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posted by rusher29
~These facts are not mine~

1. Ross loves Japanese chewing gum.

2. Ross has a Girl Sean Malto deck, which is a skateboard.

3. Ross is an adrenaline junkie.

4. Ross once spent three hours at Pedlow кататься на коньках park.

5. On Ross's 15th Birthday he played hockey with Joe Sakic from the Colorado Avalanches.

6. Ross is homeschooled.

7. Ross's Избранное Фильмы are Romeo and Juliet, & Avatar.

8. Ross's Избранное color is bright yellow.

9. Ross loves everything to do with flying (e.g. kites, paragliding, RC planes). He is waiting desperately to be old enough to get his flying license.

10. Ross has to wet his hair...
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Ross Lynch's first BOP and Tiger Beat фото Shoot at Venice Beach. He's so hot.
Росс Линч
tiger beat
фото shoot
austin & ally
Ally: *Standing bye her lockers staring at Austin and Audrey*
Ally POV: Why is he always hanging out with her?! Yesterday was are дата and he missed it! Because Audrey invited him to go to the movies! Really? Romeo and Juliet much? One еще strike we might be done!
End of Ally's POV

Ally: * Sees Austin coming over here and waving bye to Audrey. She tries to stop frowning.*
Austin: Ok so see ya Audrey!
Audrey: Friday ok?
Austin: But Fridays me and Ally's - * Audrey cuts Austin off*
Audrey: Ok great see Ты there! * Tries to clap on him*
Austin: * Thinks it feels so good! * * Tries to back up*
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