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How can Ты tell what's a dream and what's real,when Ты can't even tell when you're awake and when you're asleep?

 alismouha posted Больше года
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yukikiyruu said:
who say that i can,t tell u
*i am asleep when i am not doing any work other than sleeping.
*and i am awake when i am doing something.....i mean like on on fanpop.
*justin beiber stop Пение ..it is a dream
*justin beiber is giving albums one after another......it is real
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posted Больше года 
ILuvSweeneyTodd said:
After watching 'Inception', I have no idea what is reality and what is a dream any more.
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posted Больше года 
jake_rose_4ever said:
don't get it...:p
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posted Больше года 
Chaann94 said:
Say this twenty times in a row:
A wood chuck can chuck wood as much as a wood chuck could chuck wood in the wood chucking wood chuck wood.

If Ты say this without any trouble and without any mistakes, you're probably dreaming x3
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posted Больше года 
I'm dreaming!!
smileypop9 posted Больше года
MrOrange16 said:
Figure it out wih 3D glasses.
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posted Больше года 
lloonny said:
ok,i think this is the perfect time and the perfect Вопрос for me to tell a story
(happened to me)

-some years ago,when it was night & i was sleeping,i woke up in the middle of the night
i was very asleep & i saw a man in my room (it was very dark,so the man was just a shadow...i didn't saw his face),he was walking and he went through the wall....i was very tired and asleep
so i didn't do nothing so i start sleeping again,but the room it was tooo cold

and the end....i don't remember anything else,but this scene was too real although i still don't know if it was real или it was a dream
i'm never gonna know the truth but i hope it was a dream
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posted Больше года 
smileypop9 said:
In a dream everything feels real cos Ты don't know that it isn't real (except for when you're lucid dreaming). And when you're awake..I dunno Ты just KNOW that you're awake.
Maybe because in a dream Ты live lots of different lives..the other dream Ты have doesn't pick up from the last one, but in real life it does.
But I do sometimes have memories that I can't tell if they were dreams или not.
Who knows, maybe the dream world is our real life, and real life is a dream.

Once I had a dream that I got a new ring for my birthday или something, and when I woke up a ring that I had never seen was on my finger O_o.
Oh and once I dreamt that an evil doll fell on my face and was about to eat me, I woke up and that doll was on me, staring at me.
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posted Больше года 
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