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What was your Избранное thing about the MTV movie awards? what did u like and not like about it?

The only thing that was gayer than shit was twilight winning all the awards for each movie just cause most twinerd fag girls were on mtv.com wasting there time voting for the stupidest movie.
and im only insulting twilight Фаны on this Вопрос cause еще Фильмы deserved to win.
and one еще thing for all twilight fags, by Далее год on 2011's MTV movie awards, im sure alot еще Фильмы will have better ratings and reviews.
 adultswimperson posted Больше года
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xoRay-Rayxo said:
Heyy луч, рэй луч, рэй likes twilight so stop talking about it...
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posted Больше года 
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