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One день Muscleman wasn't feeling well.

Muscleman: Aw man. I don't feel so good. *lays on couch*
Mordecai: *walks in* Muscleman, are Ты ok?
Muscleman: No. Could Ты get me a root beer?
Mordecai: I think we're out dude. Sorry.
Muscleman: BUT I WANT MY ROOTBEER!!! *goes crazy*
Benson: What the hell is this?
Mordecai: Muscleman isn't feeling well.
Benson: Oh man, you're not kidding. You, and Rigby will have to do his work today.
Mordecai: Fine *goes outside*
Rigby: Эй, Benson.
Benson: Where have Ты been? Go work with Mordecai!!
Rigby: Jeez, I just woke up.
Muscleman: Then go do my work *barfs*...
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1.The name Mordecai is Hebrew.

2.The meaning of Mordecai is "servant of Marduk"

3.Mordecai likes to sing along to bad pop music.

4.He lied to Rigby that his постель, кровати never came. He was sleeping on both of the beds the whole time.

5.He might be an only child.

6.Despite being a bird,he never flyed.

7.He once almost died from hypothermia.

8.He went to Art College.

9.His favorit band is 'Brain Explosion'.

10.He was the only one who finished,and survived the Egg challenge.[/u]


1.The meaning of Rigby is "ridge settlement."

2.Rigby has an alter ego, 'Fists'.

3.He doesn't know the difference between a square and a rectangle.

4.Don is Rigby's YOUNGER brother.

5.He is allergic to eggs.

6.He may be claustrophobic.

7.He is faster then the others.

8.He is the weakest in the grup.

9.He dropped out of high school.

10.Despite being ignorant and 0 book smart,he is quit quick-thinking.
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***Setting : In морган and Rin's Room***

Benson : *walks in the hallway and sees Rin not enjoying the room and морган aweing over it*
Rin : Pink?? Really??
Benson : Hey, I tried my best decorating!
Rin : *mutters* That's sad....
Benson : Now Ты two need to meet the other employees. Oh, and if Ты see a bluejay and/or a racoon slacking, tell them Benson сказал(-а) to Переместить their butts или their FIRED!
Morgan : Um, okay?
*Morgan and Rin walk out of their room and walk and talk*

***Setting : The Park at Noon***

Morgan : Rin, I think who we're gonna yell at is our true loves!
Rin : Hey, I never сказал(-а) I wanted to...
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