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I realllyyyyyy want to get my carlige peirced...does it hurt??

i already have 2 holes in my ear and i really want a cartlige peircing does it hurt? and also my mom dosnet want me 2 get it cause she think it looks skanky really is she kidding i dont thnik that do u?
Your what?
zanesaaomgfan posted Больше года
 newyork621 posted Больше года
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ThatDamnLlama said:
yeah, a little еще then the ear lobe being pierced.
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posted Больше года 
KatiiCullen94 said:
i got tragus peiced and THAT DIDDNT HURT AT ALL...i swear if i see soneone cry from that i going to throught a помидор at them ans yell "pansi!"
but if Ты are getting the very вверх of your ear.. people say its very painfull.... differnt but irrating and shock.. and dont sleep ON IT!! get it on the side which Ты dont sleep on.. my friend has had hers done for TWO years and she sleeps on it, and its still hurst haha lol
but its Ты want cartigle get tragus... its looks heaps coller
heres a pic.
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posted Больше года 
Wolfdreamer9 said:
well my sister got her's pierced and she flinched, but thats all...so I guess it doesn't hurt at all really...

I guess it hurts 2x еще then getting the regular part of your ears pierced...and concidering that doesn't hurt, I dont think this will.
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posted Больше года 
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