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posted by hetaliaitaly
What i feel on the inside is not what i Показать on the outside i dont Показать Любовь i dont know vein my life will never be the same i cant tell Ты how i feel because the hurt deep within my сердце is all so real the anger and hurt i cannot stand makes me feel like im the mist floating never going to rest in peace i dont no how i found this its maybe when people laugh and shout no matter what they say или how they feel i always think my life is not real.

(over 100 teens each год kill themselves или think suicide because of being bullied или teased it doesent matter if standing up for someone helps Ты but atleast it helps someone else and it may save a life)
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 Motherfucking animals! -Martin Garrix
Motherfucking animals! -Martin Garrix
Hey, Fanpoppers! CokeTheUmbreon here, and I'm gonna tell Ты my Избранное yo mama jokes! Please note that I don't own most of these. The jokes I do own will have a Болталка emoji by dem. I was bored thnx to the inactivity and my friend not being around to RP with me today.

P.S. The Болталка emojis neither the Umbreon pics will fit the theme of the jokes.

Anyways, let's get it on!

Yo mama so fat when she walks her Любовь handles hit the quan. 😎

Yo mama so stank they use her bathwater as chemical weapons.

Yo mama so fat when she outweighs Groudon. 😈

Yo mama so ugly she gave Darkrai nightmares.

Yo mama...
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posted by darange
what is life?
what is the eternal oblivion that we all are born, live, and die through?
where do we go in the end?
what will your accomplishments, friends, family, relationships, and еще amount to in the end game? why do we do the things that hurt us the most? weather it be our future, our relationships, или even our body ourselves.
What's going to happen if our sun dies right now, или if its the end of the world? what would we do? what would Ты do? would Ты say goodbye to your loved ones? rob a bank? sit there all alone?
Is their even a Heaven and Hell? или are we all forgotten in the sea of never ending people. no one cares. we all forget over time

what would Ты do in the end of the world? opinions?
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Follow this guy on twitch! link He is so entertaining and always runs into the worst kind of people LOL