Ruki Ruki's Любовь Interview

VKei_Addict posted on Dec 29, 2011 at 12:03PM

Interviewer: What part of a girl do you look at first?

Ruki: Honestly, the face. First I look at her face, but what I think is most important is if she’s family-oriented..

Interviewer: You can tell that by looking?

Ruki: No. If she looks at a cookbook and says “I can’t do this you know?”, so she can’t cook but in a kind of cute way, that’s fine. But if she still makes it, like “Of course I can”, that’s a body blow. Though I would never say it tasted bad. Also, it’s important whether or not she can cook a diet menu. And if she can take care of me if I get sick.

Interviewer: Sympathetic, huh

Ruki: Yes….I think I just now started wanting kindness like that.

Interviewer: You didn’t before?

Ruki: Before now I thought that if she’s cute I’ll forgive anything, but that might be wrong.

Interviewer: That’s still pretty harsh, though.

Ruki: I’ll get turned off by one face they make while sleeping, or kissing. Of course I know there’s no helping it because they’re human, but I don’t like it if they have a bad sleeping position. If I could pick, I would want them to sleep curled up in a little ball.

Interviewer: Even more conditions, huh.

Ruki: Also, if she wears the same clothes as me two times in one week, that won’t work.

Interviewer: So you would want her to pick up on that, then.

Ruki: Also, a girl who goes out without makeup on. If we went out together after that, wouldn’t it cause trouble.

Interviewer: (laugh) But for most of these things, other than face and clothes, you won’t know unless you go out first.

Ruki: No, no, no. Of course not.

Interviewer: Eh, what do you mean? You won’t know unless you try, right?

Ruki: No, I wouldn’t try first or anything. Though there are times when I have

Interviewer: (laugh) !

Ruki: Well, I’m an adult already, but there are times when love starts that way. But what I was just talking about isn’t all that important. What’s most important is if they have a dream or not. I think that I really do like people who are working hard toward something

Interviewer: You finally got serious, huh.

Ruki : What I’ve disliked the most so far is a girl who takes off work for me.

Interviewer: Yes, that isn’t good. Reversely, I would also hate it if my boyfriend took off work for me.

(ooh.. The interviewer is a girl...)

Ruki: You would, right? Since work is work, I would want them to be aware of that. And a girl who sleeps in would really irritate me.

Interviewer: Though it seems like the manager is the one getting irritated over there?

Ruki: Well, yeah, I also sleep in (bitter laugh). But wouldn’t it be weird if I was the one waking her up? Like, “Ne~ Don’t you need to go to work—”

Interviewer: I wouldn’t want to see Ruki like that (laugh) But I guess it’s just that whoever goes out with you is going to have it tough.

Ruki: Because I’m still in the middle of looking for love.

Interviewer: Have you ever fallen in love with two people at the same time?

Ruki: If you read my lyrics I think you’ll understand, but there are a lot of people who cheat, right? Because I’m not writing stuff I made up.

Interviewer: Heh! So it has happened.

Ruki: But it’s impossible for me to love two people at once. If I have a girlfriend, but started being interested in someone else, I would just go that way.

Interviewer: That’s not cheating, it’s just a change of heart isn’t it.

Ruki: Yes. So it’s not loving two people at once or cheating. It’s cut in, cut out.

Interviewer: I see. But aren’t there a lot of guys who carry their past loves with them?

Ruki: No, I don’t do that. I might carry around a past unrequited love, but I quickly forget about past relationships.

Interviewer: Have you ever thought, “That was a great relationship” or anything?

Ruki: I have….do you want to hear?

Interviewer: Please tell me.

Ruki: My high school girlfriend and I broke up because I cheated.

Interviewer: ……….?

Ruki: Damn, I have cheated!

Interviewer: (laugh) !

Ruki: Then once I lost her I understood. Like, “Ahh, that was a great girl”.

Interviewer: So you’re not carrying it around, it just remains as a beautiful memory.

Ruki: that’s right. There are a few times when I’ve realized, “Now that I think about it, that was a great person”. So that would be telling a lie when you break up.

Interviewer: “GENTLE LIE”, huh.

Ruki: Yes. The last message I got from her said, “I was really happy when we were together. Thank you.” I was like, “Nooo, you’re totally pissed off, right?”

Interviewer: (laugh) But I don’t think getting angry would mean that she hated you.

Ruki: I guess that’s true..

Interviewer: Then, what would you do if you and your friend both liked the same person?

Ruki: It’s never happened, but if it did, I would ask my friend if he liked her or not. Then if he said he did, I would give her up.

Interviewer: Hehh

Ruki: I put my friends first. No matter how much I love someone.

Interviewer: Friendship first, huh.

Ruki: Of course. Because I hate men or women who pick love over friendship.

Interviewer: You’re finally sounding more like a guy.

Ruki: No, I’m always guyish (laugh).

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