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Chapter One: All the way from Tennessee
Rosalie POV
    Two short years назад I was turned into a monster. I'm beautiful, yet still a monster. Being a vampire wasn't fun at all. I personally don't like eating animals. Well, their blood that is. But, rather a deer than a human I guess.
    I was hunting in the deep woods of Tennessee. It was far from where we were staying in the Appalachian Mountains, but, once again, Edward had gotten on my last nerve. Sometimes, no most of the time, I just want to rip Edward apart limb from limb....
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23: Run to the Hills

IT had caught the right trail, was following it again, swiftly passing into Indiana, Ohio followed минуты later. Yes, IT was getting closer to what master wanted-and this time nothing would stop IT.
Already the carriage had passed into West Virginia, Tristan and Jack were both tense as to what was waiting at home, though they hid it from Rosalie as well as they could. “Are Ты sure Ты don’t need to hunt?” Jack asked her for the billionth time.
She sighed but smiled. “I’m sure. The день I found Ты again we had hunted.” She made a face as she said...
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3: Cry Little Sister

Rosalie and Alice had finished hunting and were slowly walking through the forest, a good 100, 150 miles from home. Alice turned her head to the darkening sky and tilted it carefully, listening almost. “It’s going to rain soon” she said, looking at Rosalie.
“What a surprise” she muttered, keeping her eyes forward. Alice sighed and Rosalie untied and retied her long blonde hair for what had to be the millionth time that day. “Ready?” she asked Alice, stopping and getting ready to run. She nodded and just before they were to take off, they heard a long high...
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