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Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) Вопрос

My Saint Seiya Poems and Songs Lyrics

Short songs/poems.
Five Bronze Saints,not one of them is main,there are four names Ты will know not Ikki или any of them Ты will knew.
Ikki and Hyoga,one of them is Shun's brother.Kid,and grown up Ikki saved Shun so much!
The friendship is everything,four или five i will choose one!Let's go,my Друзья beat a lot of Black Saints,gotta let our cosmo burn gotta get Золото Cloth!With a full of strength,like a Золото Saints we are beating Black Saints on a power of the friendship!
Let's one of us go,to go beat a bad guys!
Athena (Saori,ignore this text,please thank you) is kidnapped,we will not let her to die!We hurry then,we beat cause,our strength is big and getting bigger!LET OUR COSMO BURN,GOT PLACES TO BEAT OUR ENEMIES!
(Hope Ты like please,no hate don't ignore this read full except first one saying about Athena)
 DusanIvanovic posted Больше года
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