned as well and poked his cheeks. "Wipe that grin off of your face." She says before softly kissing his cheek and relaxing a bit more. "I am glad we took the day off."' She mumbles. A free day sure was nice for once.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia had to stop herself from falling over as she saw Eadlyn's movements. The posh eyebrow twitch, the regal chest puff and the hiss of dominance. It was so Joseph. "Oh my god that was so incredibly Joseph." She said while continuing to laugh her head off, much like her mother would have. They all were just so full of laughing fits.

Gilford snorted a bit at Ichirou's answer. So the old ghoul was as crazy at home as he was at school! "Bwahaha!" Gilford let out as he slid against the wall, leaning his head and hitting it against a locker as he wrapped his arms around his stomach and laughed.

Joseph nodded a bit, getting the hint before walking over and giving Fayline a hug before he looked at her with an adoring look and gave her a small kiss. "I'll leave you alone for your work." He said with a smile before leaning in close to her ear. "Je te verrai ce soir, mon amour." He whispered huskily in her ear before lightly biting on her earlobe as he pulled away and winked at her before leaving the room and going back to their room, pulling out the book he was reading earlier and continuing where he left off before he got his wine out and started drinking it as well.

Belial squeezed her tightly and nodded his head with a smile. "Of course, my fluffy wuffy hubby. I was just asking if you wanted to. I'm okay with whatever you want for today." He said before kissing her cheek and holding her in his arms, not letting go. "Don't forget that I will still stay loyal to you, no matter what." Belial whispered to her before kissing her lightly, wanting her to know that even though she had hurt him still.

Akira bit her lip and moaned softly as he hit all the right pressure points, loving the feel of it. He had magical damn fingers, and it felt good on her old back. Not that she was old. Well, actually, she was somewhere around the age of fifty five or so, but he body was still that of a thirty year old's, so it was alright. It's just that she couldn't take the really hot naughty rough stuff like she used to. "You're great~" She moaned out as he rubbed her back, closing her eyes and purely enjoying it.

"Me as well. I need to work on my suntan." Naomi said sarcastically before she kicked Seth a bit to see if he was out cold still. Yep, the idiot had gotten himself knocked out pretty good. "Let's leave before they get out." Naomi suggested before she grabbed her jacket and opened the bunker door, exiting the bunker and holding the door with one hand as she waited for Yumi to exit.

Mina blushed a little and gave a sheepish smile before she kissed his cheek. "I hope this child has the best of both our traits dear." She said before nuzzling her head a bit against his. "But I'll love them anyway they are." She said with a smile. She loved all of her babies and was very protective of them. She was especially over protective of Mei, since she was more sensitive than Dequan was.

Yurichi was silent after she asked her question for a bit, savoring the taste of his coffee before he swallowed. "Because, I don't want my mother to have to ride a bicycle to do whatever she does, may it be grocery shopping or going to a park that reminds her of my sister." He said, cursing internally due to him mentioning his sister before he sighed. "It's embarrassing, right? The bicycle?" He said with his eyes slightly narrowed, just waiting for her for make a derogatory comment to him about the damn bike. He wasn't exactly mad that she didn't want the date, he was just mad that she actually went on it with him, getting his hopes up. He would have rather had her flat out reject him, rather than having her spare his feelings slightly, which just made his emotions worse in the end.

Hei wiped the grin off, replacing it with his goofy smile before he kissed her cheek back and relaxed, taking off the lab coat and fluffing the pillows that were around him with his tentacles. One could swear he used them more than his actual arms. At Kierra's statement, he nodded his head in agreeance. "We really did. I love our work, but sometimes we need alone time. By ourselves. Outside of a school classroom." He said, trying to unscramble his words a bit.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn's eyebrow twitches even more. No no no no. It was NOT like her father. "Well, you have your mother hyperventilating laughing fits." She shots back in return as they enter the classroom for their second period. She sits down in her chair and puts her bag down. Humpf. She was not like her father. And everyone who thought differently was wrong.

Ichirou could not help but chuckle and then laugh along. Gilford's laugh was contagious. But then he saw one of his classmates walk into a different direction then the classroom which was starnge since they only had a minute or so left to get to the classroom. "U-Uhm... Where are you going? Classroom is that way... R-right?" He asked awkwardly as he forced himself to grin. The boy raises one eyebrow. "Have you not heard? No science today. Ms and Mr Nagachika asked a free day for some reason." Ichirou's eyes widened. "WHAT?!" He asked in pure shock. Their parents asked a free day? WHY?! His mother would never let dad take a day off and shouldn't he have heard it from them atleast?! W-Was their something wrong again?! Nervously he begins to rub his hand together when he glances at Gilford. Right, she was still here. He should not act nervous. He forced himself to smile. "Looks like a have a free period. Sweet." He tried to say as normal as possible

Fayline's heart melted a bit as he looked at her like that. Softly she bites her lip as he bites her earlobe, resisting the urge to pull him back and just take him right there on the floor. But she did not. "Bye, mon amour." She said softly as he left the room. With a giggle she continous her work when an other maid walked in. A woman a few years younger than her. "Oh, hello Anna." She greeted her.

"Hello Fayline." She greets in return as she smiles politely and starts to help with the work as well. "I saw your husband leave the room. Doing dirty things again in places you shouldn't" She asks with a teasing grin.

Fayline blushed alot before laughing a bit. "No, we would never do that." She says though everyone knew the opposite. "Me and my husband would never dare to-Oh." She says in suprise as she heard a vase shatter behind her. When she looks behind her she sighs to find out one of her wings had knocked over a flower vase. "I hope that wasn't too expensive...." She says as she starts to clean up the shards.

Anna simply chuckles at Fayline's clumpsyness and leans down to help as well, picking up the shards. "It probably was. It looked ancient chinese." She says, earning a groan from Fayline. She chuckles but the yelps a bit in pain as she cut her hand on the shards. A rather deep cut. She groans as blood began to drip out and she stands up and places a handkerchief on the wound. "Great now I have to go to the nurse." She says before looking over at Fayline and a worried look crosses her face. "Hey... Are you alright?"

Fayline had her back turned to Anna, a hand clutched over her mouth as her eyes glowed and her stomach twisted in such a deep hunger that it was almost too painfull to bear. It was urging her to taste the delicious smell and drink it all. It was so sweet and luring. It was blood and she knew. No. She would not give in. Bite. She would not! She was resisting so hard that she even began to tremble. She had too. She had too. This pain was unbearable and the solution was righ there. So when she felt Anna's hand on her shoulder, probably to check on her, she snapped. With impressive speed she tackled the woman and pinned her to the ground before leaning down and without restraint she bit into her neck. She did not hear the screams, she did even feel Anna struggle to get away, she only felt sweet relief as the blood entered her mouth. Wanting even more she bit down even harder, not realizing what she was doing. She was not doing anything bad anyway. How could something that felt so right and good be wrong?

Cecilia softly kissed him back, savoring their kisses even more than before. "And I will stay forever loyal to you. Nomatter who might cross our path." She says before leaning her head down against his shoulder. It was quiet for awhile before she heard a knock on the door and Perygrine opened it, leaning against the doorpost with his arms folded.

Perygrine did not like the fact that his daughter was in such a state and he knew why she was. His youngest had told him about what happend and Tomoe leaving confirmed it all. But instead of scolding and yelling at Belial like he normally would he calmly asked. "How are you both doing?" It wasn't just a casual question. He truly wanted to know if they were both alright.

"I know." Sora replied smugly, obviously full of the fact he could give such pleasureable feelings to his wife, even if it was just a massage. Gently he layed her down on her stomach before carefully sitting on her lower back to give her a more proper massage. "Tell me if you have certain points who feel more tense than the others."

Yumi grins a tad bit at Naomi's humor and grabs her jacket as well before leaving and closing the door behind her. She gratefully breathed in the fresh outside air. God, it felt so good to be outisde and not inside with all those people she would rather not know. "So, where should we head too?" She asks, wondering what things they could go do or see.

Souji smiles softly. "I know you will. And ofcourse I will do too." He says before giving her another kiss. "I know I don't say this very often but I think you are and will always be a great mother." He says as his smile widens a bit. Honestly, he could not have imagined a better mother for his children.

Riza noticed the way he looked at her. It was like he was expecting, or even daring her, to say something degrading now. But she would not. Ofcourse not. She saw no fault in what he did. Carefully she blows some more steam away from her cup before taking a sip, carefull not to burn her tongue like she often did. "Yes, it is very embarresing. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a Yakuza member, riding a bicycle. Could you be any softer? My first impression of you is still right, you are no fit Yakuza member... You expect me to say something like that? The way you look at me says that you do. But you are wrong." She says before taking another sip. "Honestly, it is just a vehicle. A thing that gets you from A to point B. Car. Bicycle. Plane. Motorcycle. Every thing is the same. It is not something to be embaressed about. And besides...." A small smile started to grace her lips. "I think it is a very nice thing that you take on this 'embarresing' bicycle so your mother can be more comfortable with a car."

Kierra chuckles a tad bit as her husband fought to get the words right out. "I know what you mean." She says even though they weren't completely alone. Chidori and the kids were still in the house but it was quiet so it felt like they were completely alone. It felt nice.
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[Name]: Daliyah

[Nickname/Title] The Genie

[Faction] None

[Age] N/A

[Gender] Female

[Race] Genie

[Power] Wishes: She is locked up in her bottle till someone rubs the bottle and that person becomes her master. She grants her master 3 wishes and he can use them whenever and whatever they want. Except for the rules. No killing. No bringing someone to life. No letting someone fall in love. And she can not change the past. Otherwise than that the wish is free. But be carefull, she bigger the wish, the more twistedly it will be granted. Once the wishes are done she returns to her bottle for the next master to find her.

Genie magic: She does have magic she can use besides just the wishes. Not very strong magic though.

[Biography] Daliyah lived many many years ago in Agrahbah and she was deemed the most gorgeous woman in the village, getting everything she wished for. A sorcerer, so green of envy, decided to punish Daliyah for her luck and beauty. The sorcerer cursed her to be in a bottle and grant the wishes of others for eternity.

[Relationship] None.

 [Name]: Daliyah [Nickname/Title] The Genie [Faction] None [Age] N/A [Gender] Female [R
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Valeryia shrieked a bit. Hyperventilating laugh!? What- What did that mean!? That had to be a lie, right? "You're lying....right?..." She shrieked a little. "Right?" She said before she started to sink into her abyss of anxiety. By the gods, what if she did have her mothers laughter? What else did she have of her mothers? Did she have her squeaky voice? Or her small hands?! WHAT IF SHE WAS ACTUALLY SHORT?! She started breathing in and out quickly as the irrational thoughts started to hit her brain.

"Where are we going to go hide out?" Gilford asked with a small mischievous grin, planning on sneaking out with Ichirou and doing whatever they wanted.

Joseph continued reading his book and sipping his wine, occasionally listening in on Fayline to make sure nothing amiss was going on. As soon as he heard some sort of odd commotion go on with Fayline and the maid, he got up and went over to the room calmly, not expecting anything bad. When he opened the door, he opened his eyes wide. "Fayline, get off of her!" He said with a hiss before shutting and locking the door. This was bad, very bad. He wasn't going to let Fayline do this, and he was going to chastise her about controlling herself later, but he wasn't going to let this maid go off running to Rex about it either. Either she was going to take a bribe, shut up about it or become a thrall.

Belial braced for Perygrine to yell at him, only to be nicely surprised by him asking how they were doing. "We're okay." Belial said in response as he slowly rubbed Cecilia's ears. "How are you?" Belial asked in response while still rubbing her ears.

Akira bit her lip a bit again as Sora sat down on her lower back, enjoying the massage still. At what he said, she nodded, not even using words to respond. "Higher." Was all she said after a little while, not wanting to break whatever pleasure trance she was in at the current moment.

Naomi rubbed her head, not knowing exactly where to go. "I mean...I don't know many places to go out here, honestly. Maybe we could just walk around and find something?" She suggested, not knowing what else to quite do. She wasn't much of an outgoing person before she started living in the bunker, and her knowledge of outside places had been pretty much exhausted.

Mina smiled and blushed even more at Souji's words. He was being very sweet to her, and it was making her all warm inside. "You don't need to say it Souji..I already know how much you think of me." She said softly before leaning over and kissing his cheek. "You know...I was thinking you'd be the best father as well, because your patient, kind and extremely understanding." She said with a smile.

Yurichi's eyebrows pointed down even more and his facial expression became even more sour at her words. She said exactly what he expected her to say. Of course, that's exactly the sort of person she- "Wait, what?" He said as his facial expression instantly softened. She wasn't just degrading him right there? As he listened to the rest of what she said, his expression continued to lighten up until it returned to normal and at her final comment, he slightly smiled as well. "Do you really think so?" He asked a bit in disbelief.

Hei pouted in a playful manner at her chuckling, knowing it was about his speaking. To his surprise, Chidori and the kids were being quite quiet. Almost a little too much. Then again, Chidori was a good mom and was probably reading to them or something. It did feel quite nice.

Virgil left the home, tired of being cooped up in there as he walked around the city, looking for things to do. He went to the shore, throwing rocks from the artificial beach as he watched crap wash up on shore. Yeah, there was still stuff floating from the sea because of the great catastrophe. Oddly enough, a weird barnacled box washed up on shore that appeared to be very broken. He went over to it and opened it up, finding weird rusted jewelry inside of it from India. There was ivory, emeralds, and even ruby's. He shoved the stuff in his pocket, knowing he'd be able to give these to his mother or something before he saw an untouched golden lamp inside of it. He took it out and rubbed some of the dust off of it with his shirt, seeing how much it could shine.
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Eadlyn's eyes widened a bit. Oh crap. She had not wanted Valeryia to freak out like that. And oh yes she could see her friend was freaking out completely which was not good. "Hey, it is only your laugh. Nothing more." She says quikly, trying to calm the situation down a bit. "And it is not a bad laugh at all. I just said it to tease you." She adds.

Ichirou puts his hands behind his head and shrugs. "I don't know actually. I have no place to really go to and no place I want to go to." He says, not noticing Gilford's intentions at all. He was too dense for that.

It looked like Fayline was in a trance as she sucked the blood out of one of her friends. But when she heard Joseph's voice she snapped out of it. Her eyes widened and she froze in complete shock, slowly letting go of Anna's neck who immediatly pushed herself away from Fayline and crawled to the corner of the room while holding her neck and crying. Fayline just sat there, staring at the ground where now layed a small puddle of blood. Had she... She looks up at Joseph though the way he looked at her was like a punch in the stomach. She felt so ashamed. Ashamed but even more so, disgusted by herself. Tears appeared in her eyes as her hands began to tremble. She had really bitten someone, purely to taste their blood, and she had liked it. It had been thrilling even. What kind of animal had she turned into. She hides her face in her hands, not being able to bear to look at either Joseph or Anna, as her wings slightly wrap around her.

Perygrine smiles a tad bit in relief and even his shoulders seemed a tad bit less tense. "Good. I am as well....." He was quiet for a second before clearing his throat a bit. "I was actually coming to tell you lunch was almost ready. You two should join us." He says before getting off of the wall and walking to the dinner room.

Cecilia smiled a tad bit, knowing this was her fathers way of showing he cared and wanted them to stay. It felt nice to see him making an effort to get along with Belial. She leans up and kisses his cheek. "looks like father is finally turning around."

Sora smiles a tad bit as she finally said something and he moves his hands higher. He knew she liked it. It was clear to see so he simply kept his mouth to let her enjoy this fully.

Yumi simply smiles and nods. "Okay then." She says as she starts walking. She did not mind that Naomi did not know more places to go. Walking around like this was already amazing enough in her eyes. It still felt strange to walk amongst other people. Almost as if she was normal like them even though she knew she wasn't.

Souji blushes a bit more as he rubs the back of his neck. Her words were so sweet and he guessed they were true, even though he was not the person to brag about his traits or to let other people compliment him since he often did not see why anyone would. "I guess that makes us the perfect parenting couple." He says with a grin.

Riza tilts her head a bit to the side as she heard the disbelief. Serieusly? He was not believing what she said was true? Though it looked more like a happy relieved kind of disbelief than an angrey you are lying kind of disbelief. "Do I ever lie about things like this?" She asks rethorically before taking another sip of her coffee. "Yes I do really think so. I would have done the same if I had been in your position."

Kierra giggles a bit as she saw his pout before laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. This felt nice and slowly she felt a bit of tiredness crawl up. "I think I am going to take a nap." She mumbles as she keeps her eyes closed.

Suddenly the lamp began to glow a soft golden colour and a cloud of dark pink dust swirled out of the lamp. It spun around in one place before it suddenly vanished, in it's place there was a woman standing. Putting a hand on her chest she bows down at Virgil. "Greetings, my name is Daliyah, the Genie of the bottle you freed my out. By rules, thy are now my master and I shall grant you three wishes to fullfill your biggest desires." She said with a honey sweet voice as she stood back up straight.
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Valeryia breathed out deeply in relief when Eadlyn said she was just teasing. Good, so she wasn't like her mother. That was such a relief. "Oh thank heavens. I was so close to freaking out." Valeryia admitted before chuckling a bit awkwardly and patting Eadlyn's back. "You were very convincing." She said with an awkward smile.

Gilford rubbed his face and sighed, not believing that Ichirou didn't know what he meant. "Are you gonna skip school with me or not?" He asked simply while looking him dead in the eye. He hoped Ichirou understood the concept of skipping class.

Joseph walked over to Fayline and pulled her into his embrace, sliding his hands through under her wings to her shoulders, which he rubbed as he nuzzled against her head. "Fayline, it's okay, nobody could have blamed you, you're just a young vampling, and you don't have much control yet." He said before kissing her cheek. He let go of her a second and went over to Anna, crouching down on his knees and putting his hand on her chin to look at him. "Hey, I'm sorry for that." Joseph said in his smooth and yet deep vampire voice, making sure his French accent was showing. "I need you to keep quiet about this, okay? She's an inexperienced vampire, and your blood enticed her. So please...may you keep quiet about this? Or do you need any more incentive?" He asked with a wink, although he was referring to money and not his member.

Belial smiled a bit and nodded his head before kissing her cheek back. "I'm glad. I'd love for our next children to be involved more with your family than Shiomi was." He said with a smile. "I saw how lonely you were, and Shiomi was without them, and I want it to be better for all of you." He said with a smile as he nuzzled against her. "I can't keep you all for myself, I know that. So I'm going to try to make this work, from here on out." He said before standing up, locking his hand with hers.

Naomi looked around, just amazed at how tall and technological Cantenseel really looked. It was beautiful, with birds flying and chirping everywhere, with trees being nicely placed out from the buildings with the buildings being very shiny as always. "It's actually really beautiful here...now that I think about it.." She said with a smile.

Mina grinned a bit as well and nodded before she turned to look at him. "Yes it does.." She said before she moved from the chair and onto his lap before kissing him deeply, running her fingers through his hair as she kept his eyes closed.

"I guess not.." Yurichi said with a small chuckle before listening to the rest of what Riza said. "Well, that makes me feel a bit better about my situation then." He said with a small smile before looking over at her then sipping his coffee and looking away awkwardly with a tiny blush on his pale white face.

"Let me join you then.." Hei mumbled out before closing his eyes and cuddling against her comfortably as he pulled a blanket they had on the couch and put it around them. This was nice, just him and her being able to sleep comfortably together on a normal afternoon without worry.

Virgil fell back in surprise at the lamp glowing and when a woman appeared there, he shrieked in fear, loudly. "WHAT IN THE LIVING FUCK!?" He said in response to her words before he violently vice gripped a breast to make sure it wasn't a hallucination. When he realized this was actual, female flesh and he had just accidentally groped a genie he pulled his hand away and shrieked again before looking at her in fear. "Oh god I'm sorry please don't punch me in the face!" Virgil said as he braced to get punched.
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"Yeah, I can be very convincing." Eadlyn says with a grin. Ofcourse it had been convincing. She had been telling the truth. Though it was better to just say a small lie so Valeryia wouldn't freak out. That was really the last thing she needed at the moment.

Ichirou blinked twice. Wait, was she serieus? Skip school? NOW? WITH HER?! "U-Uhm.... Actually I am not may to skip school. My parents will find out and I will be in alot of trouble since my mother is very strict on going to school and-" He nervously rambled on as he rubs the back of his neck. Skipping school was one thing but skipping school with HER made him extremely nervous but excited as well.

Fayline actually flinched when Joseph touched her and the way he held her did not seem to calm her down. She didn't want him touching her when she felt so disgusted by herself. He said it was not her fault but it was. It was and it will forever be. And she was so afraid now. If this happens once, then it will happen more often for sure. That thought made her cry even more. She didn't want this to happen again.

Anna was shaking alot with her hand clutched over her neck but when Joseph touched her and talked to her she actually stopped shaking. She was still hyperventilating a bit but he did manage to calm her a tad bit. As he winked at her she couldn't stop herself from blushing. Yes he was a married man but everyone knew how charming Joseph could be. "I'll keep quiet." She softly said before quikly getting to her feet and leaving the room.

Cecilia's heart warmed up a bit at his words. Oh, she would love for her family to be more involved. And the more she thought about it the more she could see it happen. Softly she squeezes his hand as she stands up as well. "That sounds wonderfull." She says as slowly her previous more happy mood began to return. She kisses his cheek. "Come, let's go then." She says as she pulls him towards the dining room. All her sisters were there, talking to eachother, and when they entered they quieted down a bit. Some smiled a bit but some looked rather uncomfortable.

Yumi smiles and nods in agreement. Cantenseel was truly wonderfull. She had read books about it so many times but to be finally walking on the earths of it felt amazing. "It is yes. I am so suprised that it looks like this even though the war had destroyed such parts of it. Cantenseel is strong." She says.

Souji blushed more as she moved onto his lap but quikly relaxed as he closed his eyes and kissed her back. Gently he puts one hand on the back of her neck to pull her closer as he rubs his tongue against her when he heard someone clear their throat. He pulled away in suprise to see Felicia standing in the dooropening. A grin on her face. "O-Oh... Goodmorning Felicia." He says as normally as he could though he was quite embaressed.

Felicia simply chuckles at Souji's reaction. "Goodmorning to you too, Souji, Mina." She says before walking to the table and sitting down before pulling the files she had taken from her hom out of her briefcase. "Buzy morning I see." She says teasingly, causing Souji to turn as red as an tomato.

Ofcourse Riza noticed the blush, it was hard not too since his forever pale face finally got some colour, but she decided not to say a thing about it. She sips more of her coffee as she looks out of the window, simply looking at the people pass by. "That is good." She says, not fully getting why he shoul feel bad about riding an bicycle in the first place.

Daliyah couldn't help but smile softly as the guy shrieked in suprise. Ofcourse he would be suprised. She opened her mouth to explain once again when she felt a hand on a place she did not want to feel it. Her cheeks turned a fierce red as she shrieked in suprise as well and took a step back. M-My my, she had many undiscreet masters before but this was really crazy. She puts her hand infront of her mouth as she looks to the side. "I can not hurt my master in any kind of way..." She mumbles before clearing her throat. "Let us just forget this has ever happend and start over. As I said, my name is Daliyah and you are my master. What is thy name?" She speaks calmly.
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