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posted by PhineasFangirl
As the moon dappled the sodden earth in pale patches of dull water blue, Barkkit sat on edge, away from the other kits in the nursery. His shoulders hunched and head hanging low, the small brown tom's eyes glowed in the small crease of moonlight that seeped through a puny hole in the roof of the nursery. Sighing, Barkkit slowly got up and turned in three circles then laying down, a huff of air escaping his mouth as he shut his eyes, waiting for sleep to welcome him. He was tired and out of energy. All the kit wanted to do was get some sleep after a hard день of trying to fit in.
The only kit...
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posted by brownstar
I'm sorry, Друзья of rubyclan, i hate to this, but it is time. I must leave the clan i once called home. Moonshadow, Cherryshine's mother, will come with cherryshine. if some of Ты want to know why i am leaving, then ask the ones who already know. few people know why i am leaving this clan. i will find another clan to Присоединиться или i will turn rouge as i once was. i thank rubystar for her kindness of letting me stay when i was young and thank angelbreeze for always being there when i needed help. thank Ты and farwell
posted by Spottedtail139
" Mosskit, Mosskit , wake up!" I could hear my brother sister and

mother calling for me to get up but I could not move, talk, and I

could barly beathe. " Let's go Mistykit and Stonekit we have to

go " my mother said.

" What about Mosskit" they asked.

" We have to go" she said. When they were long gone that's

when I could start to breathe again. So I ran, and ran until I

could smell another cat." Hello little kit what's your name?" сказал(-а)

the Tom.

" Mosskit " I said.

" I'm Duststar leader of RubyClan come with me Mosskit, I'll take

you to camp Ты must be cold little one." Dustsar said, then

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