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posted by 67Dodge
The Commitee of Arsenial Real Live Villains, we do not let good burn us out!! We send in for our freedoms to control, destroy, venge, and crave most. We burn buildings!! We are eternal giants!! The eaters of worlds!!! And of the innocent!!! I have no intention of plotting anti-villain causes, but only for pro-villain causes!! We do not forget to win and completely destroy our enemy!! For the sake of our self-satisfaction, I allow the basic needs of us. WEAPONS!!! PLANS!!! ACTS!! We now take to the new slogan: Strength by force, Strength by Revenge, and Complete Durability. Fortify our ideas!! We are curious beings!! Increase stamina!! We do not let a simple handicap like, not being able to walk on land, or, Always getting hurt severely in a fight, stop us from our individual ambitions!! Any of the masterful villains to follow the movement yell out and let yourself be heard!! Heard by the entire world!!! I, Richard Walter, approve this speech and I like it very much.
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