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We've all heard about blonde jokes, but what about redhead jokes...?

Due to request, here are the redhead one liners I know:

What do Ты call a redhead with an attitude?Normal.

How can Ты tell when a redhead has been using a finicky computer?
There's a hammer embedded in the computer monitor.

Why aren't there еще redhead jokes?
Someone made the mistake of telling them to a redhead.

How do Ты get a redhead to argue with you?
Say something...

What’s safer: a redhead или a piranha?
The piranha. They only attack in schools.

Why do redheads really like their hair color?
It does the same thing for the men it does for the bulls.

Why didn't Indians scalp redheads?
They knew better.


As I сказал(-а) on the brunette jokes, this was meant to be funny, not offensive. If it's a big deal, then I can post blonde jokes too.
 KateDenali posted Больше года
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