Ryan and Taylor Ты Ask Why ? I Say Why Not

Ahliviaa posted on Feb 15, 2010 at 09:12PM
whats that old saying ? opposites attract ?
well, tell me if these to people are oposites enough.
Ryan - boy, low maintenence, dosent care, literally the moset vege person ever, into sports, self pining activies, blaming himself for everything, and shamelessly making fun of seth cohen.
Taylor - girl, high maintenece, cares so much she seems crazy, is extencivly to the point, into fine arts, new languages, school and trying to fix the broken,married and is now divorced from her french husband.

And yet they have the same inner selfs.

Ryan & Taylor - broken home, lives in the oc but not really from the oc.. at least deep down there not, at one point the both hated taylor, have a nack for using sarcasm and both like to make fun of seth.

So for all you Taylor Ryan hating people, my first question is .. why are you on the ryan and taylor fan page?, and secondly .. Why not Ryan + taylor = forever ?

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