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posted by tyethugginhard
IN. PART 12: everyone went to six flags.....nd луч, рэй tld tess he loved her......
Tess: ilu to babii
Ray kissed tess nd she kissed back....
Tess:...how come i never tell me u luv me....this the first time i herd u say that....
Ray:..idk ...i mean u no i luv u.....ill say it again.....i Любовь Ты ... :)
Tess: i Любовь Ты to....
Ray:....U redy 2 go home
Tess: yea...
Ray:...me to...wanna jus go...shit i can rent a taxi nd we can go back to tha bus for a few....we aint go get in truble.....kiesha gone nd wnt be bak 4 a while...it сказал(-а) that on tha note on tha fridge wen me nd prod went bac
Tess: less go........
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Jazmine looked around. There were nothing but trees. Roxanne woke up.
Roxanne: What happen, Jazzy?
Jazmine: All I remember was eating Fiona's bar, then I felt sleepy.
Roxanne: I ate her bar 2, but I felt dizzy.
Jazmine: FIONA!!!!!!
Fiona: Y'all finally awake.
Roxanne: Why Ты brought us here.
Fiona: I'm......an agent.
Jazmine: For real?
Fiona: Yes!
Destine: Oh...you brought them?
Fiona: Yes, Destine.
Destine: Jazmine, Roxanne, the reason y'all here is because we need help.
Jazmine: What Ты mean?
Destine: Alot of stuff is happening because of a super villian name Rosandra Rios
Roxanne: Wait, does she has...
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narroter:at they house (btw they all live together)
tassy:i want something
Roc:oh really come on mrs royal
yeah i think yu kno wat happens yeah they got it in
Tassy:*comes down stairs*whoa i gotta take a shower
tassy:wat? *lookin stupid*
Prince:u kno *mumbles* mr and mrs nasty
Roc:*comes down stairs*
Эй, bby
tassy:hey boo
Roc:wanna go 2 the go-carts place tassy
Tassy:sure boo (btw i call every1 boo=))
Tassy:im ready (she wears link)
Roc:cant WAIT 2 get tht off yu *licks lips*
Tassy: *smiles*
Narroter:they go 2 this go-cart place called gocart mania
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 Tassy's Outfit 2 Sleep!
Tassy's Outfit 2 Sleep!
Tassy:yeah we jus met them okayy!?!
Nae:yeah wat she сказал(-а) *pointin 2 Tassy*
fan#1:okay bye mb! and tasnae and nassy
Tassy:its Tassy
Nae: its Nae!
mb:wanna go 2 the acarde
Prodigy:ok ill go ask Keisha....wait i 4got 2 intruduce u guys 2 keisha
Keisha:hey guys lets go-and who r u young ladies!
Tassy:im Tassy and ths Nae
Keisha:hi r u guys stayin 4 the tour
MB:cn they plz
Keisha:yeah they cn
Narroter:they are goin 2 the acarde n then part 4 will be comin soon!=)
Prince:who wants 2 play me a mario тележка, корзина racin bro
Nae:(u kno she would play cuz she has a big...
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Reginae: link
Prince:cant wait 2 get tht off u geek
Geek:cnt wait 4 u 2
Roc:get a room
they go see a funny movie (i made this up)they went 2 go see bon qui qui here it is link
prod:*still laughin* tht was 2 funni
Tassy:he come out the house wit now ankle braclet he got 2 strikes so dnt get his order wrong Lol
Reginae:tht was so funni
nadi:*still laughin*
they go Главная n play 7 mintues in heven
nae:whos goin first
Prince:*spins lands on......nae
tassy:yu kno the rules
Prince:yeah yeah *mouths 2 geek *i wont do nutin*
they jus sit in the closet
reginae:whosgoin next
Tassy:mehhh *spins lands on......roc
Roc:yess leggo
One день Ты were over your best friend, Jacob's house, when the doorbell rung. A few секунды later Jacob opened the door, there stood the one and only Chresanto August from the boy band Mindless Behavior. When Chresanto walked into the living room, he sat Далее to Ты and сказал(-а) "Hey, (your name)!!!", and then Ты shyly сказал(-а) "Hi, Chresanto." Without looking at him, then Jacob came in the room looking awkward. A few минуты later Jacob asked "So...Why did Ты come over without letting me know Ты were coming?", "Came over un-invited because I needed to talk to Ты about something. " Chresanto said, then Jacob asked "OK Then...So what did Ты have to talk to me about? ", the Далее thing Ты know Chresanto looked Ты and whispered something in Jacob's ear. To Be Continued...

Should I keep going или nahhhhhh?
 Doman's Outift
Doman's Outift
Recap-Domo just called Roc and dipshit(Iamooo Любовь taht word)and they went 2 the car

In the Car....
Roc:I ain't no dipshit
Domo:i Know
Domo:are Ты okaiii
Roc:you called me a dipshit
Domo:Roc lemme ask Ты something
Roc:huh what*pouty face&crosses arms*
Domo:why do Ты take things so seriously
Roc:i dnt know thats how i am
Domo:what a shame
Roc:*smirks*i know*gets in drivers сиденье, место, сиденья and starts drive*I'm bored
Domo:okaii Ты juss started to drive&your bored already
Roc:i'm always bored Ты know

Roc:but it's true
Domo:what do Ты wanna do?
Roc:*thinks&bites his lips*
Domo:*you look at...
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posted by rocsnumber1lady
JERRY:" today ladies and gentalmen on the jerri springer show, we have 20 год old prodigy with ex-girl friend la Keisha
She claims that prodigy IS the father we will find out if that is true right now! Come on out prodigy"
PRODIGY: "bitch I betta be the mutha fukien fatha или I'm a-
LA KEISHA:(scared) okay, Ты are I swear!!!!!!!
JERRY :la Keisha earlier during the lie detected test we asked Ты did Ты sleep with anyone during your relationship with prodigy...you сказал(-а) no and.........that was a...LIE!!!!
PRODIGY:you lyin сука yo pussy wasn't all that either !!!
????:that's cause I'm the father!!!!!!!...
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posted by MrzProdigy_MB
well imma skip to when Ki'loni and lana came to La,

Me; omg ki'loni
Kiloni; awww u grown
Me; haha yeah
Kiloni; so wheres prod?
Me; umm his gone upstaurs i think
Kiloni; ok how are u 2
Me; um where good
Kiloni; ok ..... I missed u so much *hugs tightly*
Me; i missed u more
Kiloni; i missed u most
Lana; wheres my hug
Me; i havn't forgot bout u lana
Lana; better not *hugs*
Me; *hugs back* so i Показать u to ur room
Lana; ok
Roc; hi kiloni *blushes*
Kiloni; hi roc *blushes* whers my hug?
Roc; *hugs her* thers ur hug
Prince; *covers Lana eyes*
Lana; whos dis?
Prince; geuss
Lana; princeton?
Prince; how did u no
Lana; I can...
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Keke: hello Bree Bree: yeah hello. Keke: do u know where is Princeton this is my секунда time look for him omg. Bree: oh Princeton gone with roc to the store and going hang out. Keke: oh Princeton never call my phone tell me he was going hang out. Bree: oh girl u bat to call his phone will asking his phone. Keke: oh lord that boy thing he slick Bree: keke do u want me call Terian phone so she call Princeton keke: sure. Me: hello who is this. Bree: it me Bree Me: o Эй, Bree what u want? Bree: keke told me that tell u call Princeton phone. Me: call his phone for what. Bree : because he not asking...
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The foot steps got closer........
Roxanne: Hide!
Ray: Don't worry! It's me!
Jazmine: *pushed him on the floor*
Jeremy: *from downstairs* The Hell!
Roxanne: Damn, Jazmine!
Jazmine: Oops...hide!
They hide.
Jeremy: *walking in the room* Brats! Come out now!
They didn't Показать them selves.
Jeremy: *got the gun* K then. *shot the roof*
They popped out.
Jeremy: Okay. I'll let y'all leave.
Roxanne: Really?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Jazmine: Thanks.
They headed downstairs. Jeremy shot Charlie and Jazmine in the back.
Roc: Jazmine!
Roxanne punched Jeremy in the stomach. Jeremy slapped her. Roxanne kicked him in the mouth. Jeremy grabbed...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 2: Taja nd prince. Find луч, рэй nd tess( rays girl) kissin in tha kitchin......

Ray: What game....
Tess(rays gurl)....Hopefully a kissin one cuzz umm...im good at that lolz
Princeton: it wazntt gonna be....but that sound funn....EVERYBODY TESS SUGGESTED WE PLAY A KISSIN GAME.....IZ THAT KOOL WIDD YALL
Everyone: yea ...hell yea
Tamara: how df izz we go makk a kissin game..?.
Princeton: ....idk less....makk it to were.....ummm...we answer questions...normal self related или freaky questions.....nd Ты gotta answer.....
Taja: down 4 it butt...watt dat gotta do widd kisssin..?.
Prodigy: iff issa freaky...
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Weeks later, they came back 2 L.A.
At Roxanne's house..
Josephine: Dorks! Aunt Vicky said...Thiers 2 of them!
Jessica: Oh. Josephine. My dad talked about you.
Josephine: Really?
Jessica: Yeah, how stubborn, mean, dirty, and annoying.
Josephine: Humph! Whateva! Anyway, I'm getting married, and Aunt Vicky сказал(-а) Ты have 2 come 2 the wedding, although I didnt want Ты 2 go....
Roxanne: Thanks 4 the invitation4 your boring wedding *pushing her out* Goodbye! *slamming the door*
Jessica: A wedding? What's the theme?
Josephine; *from outside* Yellow wedding! Everybody must wear a dress!
Roxanne: Hell no!
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It was June, Jazmine was 6 months prego.
One morning.......
Roxanne: Finally! Its summer
Jazmine: I cant wait 4 this thing 2 get out of here!
Roc: Dont be like that.
Jazmine: If it was a girl, its name will be Mikayla.
Roc: If it was a boy, it will be a jr.
Roxanne: For the girl, I perfer Maria.
Prince: I agree with Roc.
Alley: I want it 2 be triplets.
Roc: NO!!!!!
Jazmine: Anyway, Im throwing a baby-shower.
Roxanne: Is that appropiate?
Kenzie: I don't think so....
Jazmine: Shut up! Rox, you'll invite the guests
Roxanne: K.
Jazmine: Kenzie, Ты pick the place 2 have it.
Kenzie: No problemo
Jazmine: Alley, you...
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Diana's out of the stories....so I'm making new characters
Original Characters: Jazmine, Roxanne, Alley, Diana (used 2), Kenzie, Roc, Princeton, Prodigy, луч, рэй Ray.
New Characters: Charlie: Roxanne's best friend. Shes also a tomboy.
Nicole: One of the new neighbors. She's a rich kid, but is caring. She becomes Jazmine's friend.
Jeniel: One of the new neighborz. She nice and a dancer.
Fiona: She's a juvenile delinquent. Roxanne's new friend. She's always in trouble, almost like Roxanne, and sometimes have a soft side.
Narroter;they all are at mbs house
Roc:tassy Эй,
Tassy:wassup bby im goin 2 the hair salon be baq later
Tassy: i Любовь yu (she wears this link)
she comes down stairs
Roc:cute Любовь it пляж, пляжный bum! hahaha *yu kno his high pitched laugh*
Tassy:*pops him behind his head (btw play hit)*
Roc:*still laughin*okayy ill stop *stops laughin*
narroter:s she goes 2 the haair salon and gets a new hair color
Roc: *tasssy comes baq* whoa
Tassy:u like i look like bella thorne dont i
Roc:i dont like it i Любовь it *hugs her*
Everybdy:we Любовь it 2

the nxt день
Tassy:roc wanna go to a breakfest дата 2 day
Roc;kool leego...
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Narroter:still on princes and Geek's date!
Prince:u wanna go sit down n order
Waiter:*comes to ther table* hi would yu like 2 start off with drinks
Waiter:ok ma'am wat would yu like 2 drink
Geek: ill take a water wit lemon
Prince:me 2
Waiter:have those baq in a bit *smiles*
Narroter:the waiter comes baq with their drinks and then ask them 2 order they food
Waiter:here yu go would yu like 2 order yur food
Waiter: wat would yu like
Geek: ill take ur chicken макаронные изделия, макароны alfredo
Prince: me 2
Waiter:okay be baq with those!
Narroter: she comes baq wit their Еда and they eat n leave baq 2 mbs house!
Prince:night im goin 2 sleep Geek
Geek: kk bby ill see yu 2morrow im sleepin here wit yu tho wow

part 10 season 2 comin soon!
Narroter:first Tassy's date=)
Waiter:hello-wait ur roc royal i love- i mean my daughter loves Ты
Tassy:umm...hi таблица 4 2
waiter:wat oh yeah right over here
Waiter:im be over in a bit
Narroter:in a bit after the waiter seats everyone then she comes baq to their table
Roc: waiter waiter
Waiter: yeah im here oh and yes
Roc:Tassy yu cn order 1st
Tassy:kk ill take the chicken салат with cesar ranch!
Roc:ill have tht 2 but ranch dressin not cesar though!
Narroter: then she comes out with they fodd and sumtin on her mind
Waiter: here is your Еда *kisses roc*
Tassy:uh uh oh no try again boo boo *steps out of her сиденье, место, сиденья and beats her butt lol*
WAiter:me casa sue casa *fake smiles*
Tassy:yeah it better be tht me cacsa sheit
Narroter:they eat leaves and doesnt give the waiter a tip duh*\

part 8 comin soon nxt is Nae's дата srr its so short im sick but i still gave yall a story! its kinda boring though!
 Roc's outfit
Roc's outfit
the story doesn't really really have this much characters nobody is in the story there just some fake name and ages and this shows how true Любовь gets bad&comes back with loving......hope u'll enjoy it:)!

Roc Royal:16
Dominique:15(you a.k.a Domo)

In living room watching t.v

Domo:Rocy can we watch 4 better или worse*grabs remote control 4rm his lap*
Roc:umm...hell tf no*snatches remote 4rm her hand*
Domo:ow!!! nigga u scratched my finger with ur long жопа, попка nails
Roc:Lamoo sorry
Domo:stop being rough like dat
Roc:okaii u rough anyway*cuts on t.v 216&prego are u fucking kidding me lol*
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* Phone convo*

Yn: hello

Roc: Эй, babe Ты busy tonight

Yn: no why???

Roc: I wanted to know if Ты wanna walk on the beach.

Yn: awe romantic I will Любовь that what time.??

Roc: 7

Yn: no prob bye hun

Roc: bye

Yn pov

Me: розовый dress no

Croped вверх with skinny jeans no

Shorts with sweater and tank вверх with converse

Gold earings nope

Silver hopes yes


Beep beep

Me: he's here


Roc: Эй, sexy

Yn: *blushing*

Roc: Ты ready

Yn: yh

When they arrive......

They couldn't stop talking they went to a Конфеты store
rides and more.

. * when they arrive home.......

They watch Фильмы talk еще laugh
and they had еще special...
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