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posted by Echo19KidDragon
O.K I just read Rosario+Vampire season 2 ch.34 and it's sayn' that Moka is actually a fake personality of Inner Moka. It starts of when Moka's mom, Akasha Bloodriver, tries to печать Alkardo, the Ultimate Vampire, before she dies but in return she had to печать Inner Moka too! Akasha told her daughter,"You will lose your freedom but in the future Ты will find someone that realy cares for Ты that can give Ты your freedom back...". After that, when she pulls it off and everything starts to make sense...Touhou Fuhai, the old chinese guy, told Tsukune and Mizore, who also got sucked in moka's memories, that as result of the the owner of the rosario who gets sealed in the rosary... the rosary creates a replica of the person! Then Tsukune freaks out about the fact that the girl he likes turns out to be a fake personality. Then Headmaster shows up talkin' about he's too late and that the transformation has already started. Then out of nowhere Kurumu comes to the rescue, She got in usin' one of her hidden abilities, comes to get everyone out of Moka's memories. On the way Tsukune, still heartbroken, starts to lose his grip of kurumu's hand. Finaly his emotions got the better of him and he decides to let go of kurumu and falls without a care( by the way the oldman told everyone if they dont hold on they will be stuck in Moka's memories forever.)
And that's the end of the chapter, I can't tell ya how shocked I was when I read this! Still after all that I don't belive that stuff. I just don't see it...but the Вопрос still remans, WHAT THE HELL IS TSUKUNE THINKIN'!!!!!
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