Сандра Буллок Sandra Learns the True Character of Jesse James

imperialegg posted on Mar 31, 2010 at 04:43PM
Sandra, if you ever read this, know that you are thought of very highly by all your friends, fans and loved ones. You have just realized how wrong you were about Jesse James and what his true character really is, and has been all along. What you thought he was and hoped he could become with your love and support, can never happen. Even after you married him and tried to give the guy some class, he remained exactly what he always was, a trashy, disturbed, and opportunistic dirtbag. Its not your fault, his character was already formed a long time ago and there is no one and nothing that will change who he is. I think he is a trashy, lowdown character with a dark side that craves numerous sexual encounters with strippers, women of low-moral and self value, tattooed bodies and disturbed minds. I think he is deeply disturbed himself. Learning the true character of someone that you chose to love and build a life with is one of the most crushing and earth shattering experiences anyone can have. I know, because this has happened to me. Forgivemess may only come after years and years have passed. Trying to "make it work" with him is not an option, because he will never be able to stop his compulsions to seek out what is dirty, troubled, lonely, disturbed, abusive, and perverse in women of low self-value. He will always gravitate to these types of women because that is WHO HE REALLY IS, and this is permanently etched into his character. I'm so sorry. I know he was tall and hunk; the affection probably felt good, but sometimes you unpeel the avocado and you find out the inside is rotten. Throw it out. We love you, please try to move on in strength and dignity.

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Больше года ilvscifi said…
My dear egg-face, oh sorry, imperialegg. What a sexist approach to a serious situation between Sandy and JJ. My GOD woman, how do you possibly believe that your rants will help Mrs James at all! As an individual (a man) in a similar situation, I came to understand this situation far more than you can ever. Instead of bitching about your experience, which probably turned out in a drunken weekend with the girls, nothing was resolved, but oh, wait, after time you came to forgive.

Again, this is a serious and yes, a grown up problem that must be dealt with by all means possible. It's so easy to walk away. My God, isn't that the problem with most relationships. Now, I'm not excusing what JJ did to Sandy. It hurts and hurts deep. However, I can only recommend that Sandy seek the power of the people who can really help her heal and forgive. It does not mean the relationship is guaranteed to work, but it's worth the fight. Why give up so easily. I believe deep within my being that JJ is completely in love with Sandy. She knows it. Could he possibly doing everything he can to change? peel the onion?

Sandy (JJ calls you that, right), you are a beautiful, gifted and wonderful woman. No one can question that the characters you play comes from the real you. Please breath, see the mountains, the Sierra, there is powers beyond our control that can help us heal and love.

I pray for you and JJ. You both are 'NICE' people. I can see it in your eyes.....I looked real deep.
Больше года imperialegg said…
ilvscifi: My comment wasn't about YOU personally. This was about Sandra Bullock. Your attack on me is inappropriate and misguided and your presumptions of my personal life are false. If you were coming here seeking a sympathetic response to J. James because it relates to a demise that you brought upon yourself from similar lewd behavior on your part, then you came to the wrong place. Why don't you post a comment on Jesse james' fan page, maybe you will find sympathizers over there.
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Больше года imperialegg said…
After a betrayal like that, on so many levels and over a PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME, there's no taking a person like that ( a white trash dirtbag ) back. Their entire relationship was based on lies. It was actually over before it ever got started. Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag. He deceived, sexed other women and lied about his character from the first day they met. He got sloppy and he got caught. If any male or female thinks they can relate to jesse james and his behavior, I have NO sympathy for you. You do not deserve forgiveness or sympathy because you are a selfish, self-indulgent, inconsiderate dirtbag who does not know how to love anyone except for your self and your private parts.