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posted by rayrayrox
GF: Whats going on here.?!
YN: n-nothing. I was just leaving thats it…*walks away*
Ray: …I thought Ты werent coming.
GF: I wanted to surprise you.! *smiles*
Ray: oh, well im glad Ты arent mad at me. *he says while looking around the room for you*
GF: *sighs* Ray, go get her.
Ray: Huh.?!
GF: Ты clearly like her. I can see it all over your face.
Ray: No, GFN i Любовь y—
GF: No Ты dont Ray. I see the way Ты look at her when shes talking. Ты never looked at me like that. Since that день we threw eggs at her house, youve been Актёрское искусство different. Like Ты began to actually care for her. So go tell...
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posted by rayrayrox
As Ты were blasting Музыка into your ears, ‘That Should Be Me’ by Justin .B came onto your Ipod. This song described EXACTLY how Ты were feeling at the moment and Ты couldnt anything but softly cry. It felt as though Ты had drained yourself and Ты just didnt have anymore tears to cry. Ты didnt want to listen to the rest of the song so Ты just sat there for the remaining of your bath relaxing. Your phone began to ring and Ты picked it up, not looking at the caller id..
YN: hello.?
???: Ты Любовь him dont you..?
YN: What.?! who is this.?
???: youve got caller id, look and see who it is.!...
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Prince: *studdering(sp)* U-uh, W-w-we I um--

??: I was talking to my daughter, thank you.

Prince: *shuts up*

??: Nikol Ari Johnson, I am talking to you! Answer me this instant.

I released from Prod's embrace and turned around slowly with puffy and very red eyes.

Me: *sniff* Yes mom.

Mom: All I see is police and ambulances leaving my driveway. What happened?

Me: Mom..

Mom: And why are there boys without me или your father here to supervise you..

Me: Mom..*gettin angry*

Mom:... And look at this!! Ты have on tight pajamas. To tight for my approval. For all I know Ты could have been having sex with one...
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