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Please, help me find this picture in higher quality!


или at least could someone say where it is from photoshoot/movie/etc
I have no ideaa where this is from ive never even seen it before :O
icebabe97 posted Больше года
 Rock_Baby posted Больше года
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aes124 said:
I can't give Ты an exact address for a higher quality version, but I can help Ты find one you're happy with.

If Ты Поиск via Google Images, they have a new feature where Ты can Поиск by using a picture Ты have. As Ты look at the Поиск bar, at the very right end is a pic of a camera - click it. Then Ты can either input an Ссылка for the picture, или choose to Загрузить it from your computer files.

Google will then Поиск out this specific pic and compile a grid listing of all the versions it could find. To get to the listing for the pic, you'll need to click on the thumbnail of the pic at the вверх of the Поиск results page. You'll be redirected to the different versions of the фото Ты searched for.

Really hope this helps Ты out. :)
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posted Больше года 
Hokerazzi said:
this helps?
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posted Больше года 
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