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Regular Показать characters - Why i Любовь them.

Made a Список of my 5 favorit characters -also one of the main ones -and why i Любовь them.


Rigby is my favorit character. One of the reasons why must be because i'm much like him. I'm lazy,but cunning. I Любовь the 80's music,i'm immature,i dropped out of high school,i'm small and thin(weak) and i also have a younger siblin who is much better then me. (-.-)

The other reason is because he's just so funny and an interesting character. I usually like characters who are not 100% good but not evil. Just anti heros. And that's what Rigby is.


I see Mordecai...
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A день in the coffee Магазин were talking Mordecai and Rigby rigby: jeremy mordecai Ты realize Ты are eating your girlfriend mouth margaret Mordecai: I already know let me talk to her in PEACE! Rigby: angry look good that one of my family comes here with us Mordecai: that thing! Rigby: do not know my twin sister Carly? Mordecai did not realize Ты had another sister? Rigby: It seems that there is! Mordecai: WOW * carly comes when it falls Mordecai * Mordecai: Susrro to rigby: that NICE Rigby: I knew Ты was gonna like it's sexy for Ты hehe
Carly: Brother! Rigby: Sister! * дана a hug between...
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this is a Youtube poop of the episode prank callers.I don't make this.
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Youtube poop
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My вверх 5 season 3 episodes:

5. Rap It Up-One of those eppys that I didn't like at first, but over time grew to like. I'm not much into anything rap, but something about RiU I like.

4. Yes Dude Yes-I like CJ & glad she shows up a little еще now. I find her еще interesting than Margret.

3. Weekend at Benson's-The whole scene with Mississippi Queen was the highlight of the episode for me.

2. Fuzzy Dice-Feels like this should've been in season 1 или 2. Lots of awesome moments.

1. Think Positive-My Избранное s3 episode. This episode kinda helps with dealing with anger issues, like counting backwards from 100 for instance.

Here's some other episodes I found enjoyable enough:

Exit 9b
Рождество Special
Thanksgiving Special
Tgi Tuesday
Pie Contest

Welp, that's it. Hope Ты liked my lists.
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 ...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
I've noticed that as great as a Показать Regular Показать is, a bit of controversy surrounds it. Фаны seem to be concerned with its current rating, TV-PG, and argue about which age group the Показать is meant for. And all I can say is, please stop. You're missing the whole point of the show!

The content of this Показать is really not all that bad, regardless of your age group. Words like "crap" and "pissed" are words kids hear all the time. And if not, it's better they hear them now because they'll end up hearing them their whole lives, once their parents unshelter them. Expressions like "How in the H are we...
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 ask your parents или an adult before Чтение this (lol jk)
ask your parents or an adult before reading this (lol jk)
MORDECAI: Dude, Ты know what we should do?

RIGBY: What?

MORDECAI: We should write a hit song

RIGBY: dude, we should totally write a hit song!!

MORDECAI: Yah we should!

BOTH: *laughs*

MORDECAI: ok, ok check it out. Just do what I do and watch the hit song come rollin’ in.

RIGBY: ok.

MORDECAI: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

BOTH: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

MORDECAI: ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha

MORDECAI: heh ha ha

RIGBY: heh ha ha

MORDECAI: heh heh ha ha ha

BOTH: dah dah ting ting ting ting dah bee bee boop

BENSON: what are Ты doing?

MORDECAI: Sorry Benson, we were...
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