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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
Rudolf reached up at Felicia's face as he stopped crying's, feeling comforted by at least someone being there. Luna was sitting right next to him, asleep and hugging a pile of Virgil's clothes with her nose in them. She then woke up a bit, finding the silence more troubling than Rudolf's crying as she woke up; her eyes red from crying as well. She sniffed as she looked over at Felicia, the heartbreak that Luna never let anyone see appearing just for a little bit. "I'm sorry Felicia..I was resting my eyes for a moment." She said quietly as she got up and rubbed her eyes a bit, walking over to Rudolf and rubbing his head a bit. "Beautiful baby.." She whispered out quietly; smiling as she looked at him. "Like his father." Luna said quietly as she closed her eyes, remembering Virgil as if she had just seen him in front of her. "His father..." She spoke out softly as she rubbed Rudolf's head. "Why is he so selfish?...why does he not come and raise this boy?" She asked as tears went down her cheeks. "Rudolf weeps for him and...I weep for him. I wish just for him to..to be here...I miss him so much.." She weepily uttered as she put her face into her palms.


"It's night. Nobody will notice..beautiful. Just for tonight." Adelger said quietly as he looked at the hand that she took off her face. "I'm with your father, in the land of the fae. I will be safe regardless, and nobody will know where I am. Sintri is protecting me Elvyne; let us not waste this time with arguing." He said as he took the hand that she had taken off her and reached over, wrapping it in her hand. "Be with me for this time. Please, Elvyne." He whispered out to her as he felt his heart beat hard. As he reached for her face with his other hand his scales began to show and his wings and tail came from his back. His silver scales glistened in the light and his forked tail licked his pointed teeth. He seemed calm, the transformation no longer even phasing him as he placed his left palm on her cheek. This was one of the Elbinorune dragons of legend, the kind that would have stood at the perch they hung their legs down from.


"Oh hell, that's what I'd prefer." Akiro said with a little grin as he got himself snug with Moira; cuddling up near her breasts as his purple hair fell in front of his face. He yawned, being tired from the hard work with Virgil. "Mmm...how you doing, little guy?" He asked Moira's stomach, talking to their son. "You been treating mommy good while I was away, Veron?" He asked as he placed hand on her stomach.

"Well it looks great. Like you do." Virgil said with a smirk as he lightly stroked her braid with his hand, feeling the intertwining of the hair. "I like your hair this long, actually. It looks really..really nice. You have that nice and thick kind of hair, the kind I wish I had." He said with a sigh as he ran this hand through his thin hair. He looked down, the at Yumi before giving her a kiss. "How has it been with our..visitors?" He asked in a whisper tone, referring to Moira and Jeptha.


"I better leave right now? How funny. One might think you were telling me, The Night Commander, what to do." Jyran said as his ears became elongated and his right hand became a claw. "This is bigger than you, mother or this family. This is a nation of vampires, draconoids, ghouls, elves and even creatures you couldn't imagine. Ones without names. It is Vaas Ambris, named after both the first vampire civilization and after our patriarch, Cyran." He said while pacing around, shaking his head. "I came to extend my hand from my heart-" He said before grabbing Catriona's hand. "- to yours. Mother...Baldrik." He said before sighing. "Come to me. Allow us to set aside the hatred...let us be a family." He said while pulling out a dagger of his own from his pocket, twirling around. "As we speak, a military victory is being waged in the south in memory of father. Why not come for the celebration at least?"


"Venus you bitch, save us!" Raul hissed out as he held his saber with his remaining arm as he heard the sounds of hell outside. Vampires screeching as they fed, draki roaring as they burnt down his city, Naga growling as they ate people whole and elves letting out their war cries as they killed men with their bows. He dared not even step outside as he feared for his life before looking up at the glass ceiling to his capital building; dropping his sword as he saw thousands of glowing vampiric eyes looking down at him. They broke through the glass, swarming in like a colony of bats.


"Let us work out a deal then." Seth said as he motioned his hand, trying to cut Wilhelm off from saying that his decision was final. "Stadderia gets the leader. We kill her second in command, and we kill those that try to attack us. Those that don't and the children will be left perfectly fine and may remain under watch by the church to make sure they are following the law. After ten years, the church will leave the witches home. Deal?" Seth said as he stuck out his hand. "I am leading the attack if so, with three garrisons of Stadderian men and two former Jagers, by the way. None of your men need be involved."
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Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Felicia knew Luna had been sleeping but she did not comment about it. She knew how hard this girl was having it. She has been in that position as well. Alone. Having to raise your children. Stay strong. But Luna's situation was different. She had her to lean on. And she would support that poor girl as much as she could. Be someone she could depend on. She hugs the girl with one arm as she holds Rudolf in the other. "I know honey.... I know..." She says quietly, knowing she could not say or do much to console this girl.


Elvyne wanted to really point out how dangerous it was to stay here. Especially with Nirri around. But then he shocked her into silence with his words. What was he saying? "My...." It was hard to wrap her mind around that piece of information. Her father. She had a father still living. She did not know what a Fae was though but she knew Adelger would not be lying about this. And then his transformation took her breath away. She should have been shocked or suprised but all she was was in awe as she looked at his scales glittering in the moon light. She had never known he could do this. Gently she reaches out and strokes the scales on his cheek. It was wrong and dangerous. It could them into bit trouble, but.... "Just for tonight." She whispered out.


Moira smiles softly as she runs her hand through his hair and watches him talk to their boy. It was such an endearing thing to see. "Your son has been quiet. No kicking today luckily." His kicks felt like she had been getting hit by a truck. But she atleast knew now what kind of Navidian he was. "You should get some rest." She says as she notices how tired he looked. Her ears picked up Virgil's whisper and she listened to what the answer would be though she knew Yumi would not be suspicious of a thing. Virgil on the other hand was one to watch.

Yumi blushes lightly as she kisses him back. "There is nothing wrong with your hair." She says with a soft smile before whispering as well. "And nothing wrong with our guests either." They have been good guests. It was suspiscious how they were traveling and why but other then that she had nothing to believe they were out to hurt them in any way.


"Nomatter what title you give yourself, you will still be the man who killed my brothers and sisters. Nothing more than that." Baldrik growled out, feeling nothing but hatred for the brother he once cared about. They had grown up together, played together, had been a real family. But that was all just a memory in his eyes now. His brother was dead to him the second he coated his hands with his sister's blood. The hand he was now touching his mother with. He grabbed his mother's other hand and pulled her out of Jyran's grip, pulling his mother with her back against his chest as he wraps one arm around her protectively, giving his brother a warning look. "We are not a family anymore. You have no right to be here. If you are so proud of your nation go live in it and stay there. But I want nothing to do with it. The Haas clan will not associate itself with you."


Wilhelm saw the passion in Seth's eyes as he spoke about this as he deperately tried to change the deal to fit so he would agree. This was personal to him. And personal missions were never a good thing when looking a the safety of a nation. He would not agree this easily. There was not enough information given. "Who are the people we are talking about? The leader and such. And what did they do exactly. A deal like this is bigger than you might realize. I need more information before I make a decision. I may not lead the attack but it still involves my country and people."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I am so thankful you love him too..for nobody else does.." Luna said weepily as she hugged Felicia back, breathing out quietly as she tried to calm herself down a bit. "Thank you, Felicia. I know you don't have to have us here. I..I know it doesn't make things easier for you and believe me, I wish I could but..you know." She said before sighing out. "I love you. As a friend and even more so as family.."


"Thank you, Elvyne." Adelger said with a smile as he looked at her; his heterchromatic eyes having slit pupils like a lizard, staring into her eyes before he leaned in and gave her a kiss as he faded back into the man that he was in all his form. He pushed her onto the bed, looking down at her after the kiss, his smile gentle and the look in his eyes being more at peace than ever. He laid down right next to her, looking up at the ceiling as he held up his hand, creating two blue doves out from his magic that danced with each other in the air, quietly chirping as Adelger controlled them until they dissipated in a tiny cloud of his magic, forming into a blue rose that fell right into Elvyne's hand. "I wanted to show you...I found that there is beauty inside me too." He uttered out quietly, having always thought that he was the most ugly of people. "Not just...not just what I thought I was."


"He better not kick. I'll remember." Akiro grumbled out before sighing out quietly from his exhaustion while closing his eyes; yawning as he rested himself on her breasts. "Maybe you're right but..ugh. Don't get up. I need my Moira time." He said with a puffed up pouty face as he tiredly opened his eyes, looking into hers sleepily.

"Good, good. I just don't want anybody trying to perv on you while I'm gone." Virgil grumbled out, revealing why he really was paranoid about them. "Seriously, I will snap necks. Nobody touches my Yumi Roze." He whispered, referring to her middle name as he gave her a little kiss; smiling at her after to show that he was in a good mood. "Fuck it's so good to be up." He whispered out quietly.


Catriona held onto Baldrik's eyes, keeping her eyes shut tightly in order not to look at Jyran. The boy bore so much resemblance to his father yet brought so much shame and misery to her that it tore at her heart to even look at him.

"Have you not even considered what they might have done? What father did?" Jyran asked angrily. "That night, the night I clawed his smug head, he disowned me for wishing to be even equal in the slightest to you Baldrik! Claimed I had no right to even be called a Haas for merely QUESTIONING the order of things! And for 'upsetting' him. So yes, I hit him! And then he has the GALL to send Hjallmar to me trying to work things out after two hundred years. I told him no, then Hjallmar drew his blade on me. Yes, I killed him. And I killed Jatrio, Riona, Jaas, Cass and Cannirik trying to kill me as well. But I am to blame?!" Jyran asked out as he tightened his fist. "I have created a society that Cyran HIMSELF would have decreed to be to his standards, and you stand here a deny me in front of our ancestors?!" He said as he looked around at the tomb. "You deny reunifying the Haas under the glory that I can bring, Baldrik? We can be how we used to be. The two Haas boys, the pride of the Vaas, together. Sword to sword, hand to hand together. Mother, you can be more than just a countess. Jewels and riches? They will be all at your disposal. The finest tomb, just for father and Cyran and a day of remembrance for each of the siblings that I had to kill in order to survive. And in the Vaas? Each of your children, mother, will be a count. Their grandchildren and their great grandchildren and so forth will forever have a place within the Vaas. Baldrik. Not only can we be how we were, but you can be my number two. My man but-" He said as he pulled out his blade and dropped it. "We must listen to each-other and we must be peaceful."


"Her name is Rosalie. She is the mother of my...of my love, Lizana. When she found out we were together, which is against witch code, she kidnapped Lizana and tortured her. She mutilated her back so she could forever remember and burnt off her hair before stripping her powers away from her." Seth said in a pained expression while tightly balling up his fist. "People like that; they do not need to be permitted to live. If she could do that to her daughter, what are her people to her?"
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Felicia pulled back and wiped some tears away from Luna's face. "You don't have to thank me child. Really. I do this all because you are family to us now. So I want you to stay here. You are not being a burden or anything like that. And i am very glad that you are here." She reassures to poor girl.


Elvyne could not help but stare back into his eyes before he leaned down and kissed her, making her blush furiously. Still she closed her eyes and kissed him back when suddenly he pushed her down onto the bed, making her yelp a bit in suprise. She blushed brighter as he laid down next to her, not sure what he was going to do when his magic began to form. She looked at the two beautifull doves in awe as she reaches her hand up to touch one of them. But before she could they dissapeard and the rose fell into her hand. Softly she plays with the pettals for a second, a soft smile on her face. "I have always known that, Adelger..." She says quietly before turning her head and looking at him. "You've changed. You look more..... Free. Calm. It's a good thing."


Moira giggles softly. As if he would really blame his boy for kicking her. It was a natural thing. Baby's kicked. Only this hurts a million times more since he has such strong legs... "You need sleep." She says sweetly but still she liked them being together like this as well.

Yumi raises one eyebrow as she grins a bit and shakes her head. That was what he was worried about? He really was one possesive protective man. "Don't worry. They won't lay a finger on me. They wouldn't dare with you being here. And I can protect myself now as well." She says before kissing him back. "And I am glad you are up as well. It was lonely without you."


Baldrik had known of this all along. He had heard it from his father after some years. But he also knew that his father had regrets. And that he had wanted to make them right. Hjallmar was unfortunate. He knew their middle brother would snap and attack if Jyran had not listened. So his death could have been predicted. But that did not go for all his other siblings. The ones he could have just let live, tie up and send back. They had been all weak enough for that. Especially Riona. The sister he held dearest. The sweetest and kindest one of the bunch. She would have never drawn a sword. "Nomatter how much glory you think we will get, I will not stand next to you. Not anymore. I don't need riches. I do not gain glory with this. The only glory I want is the glory of finishing off every person who was involved in our father's death. That is my only priority and concern. I don't need us to reunite. I don't need the Vaas. I only have one goal and once that is gained I will see what I do.... But I know it won't be standing below the man who killed our innocent sister." He puts his hand on his mother's back and gives her a slight push to make her start walking. "Come." He says quietly as he pushes her more into the direction of the door and walks with her. "If that was all you may leave now." He calls out to his brother, not even looking over his shoulder.


Wilhelm knew that name. Rosalie, one of the woman in the inner circle of the black witches. People he had been reasoning hard with and making laws for which they eventually accepted. Now they did not perform dark illegal witchcraft anymore outside of his laws and everyone who did got punished by the law and the inner circle of the black witches. They were being monitord by white witches so he knew when somehting was wrong and the inner circle corrected them. But this situation was different. These were the laws made by the withces themself which witches should honour. He had no tell in what the witches do to eachother. To them, this action had been just since one of their own had broken their own laws. If he were to attack for that he could easily break the agreement they had made long ago. Wilhelm takes a deep breath before sighing. "I understand your personal feelings. But in this situation I can not give you permission. If she went against witch code it is in their right to perform the judgement decided fit for them. I can only do something when they break our laws or agreements and since this was inside of their witches circle I am powerless. It will jeopardize the agreements and laws me and the withces have made together if I were to take action." He leans against the back of his chair. "I agree the witches inner circle and laws are.... Brutal. And I have tried to change those but I can't. These are their laws. Their ways. And I agree this action is in any way disgusting but there is nothing I can about it. I hope you can see my point."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I am...free." Adelger said quietly, feeling the word itself roll off of his tongue as he stared into Elvyne's eyes, looking into her soul, seeing the beautiful green tint of it. He reached over and put his hand on her cheek, smiling at her. "I'm glad you could see what I could not have, for now I do...and it makes me..happy.." He whispered out as he felt his heart thud. "As being here with you does...It makes me happy,"


"Mmmmmhm..." Akiro grumbled out as he fell asleep like a young child would have; content and warm with Moira which in truth was all he could want and all that he could ask for.

"I'm sure it was. I had a dream though, while I was sleeping. We need to name our daughter Aurelie. You know, if we have one that is. In my dream we had a daughter and she was beautiful. She looked just like you, but she had my eyes. She was standing next to an older boy, the boy who Luna had. They were waving at us, and there was cherry blossom petals flying around and..I think it was our wedding?" Virgil said in a confused tone of voice; shaking his head then after. "I dunno but...I dream of those things often, you know. Weddings and..families..and forever after." Virgil said with a small smile and a red blush on his cheeks while looking at Yumi.


Jyran glared Baldrik down as he left with their mother who had her hands in her palms, not daring to even look at her second son. He gritted his teeth and picked up his weapon, sheathing it back into it's scabbard. "Nobody is innocent in life." He hissed out with his tightened fist. "When you are done with your revenge mission, you will come to find that you do indeed want a life after this. And I will offer it to you once more, but until then, I bid you farewell. Laas liveen meni brothus hen moder.(Long life my brother and mother.)" He spoke out in the vampiric tongue.


Seth stood up, taking the ancient agreement he had set forth for Wilhelm and breathing out quietly as he contained his rage silently, even forcing out a smile for him. "I understand. I thought it was worth a try, but I see now that the situation was...it was...complicated from the start." He sighed out. "Thank you for hearing me, King Wilhelm. I will hopefully see you in the near future. Until then, have a good rest of your night and remain in good health. Long live Stadderia." He said before walking out of the throne room, his rage now clear on his face as he walked from the doors out to the outside where Bertholdt had been waiting for him.

Bertholdt widened his eyes, not bothering to say anything. It seemed these kings were more stubborn than he had anticipated as well.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Elvyne reaches up to put her hand over his and rubs her cheek against his hand. It was still a strange thing that he was here with her after everything that has happend. It confused her a bit why and how she felt so comfortable around him. "It makes me happy too.... Even if I don't really understand why." She admits with a small smile. Though she quikly realized how mean that could sound. "I-I-I mean just... Alot has happend and such and we don't know eachother for that long...." She didn't really know how to explain it.


Yumi could almost see what he was explaining. Their own child. A wedding. Their happily ever after. Something she had been thinking about as well since they had met again in Adalia and talked things out. She wanted those things badly as well. Just a normal life for them. "That sounds.... Like a dream." She says before smiling more and blushing. "One we could make true."


Baldrik clenched his fist tightly as he felt another wave of anger hit him. He knew he shouldn't turn around. That he should walk away. But he couldn't let this pass. So when they reached the door he stops and give his mother a soft kiss on her forhead. "Go. I'll be right there. I won't fight I promise." He says quietly before gently pushing her out of the door and closing it behind her before turning back to face his brother. "Then what did she do?" He walked slowly back towards his brother, blood dripping on the floor from the small cuts his nails were making in his palms. "Hjallmar I understand, he was a fool to attack out of his own for sure. Jatrio, Jaas, Cass and Cannirik I know weren't that innocent as well. But Riona..." Even saying her name brought up alot of hatred and pain he had forced down over the years. They had been so close. He had held her so dear. "What did she do that made you decide to spill her blood on the floor." It wasn't even a question. It was a demand.


Wilhelm could feel the contained anger inside of Seth. He was not one to fool with a smile. He smiled in return a bit and nods. "Till then, Seth Von Elbinorune." He was very familiar to faking a smile himself. After Seth leaves the room his smile falls, a frown now onto his face. He knew that man would not let this go without a fight. Though Seth would not come to him again for this. He took a deep breath before he closed his eyes, keeping his powers on the low as used his mind to communicate with someone. "You have made an enemy. Seth Von Elbinorune. Apparently the lover of the daughter you mutilated. He is out for you and asked me to burn you all."

It did not take long for the voice of a woman rang through his head. "Even with your help he couldn't touch me. But you did good, sweet warlock." The voice was confident that Wilhelm did not agree on anything.

"Even without my help he will be gunning for you." He was quiet for a second before adding. "Did you have to do that?" He did not understand the dark witches laws and honestly he did not want to know. He was already too tied up in them for his taste.

"Laws are laws and things happen for a reason. Not that I expect you to understand. Even if I told you you wouldn't understand."

Wilhelm clenched his fists. "Just like I wouldn't understand why you manipulated my father into bedding you first and making everyone believe I was the legit first born son of the Queen? Will you enlighten me now why you so desperately wanted a warlock of your own on the throne? Besides the fact ofcourse that I have to embezzle all the illegal things you and your coven do. I know there is more."

The voice simply laughed. "Patience, my son. Or the patience I have for keeping your father alive will run out."

And with that other threath he felt the connection break down. With a sigh he rubs his forhead. With every move Rosalie made, the situation got more and more complicated.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Do we have to?" Adelger asked out quietly. "Actions speak more than any words, and while I know what I have done... I...we. This never should have been a thing from the start, but we have persevered and here we are. Through the hands of death, I am here. And all I can say is there is more than just the connection physically bringing us here together." He said before leaning in and kissing her forehead. "Fate brings us together."


"That's all I have ever wanted Yumi." Virgil whispered out as he felt his heart thud in a way that he had never felt it beat before, leaving Virgil almost breathless. "Maybe not the frozen shack part, mostly because there's been times where I seriously thought it'd fall off but I'm not complaining." He said with a light chuckle, using it to mask the red blush on his face he wasn't aware he had.


"She was..." Jyran looked at Baldrik, surprised that he had came to him before shaking his head. "She was so sick from the radiation I could not recognize her when she came to my doorstep. The radiation had practically stripped her from life itself. Her precious red hair had fallen out, her skin was cracked off and her eyes were blinded and her body was riddled with tumors. Were I to let her die of cancer? No." He uttered out with a pained expression. "No... and then, I sent her to father by her head because..." He sighed deeply. "I wanted to hurt him just as bad as he had hurt me."
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Elvyne blushed brightly as he started to talk about their 'connection physically'. T-They hadn't been that physical. But she had to admit, they never should have been a thing yet here they are. She guessed it could be called fate then. She never truly believed in fate or such but... "I guess so...." She says quietly before smiling a bit more. "Adelger..." She leans into his lips, almost touching but then she shys a bit away and instead buries her face against his chest. He had been the one who started every kiss till now and she was too shy for this.


Yumi chuckles a bit as well before poking his nose. "Fine, then not the frozen shack part. But the wedding, the babies, the buzy weeks and lazy weekends, our own house. We'll have those." She says, feeling her own heart thud a bit faster as well. "I'll give you everything you ever wanted." She promised him that. She would give her all to him now that she had him back.


Baldrik fists losened as he listened to his brothers words. His clenched his eyes shut, trying to block out the image of his dear sister like that but he could still see her walking through those godforsaken lands, getting sicker and sicker till she finally by mercy reached their brother's doorstep. He opened his eyes again, pain in them. "Father never saw. Nor did mother.... I was the one who recieved the package. Both mother and father were out so I put the box in his office. But after a few days the smell-" He had to swallow hard as he shakes his head. "I knew it then.... I burned her head, using one a drop of some blood on a handkerchief and a strand of her hair to put in an envelope and have it resend to the house when they had returned home." He spoke quietly, the image of his sister's head when he opened the box still vived in his mind.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Elvyne..." Adelger said as he placed his hand on the back of her head, running his hand through her hair before he moved a bit so he could see her face; smiling at her as he leaned down and kissed her, intertwining his hands with hers. While kissing her eventually ended up positioning himself to be right on top of her but this time he wasn't planning on getting off to show her doves. "I love you, Elvyne Silvius. Since the moment my eyes first glanced into yours, I knew you were the only woman to be in my heart." He whispered into her ear before brushing his nose against hers; staring into her eyes.


"You are everything I have ever wanted." Virgil whispered to Yumi as he rubbed her arm with his hand, smiling at her. "With you, I could be starving. I could be bleeding to death; I could be in the most pain, and as long as I saw your face, I would still be the luckiest man in the world."


"I...I am sorry." Jyran said in a voice of genuine sorrow before putting his hand on his brothers shoulder. "I never meant for that to be seen by you. I do love you Baldrik, I never did not. I was just simply jealous I could not get what you had. Father's affection...it always seemed so good, yet unattainable for me..." He sighed out deeply. "Baldrik, come to Vaas Ambris with me. I have...I have more than just myself. I have a future for all vampire and non human kind alike. A future you can partake in Baldrik. We captured all land from the capital and South. An area mass that is greater than that of Asia and Europe. Think of the power and if that does not interest you, think of this. How would four Bordeaux's fare against an army of millions?"
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Elvyne blushed brightly as she closes her eyes and kisses him back, her heart pounding faster as she really lets herself enjoy kissing him like this. He has been the first person she has ever kissed after all. She had no clue if she was doing a good job but it did feel good. Her eyes widen though and her blush turns crimson as he gets on top of her. O-Okay, that made her a bit nervous. But then her nerves calm a bit down by his words but they made her heart pound faster. "I-It's hard to believe you knew that just by a glance." She says softly, needing to say something to hide the shyness she was feeling.


Yumi blushes softly at his words as she chuckles a bit. "Your words could come straight out of a novel. But I know you really mean them." She says before kissing his cheek. "I would do the same for you."


Baldrik looks at the hand his brother had placed on his shoulder and he was quiet for awhile. But then he takes his brother's hand off of him and shakes his head. "I won't. I am the head of the Haas clan now. And no matter how many times you apologize I know that most of my clan would rather perish than join you. Mother being one of them. And I promised father I would take care of her and the clan. So I will. Here. And I won't attack the Bordeaux's with such a number. It would be a slaughter, not a fight. I want my revenge but I do have my pride. I will give them the fighting chance our father never got. Only then I will be statisfied when I rip off their heads." His decision in this was final.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I felt more comfort in that glance than any other time in my life. For once, I was not afraid of a woman. Rather...I wanted to know you. I wanted to be with you." Adelger whispered into her ear. "And I want to be with you still." He uttered out; his hot breath tickling against her ear. He kissed her neck; kissing down to her lower neck where he began to slide his hands up her thigh to slightly under her breasts.


Jyran looked at his brother taking his hand off of him, feeling greatly disrespected by him. He tightened his fist, feeling the urge to hit him. "Then be a sheeple. Your pride will be you and mother's end Baldrik." Jyran hissed out. "Best of luck to you then; till the night comes forever." He said as he walked from the tomb.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Elvyne did not know how but he managed to make her already red cheeks even redder. It felt like her whole face was burning. And the fact that his breath was tickling her ear in a pleasant kind of way did not help. His words were so sweet but her voice caught in her throat and her body tensed as he began to kiss her neck and slide his hands up het body. O-Oh god. Now that made her really feel nerveus. She had never been touched by a boy like this before. Heck, no boy has ever even entered her room. "I-I-I-I-" Good gracious, she couldn't even get a normal sentence out.


Baldrik puts his hands in his pockets, knowing that the hissing was just a way to hide his true feelings. That part of his brother had not changed. He glances to the side, at his father's tomb, as Jyran began to walk away. They were vampires. They had eternal life. But his father did not have the time to talk to his son like he had wanted. Unspoken words between them.... "I do love you as well, Jyran...." He said, not wanting to be in the same situation. "If Vaas Ambris is as big as you say it is then father would have been proud of that... I know I would have been."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Hush." Adelger whispered while putting his finger against her lips, seeing that she was scared. In all honesty, he was as well but he didn't want to show it. "Do you trust me?" He whispered to her as he held her hand, looking at with a loving smile. "Because I trust you." He whispered to her as he leaned down and kissed her with not a kiss of lust, but one of passion and love. When he pulled away, he looked into her eyes, allowing her to view his soul just as he viewed hers when they first met. His soul was that of all Chaos mages. A kaleidoscope of all the colors one could imagine in a soul; each holding a different magic and in the middle being a golden sphere. "You have a green soul. Green is the color of balance, harmony and growth." He whispered out quietly while nuzzling his nose against hers a bit, not breaking eye contact. "All beautiful things, such as you are..Elvyne."


Jyran looked back, thinking for a moment before biting his lip and turning his head to hide his eyes which were tearing. "It matters nothing now. He is gone. And.." Jyran tightened his fist. "Love makes...things so much more complicated. Do not die in your revenge quest, brother. Mother has only one son left alive that she loves." He uttered out with a pained expression, walking out from the tomb and extending his wings out from his back and turning into his gargoyle form; taking off to fly.


"You sensed it?" Bertholdt asked on the car ride back to Stadner's Landing, only for Seth to raise an eyebrow.

"I sensed some magic, but that was you wasn't it?" Seth asked.

"It was not. Remember, I have a more refined aura sense than you. It was from Wilhelm himself." Bertholdt said while sitting forward a bit and crossing his hands.

"What do you make of it, Mr. Mage?" Seth asked as he crossed his own hands.

"He does not belong to a mage family. In fact he is the child of a recusant. A witch or warlock that operates outside of church guidelines."

"Right but we haven't even reformed the church; at least the one your mother wants Daniel to create in her image. Still, that would explain the reluctance to attack the witches. But how, still? He is the child of the former king and queen, yes?"

"I have a theory. He isn't." Bertholdt said while holding up his finger. "That is all I will tell you, for times sake, but that is all you need to know. His lineage is much closer to you than you think, or at least I believe...."

"Rosalie." Seth said as he narrowed his eyes. "I knew those eyes from anywhere. The look inside them. I only was cursed with seeing them once. If he is of her kin, he will burn as well."

"Wilhelm is not the enemy." Bertholdt simply said while holding up his hand. "It is Rosalie. He can still be used; say, as a breeder. Say we put...I dunno, the child of Wilhelm and a Jager in there. Not only will it be bred obedient like a Jager, but with his blood. There, we could send him back with his child and he would be under our thumb for the child would be as well. Forever, we would have The Netherlands under our thumb; and to our empire would join our first province."

"Perhaps so. He will be dealt with after the hunt, Bertholdt. I do not have ambitions of conquest like you; I care for justice."

"And how to you expect to destroy the witches with only three garrisons and three jagers? Witchcraft?"

"Funny, no. Daniel found an old ritual used by the mad prophet Aiymil and the original Adalian Justiciars when they first began to purge the non humans and recusant mages. It's similar to Jager training, where they train their bodies to deal with magic and poisons only much much stronger and in a shorter amount of time. If it works, we will easily defeat them. If not, we will die a terrible and painful death but there's only a thirty three percent chance of that according to Daniel. There's a catch..uh... You will need to be there though...cause a demon is needed and...you know..."

"....Ugh. I suppose I will come. Mother would like this, I hope." Bertholdt sighed out. "I still will not act until we get the okay from her, okay? And a plan is devised. And after my father looks over it."

"I agree, your parents are pretty good at this stuff.. So....you're on board, Berty?"

"Do not call me that, but yes. I am as you would say 'on board', Seth."
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Did she trust him?... Yes she did. She did really trust him. How crazy as it might be. Elvyne holds his hand a bit tighter. She closes her eyes as she kisses him back with just as much passion. It made her heart skip a beat. When she opens her eyes she was met by all kinds of beautifull colours, making her look at him in awe. It was truly magical. "You.... You have all the colours I know and all the colours I dont know... I don't even know what they would mean." She says with a light giggle as she blushes even more. "You praise me too much though." She says quietly


Baldrik watched his brother walk away before looking back at his father's grave. He puts his hand on top of it, next to the rose Jyran had put down. "Love makes things complicated..... I guess it does." He utters with a bit of a grimace. With a sigh he pats the grave once before walking out of the tomb to his office where he was going to plan every single detail of his plan.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I didn't think there was too much.." Adelger admitted out in a whisper voice, smiling as he looked at her although a res blush was taking his cheeks. It was just him and her, alone in this room. He got off being on top of her and laid beside her, wrapping his arms around her. He didn't want her to think he had came her just to use her. "Let's be with each other for the night, Elvyne..." He said before taking his sapphire stone platinum ring off and holding it in his hand; a bright light coming out from his hand . He took his ring out from his hand and smiled as he slipped his ring on to her ring finger. It originally had been a pinky ring with his birthstone, but he found no need for such thing anymore. "I enchanted it and burnt your name into the platinum. It...we will be able to talk this way." He uttered out before giving her a kiss. "Tonight can't be our last night. No matter what, Elvyne." He whispered out be nuzzling his face a bit against hers. "I would risk life itself for you, Elvyne...I love you."


Three weeks passed and soon talk of the southern kingdom's to the monsters started to spread. In response to the human lands sending messenger, he cut each of their heads off save for Stadderia, who had sent Bertholdt who ended up killing an entire Garrison of palace guards and burning a section of the Vaas in retaliation before fleeing back to Stadderia.

Bertholdt returned, and soon the witch hunts began to intensify in Stadderia; unified under the scare of witches conspiring with the monsters taking their children and other loved ones so soon after the war. Countryside pellars and healers were burnt on the stakes by scared villagers and soon recusant mages flocked to the church as they attempted to gain legal status for mage craft under the new government. Under the new government, a new flag was raised finally above the capital. A golden yellow flag with a white cross, representing the hilt of a sword coming out to the blade.

Louisa sat in her throne room, watching as the dark armored which hunter squadron that Seth had made out of only ten men. Daniel held a large golden chalice in hand that was blood red with Bertholdt behind him who was regenerating a cut on his wrist. "What is in that chalice? And be more careful with the boy."

"Basil, Hortenroot, Dragons Leaf, Demons blood and the blood of an Elbinorune. Bertholdt and Seth's blood." Daniel said as he set the chalice down on a table in the middle of the throne room. "I will be more careful, my queen. May I begin?" He asked while pulling out his birch branch.

"You may." Louisa said while feeding Hannah. Hannah sucked on her tit, getting her morning meal.

"Nobody invited me?" Raiden asked as he walked out yawning; rubbing his eye. He was wearing his golden robes that had a design of the two imperial stags standing on their hind legs and pointing their antlers upwards onto Raiden's shoulders. He sat in his throne and put on his crown; reaching over and rubbing Louisa's shoulder.

"You looked so comfortable sleeping." Louisa said in a whisper tone with a little smile before wincing a bit. "Hannah's teeth are coming in."

"Goodbye to our nice and peaceful nights." Raiden grumbled out. "Tell me when you need me to hold her, love."

Louisa allowed Hannah to finish before handing her over to Raiden and fixing her blouse from underneath her robe; buttoning up her shirt.

"You know ever since you've been feeding her..."

"Yes Raiden, I know I have gone up two bra sizes." Louisa said while rolling her eyes, cutting Raiden off.

"It's not like thats a bad thing." Raiden said with a grin. Ever since he had became king, he had been getting more and more skin graphs to fill in his face enough to actually grow facial hair. It was working a bit as he had a light beard, but still the scars could be partially seen.

"Oh I know you love it."

"Yes, I do, actually."

"D-Don't say it so bluntly." Louisa whispered with a slight redness before looking over at Daniel and Seth who practically were gawking, finding the interaction between the two monarchs humorous. "YOU CAN COMMENCE YOUR CEREMONY NOW!" She said with an angered red face before falling back and huffing; reaching over and grabbing Raiden's hand.

"Seth? Bertholdt?" Daniel asked while holding fire in his palm, not wanting to anger Louisa any further.

"Yes." Bertholdt said with a blank face.

"Let us do this." Seth said with a determined look. "The witches must be hunted"

Daniel set his hand to burn birch wood and picked up a ceremonial bell; ringing it as he spread the smoke around. "Life, death. Transformation, decay. Order and chaos. These are the laws of the world, this is the Creed. To uphold Justice in the face of recusants and heretics who dare to upset the natural order. An alchemy of Chaos and Order we shall drink; and for now to the eternal night itself we shall be hunters of our own." He said before raising the chalice and sipping it. "Sanguine."

The rest of the witch hunters following suit, drinking the mixture as the birch wood burnt finally to ash. Daniel rung his bell one last time and as he did the hunters all fell to the ground including Daniel, growling in agony pure as the blood went through their magic nerves, turning the hair of the witch hunters slowly silver, turning their blood black by tainting their hearts with the demon blood and making every vein and muscle in their body contract from expansion before Seth grabbed onto the table, using his magic to change it's properties and to make it sturdy enough to not collapse under his weight and got up first, surviving the ascension with the others following suit with the burning pain subsiding a bit after.

Daniel stood up while panting, having his magic veins glow green like the substance Sora had injected into him as he felt the pain calm. He brushed his hair back with his hand and let out one massive pant. "Now...we are ready."

"Ugh. Could you have not screamed any louder?" Louisa asked angrily as she watched Raiden have to rock Hannah back and forth as she was now crying.


"So son, how was school?" Hei asked as he walked with Ichirou out of school; wearing a thick scarf around his neck as it was cold out. He decided it was time to get some one on one time with his son since Kierra had to go home early because one of Chidori's kids pulled the chandelier out of the kitchen ceiling due to them accidentally flying. "Or really what I mean uh, since we haven't gotten to have this talk since...everything..er....how's life?"
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 "I didn't think there was too much.." Adelger admitted out in a whisper voice, smiling as he looked a
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Annelise was standing inside of the throne room, watching with wide eyes through the slight crack between the doors as she watches what was happening. Louisa had invited her days ago to come see the empire she was building up. So, after buying a ticket and talking to her parents, she went to the country they once called Adalia to see what Louisa's empire looked like now. But when she was let inside and pointed towards the Queen's direction she had heard screaming and decided to peek in first. And oh boy what she was seeing now. She had really no clue what exactly was happening but it did not make her feel comfortable as she watches the armored men.


Ichirou simply shrugged as he walks with his father towards home. School was good he guessed. Boring but okay. It wasn't like his school life had been exciting before. At Hei's question he sighs a bit as he rubs his neck a bit. "Life is good dad." Was the only answer he gave. Life was just.... Messed a bit at the moment with his grandfather returning from the grave, the war that had started and ended, Akiro was still gone, Gilford still being away... It was just messed.


In the three weeks that had passed Sintri has only been talking when necesarry. When dinner was ready. When he went out for a bit. Nothing more. It was clear he was still very upset with what Adelger had done. Even if he had promised him to teach him how to control his magic and help him heal his mind, Sintri had done nothing in the last few weeks. Even now as they were sitting at the table together Sintri was simply and in silence sipping his tea.


Nori was sitting on his knees infront of the lake that was in the center of the shrine. Even if he was blind, the calligraphy he was making on the piece of paper infront of him was perfect. He stilled as he heard rustling in the grass. He puts his pencil down. "What do you want, Yurichi?" He asked, knowing for certain it was him. He walked in a brash noisy way. And he knew what Yurichi wanted ofcourse since he had done nothing for the last weeks except for letting Yurichi meditate and everytime he asked to really learn something Nori had just told him to go sleep outside again and go meditate. With almost no clear reason why nor result.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Oh, Annelise!" Louisa said with a smile as she watched Annelise come in. Oh had it been ages since she had came. "Hunters, clear out!" She ordered, quickly forcing the witch hunters to take their leave. After they were gone Louisa stood up, walking to Annelise with her golden robes draping onto the ground while she walked. "How was the flight?"


"Good, good. You know though son , if you have any troubles you can talk to me. I can keep a secret." Hei said while getting into the car with his son; starting the car up after before seeing the date on his watch and sighing. "Another delivery soon..." He grumbled out, referring to Virgil and Yumi.


"........" Adelger said while sipping his tea. Even though he had been in frequent contact with Elvyne he still had the compelling urge to sneak out. "If it makes you feel any better, me and her made up pretty good." Adelger grumbled out before sipping his tea some more.


"I know now." Yurichi simply said as stood in front of Nori before putting on a blindfold. "One must look in on themselves with their eyes closed and see their true potential as well as themselves as a whole." Yurichi said while tightening his fist. "If one rushes, one makes a mistake."
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Annelise couldn't help but crack a smile as well as she saw her friend walk towards her. Alot of time has passed. Their lifes had changed drastically. But when Louisa smiled like that at her, like they used to, it was easy to see her friend still in there. Only now with golden robes and a throne and an army... "Good. It was a bit long though." She says before looking towards Raiden and giving a small wave to greet him as well.


"I know." Ichirou said as he got into the car as well. It wasn't like he thought his father couldn't keep a secret. He knew he could. Perhaps not to his mom but still. It was more like he had so much troubles and worries that he did not even know where to start. So instead he stayed quiet. And he has become more and more quiet over time. Silently drawing just to do something. He knew his father noticed ofcourse. But he also knew he was not going to probe things out of him.


Sintri clenched his hand so hard that the tea cup cracked and shattered in his hand, spilling the liquid still in there on the table. Even the flowers in the room started to close. Oh yes, he was even more pissed now. He tried to appear calm as he took out a handkerchief and wiped off his had. "Do you truly have no idea why I am upset at you or are you just mocking me? Being ignorant on purpose?" His voice was calm. Well... He tried. The anger was clear in it.


Nori was quiet for a few seconds before standing up from the ground, brushing off his knees before standing up straight. "Mistakes will be made when rushed indeed. This is one of them." Suddenly he gives Yurichi a push against his chest with one hand, the strenght in it way too much for such a boy, making him fall into the lake they were infront off. "Don't pretend to be blind when not. You have two good eyes. Use them." He sat back down on his knees, picking his pencil back up. "You are also mistaking if you think I have begun to teach you. This silent treatment is not a harsh way of training. I just havn't started yet. For I think you are not ready yet." He said as he continoud to write.
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Hey." Raiden said with a smile while holding Hannah in his arms. Hannah's blond curly hair dropped down her chubby face, covering her eyes until Raiden brushed the hair out from her eyes. "It's been so long. Too long."

"I agree." Louisa said before taking Annelise's hand. "Come. The last time you saw Hannah, she was just an infant. Could barely open those big blue eyes of hers." She said quietly, fawning over her daughter.


"I've apologized old man, many of times!" Adelger said as he stood up. "And no, I do not know what has you so angered. What have I done that's wrong?" He asked while walking over to Sintri, huffing and puffing. "I love her, Sintri. With all my heart. Couldn't you of all people understand why I had to see her?..."


Yurichi opened his eyes wide in surprise as he fell into the lake before getting up and tearing off the blindfold, looking as if he was ready to kill. "Do not talk down to me, child! I have slain boys your age!" He growled out, bearing his teeth at Nori. "I am a Mizushima, the son of Ronin and Serika! You will teach me, you little shit, or I will go without the training!" He growled out.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Annelise gladly walks to Raiden and the sweet adorable child in his arms. She could not help fawn over the child as well. She was just too adorable for her own good with those chubby cheeks and golden locks. And not to even start about the eyes. "Oh she is gorgeous. A true princess." She says as she reaches out and softly caresses's the child's cheek. She was so soft!


Sintri looked up at Adelger for a long time before putting the handkerchief down on the table. "I know that. I can see that. So what I don't understand is how you can not see in how much danger you have brought her." There it was. The thing he was so angered about. Not that Adelger had told her about his excistence, which had him also very pissed. Not that he had ran away. But the fact he was bringing Elvyne in such a danger and the boy seemed to not understand. "Adelger, they believe you are dead. What will they do when they find out you are alive? Do you think they will let you go? Some might but more will come for your head. So what will they do when they find out you have such a weakness for her. And even if they do not know how much you feel for Elvyne, she still has your ring, your magic, linking her to you, connecting her to you every second of the day. Only a fool would not use that to get to you. Not to forget, she is in castle Silvius. With Renald Silvius. The man is not a blind one. He will notice something is up before you know it. I know he will not hurt Elvyne, one of the few who will not, but he will go after you and he will use his demons to get to you. Through her...." he took a deep breath before sighing in frustration. "Can you see now, boy? I am angrey because you have brought her into danger. More than you think you did."


"Again with the cussing." Nori mumbles out as he chews a bit on the pencil, actually having forgotten what he had wanted to write. He really forgot. With a sigh he puts the pencil back down as he folds his arms and looks up towards Yurichi's face. "You really should show a bit more respect. Both to me and the shrine you are in. Without me there wouldn't have been a you to begin with."
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Hannah giggled a bit, reaching over and playing with Annelise's hand as she touched her cheek. Louisa watched with a smile, feeling her stomach warm as she watched Annelise and her daughter together. "This may be my favorite moment, right here. Everything is coming together. Everything, and I'm here with my loving husband, my best friend and my little princess.." Louisa said before sighing out and sighing with a smile. "It's so just... perfect..."

"So did you tell Annelise yet?" Raiden asked with a smile.

"Hush, not yet!" Louisa whisper yelled. "It's embarrassing..."

"She's being shy." Raiden said with a smile. "We're trying for another child."

"Raidennnnnn." Louisa whined out, actually turning a bit red from embarrassment.


"Then why not bring her here?!" Adelger yelled out, sounding very much like his father. "I... understand I am bad for her. I could get her killed even, could get killed myself but I'm at the point Sintri where I would die for her Sintri." Adelger said as he felt his chest clench. "I cannot meditate anymore, I can barely sleep..all I can think about is her!" Adelger growled out. "Why can't she be here?!?"


"You don't respect me, so no." Yurichi angrily said before sighing. "Are you going to teach me or not? Because if not, I'm going to Egypt. I've wasted enough time." He said in frustration.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Annelise giggled as well as her little hand started to play with hers. Way too cute for her own good. She felt her stomach warm as well. This might be one of her favourite moments as well. Especially as she looks at her two friend who have changed so much together. At Raiden's announcement she just smiles more. "That is really great for you two. Ain't it a bit soon though after Hannah?" She asks, wondering if Louisa's body was even ready for another child. She had no knowledge about such things so she wouldn't know.


"Because I am not going to turn her into a Fae!" Sintri suddenly bursted out. This might have been the first time he had angreyly raised his voice like that as he slams his fist on the table, making the structure of vines wither down and die in a second. He sighs deeply as he rubs his forhead. "The longer she stays in contact with Fae magic or me, the more chance she has to awaken her powers. It already happend slightly, when you attacked her, but it was tucked back in...." He holds out his hand, his energy recreating the table he had demolished before leaning his ellbow on it. "Do you know what Fae do? What I do when I am out? We help contain balance in secret. In nature, in life, in magic. We give life. Without us things die. Nature dies. Children don't get born. Magic won't be replenished. Venus gave us that job. It is a..., Exhausting and sometimes painfull thing to do. We use our own energy to create life. That is what we live for. Eternally. I am not going to put her in that position and it will be if she ever awakens. I want her to live a normal human lfe, decide her own path, and live like she wants. She can't do that here with me."


Nori shakes his head a bit as he picks up his pencil and paper and stands up. "So impatient. You have been wasting it indeed but that is not my fault. You could have done plenty with it. Have you ever thought of help cleaning the shrine? I don't know how they do it where your come from but here it is the simplest way to show respect. No one has ever started with the second step. First things first."
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"I am fine. My body is strong and healthy and I do not wish for Hannah to be alone." Louisa said while running her fingers through her daughter's hair. "You know Annelise, if you're looking for a companion, Seth is free. He's a cousin of mine I have came to find out and after I started making him read, he became pretty smart. You'd have a royal born child."

"Uhhh. Louisa, I don't think that would be a good plan. It's best to keep business and family separate."

"True, but I think she'd be happy with a boyfriend."

"With Seth?"

"Who would you suggest? Daniel?"

"Hell no."

"So Annelise, what about Seth?" Louisa asked with two raised eyebrows.

"Louisa he's taken." Raiden whispered.

"That can be fixed." Louisa whispered back.


Adelger looked to the side. He knew well the dangers of forcing a child to fulfil a destiny they didn't want and knew that to no degree could he argue. He looked at Sintri, staring into his eyes before squinting. "You were never going to allow me to see her again, were you?" He asked as he walked forward holding an angry expression on his face.


"You expect me to act as a shrine maiden?!?" Yurichi asked as his jaw dropped a bit; tightening his fist before loosening it. "You know what. Fine." Yurichi said before heading over to the shrine and finding a broom. He took off his shirt, showing his muscled tattooed and scared body as he began to sweep the shrine, sighing while doing so.
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Annelise's happy smile turned a bit into a nerveus one as she noticed where the conversation was heading. Oh boy. This was not good and very not needed. She blushes brightly as she quikly shakes her head. "N-No i am fine. I like the single life. I don't need you to find someone for me. Thank you but no thank you." She tries to decline as politely as possible.


Sintri was not afraid of Adelger, nomatter how angrey he looked. Anger for no reason. He kept on sitting and simply looked up. "That is not true. I told you that I would bring you to her once the time was right and once your mind was more healed. By that time I would've had figured out how to bring you two together. Without me being there so she wouldn't be awakened accidently. If I had had the time I would have found a safe way. You just blew that for yourself."


After awhile Mamoru walked passed him while eating an apple though he paused when he saw the loud mouthed jackass actually sweeping the shrine. He chuckles as he folds his arms with a grin. "Good to see you finally work as well."

Tsuyoshi, who had been walking beside him, actually smacks the back of his head, earning a grumble from Mamoru. "Don't go mocking him." She says sternly though with a bit of a smile, knowing he had not completely meant it.

Mamoru rubs the back of his head. "Fineee." He whines out before looking back at Yurichi. Actually smiling a tad. "Serieusly though, good job. We all had to go down on our knees to clean this floor for weeks before we were may in to learn and to live. Hideaki likes to say, respect the shrine to respect the family. Welcome to it then." He says before biting his apple again and walking off, Tsuyoshi following.
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"Ah well. I'll figure out a way, Annelise. You're just shy." Louisa said with a grin, giggling a bit before patting her back. "Come, let me show you the castle. I modeled it after my dreams I had as a child." Louisa said before taking Annelise's hand, giving Raiden and Hannah a quick kiss before taking her to the master bedroom where a painting of her and Raiden in their gold imperial attire overlooked the bedroom. The fire place burned, warming the room up and crackling in the background as Louisa put on her stereo, putting on an orchestrated piece written by the Adalian composer Ghermann Von Strauss named 'Dawn Over Night' in commemoration of Aiymil's victory over the vampire's. "What you saw when you first walked in was known as the 'ascension'. It's a ceremony that was made by an ancestor of mine named Aiymil who lead a victory over recusant mages and non-humans. Seth is preparing to start a 'witch hunt' in The Netherlands, where their main stronghold is. The King is a warlock and the witches could very well be controlling the masses of The Netherlands so...we're freeing them. I'll spare you the details, but it's a good thing." Louisa said while pouring herself a glass of wine, wooshing the wine around in her glass a bit before sipping it. "Wine Annelise? As we discuss what each other has been doing the last five months?"


"You will not keep me from her!" Adelger yelled out as he went into his dragon form. "I do not wish to hurt you. I like you, Sintri. You saved my life and have treated me with kindness my own father never gave me. You are the father of my love, but so help me I will-"

"Hahahaha....Ah, child..You remind me so much of myself when I was younger." Adalica said as she came out from the ground, wrapping her arm around Adelger and touching his face. "Kill him my child. The fae are witches; enemies of Adalia. They were hunted down by the church for their recusant magic use... meaning you know what must be done. For me, Adelger...for Elvyne..slay this beast. Kill him for being fool enough to raise his hand to you, King Adelger, my child."

"You're weak." Adelger the first said as he appeared; looking down on his only son as he always did. To Adelger, his father was always someone who could make him feel tiny and powerless. "You never listened to my advice. Never wanted to follow me onto the battlefield; never wanted to meet any of the suitors I allowed you to visit. I would beat you senseless and yet you remained the same old welp." Adelger the first hissed out at his son. "You only ever cared for yourself; not the realm, not for me, not for your mother and not for your ancestors. Perhaps you should listen to authority for a change, fool."

"You never had strength." Aiymil said as he appeared; ringing his hunting bell. "I watched from the skies, day by day, wishing you would purge the capital of the beasts you let in. The same streets I had cleaned a millennia ago, you let demons trade goods and form a living on. Your heart lead to the corruption of the realm itself! What will it do to those you care about? Hmm?" He asked before grinning. "Do it. Put a dagger through your heart; end this silliness."

"Go away! All of you!" Adelger screamed out as he backed away from the hallucinations, growling out in pain as the scales began to spread more on his face as it, narrowed; his eyes now looking like lizard eyes and the muscles of his body as well as his bones expanded at an alarming rate. "Whaaaaat....graggghhgg....is... happening to me?!?" Adelger screamed out with his screams letting out a hot breath that was almost like fire. He grabbed onto his head, growling like a beast and a man as he moved, wrestling around with himself as he got out of the door. He breathed out, letting out a blue flame from his breath as a low pitched screech came out, turning the ground black. He then knelt down, having two massive wings suddenly pop out from his back, making him fall over and pass out from the pure amount of pain it caused him. He laid on the burnt spot, turning back into a human as his black magic lines showed on his body, signalling that his body was incredibly strained from the magic in him.


"I'm not used to this, believe me. Cut me some slack if I miss anywhere" Yurichi said with a chuckle as he continued sweeping, finding a bit of love in the menial task he assumed he would hate with all of his soul. It to him was a nice break from the killing he had to endure; something relaxing to focus his mind on that was productive. "There is beauty everywhere..." Yurichi sighed as he dumped the dust into a trash can before picking up a bucket and going to a pond, gathering some water in it before mixing it soap and grabbing a brush as he scrubbed the wooden planks of the shrine, scrubbing with ease since the training Joseph made him do was a lot more tedious than a floor scrub. He then stopped midway, looking at Tsuyoshi and Mamoru before standing up and walking over to them, brushing his hair out from his face.

"Do any of you guys know where Kiyoshi is?" Yurichi asked with a small smile as he breathed out a little bit and wiped the sweat off his forehead. The warm sun from the beginning of summer kicking and it made all the work ten times more sweaty. "I haven't seen her since I came in here and I wanted to thank her properly."
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Annelise gladly followed her friend through the castle. Everything was so beautifull and indeed everything Louisa could ever want. She really saw her character in everything. She was awed by the painting before she gladly took the glass, she had learned to enjoy a good glass of red wine. "Yes please." She sips it before smiling more. "I havn't been doing much. Not like you atleast. I have decided to continu my studies and go into medicine. Paediatrics" She says, always having loved children.


Now Sintri did stand up as the boy began to get even more angered. He held out his hands, about to calm him down, when he noticed something change in Adelger's eyes. He jumped a bit back as he suddenly yelled. People were haunting him. Weither they were real or creations of his mind. This worried him alot. More than before. Quikly he followed Adelger outside, not sure how to help the boy. But then he saw the wings pop out and luckily he passed out. Immediatly he checks his pulse, which was still beating. Good. He runs his fingers over the veins of his neck. That was not good. Carefully he picks Adelger up and walks back inside, putting him on the bed. There was more going on with the boy than anticipated. Gently he put his hands on Adelger's temples as his hands began to glow a soft green. He began to slowly replenish his energy and magic level so his body wouldn't be so worn out. But it had been drained more than expected for sure. How could he help this boy....


Mamoru was leaning against the wall with his arms folded, simply listning to Tsuyoshi as she was talking about some matters. At Yurichi's question he thinks for a second before shrugging. "I am not sure."

"She could be in the ceremonial room." Tsuyoshi says. "She probably is there. Around this time a day she does the tea ceremony she does daily." Mamoru think for a second before nodding in agreement. "She wouldn't mind you interrupting." She adds, thinking that might have been his next question.

Indeed Kiyoshi was in the ceremonial room. She was sitting on her knees with her back to the door entrance. Infront of of her was some kind of Japanese dripping tray with on them two tea pots and several cups. She was actually pouring tea into the cups but also over the other tea pot. When she heard someone approaching she paused for a second before smiling and putting the pot down. "It are Yixing tea pots and cups. They are made of clay and people believe this clay can dissolve toxic minerals. It is highly wanted in these areas but no one almost buys them. For one they are rather expensive and thye take alot of care. The clay will crack if you don't set tea daily to keep them in the state they are now. That's why some are dull and some-" She picked up one pot and held it up against the light, making it shimmer. "-look like this." She now turns to the door with a smile where she knew Yurichi had been standing. She had heard him walk. "But I don't think you're here to learn about my hobby."
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"I'm glad to hear you are following your dreams as well." Louisa said before sipping her glass of wine, looking down a moment before looking up at Annelise and sighing. "It's stressful. I feel like everyone is waiting for me to slip up; to fail. They aren't used to seeing a strong woman in power, they think I'm a dumb a young girl.." She said before sighing out. "But I'll prove them wrong. I have turned Stadderia into a blooming powerhouse in a short amount of time and it only will grow." She said before smirking. "We've made it friend. We've.... we've made it here. And now, we grow as well."


Yurichi smiled as he watched Kiyoshi from the door, putting his shirt back on as to be modest before she turned around and spoke to him, showing him her pots. "While I would love to hear about it while we have some free time, I'm cleaning the shrine." He said rubbing his head a bit and smiling sheepishly. "I just wanted to say thank you for visiting me while I was out there." He mumbled out before looking up. "I'll catch you later Kiyoshi, I know you need to keep an eye on the temperature of the water; my mom has those kinds of tea pots in her kitchen." He said before heading out of the doorway back to cleaning.


Later that day in the night, Yurichi ate his bowl of rice outside with a pair of chopsticks as he sat on his knees in front of the pond as everyone ate inside. He stared up at the moon, feeling his heart almost warm as he felt a presence he could only describe as fatherly come towards him. He smiled, closing his eyes and breathing out as he continued to eat until he finished. When he went inside the dining hall, either by fate, chance or by something else, Kiyoshi was by her lonesome while eating dinner. Yurichi silently walked in, using his footwork to not even make a noise until he sat down in front of her. "Hey." He said with a smile on his face as he set his empty bowl down on the table. "So, I'm free. Do you have time to talk about your hobby?"


"Seth, are you ready?" Daniel asked after drawing the Chrono rune circle in the middle of his laboratory, connecting it to several Drae runes that had been drawn in connected to the Chrono circle.

"Remind me what the runes are for?" Seth asked while holding the hilt of his grandmothers sword tightly, being rather itchy to go.

"You are not skilled in the powers of time yet. If you understood time, you would understand it is deeply connected to space. The Drae runes are chaos type runes that can strengthen any other specific rune, while a Chrono rune is specifically a time rune. They're meant to give you the push you need to transport us as well as keep your power controlled and focused so we aren't teleported into...well. It would be unpleasant." Daniel said with a shiver as he looked at Seth. "Keep your mind focused, where do you want us to be Seth?"

Seth walked into the middle of the circle and released his hand off the hilt of his sword. He instantly felt the effect of the ruin as he fell to his knees on top of the forgotten symbol of Chronov, time itself. His nerves glowed green with the power of his magical energy coursing through at a rapid pace as it spread throughout the rune where all the men piled quickly. The veins popped out from his neck and sweat dripped down his forcehead; Seth gritting his teeth in pain all the while as he felt a sharp pain in his heart. He then stood up, holding both hands up in a strained manner as all the energy focused into both of his palms before he hit them together, transporting the thirty men.


After the teleportation, the group was split. Seth and Daniel were in Rosalie's bedchamber while the other eight witch hunters who hand undergone the ceremony were spread out in key areas of the compound. Nineteen others who all were Jager class or just below were outside of the compound, waiting for the signal from Daniel which was the be a ringing of the bell they used for the ceremony. One final person had been transferred and that was Bertholdt who had been transported into Willem's bedchamber.


Seth held his breath after the transportation, knowing he was closer to Rosalie than he had ever been. Daniel put his hand on Seth's back, muttering a spell out to give him a bit more stamina since Seth had used a massive amount of magic to teleport them so far. "I will make sure nobody comes in here." Daniel said as he started walking back to the front of the home to make sure Seth had the space he needed to fight Rosalie before waiting ring the bell to signal the hunt. Seth then pulled out his sword, walking quietly to Rosalie's bedchamber with his magic nerves still glowing.

Seth walked into her room silently, hearing a slight humming and feeling a slight steam hit his face as he continued to walk, seeing a dress on the bed that reminded him greatly of something Lizana would wear, making his heart clench in pain. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts as he walked to the door that the steam was coming from and yanked it open as he pointed his blade, using his unique trace ability he had gotten from his father to extend the sword and have it point right to her throat. "I will tear the flesh from your body, just to mend your wounds and do it all over again and again and again and again." He said calmly, having his mania appear in his eyes again much like after what happened to Eva. "The question is though, is how many whips can you take till you break? How much will you need to be disgraced, defiled even..like a filthy whore, until you beg to die?" He asked with gritted teeth, having the veins on his face and neck pop out as he stared her down. "When you pulled me into that portal, I feared death that day as I stared you down, Rosalie. But now, I feel no fear. And now? I feel anger. I feel a whole lot of it. And right now? It's directed at you. And you know what? I don't think a talk is going to fix it either, so save your words and keeping them from coming out of mouth. Savor these moments, because these are the last of comfort you will have before death itself comes to comfort you."

Daniel listened to the conversation, ringing the bell the moment he heard Seth confront her. He rung the bell loudly, alerting the hunters and the Jagers that the hunt was to begin. He placed his bell away before he stepped outside and began to lob fireballs at the buildings from his hands as a way to draw the witches out quickly in the death of night so they could either be captured or slain by the hunters."For the crown!" The hunters and jagers let out as they sprung up out of nowhere, beginning the assault on the witch compound as a way to distract the other witches from protecting Rosalie.


Bertholdt walked in the halls of the Noordeinde Palace after his teleportation, holding Raseirei's hilt in his hand as he seemed invisible past the palace guards, being disguised as a guard. He breathed out, turned and opened the door to Willem's quarters, shutting it behind him. He looked at Willem and bowed before tearing the face he was wearing completely off; breaking the disguise completely and revealing who he was while not saying a word as he was sure Willem already knew exactly why he was there. "You're a warlock, King Nassau."


"It's been six months since I have gone back in time. Nothing has happened, nothing. I sit on my ass waiting for father to return and it angers me to no ends. How irresponsible was he? Why did he take so much goddamn time to do things?" Rudolf scribbled in his journal. "And why are women here so slutty? That's what wonders me the most. And the...clothes. People wear very light armor; it'd be very bad in a combat situation. It's as if they don't know the dangers in this world." He continued to scribble before sighing and standing up as he rubbed his head with a sigh. "Oh Aurelie.." He said while shaking his head. "Hurry the hell up. I'm so lonely."
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Kiyoshi was eating her bowl of rice while reading a small journal she had open on the table. When she noticed Yurichi he was already sitting down infront of her. With a smile she puts the bowl down and closes the journal. "It'll bore you." She says with a bit of a giggle. She had really appreciated that he had come to thank her earlier that day. It was a nice thing to do and it showed her he was finding his place here. She knew how harsh Nori could be. "I'd rather talk about you. How are you holding up? I havnt seen much of you. You never eat with us and sometimes you still sleep outside."


Rosalie was a tad bit suprised when someone entered her bathroom. But she simply turns the shower off as she folds her arms over chest. Not really to hide them though. She was not shy. She regonized the boy immediatly. And she knew what he was here for. She chuckles a bit as a grin forms on her face. "I dont think so honey. I do applaud you for yoyr bravery and stupidity. But you are not going to do a thing. For I have control over you. Or more like my daughter." She actually touches the tip of his sword, making her finger bleed a bit. "I know you wouldnt want to have you son's life on the line. You know of my other child but you do not know how I am controling him. How I am controling you without you knowing." Her grins becomes wider as she holds her hand up the steam from the shower starts to swirl in her hand and form into a ball. It began to shine and suddenly there was Lizana being seen in the orb of steam. She was sitting on the ground. Playing in a house with a small baby boy with purple locks and a sweet laugh. They looked happy. "One move towards me and they are gonners. Within a second i can burst a little magical pil that i placed in them both poison will tear them apart from the inside. Look at them. You really want that?"


Willem's eyes widened a bit as a guard suddenly just walked in. No guards did that. But he quikly realized this was not a guard. He clenched his fists hard as he stood up straighter. "And you are here to punish me for my bloodline?" He asked, though it was clear he was not out for a fight. He would not use his powers. He has cursed his blood too much for him to use them
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"It wouldn't bore me in the slightest." Yurichi said with a smile as he folded his hands over each other, looking to the side before nodding. "I'm...I'm better than I have been in the past." He said quietly, thinking of all the battles he had gone through. "I eat alone, it's something I have done since war. I like to sit under the moonlight with God and converse with the heavenly father without words." Yurichi said with a smile, referring to Tsukiyomi in a very loving manner. "And for sleeping outside? Honestly? After over half a year of war, I'm more comfortable being in a tent than in a bed." He admitted as he looked down. Clearly the pain of the Adalian Conflict was still fresh in his mind along with all his habits from it. "War is...it is a very terrible thing. I hope to end all future conflicts with the completion of my mission." He said as he forced himself to smile from the frown that he was wearing. The thought of ending all war is what drove him to attempt anything anymore.


Seth looked at Lizana and the boy, instantly feeling his heart snap in half while at the same time feeling an intense rage that his son and Lizana were being used as leverage over him. He then retracted his sword, sheathing it as he looked at her. He knelt down on one knee, getting closer to Rosaline as he put his neck down. "I don't want that. I don't want her to die-" Seth said as he grit his teeth; tears flowing down his cheeks. "- I don't want him to die either. I wish I could be with them, right here and right now. But I can't." He said as the mania started swelling in his mind. "BECAUSE I AM HERE! AND HERE IS NOT THERE!" He said before standing and breathing out, opening his eyes and looking at Rosaline. His eyes were red and slitted like a demons as he motioned his arm forward, grabbing Rosaline's face before she could move her hand to activate what would kill them both as his hand transformed into a demonic claw with scales and spike coming out from out. Across Rosaline's face, lines similar to the trace magic appeared as he nullified her ability to use magic with his grip, instead taking away the energy and putting it into himself as well as any magical energy in the air that could be used to cast a spell. "But soon that will be fixed, little Rosaline. And you will be fixed too. Whore, defiled, disgraced!" He yelled out as he tightened his grip on her face; the scales of his hand cutting into her skin. "Whore, defiled..disgraced." He uttered out, having a demonic growl in the back of his voice. "Do you know what those words represent?"


"Not at all." Bertholdt said as he walked to Willem with not a hostile intent in mind. "In fact, I have a proposal for you. Your father is to be King Regent, because what I am proposing is...a little trip. You come to Stadderia, sign your country as a province over to Louisa and no war is declared. No deaths at all; nothing bad in fact. The witches? Gone. But who needed them, right?" He asked before sitting down. "Your secret? Safe with us. In fact, we'll even forget it was a thing. What's a warlock? Hell if I know." He said before grinning. "You have a child with a Jager; this beautiful German goddess and...well, you come back. Ol' Father? He gets a break. You get to rule and this child? You'll raise it under our religion. The one we are forming; the one where Louisa is god. But, good news, you'll forever stay in power. The Nassau's stay and The Netherlands is the same as before, holy flying the golden holy cross of Louisa." He said as if it was the best thing ever. "If you disagree, well...you will die. Your father will be taken and he will produce a child for us that is not of mixed recusant witch blood. We will raise that child and that child will work for us; not before we raze your country to the ground though." He said threateningly. "But I hope it doesn't come to that. I personally like you, Willem. Louisa, she really would like not to involve herself in a war so soon. So if you could help us out by letting us help you out..It'd be great. Everyone would win."
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Kiyoshi listened quietly to his words. She saw alot just by the way he was sitting and talking. His pains. His regrets. The goal he had set for himself. It was the only thing he was focusing on. "You're.... Not looking around anymore. You are only focused on our god it seems. And it is very good to have such strong goals. It is admirable honestly. But you are forgetting some things... You will find out what sooner or later. Nori wont train you till you see. Dont worry about it though. He'll train you for sure." She says with a gentlr smile. "You should eat with us though sometimes. You are part of us now. It may not seem like it but you are since the moment we allowed you in here."


Rosalie's grin widened as the sword was pulled back. She thought she had him. There was not a thing he could do. But then he suddenly grabbed her and those demonic eyes told her she was wrong. She only realized in what of a pinch she was when she felt all the magic arround her dissapear. Without it she could do nothing. "What are you-" she growled out as she suddenly looked enraged, glaring at Seth. "Those words? They represent my daughter." She spat out. Not willing to back down.


"That is not a proposol. That is a threat and blackmailing." Willem said as he narrowed his eyes, clearly not happy about everything Bertholdt said. He was asking him to sign his country away. It may look and sound like the Netherlands would still be his but he knew that was just a lie. "And you expect of me that I grt a child just for the sake of use? Like my mother used me for that exact same reason?" He spat out. That being clearly the point he hated the most.
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"I have forgotten nothing. I deserve nothing; my mission is my purpose." Yurichi said with a look of ferocity in his eyes. "Training or not, I will get what I desire. I will either cease to exist or I will have completed my mission." He said while looking down still, not even wanting to make eye contact. "I..." He shook his head. "No, don't accept me." He said as he stood up, feeling the pain in his stomach away. "I am...I just. You do not understand all that has happened. I cannot be part of any one or thing...I...I am not worthy." He said quietly as he finally looked at her. "I am a murderer. Murderer's are not worthy of nothing. I am not better than the very people I swore to destroy."


"That's where you are wrong. And you will see that, for you will face something you couldn't even dream of, you disgusting worm." Seth said as he tightened his grip. "Daniel, am I free?!" He asked telepathically, wearing a ring similar to the kind Adelger had Elvyne wear.

"You are!" Daniel yelled out as he launched a giant fire ball out from his palms. "I am a bit busy though, so please, do what you are going to do! You are not need- FUCK YOU!" Daniel said as he dodged an electric bolt from a witch.

"You hear that, Rosalie? We get to have fun." Seth said before smiling at her as his magic allowed him to teleport both him and her with relative ease since it was only two people this time. When they appeared, they appeared in a cold and dark dungeon that was far underneath where anybody would look for someone. The dungeon was ancient, with torches and oil lanterns lighting up the dark corridors of this dungeon. On the ground was the symbol of the Adalian witch hunters, a symbol Rosalie would know and fear as all recusant mages would.

"This is Aiymil's dungeon. Beneath Louisa's beautiful castle ironically is where magekin were all held and tortured so long ago by the first witch hunter. Most assuredly of course you cannot use any magic, for this is an enchanted dungeon that is made with cold iron. Of course I can't use magic either, but I will not need it for what you're about to suffer." He said as he grinned. He threw Rosalie to the ground, walking over to a chain and locking her feet the wall, waiting a bit before he hearing knocks at the doors. "Ah?...Right on time." He said as he walked to the doors of the dungeon where ten soldiers men wearing dark hoods while wearing torches walked in. Seth looked at Rosalie before seeming to come to his senses as he saw the same eyes as Lizana's. Seth took a long and hard stare before he finally shook his head, getting on one knee before pulling out a dagger from a sheath on his lower back and tossing it at Rosalie. "I'm giving you a choice. Kill yourself or they can do I will have no part in this." Seth said as he shook his head. "I'm not you Rosalie...and Lizana wouldn't wish what you did to her on anybody. Rot in Hell." He said before shoving past the men that came in to rape Rosalie, finding himself disgusted with them, Rosalie and himself. Seth teleported back to the battle after he was back at castle floor level although when he returned he came to find the battle was over quite quickly after it started, especially after Rosalie dissappeared.

Witches were strung from their feet from buildings, flayed at the skin with expressions of fear deep into their faces. The ones who gave up were bound while Daniel decided punishments as the children were all locked in a storehouse to be retrieved. Seth reappeared, looking at all the witches before holding his hand up and breathing out, shaking his head. "How many of you were friends of Lizana's?" He asked while looking at those who had surrendered.

"Sir? Must we play with semantics?" Daniel asked with his hands behind his back.

"Do not prod at my authority. This whole attack was on a basis of semantics and justice, so you best respect them before you suffer a fate like Rosaline's." Seth said calmly while clearly still snapping at Daniel, quite frankly not being in the mood at all to be questioned. He turned his back, looking at the fires of a burning cross that a witch was on as he shook his head, seeing the vision of Lizana before gritting his teeth. "Let them go."

"Sir?.." Daniel asked in confusion, finding this to be very out of color for Seth. "They are dangerou-"

"LET THEM GO!" Seth screamed out as he broke out crying. "Now!" He ordered as he looked at the witches. The ones who had surrendered couldn't have been any older than Lizana with the older ones having fought to the death. "Go! Go!" He yelled at the witches as the witch hunters cut their bindings. He then walked to a stump and sat down, rubbing his head as he started wailing. He came to terms with everything and even though he had saved Lizana, he still felt like he was letting her down. He put his hand in his palm as he breathed out with a quiver in his breathing, trying his best not to break down again. "Lizana..I'm coming soon baby.." He weeped out, shaking his head as he simply just cried.


"Not using. You get to raise it and love it." Bertholdt said while looking at Willem. "It's just they would be allied with Louisa. Believe me, she does not wish to rule over the Netherlands. She wishes for you to act as a lord of the province for her. Run regional laws, govern the land, etcetera." He said before sighing. "All you need to do is raise the child to believe Louisa is the rightful ruler of Stadderia and Eurasia, that's it. So come on, Willem. Don't make things harder than needed."
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Kiyoshi's smile fell as she heard his word filled with so much self hatred and self loathing. No one should hate himself that much. And in Yurichi's case, in her opinion, it wasn't even justified. True she had no idea what all he has done in the war but she hears stories enough. She stands up, walking a bit over to him. Softly she takes his hand and faces his palm up where the cresent moon began to shine again. "Someone deemed you worthy... Shouldn't we listen to his judgement?"


When they were teleported Rosalia's eyes widened. She was no fool. She knew those symbols. She knew where she was. She struggled and cussed and growled as he chained her to the wall. Her eyes were blazing. That bastard. "You are dead I tell you.... Dead! My children will avenge me! They will come after you and your bastard child! You have just killed them both!" She screamed out in rage before he went out the door and left her alone with the man to do with her as they pleased.

The chained witches and warlocks stayed quiet to Seth's question. Afraid of what the answer might bring while some of them indeed knew her. But when they were released they did not question it nor did they stay. They fled like the wind. White witches and dark witches alike. Only one stayed. A man. He couldn't be older then 25 and he was wearing a black warlock's robe. He walked up to Seth and stopped infront of him, looking at him from beneath his hood. "Who are you to Lizana..." He asked directly as he moved his hood a bit up. It was unmistakeable. The same hair colour. Same eyes. Only the colour was different. While hers were a vibrant green. His were a deep purple.


"I am already ruling the lands." Wilhelm barked out before taking a deep breath and sighing. This stressed out man wasn't normally him. He was normally kind and calm but this was just too much. And he felt like it was out of his powers. Which it was. Louisa could crush him if she wished to do so. And honestly, he was not ready to put his country at war yet again. He shakes his head as he came to a realization. War would be inevitable again. "Eurasia..." They were going to take over the whole continent. That's what they were planning. And they were starting with his country. The one he had been aiding. But he knew he had no choice but to accept. He had heared of the strength of these people. Of even the man before him. They were not making any threats they could not commit to. For his country, he had to. "Fine. But all decisions will be still MINE to take. These lands are still MINE."
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[Name] Harold Janssen

[Nickname/Title] Black warlock

[Faction] Member of the black witch coven of the Netherlands

[Age] 24

[Gender] Male

[Race] Human/Warlock

[Power] All kinds of witchcraft. He prefers spells having to do with blood and runes strangely.

[Biography] He is Lizana's older brother. They grew up together under the lead of their mother who was one of the leaders of the Black Witch Coven. They were taught black withcraft. Neither liked it but while Lizana rebelled and left, learning white witchcraft, Harold stayed and listened to his mother. Now he is a member of the black witch coven and his mother tries to force him into becoming one of the Inner Circle

[Relationship] Rosalie Janssen - mother. Lizana Janssen - Sister. Wilhelm the V of Nassau - Half brother.

 [Name] Harold Janssen [Nickname/Title] Black warlock [Faction] Member of the black witch coven
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"His judgement of me does not make sense, but I do accept it." Yurichi said while looking at the moon, then looking at Kiyoshi. "Neither does yours. You and him hold the same look in your eyes towards me and...I don't know why.. because...uh...ergh..." He said as he looked into Kiyoshi's eyes, feeling his heart about skip a beat from the eye contact. ".. I...umm....wow...uh..uhm.." He breathed out and rubbed the back of his head before looking at the moon as if asking for help. "Your eyes they.. remind me.. of..the moonlight.." He muttered out quietly and sheepishly. "That's..all.." He said as if trying to convince himself.


"I do not know any longer to be honest with you." Seth said while looking down, having stopped crying. He looked up at Harold; ash in the air blowing along with his hair. Chains could be heard loudly as the witch hunters took the children witches towards Stadderia. "..I do not know if she even wishes to see me. All I know is I have a son with her I wasn't aware of until I confronted your mother about fifteen minutes ago. She's dead now by the way, so if you going to try to kill me hurry up. I want to get back to relaxing and figuring out how exactly I can unfuck this."


"That was always part of the deal, Willem." Bertholdt said with a smile as he patted his shoulder. "Now tell your father he has to be king regent for a while and then you'll come with me; believe me. You are about to be part of something that will bring the gods to their knees."


Hei walked to Yumi's hut, wearing a large trench coat and a hat while having his scarf around his face. The bitter cold of this land never ceased to get hatred from him. He opened the door to the hut, finding that everyone inside was asleep. He raised an eyebrow, finding there to be a lot more people in here than usual. He saw Moira, Akiro and Jeptha, shaking his head. This is where Chidori's eldest child had found himself. He then saw Yumi cuddling with Virgil, making him smile as he gently tapped on the wall twice. "MEDICATION!" He said before yawning. The flight there after getting home had been excruciatingly long.

Akiro groggily woke up as he heard the familiar voice before he got up, seeing the man he thought he had heard. "Uncle?"

"Yes, Akiro." Hei said before smiling. "I'm glad to see you're not dead, but angered you left without even letting your mother know you were safe."

"I couldn't tell her man...you know what they'd do if they caught me.." Akiro said as he looked down.

"Hei?" Virgil asked groggily.

"You're awake. Finally, after months." Hei said as he pulled out Yumi's meds and walked over to the bed, handing them to her. "Did you talk to him about what I proposed for if he woke up?" He asked in a whisper. "Going back to Cantenseel?"
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Kiyoshi simply smiles and shrugs as he starts to question her judgement. She didn't know either why but she just felt like he was a good person inside. When he suddenly began to stutter she tilts her head a bit to the side. Why was he being nerveus so suddenly? It confused her a bit. The way he was trying to search for his words did look kinda cute. But then she realized what he was doing. He was trying to compliment her. Really trying. She giggles a bit as a soft blush covers her cheeks. She puts her hand on his cheek and out of nowhere she kisses his other cheek. "That is very sweet of you. Thank you." She says with a honey sweet smile.


Harold was quiet for a second before sighing loudly and taking off his hoody before sitting down next to Seth. "It is about time that bitch died. You are talking to one of three of her children who didn't like her. You might have killed a few other." he says, not caring about his mother's death at all. She was a tirant and she deserved it. For everything. He takes off his gloves now, his hand riddled with scars. "I have heard about you from mother. You got together with her thanks to a mixed up potion. Which you should thank me for. I am the one who messed up the labeling on those pots so I am kinda to thank for your thing together." He says with a slight grin though it quikly dissapears as he thinks about the sister he has not seen in years. "Was she.... Happy? When you were still there?"


Wilhelm looks at the hand on his shoulder before looking back up at Bertholdt. "I don't need to be part of something great. The only thing I care about is that my people are safe. That is all." He says in reply.


Moira's eyes had shot open as she had heard someone walk into the hut. But strangely enough she somehow saw some likeness to Akiro? And that was confirmed very quikly. She smiles a tad bit as she looks at the man. He really did sound alot like him. Deffinantly family. When she heard her love being so down she softly takes a hold of his hand and squeezes it a bit of a way to silently comfort him.

Yumi sat up right slowly as she rubs her eyes. When she saw Hei she smiled sleepily. She knew he would come soon but would have prefered a different time. "Hmmm?" She was still half asleep though the question sunk in quikly. "Oh. Uhmm...." She simply shakes her head. She had not discussed that at all. She had been too relieved with his awakening and she hadn't really found a time to bring it up. And she wasn't even sure what she thought of it herself.
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"Ah I..It is nothing!" Yurichi said quickly as he faced the wall, not dare turning around for fear that his face was red. "You're welcome." He said before breathing out, getting a grip of himself before looking at Kiyoshi. "So what about that hobby of yours?" He asked before smiling at her, trying to change the topic.


"....She was..." Seth said quietly as he looked down and shook his head, wondering if she still even thought about him. "All I can think about is how I could even think of going back after being gone so long, you know? I don't know if she hates me..or if she'd even want me back. I just don't know and it kills me because honestly I want to be with them." He said before looking at Harold. "You know Lizana too. Give me advice?"


"Ah ah pretty witch, be glad it was my men Seth brought to you in that dungeon. " Daniel telepathically spoke to Rosalie, using a spell that he had learned from one of the witches during the battle as he walked with the witch hunters. He could speak to her through the walls of Aiymil's dungeon though she couldn't respond back as the cold iron lining of the walls halted magic from going out, not in. "You are safe for now, though...do pretty up a bit since I know you are naked. We have a date later tonight and I am keen to see you with your clothes one at least for the eating part of the date. You will find keys under a stone in the corner to free yourself and through the walls there is a room that I have packed full of...women items. You only need to press the darker colored brick in the cell that you are in, and viola. Anywho, I'll see you then and don't try to attack me either. I saved you from being torn apart left right center and any other direction you could think of."


"Cantenseel?" Virgil grumbled out before widening his eyes. "Cantenseel? You can take us back?" Virgil asked excitedly, clearly ready to go home before looking at Yumi, feeling his heart thud hard. He looked at her, wondering what she wanted as he put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed it a bit before shaking his head. "I'd..I'd have to speak to Yumi about it first."

"I have time." Hei said before turning around to give them the conversation time that the two needed to that their stuff out.
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Kiyoshi smiles a bit more as she sees him try to hide his face. He may have harsh words and a loud mouth sometimes but she could see how he could be and what he was hiding on the inside. He was gentle. That was certain. "I have actually been doing that since I was young. My mother taught me because she believed it would give me some peace and calm. It is a daily ritual and I do admit in some way it works. And besides the calming effect I just like the way the pots go from such dullness to such shine. It proves that anything can shine and be gorgeous if it is taken care off."


Harold smiles a tad bit at the thought of his sister living happily and free. He had not seen her in so long. Way too long. But he never could have visited her. Now he could. He wondered as well if she would even want to see him. He said no when she had asked him to go with her. It was one of his biggest regrets. "I don't know either. You probably know her better the way she is now than me..."


Rosalie had already been wondering why the men just stood there and waited as if ordered. It had been strange and she would have set them aflame if she could use her magic. When she heard the man she frowned deeply, not regonizing who it was. So for now she would play along. She indeed found a key and after freeing herself she found the room he had been speaking about. She had to admit, there was some pretty stuff in there. Like he had asked she prettied herself up which wasn't much work for her. She picked out a tight strapless red dress that showed of her curves and cleavage perfectly. She had no intentions in mind but who said she could not be dangerous and look pretty. With a grin she sat down on the chair and simply waited for the voice to speak again. "I am done as you can see. Are you going to keep me waiting long?"


Yumi knew he would be excited. That's why she hated to have to bring him down. "Virgil.... You are a wanted man... After everything that has happend in Adalia they are still searching for you. They think you are a danger...." She says softly and a bit carefully. She was so afraid what would happen to him if they do go to Cantenseel.
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"That's a very beautiful way to think about it." Yurichi said as he thought back to when his own mother held a similar hobby. "When I was very very young before my mother fell into debt she did a similar thing. Each day she would and taught me how to do it as well. The temperature was always so precise, and I can remember actually breaking one of her pots when I was younger because I poured the water in while it was still boiling." He said with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head, remembering how mad his mother got. "Did....Uh, was my mother from here too?" He asked, not knowing where his mom actually was from or knowing how his father and mother met.


"I have been at war for over a year. I know how she used to be, but since then she has had a child. That changes women a lot I hear." Seth said as he rubbed his head hard. "Fuck.." He said to himself as he sighed out. "I have to go. I'm a dad." He said in realization. "I'm a fucking dad...what the hell?" He asked himself while standing up and holding his head with his eyes wide open. "I can't believe this..." He said in a weepy voice as he sat back down, nearly shaking. "I have to see her..and the boy..but how do I even show my face after being gone for over a year?.."


Daniel walked into his laboratory after getting back from placing the kids under military watch. He walked to the bathroom and looked at himself in a mirror before taking a warm shower. He closed his eyes, cleaning the blood from his hair and scrubbing down his body. After taking the warm shower he stepped and and wiped himself off before looking in his mirror on the wall, looking at the scars on his wrists, elbows, ankles, neck and torso from the night that he and Eva were attacked.

"The was the night everything changed.." Daniel said to himself before coming back his hair and putting it in a ponytail. He took his bloodstained white robe and threw it in the fireplace that had been kept on, knowing damn well that robe was never to be used again. He walked to his dresser, pulling out and putting on a black robe with silver trim. Daniel then reached towards the top of the dresser; picking up a silver necklace with an emerald runestone that matched his hair and eye color . He put a dagger in his robe, hiding it in an inner pocket as he walked out from his room and waltzed to the end of the hall towards the basement. He went down to the dungeon, going to Rosalie's cell all the way in the back and getting into the hidden entrance to the room after pressing the stone, where he heard Rosalie ask her question out loud.

"Not long, my dear." Daniel said with a chuckle as he walked in. He stared for a moment; biting his lip as he eyeballed the witch. "I have read about you in the books I studied during my self training as a mage...and the stories were true. A beautiful witch of purple hair and eyes that could infatuate the most pious of Adalian priests. All save for Aiymil that is, who had blinded himself to keep people from looking into his soul and manipulating him with human emotions." He said while pacing around, holding his hand behind his back. Daniel was of a slim bild and tall stature, standing at 6'2 but his walk was one of strength and cunning. He clearly had some muscle to him that was visible from underneath the robes, tightly fitting around his arms and his chest as it flowed while he walked. "Ah..but you do not know me.." He said before sighing and looking at Rosalie. "I am Daniel Suelgi Tren. I am the court mage of Stadderia and am fourth in command of the country after Louisa, Raiden and Seth, I know you're well acquainted with." He said as he pulled out a ruby red rose from his robe for Rosalie. "A rose for Ms. Rosalie herself. Fitting, as a rose is beautiful." Daniel uttered out looked at her in the eyes, his iris's glowing green with his magic without him even channeling it in the least bit. "Although a million roses; individual beauty combined, could not yet compare to you." He said as he handed her the rose. It was clear he was a very powerful mage just from the way his magical aura sparked against Rosalie's suppressed when his hand got near. "I must admit..I have been thinking about this meeting for sometime...Dreaming of courting you and such and holding myself back from the temptation to prematurely strike and get you and me alone...ah, was it so hard...so tedious. But alas my dear, here you are now." He said with a smile; his teeth white like pearls. "So, first impressions of me, Ms. Rosalie? And do be honest" He asked, clearly a little worried she'd be displeased.


"You're right.." Virgil said quietly as he shook his head and sighed, realizing that still everything that had happened would follow him. "I'm sorry Hei but I-"

"Your father came back." Hei said as he turned around and looked at Virgil. "As did mine and your fathers as well."

"Hei, are you taking Yumi's medication?" Virgil asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm serious. Satan died and brought those three back. Faendal told my brother there was a super big war coming up, or something like that, and scared the hell out of him. I think my brother would be kissing your feet if he saw you right now." Hei said truthfully before rubbing the back of his head. "Plus..I've been watching and it seems Remi is well...gone...kinda. She followed your dad."

".................." Virgil breathed out, blinking twice before he broke out in a laugh fit. He continued laughing, going on for several minutes before he finally stopped, wiping tears from his eyes and panting, trying his best to keep it together as he looked at Hei. "Whew Hei, you really got me." He said before laughing a bit more.

Hei went deadpan and looked at Yumi, sighing before shaking his head and looking back at Virgil. "Virgil, I'm not lying."

"Where's the proof?" Virgil asked as he stopped laughing and crossed his arms.

"Do you think I pulled my phone out and just went 'Hey Tiras, mind if I just snap this so the whole world can see you're alive?'..do you really?"

"...Fuck..you're not lying are you?"

"Weren't you brought back from death too?"

"........................" Virgil blinked twice as he scratched the back of his head; gulping a bit.

"Do you see my point now Virgil?"


"It's possible to bring someone back to life."


"Are you listening?"

"........YUMI....I...I DON'T THINK HE'S LYING..I THINK HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH!" Virgil blurted out of the blue from his dead silence as his eyes widened and he started rocking back and forth, looking as if he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Oooooooh boy." Hei let out as he awkwardly shuffled back, not be the one having to tend to the grown mans breakdown. "C-Calm down now..no need for sudden outbursts"

Virgil looked at his hand, seeing it shaking as he pushed it through his hair, gulping a bit as his whole body began shaking as he started tearing up. He looked at Yumi, shaking completely, not even knowing what to say as he laid down on her lap, not knowing what to even say.

".............Do I need to?.......uh....I'm gonna go outside, Yumi just...get me uh...when.." Hei started going towards the door, rubbing the back of his head. "..You need me....yeah.." He spoke out awkwardly while going outside of the hut and standing outside.
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Kiyoshi chuckles a bit though she wasnt mocking him ofcourse. She just thought the idea of him as a small child, breaking such fragile and expensive pots, was cute. At his question she shrugs. "I dont know. I dont know who your mother is and I have only heard you are Ronin's son. Perhaps Nori would know." She says without thinking about it.


Harold watches as Seth seemed to have a small internal arguement with himself. With a shrug he says. "Hell if I know. I havnt been in a position like that before. I guess just go and smile and see if she hugs you or punches you. She'd probably do both knowing her." He says with a light chuckle, knowing she would punch him for sure if he dared show his face.


Rosalie was pleased she did not have to wait long. She watched the man closely and couldnt help but grin as she saw the hungrey look in his eyes. This will work to her advantage. She took the rose before actually putting it in her hair. "My my. You do know how to flatter a woman. Or atleast you are trying." She says as she stands up, kinda pleased at how much he was trying to suck up to her. She began to walk, watching him from head to toe as she circles around him slowly. "So you trained yourself? That takes alot of work and a strong mind" She graces his arm with her fingers before running them over his back, feeling his muscles. "Just must have had a reason. So tell me Daniel Suelgi Tren, besides what you want to do after dinner-" She stops encircling him and stands infront of her with her arms folded, making her chest pop. "- what else do you want from me?"


Yumi thought he was joking as well. But when she saw hoe serieus te man was she pales a bit. She had no clue how to react to such big news either. Not knowing what to say either she simply strokes his head to comfort him a bit. "......" after a very ling while she softly says. "This is.... a good think..... right?"
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"I'd rather not ask anything." Yurichi said with a chuckle as shook his head. "He'd probably say something that hurts my head or pisses me off. I'll save myself the struggle of it." He said while still chuckling as he looked at Kiyoshi, having a smile grow on his face as he looked at her. "So, you've for real only grown up here?.." He asked in surprise. "In this monastery?"


"Welp." Seth said as he tore off his armor and held his weapon, teleporting it to his mothers house so it wouldn't get taken by airport security. "I'm off." He said as he walked straight before turning his head and looking at Harold. "Get your ass up. You think I'm going there alone?" He asked with his eyes widened. "I don't even know your name by the way either, so...Lizana's brother. Andale. UP."


"I want to learn even more magic from you, Rosalie Janssen." Daniel whispered out as he began to circle around her, twirling his finger on her as he stared at her, not blinking once. "I want to become even smarter in magic and use it to crush those that I hate. In this world, you are either weak or you are strong. The strong oppress the weak and beat them down, as so is the rule of nature. But I was once weak and I remember those that oppressed me when I was-" He said before moving behind her; rubbing her shoulders as he leaned in to her ear. "But to be honest..I'm a man of action and I do not wish to delay my wishes any longer." He whispered to her as his hand fell down a bit and began to rub her collarbones. "I wish to watch everything the queen loves die. And then? I will kill her. But before then, I will tell her why this happened. Why she has suffered...and why she will suffer more. I will trap her soul in a weapon and for eternity force her to serve me instead of being in an afterlife with her family.." He huskily whispered into her ear with his warm breath; rubbing her arms that were folded across her chest. "But what do I want with you?" He asked before grinning. "I want you to be my wife. For us to make love; for us to have children together..and for us to rule. What you did to Seth's whore; that already has proven to me you have the strength to get what must be done, done. Your skill is without a doubt; Aiymil himself dreamt so hard of capturing you that he went mad because he could not. And your beauty-" He said as his voice quivered almost as if he was pleasured by just thinking about her. "-words cannot describe. A human description cannot be used for the beauty of a goddess." He purred into her ear having his hands over hers now.


"Yumi...I....I've never met him in person before and....." Virgil sat up as he breathed out, seeming to hold it together. "Another war?...after the one I just had? That's just..." He shook his head and sighed. "Regardless, I have to see him. If what Hei is telling is the truth, we will be safe and if not I will butcher our way out of Cantenseel."
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Kiyoshi smiles a tad bit more. Nori wasn't that bad. Even if he hadn't been nice in the beginning. he can be harsh but he cares. In his own way. "Perhaps you could ask later. When he knows you a bit better too." She says, knowing he would give an honest answer. "I havn't grown up here my entire life. We were moved here after Nori was born. Nori was actually a still born. He hadn't breathed for hours. And suddenly he cried, his hair had turned white and his eyes were blinded. The priests believed him to be sended by Tsukiyomi himself as they felt his holy energy. So they sended him here to grow up. But I didn't wanted him to be alone. Not without atleast one family member. So when I was thirteen I was allowed to join and since then I have been living here. And they were so kind to train me as well."


Harold's eyes widened a bit at what Seth said. Wait what? "Uhm..... No. We have parted way too long ago and not on such good terms. I'll leave that too you." He says, not planning on seeing his sister after how they parted. "And besides that, I don't even know you except for the fact you just orchastrated the murder of many witches. Which I am not that happy about still. Even if I am glad you finished off my mother."


Rosalie grinned more as Daniel seemed to be rather confident in his actions as he began to touch her as well. She liked that. Alot actually. There weren't much men who could approach her with such confidence. And his plans and goals sounded wicked. Which made her like him even more. "A man of action, huh?" She looks down as he moves his hands over hers. Boy he really wasn't afraid like others. He should be though. He should know about her powers. But perhaps that was the thing why he wanted her so much she realized. "You really have high ambitions.... Fine. I'll teach you. But if you think I'll become your wife just by wanting it you are very very wrong. We will see about that perhaps later." She turns around to face him, gracing his cheeks with her finger nails. "You have to promise me though that you will help me rip apart this Seth the second we have the chance. And one more thing-" She leans in closer, her breath on his lips as she pushes her chest against his. "- I don't make love. I fuck. So..... Dinner?" She asks with a wide grin.


Yumi did not like the idea of another war either. But she really hoped it wouldn't happen. And if it happens..... They survived one war. They could do it again. She held him tightly, not wanting to bring them into danger but she knew he would never stay away from his father and she would not ask that from him. "It'll be fine... We'll make it through this."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"The whole clergy in this country seems...interesting, to say the least." Yurichi said as he looked around the shrine a bit, having listened to the story. "Not that it is a bad interesting. There's some weird stuff in Cantenseel. People that literally worshiped the idea of the world ending for example. Then in Adalia, you have the Clergy of Chaos. It had long since collapsed, but people still believed so fervently that Adalica was their god that they still built statues of her. The statues. There was so many statues of Adalica." He said while shaking his head, sighing after realizing he had gotten off track. "Anyways, that story with Nori really shows the grace of our god and his power. It makes my heart swell a bit hearing it." Yurichi commented with a smile as he looked at the moon. "I was born in Cantenseel about two weeks after the Nagachika incident had occurred. My mother had enough money that my father had saved to last us a couple years after but then the economy tanked because the west had been vaporized by Hotaka. Money became worthless practically and people had to work like crazy, only my mom couldn't because she's little and she had me to take care of.." He said before shaking his head. "That's all I want to say about that but..at least know, if you've ever been through any hardships, I have too and you can talk to me about those things." He said with a smile as he put his hand on her shoulder. "Now..I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go sleep."


"They were assholes anyways." Seth said as he flung his hand in justification of killing a bunch of witches. "Come on buddy. You don't have a home anyways to go back to so.." Seth motioned for Harold to get up. "I'm gonna leave you if you don't take the chance..." Seth said with a yawn. "One...two....three....four...five. Alright, have a nice life." Seth said before turning around, walking to where he thought would be the nearest city.


"I only wanted to earn the right to be your husband." Daniel whispered before grinning and nodding. "I promise." He uttered out as he looked into her eyes, not touching more than he already had out of respect even though he wished to. "Fuck..mm. We will see about that. And dinner? Yes." Daniel said before picking Rosalie up bridal style out of the blue. "It is prepared for us. The castle is empty since Louisa was paranoid tonight." He said while looking at Rosalie as he carried her out of the dark dungeon into the golden light of the imperial castle. "Ah finally, out of those decrepit catacombs. This is more fit for a beauty like you." He said with his grin as he set her up on her two feet.


"I know we will.." Virgil said before giving Yumi a kiss. He stood up, putting on his clothes he had worn from back when he was a soldier, complete with a massive bloodstain from Bertholdt's sword and tiny black marks from electricity. He tied the paws of his bear skin coat over the bloodstain, trying to hide it so he looked like he kind of had a normal shirt. He put on his old weapons belt for the first time in months, attaching both of his blades to his belt before pulling out ebony and using the dagger to shave off his beard, not wanting his mother to see him so beastly. He turned to Moira, Jeptha and Akiro with a smile on his face before sighing. "We're leaving so...you three stay safe, okay?" He asked while looking at them, the light from the bear fat made candles shining against his clean face.

"We will." Akiro said while holding Moira before looking at Virgil with a look of concern. "Hey Virgil, don't do anything stupid, alright?" He asked before sighing. "I've done a lot of stupid things and all I can tell you is this: nothing matters besides the ones you love, alright? No gold, no glory, no nothing will bring you the happiness that they do. So you do what you must, but you keep them safe and you keep them close."

"I will Akiro." Virgil said before turning his head and looking at Yumi get ready. "I know that damn well. And I will not ever let them go, ever..." He uttered out as a smile formed on his face directed towards Yumi.
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Kiyoshi listened to him talk, glad he was opening up to atleast someone and she was feeling happy he was trusting her this much. She agreed that their countries were very different in both beliefs and economics. Honestly, she would never want to live in Cantenseel. "I have not been through hardhips that could compare to yours I think." She says as she puts her hand over his and smiles a bit. "And same goes for you. If you want to talk more I am here for you. Goodnight then, Yurichi."


Harold had to agree on the asshole part. He hesitated. Alot. Should he join? Perhaps. He had no where else to go. But see his sister? After so long? He didn't know... WIth a large sigh he stands up "You're going the wrong way." He yells out after Seth. "We have to go this way." he says, pointing into the other direction while also showing he would join him. Atleast he had a place to kinda go like this.


Rosalie's eyes widened actually as the man just picked her up like that. "You really are a daredevil." She says with a grin as she lets him carry her. He truly was not afraid. She didn't know weither to be impressed by his attitude or think of him as a fool. It kinda leaned more to impressed. She had to blink a few times as the light hits them. With her arms folded she looks around for a few seconds. "A place fit to be mine I believe." She says with a grin.


Yumi was getting ready as well. Tying her hair into a ponytail before putting on the coat she had made. So they were really leaving the safety they had created for themself to go back to the place where this all started. Cantenseel. She takes a deep breath. It was strange going back to Cantenseel knowing her parents weren't there anymore.... But she had a new family now. New people in her heart. She smiles softly as she hears Virgil's words. When she's done she walks to him and kisses his cheek. "Let us go then."
Больше года IAMYOURENEMY said…
"See, I knew you'd come around Harry." Seth said as he began to follow Harold with a grin on his face. "You know, when I do something kinda stupid, you and Lizana give me the same damn look." He chuckled while walking with him. "Ah......man I hated being Louisa's court." He grumbled out while shaking his head. It was a bit too intense for his tastes.


"I believe ours would be better. Sharing is the greatest form of caring." Daniel said while walking with her through the halls, leading her to the grand dining hall where an imposing photo of Louisa sitting in the throne while holding a golden chalice of wine looked down on them. The narcissism of the woman knew no bounds. As he sat down the servers came out, serving a food that Daniel had personally asked them to cook. Bulgogi, made like how it was in Korea. He looked at the plate of marinated meat and vegetables placed in front of him; grinning as he looked over to see Rosalie's reaction before taking a bite, starting off the beginning of their night.


Virgil gazed into Yumi's eyes, feeling his heart thump hard. He was scared for many reasons, but mostly because was scared his mother was ashamed of him in some way for all he had done. He stepped outside while holding Yumi's hand and looked at Hei who was taking a quick smoke break. "We're ready."

"Did you get taller?" Hei asked as he looked down at Virgil.

"Haha. I'll punch your face." Virgil said with straight expression.

"Errrrrrrrr........Well let's get going." Hei said with an awkward chuckle as he quickly started moving. "Fuck I better not joke around with him; I don't want to get slammed into another brick wall by an Elbinorune." He thought to himself as he shuddered a bit.


Twelve hours passed and soon Yumi and Virgil were landed in Japan, taking a monorail connected to Cantenseel back into the city. While sitting on the monorail Virgil stared out, viewing under the ocean for the time the monorail was in it before they suddenly were raised up; seeing the entire city of Cantenseel as they came into view of it with it's incredibly high rise skyscrapers in the north and the British style housing in the east. The South reminded him much of Ikebukuro Japan with it's nightlife and the west reminded him much of Europe with it the diverse forest and flora that had grown there along with the farmland that had been added for food. From the glasshe could also see the high end district of the north which was one of the bigger spaces in the city, giving land to the rich for them to live. Virgil smiled, seeing that his home was still as beautiful in all it's urban and culturally diverse glory as it had been when he left. Virgil wrapped his arm around Yumi, smiling as he watched her face; seeing her face as she saw how Cantenseel looked as they came in. He wasn't sure if she had even been on a monorail before for that matter, or an airplane and he felt his heart swell knowing he could share these experiences with her.

"Hey uhh.... Virgil. I got to go to my sons Science fair as soon as I get off the monorail. My wife will string me up by my own tentacles if I'm late. I'm gonna need you to get driven by someone." Hei whispered to Virgil while nudging him; handing his unlocked phone to Virgil.

"Alright." Virgil said as opened Hei's phone, stopping as he saw a picture of feet as the screensaver. "........Hei, what is this?"

"Oh, you know, weirdo kids these days. My son was playing games on my phone; he must have pulled a goof on me." Hei said with a straight face, chuckling after as he scratched the back of his head.

"Right..." Virgil said as he dialed Kane's number into the caller ID, waiting until it picked up before speaking. "Hey, dad, it's me. I'm gonna need you to be real quiet, okay? Please don't yell or anything or alert mom." He said with a smile; breathing out afterwards." I'm on the monorail right now and I should be there in about...tenish minutes?" He thought to himself before nodding. "Oh, yeah and I have Yumi with me so...can you kept it a secret from mom and pick me us up? I want us coming there to be a surprise."


Seth sat with Harold on the airplane, flying above China as they made their way back towards Cantenseel. He looked at Harold while he slept, squinting as he tried to see the resemblance between Lizana and him, making his heart thump in pain. He felt his hand over his heart; wincing from the pain the stress of using his magic. While relaxing he began to fall asleep until the plane encountered a massive air blast; shaking the plane violently a blowing a panel off, making Seth jolt up.

"We apologize about that. We've just encountered a little bit of turbulence. There's no issues; relax and enjoy your flight." The crew captain said as they brought the plane to a slightly lower altitude.

Seth grumbled a bit and closed his eyes, falling asleep. He dreamed of holding his son with a smile on his face as Lizana smiled while holding a book in hand. He continued dreaming up until he heard an ear defeaning screech that shook him to the core. He stares out the window as a green dragon shot out from the clouds and grabbed out the plane from the sky.

The dragon opened it's jaws, breathing out a blue blame that vaporized the entire front of the plane; causing the back to begin free falling. Seth put his body over Harold's instinctively, trying to protect him as he buckled them both in together. "If we survive, I'm proposing to Lizana the moment I see her!" He said as his necklace that held his grandmother's engagement ring flung around in his shirt. The plane then began to slowly twirl, going downward in a spiral, shaking the survivors on board as Seth heard the massive screech of the dragon itself; Seth looked into Harold's eyes, having pure fear in them as his eyes began to glow yellow. A quick white flash shot out from the plane and in an instant Harold and Seth were gone.
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 "See, I knew you'd come around Harry." Seth сказал(-а) as he began to follow Harold with a grin on his face
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Rosalie raises one eyebrow at his comment. Sharing is caring? That she did not agree with. She sat down as she looks at the huge picture as well. In how much trouble would someone get if she did somehting to change that picture. She thought with a grin as dinner was served. She had to admit, it smelled and looked very good. She takes a taste and it tasted as good as it looked. "Not bad. Only thing missing is a glass of wine."


Yumi felt exhausted from the long travel. But when she saw the impressive view of Cantenseel she was suddenly wide awake. She smiles widely as she puts a hand on the window and stares out. Never had she seen something like this before. Last time when leaving Cantenseel they had traveled by plane and she had been too nerveus to enjoy anything or even look. But now, here, with Virgil, she was seeing the beauty of Cantenseel for the first time. Yumi leans more against him as he wraps his arm around her. She smiles up at him before kissing his cheek. Her excitement was clear.

Kane was working in his office when his phone went off. He frowned as he saw it was Hei. What did the man want? "Hello?" He picks up with a hint of suprise in his voice. But then his eyes widened and he felt his breathing stop for a second as he heard Virgil. Immediatly he jumped up as he began to clumsily put on his coat while still holding the phone to his ear. "I'll be there" Was the only thing he said before he hang up and almost ran out of the Tenshin's buisiness building. God only ten minutes. He could ask someone closeby to drive a car there so it would be on time but he wasn't even near the monorail himself. How even was he gonna do that. "Fuck it." He mumbled as he quikly texted one of his houseservants to drive a car to the monorail while he himself took off his coat again. His wings shot out of his back, ripping through the fabric of his dress shirt before he took off. Within 5 minutes he was at the monorail. He was panting hard as he landed and waited for the monorail to arrive. Those last 5 minutes felt like forever. But then the monorail arrived and for some reason his heart was pounding extremely fast. People got out. And then he saw Virgil. He could not help the fact his eyes began to water up. It had been so long. Without hesitation he walks to his boy and holds him tightly, not even saying a word, just holding him.


Harold's eye twitched a bit at the nickname but then he couldn't help but smile as he compared her to Lizana. He was blessed if he looked even the slightest like her. In silence he followed the man. He fell asleep the second after entering the plane. He just had been tired. But then his eyes shot open and adrenaline coursed through his body as he heared the sceerch. "What the-" His words caught in his throat at what he saw. As they swirled down he was trying to search for any spell that would help in his mind but then a flash blinded him and suddenly he was in the water. He tried to swim to the surface in panic but then he simply sat up straight. He looks around, still in a bit of a panic mode when he noticed something. Oh. A fountain. In a park. With shaking legs he gets out of the fountain. "Seth?!" He looks around to find the man up in a tree. With a sigh of relief he runs his hands through his hair. That had been some intense shit. And it felt like a god damn dream. Or more like an hallucination. Fuck. What had that been.... He decided to shake that off for the time being to focus on the other main thing. Where were they. He walked over to a woman who had probably saw him appear since she looked a bit in fear at him. "Excuse me miss but.... Where am I?"

"T-The park near the border between the South and Eastern area."

"And which country?"


"Oh." Harold was actually pleasantly suprised with that. "Thank you." He walks back to the tree the witch killed was dangeling in. "We're.... Here."
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Virgil held Yumi's hand tightly after getting off the phone with Kane, feeling his heart beat hard. It had been so long since he had seen his father and he wasn't sure how he'd even react. But then he looked at his arm and saw what Kane had gave him before he went off to training, making Virgil smile and nod, knowing everything would be okay. He gave Yumi a kiss, looking out the window with her until the train stopped. He walked out with her, letting go off Yumi's hand the moment he saw Kane and almost going limp as Kane hugged him before hugging him back.

"Dad.." Virgil said as he nearly cried; tightening the hug as he put his face in Kane's neck. He then pulled away, looking at Kane's face as he teared up. "I'm home."

Dietrich followed the maids driving the car, finding it to be a bit odd that they left like this. Rudolf followed Dietrich, holding his fathers dagger that he had been given in his hand as he tried his best to attempt a rewriting of time. Dietrich continued to follow, walking and stopping a bit of time in increments to catch up to the car. As they car stopped, Dietrich began to wait to spring out, hiding by the stairs and putting a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it with his lighter as he looked over at Rudolf who seemed to be walking up the stairs a bit casually, acting completely normal and not gaining too much attention from Dietrich.


Seth dangled out from the tree, groaning as he stood up; staggered by not only the teleportation but also from falling out of the tree before looking at Harold. "Good. Saves us from being dragon chow." Seth said before sitting down for a minute, rubbing above his heart and panting a bit. He stood up after a minute and rubbed his head, grumbling something illegible. "The house is pretty close to here. Follow me." Seth said tiredly, a bit physically taxed from the magic. He walked about a block, looking around in nostalgia at the streets that he grew up on; streets he had wanted to get back on the moment he left. He turned right, arriving to his from door, putting his hand on the door before knocking twice and loudly, wondering if a third knock would make him sound like an angry person beating on the door. "I hope I didn't wake the baby up." He whispered to Harold. "Do they wake up that easy?"
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Kane cupped Virgil's cheeks in his hands, really looking at his boy now. God he looked like a mess. But he has also aged alot. Not only physically he became stronger but in his eyes he saw the mental aging the war had done. Still it was Virgil. The boy he had waved goodbye that dreadfull day so many months ago. Before he was trained. Before he was fighting. Before he had died. And before he came back to them now. Nomatter what he has done and what people have told him, he was still his boy. So even if he was a strong man himself, he was way too emotional for this to not cry. He did not care about his tears as he smiles big at his son. "Yes you are. Home and safe."


Harold wondered if this dragon attack thing was something they should talk about but seeing Seth's reaction, who simply seemed to brush it off, he thought it might be a conversation for a different time. With each step they took he got more and more nerveus. He even felt his sister's presence getting closer. When they arrived at the house he leaned against the wall so when the door would open she would not immediatly see him. "Whispering now is not going to help." He says with a roll of his eye.

Lizana had been in the kitchen, thanking whatever god was mercifull on her that Evan was still sound asleep. She was home alone at the moment so it would have been a drag to have to calm Evan with someone at the door. Though she wondered who. Quikly she makes her way over to the door before opening it. "Hel-" Her mouth fell open and she was staring in complete shock at the man infront of her. It was undenyably him even if time had aged him a bit. Her legs began to shake as tears streamed down her face. "S-Seth?...." She reached out and carefully touched his face as his warmth made her legs even weaker. It was real. He was real. Unable to stop herself she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his chest, beginning to cry hard and loud as every second of loneliness and pain of the last months came out.
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Virgil held his tears in, trying not to be a big softy. He rubbed Kane's tears away, smiling before motioning to look at Yumi. "It's...it's been a long time. But I found Yumi-" he said before chuckling. "-actually she found me, but that's a whole nother story." Virgil laughed out as he looked at Yumi with a loving gaze, feeling his heart beat a bit harder as always when he looked at her.


"Lizana..." Seth whispered out as he gritted his teeth hard; putting his head on top of Lizana's as tears ran down his face; his entire body shaking. He put his hand on the back of her head, rubbing it as he rocked both of them back and forth. He moved his face down; kissing her forehead and closing his eyes, holding her tightly. "I'm so sorry..." He said as his voice quivered weepily, feeling all sorts of broken as realization of his absence really hit him.
Больше года Mirra1007 said…
Kane took a deep breath as he as well wiped some tears away. Damn it for getting so emotional. But hey, he just couldn't help it. It has been stressfull months. He cleared his troath as he now looked at Virgil's compagnion who had been silently watching with a soft smile on her face which turned a bit nerveus as the attention was directed towards her now. The love he saw in Virgil's eyes said enough. "Sorry for suddenly weeping like that. I promise I am not like this normally." He says with a chuckle before holding out his hand to Yumi. "I am Kane Tenshin. And you must be the special woman my son could not stop thinking about. You are a hard woman to find missy."

Yumi smiles shyly as she takes his hand and shakes it. "I.... Guess so." She says with a soft giggle, not sure how to react to that. "I am Yumi-" She hesitated a bit which last name to use but then smiled a bit more. "Yumi Mizushima Cruz." She had two now. One of the family that brought her up and one from the family she had left now.


Lizana cries calmed a bit down but the tears did not stop streaming. She clenches her fists in his shirt. After everything that has happend. Everything she had heard about him. He was here. "W-Why didn't you come s-sooner?" She weakly asks as she pulls away a slight bit to look up at him, her eyes full of hurt and sadness. "I know what you've done. The shootings and more...." She slammed her fists against his chest though because of the state she was in it wasn't that hard. And with every question she asked she did it again. "Why did you leave?! Why didn't you just come to us! Let us help you! We could have helped you! Why did you let us beg, cry, pray and hope for your safety! We were so scared for your sake! And we needed you here! We needed you! I needed you! I-I-I...." Her tears choking her up again as she looks down at the ground and sobs. She wasn't angrey. It was just all the fear, the pain and the hurt that came out.
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Virgil smiled, watching the two before putting his hands on their shoulders. "Alright. I think we've blocked the walk way long enough.." He said before breathing in. "Kane?...Let's go home." He said with a smile. "Let's finally go home."

Rudolf watched Virgil, Kane and Yumi, biting his lip as he watched them in fear, hearing his own heart beat as he kept his eyes on them at all times, knowing that at any second Dietrich could strike and ruin the future.


Seth looked at Lizana as tears fell his cheeks. "Nothing could have helped me, Lizana. I was....I was scared." He whispered out to her. "Scared of.. being taken away for what I did. Scared you would leave because of what I did. Scared of myself..." He uttered out weepily. "If I could, I would do anything to change what I did so I could have been here...but I know I can't. I know what has happened has happened and nothing can fix that; but I plan to do my best to try and make up for it.." He said before getting on one knee and tearing off the necklace on his neck holding his grandmothers engagement ring. "Marry me, Lizana. Please; let's be a family with our son." He said as he looked up at her; his silver eyes shining with his own tears.
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