Reign [TV Show] [EW's list] Francis' Best Moments, which one is your favourite?

Pick one:
Francis Kisses Mary (1x03)
Francis Tells Mary That He Loves Her (1x07)
Francis and Mary Tie the Knot (1x13)
Francis Saves Bash When Henry Threated Him (1x16)
Francis Hugs Bash After Henry's Death (1x22)
Francis Risks Death to Be by Lola's Side (1x22)
Francis Holds His Son For the First Time (2x01)
Francis Finds Out Mary Is Pregnant, Comforts Her When She Loses the Baby (2x04)
Francis Gives Leith a Position at Court (2x04)
Francis Refuses to Surrender (2x21)
Francis Reunites with Mary (2x22)
Francis Protects Those He Loves (Season 3, in general)
Francis Dies Saving Mary (3x05)
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