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HottestActor posted on Aug 13, 2013 at 05:57PM
List two things that have to do with Rob. The next person answers which he likes better and adds his/her own two things

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Больше года HottestActor said…
Samuel Sullivan vs. Cult
Больше года LynLyle said…
SAMUEL!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Heroes season 4 vs. Prison Break season 4
Больше года XxxFUMMxxX said…
ahhhhhhhhhhh PB 4 is Rodi's season, but all in all H4 is better I think

Transporter 3 vs. Hitman
Больше года xoxoME said…
Transport 3

Billy's tattoo or Teddy's fake hand
Больше года Grimlyn said…
Billy's tat

Rob's eyes or Rob's smile
Больше года Dunbar said…

Rob in LA Law or Criminal Intent
Больше года RbeautyK said…
LA Law

Nawlicki vs. rob's Sinatra