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Pitch's Pov

I walked around my lair, enjoying the quite and the darkness that went with it. I Остаться в живых to the guardians about 3 mouths ago, I had Остаться в живых control of the fearlings for while but I was able to regain control of them. I started spreading nightmares once again, but did without being seen.

I was deep in thought of how to get rid of the big four and get Jack to my side. He might have beat me, but I knew that they would never truly get his trust after ignore him for 300 years and they would never understand what it was like to be alone and I knew that. The Вопрос was how was I going to do...
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I get out of the taxi and tie up my blond wavy hair.I quickly pull out my hand bag and back pack out of the back сиденье, место, сиденья of the taxi and place them on the ground.I then take my two suit cases out of the хобот, ствол of the taxi.I grab all my bags and place them a few feet away from the taxi.I pay the driver twenty dollars and drag my bags to the front door.I drop them all and ring the door колокол, колокольчик, белл and stand there nervously.The door opens and i see my big sister in the door way her face lights up when she sees me.
"Hi Cathy"i say smiling.
"Lilly!"she says hugging me."
"Lilly"i hear two little voices squale....
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1. Still Dream (3:12)

2. Calling the Guardians (2:06)

3. Alone in the World (2:04)

4. Fanfare of the Elves (0:53)

5. Wind Take Me Home! (1:28)

6. Dreamsand (2:03)

7. Pitch on the Globe (0:57)

8. The Moon (1:32)

9. Snowballs (1:31)

10. Busy Workshop (1:33)

11. Sleigh Launch (1:45)

12. Nigthmares Attack (7:17)

13. Tooth Collection (2:22)

14. Jamie's Bedroom (2:31)

15. Jack & Sandman (4:18)

16. Memories (1:21)

17. Guardians Regroup (0:58)

18. Easter (3:39)

19. Jack Betrays (3:20)

20. Kids Stop Believing (2:35)

21. Jack's Memories (2:24)

22. Pitch at North Pole (2:00)

23. Jamie Believes (3:01)

24. Jack's Center (4:52)

25. Sandman Returns (2:36)

26. Dreamsand Miracles (2:18)

27. Oath of the Guardians (3:11)