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posted by coolkatstar
Ever since Twilight came out People have been Debating about which is better Rowling's Magical world of Harry potter или Stephanie's Vampire drama.People have been saying that Twilight is the new Harry potter but i really dont think so..
They have nothing in common exept they are both Фэнтези stories and I think that Harry Potter is better and here are my reasons
1:-In Harry Potter
the characters are еще believable.They have flaws like us for example(Hermione's Hot tempered,Ron gets rude sometimes and Luna's Kind of weird ect)the twilight characters seem to be perfect in every way Edwards good...
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Interview with Mr. Pattinson, your hair is long again. Note: He had a crew cut the last time. Did Ты actually cut your hair for your role in "Cosmopolis" или "Bel Ami"?

Robert Pattinson: Neither. It was for a movie where I play a soldier who discovers Saddam Hussein. The shooting should have begun in the spring, but was postponed to the autumn.

Interview: Ты are the leaving roles that are in the Фэнтези field еще and more, and doing еще realistic roles. Do Ты agree with that?

Pattinson: Ты have to have as an actor luck to get good roles, and if I get the chance to play a role, I take it....
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Its Full On War People!!!!!! Are Ты ready to fight? Stand up for what Ты believe in? Will people turn backs on Ты and shun Ты down for what Ты believe in? Well here it is I am Laurl23 and I am starting a full on Harry Potter VS. Twilight on Fanpop War. Ты may hate me for it Ты my Любовь me или like me for but the truth is all I want to see is are Ты truly a Harry Potter Фан или are Ты a huge Twilight Fan. Ты can’t like both, Ты might say Ты do, but deep inside your only in Любовь with one of these amazing series. This war will include: Actors and Актрисы Wars from each movie, The...
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posted by twilight_lover9
the way Ты are is magical the way Ты act is magical the way Ты look is magical the way Ты sing is magical if dont see yourself that way Ты are truly blind every girl is fighting over Ты but do Ты ever get a break from your life i can see Ты would Любовь your Фаны but not when they chase Ты and somtimes Ты wish Ты could be a normal person...you are magical and Ты are Храбрая сердцем but Ты hide under a mask but poeple are seeing through it and seeing who Ты really are.....Robert Pattinson.....who Ты are is what Ты are..

thanks for Чтение this!
Robert Pattinson and his leading lady/girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, are one of the most famous couples on earth, and as such, they are also one of the most immediately recognizable. Only Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their teenage counterparts, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, can rival Breaking Dawn's real-life Влюбленные as magnets for not only the paparazzi but also for their millions of adoring, sometimes hysterical fans. After four years of Twilight mania, Robsten can't go anywhere without being mobbed by hordes of Twihards. Well, one of them can't.

In a Последнее interview, Robert Pattinson...
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posted by maritina12345
InStyle claims that Robert is the most stylish звезда when it comes to getting dressed.

Rob is one of the sexiest men around, but most stylish too?

Rob always wears nice suits, and they look amazing on him, though there's nothing creative about them.

Rob also admitted that Breaking Dawn left him drained because he worked harder than anyone could ever imagine.

“It was such a long shoot,” Rob said. “It was hard.

“We were doing six день weeks with 15-hour days for months and months and months.”
ROBERT Pattinson would die for love

The 25-year-old actor — who is in a relationship with his Twilight Saga costar Kristen Stewart — сказал(-а) he would be willing to lose his own life in order to protect those who mean the most to him.

“I think if Ты Любовь anyone, Ты kind of feel like that,” he said.

“If you’re in Любовь with anyone, I think the majority of people would say, ‘If I have to die for this person, I will.’ I mean, Ты don’t really Любовь someone if you’re like, ‘No. Just let them die.’”

Robert has previously claimed he is old fashioned when it comes to Любовь and says...
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posted by Robssesed
The phenomenally successful teen vampire franchise, Twilight, has sunk its teeth into a hungry Фан base and transformed Pattinson from a bumbling Harry Potter supporting cast-member into one of the most desirable men on the planet (or 'the Most Handsome Man in the World’, as he was dubbed by Vanity Fair).
It’s earned him millions, made British-born Pattinson the most sought-after young actor in Hollywood, and furnished him with a superstar girlfriend, his co-star in the vampire films, Kristen Stewart.
But the success of the first two instalments in the franchise – Twilight, which came out...
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posted by j-bfan7
Edward pulled two tickets out of his пальто pocket with an unusually questionable grin on his face. I hadn’t seen this expression before. His eyes were bigger than normal, and black. I could see that he needed to hunt. His head tilted slightly downwards, and while one side of his lips curled up, somehow the other side seemed to curl down. Edward looked as though he didn’t know if he wanted to smile, или frown.

“Are those plane tickets?” It sounded еще eager out loud than it did in my head.

Edward shifted his dark gaze down at the two tickets he held between his long, porcelain-like fingers,...
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posted by tooch
She was standing there by the broken tree
Her hands were all twisted she was pointing at me
I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky
She сказал(-а) walk on over into горький shade,
I will заворачивать, обертывание Ты in my arms and you'll know you've been saved'
Let me sign, let me sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.

I was out for a drink in a soho bar
The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
She rose out of her сиденье, место, сиденья like a painted ghost
She was the woman that I wanted the most
As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
I сказал(-а) 'Lay me down easy let me understand'...
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The wild hair that characterized Robert Pattinson and drove Фаны wild is gone.

The hairdresser really didn't hold back when it came time to cut. The result is a totally different look and a whole new image for Rob. We saw Rob's new look for the first time the other день on the Ellen Degeneres, show.

So why did he cut it? Not for himself and not for fashion, but because of the new film that he is filming called, Water for the Elephants, which comes out Далее year.

Not too worry if Ты are one of the Фаны that loves Rob's hair. It will be back just as soon as he begins to film Breaking Dawn.
This could be a bit of controversial news for some Wambie girls. It turns out that the US Magazine Boston Phoenix has made a Список of the most unsexy guys around and Justin and Nick are on the list!

The Unsexy Список complies the names of 100 of the most unattractive celebs around. Number 100 on the list? Teen idol, Justin Bieber.

Robert Pattinson is also on the list, as number 74. Guess all those rummors about his bad hygiene have really hurt him.

And at position number 20? Poor Nick of the Jonas Brothers. Not only do they say he is unsexy but they also criticize his singing.

What do Ты think Wambie girls?Do Nick, Justin and Rob deserve to be on this list? Who would Ты put on the list?
Okay I found this in my local newspaper this the Статья by them :
The 23-year-old Лондон lad revealed his ‘allergy’ to a woman’s most private parts during a 12-hour фото shoot with a bevy of naked beauties for US magazine Details.

‘I wasn’t exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover,’ he squirmed.

R-Patz again shot down rumours that he is dating co-star Kristen Stewart, saying he loves only his pet.

‘The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog. My relationship with my dog, it’s ridiculous,’ he admitted

The Статья by...
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The favourite vampire

It happened on Croisette, but it's an everyday scene for him. He was entering a nightclub on Cote d'Azur and the mass hysteria in front of it reached a peak 15 минуты ago. Pattinson didn't know what to do, smile или worry about the extent of his popularity after the stellar success of the секунда of the Twilight saga movies. What was it that obsessed the mostly teenage girls? The rebellious style of a 23 years old actor? His dangerous radiant masculinity,despite his relatively young age? His Энджел face или the deadly combination of them all? Pattinson is aware...
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posted by AliceHaleCullen
"I'm just a big, hard tool." - No Good TV

"I'm really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it. I'm terrified of crossing streets. I'm also very accident-prone...I think people aim for me."

"I went to do my first big movie when I was 17. I was in South Africa for three and half months, and I was by myself."

"I was just taking out my trash and I had, like, 300 cans of Diet Coke. It was just like, 'How did that happen?' I don't even remember buying them. I also like Cinnamon тост Crunch. My addictions are pretty much the only things I consume."

"I spent a long time trying to figure...
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posted by nimmygo
There were times when i was in Любовь with Daniel Radcliffe.He was my Hero at those times!I Loved him so much,When i saw Rob first time in Goblet of Fire,i hated him.I сказал(-а) every one that [i]"See this Boy,He looks very bad.How can anyone compare him with my Dan?[i]I hated him and i think ed that he is an ugly boy!! But Now ,things are changed; i also don't know that how i fall in Любовь with that ugly boy and now no one is handsome for me than him!!He is like my World!!I Любовь him So Much!!that i can't explain my Любовь for him by any means.I don't know how it happened;from dan to Robert Pattinson.I think it happened after watching Twilight;may be или may not be.
Had this also happened with you?If YES,then plz Comment.And if,NO then say something about it!!
posted by AliceHaleCullen
1. Ask him if he thinks Edward Cullen is hot.
2. Accuse him of self-hatred when he says no.
3. Ask him to bite you… again
4. Ask him why he doesn’t like children
5. Cry when he tries to explain
6. Ask him if he thinks Kristen Stewart is hot
7. Ask him if he’s Team Edward или Jacob
8. Ask him if he needs to come out of the closet… just ‘cause
9. Ask him if he thinks Вампиры and Волколаки (or ‘shape-shifters’) are real
10. Set his pillows on fire
11. Tell him he doesn’t sleep when he yells at you
12. Ask him how his ‘hair porn’ video is coming
13. Look offended when he laughs
14. Run...
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 How gorgeous (:
How gorgeous (:
Robert Pattinson

D.O.B: May 13, 1986

Never has a vampire looked so good! Just when we thought it was time we had a new hottie to drool over (no offence Zac Efron, but we are always on the look out for new material) one good lookin' actor has turned up to save the день and fill our bedroom walls with posters. Ok, so he's not exactly a vampire, but Robert Pattinson does play one in his break-out role in the movie Twilight.

Robert’s got Hollywood buzzing thanks to his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight, where he plays the gorgeous, sparkling vampire who becomes...
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'I might be biased, because I have a bigger part,' actress admits.
With "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" on the verge of shooting Далее месяц in Canada, one of the movie's stars, Ashley Greene, has finally gotten a glimpse of the film's script and is telling Twilighters that it's about to get even better.

"I'm so excited. I finally, finally got the script ... and it's good. It's really good," the 22-year-old told "Extra." "I'm really excited to work with [new director] Chris [Weitz]. I finally spoke to him the other day.

"I like [the script] better than the first one," she added. "I might be biased,...
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I read twilight and saw the movie but for someone out there that didn't read или see twilight или just read a little of twilight and can't decide what to do, i'm here for you. The book and the movie are both very good. But my opinion, the book was better. So much еще descriptive, еще feeling. The movie is also good. I'd give it 2 and a half stars in the paper. It was good because Ты could actually see what was going on. Ты can hear them talking but Ты can also hear the words perfectly spoken if Ты listen to the book. What I did was I read the book and then saw the movie. It was great because Ты knew the story and it was like the story jumped out of the book and onto the screen. ALMOST! Some of the greatest parts of the book weren't in the movie!