Сандра Буллок 30-Day Sandra Bullock Challenge!

Vishee posted on Aug 24, 2011 at 08:07AM
Rules are simple: for each day you post an answer for one question. You don't have to do it everyday, but you can only post one answer a day. Enjoy!

1. First Sandy movie you ever watched
2. Favorite Sandy movie
3. Least favorite Sandy movie
4. Favorite line from a Sandy movie
5. Favorite scene from a Sandy movie
6. Favorite Sandy movie character
7. Least favorite Sandy movie character
8. Favorite co-actor/on-screen partner for Sandy
9. Least favorite co-actor/on-screen partner for Sandy
10. Favorite on-screen kiss
11. Favorite talk show guesting/interview
12. Favorite TV show guesting stint
13. Favorite Sandy quote
14. Favorite Sandy magazine cover
15. Favorite Sandy photo (random)
16. Favorite Sandy photo (in a gown/formal wear)
17. Least favorite Sandy photo (random)
18. Least favorite Sandy photo (in a gown/formal wear)
19. A movie/role in an existing movie that you wished Sandy had done
20. An actor you want to pair with Sandy in a movie (not yet paired with her)
21. An actress you want to collaborate with Sandy in a movie (not yet worked with her)
22. Type of character/role you think Sandy can portray well
23. A song that reminds you of Sandy
24. A Sandy-related priced possession
25. When did you start liking Sandy?
26. Best thing about Sandy
27. Worst thing about Sandy
28. If you were to interview her, what would you ask?
29. Given a chance to meet Sandy, what do you want to say to her?
30. Last Sandy movie you watched (whether on cinema, TV, or DVD)

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Больше года Vishee said…
1. Miss Congeniality.