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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!

This is Charlie!

Gabriella is on a family reuion so she asked me to take her place for the Далее 3 weeks. So, I'm not here to cause trouble. She said, she already caused enough with a few people. So she says sorry to Lolly4me2. IDK why but shes really sorry.

When she gets back, she fix up her mistakes!

P.S. I am a girl. Got a problem with it, deal with it.
 zanesaaomgfan posted Больше года
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123Flossy456 said:
I Любовь the name charlie 4 a girl! it's awesome!
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posted Больше года 
Abilei said:
.....mkay. Good for Ты and her?!
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posted Больше года 
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