Sane Twilighters Kiss, Hug, Slap!

ashesandwine posted on Nov 01, 2009 at 02:59PM
Ok... So I've seen this in lots of spots and I thought why not here?

I don't know if you guys know this game so I'll explain:

Someone gives three names and the person that answers next we'll say if she/he would kiss, hug or slap!

An example:

Aro, Edward, Jasper

Kiss: Jasper (of course:P)
Hug: Edward
Slap: Aro

Hope you guys understood!!! And hope you'll have fun!!!
I'll start:

Alice, Leah, Jane

One thing: The person that answers has to say the name of three new characters so the game can continue!

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Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
cool idea ashesandwine :)

Kiss: Leah
Hug: Alice
Slap: Jane

Jacob, Edward, Sam :)
Больше года ashesandwine said…

Kiss: Edward
Hug: Sam
Slap: Jabob:P

Dimitri, Felix, Paul
Больше года joelle101 said…
big smile

K hummmmmmmm.......(let tpb be some1 who is team werewolves!)
Больше года ashesandwine said…
I am not Team Werewolves! Go vampires:P! But I'll answer:P

Kiss: Edward
Hug: Quil
Slap: Jacob!
Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
since you didn't put more names i'll do the same people,,, i am team werewolves lol :P


Team Jacob FTW lol :D

oh yea the names lol,,,,, Bella Jasper Alice :P
last edited Больше года
Больше года ashesandwine said…
LOL.... sorry, I forgot! Stupid me:P


Kiss: Jasper (of course:P No doubt there:P)
Hug: Alice
Slap: Bella

Victoria, Heidi, Jane
Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
its okay we forgive you lol ;) thts exactly how i would have done those names XD

kiss: Victoria
hug: Jane
slap: Heidi

James, Aro, Emmett :)
Больше года ashesandwine said…
Thanks, hon:) You guys are the best:) I just love this spot:D

LOL... Give me Jasper any day:P

Kiss: Emmett
Hug: James
Slap: Aro

Felix, Alec, Dimitri
Больше года lollipopszx3 said…
Kiss : ALEC!!! <3
Hug : Demetri!
Slap : Felix :( Why couldn't this game be called Kiss the Volturi? :P

Edward, Jacob, Emmett :D
Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
lol lollipopszx3 :))

kiss: JACOB <333
hug: Emmett *monkey man lol*
slap: Edward *sorry team edwards lol*
Marcus, Renesmee, Rosalie :)

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Больше года PiiXiiE said…
kiss: Renesmee
hug: Rosalie
slap: Marcus

Charlie, Renee, Billy (the parents!)
Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
kiss: Billy *Team Werewolves lol*
Hug: Carlie *he reminds me of my dad esp in the gun scene lol
Slap: Renee *she's to much like Bella lol*

Sam, Quil, and Embry *duh wolfies!!*
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
Kiss: Embry
Hug: Sam
Slap: Quil

I just love the wolves!

Mike, Angela, Jessica *Team Humans ^^*
Больше года ashesandwine said…
Kiss: Mike (the only guy:P)
Hug: Angela
Slap: Jessica

James, Victoria, Laurent *Team Nomads:P*
Больше года CULLEN-HALE said…
Kiss: James! *he is SO.. idk lol
Hug: Victoria *she's awesome!
Slap: Laurent *ugh,, lol

EDIT:: forgot to put the next people lolz urm.. let go with the voltori lol! Jane Alec and Heidi!
last edited Больше года
Больше года ashesandwine said…
Kiss: Alec (only guy:P)
Hug: Heidi
Slap: Jane:P

Aro, Caius, Marcus:P The leaders
Больше года ajhalecullen said…
Kiss: Caius
Hug: Marcus
Slap: Aro

Jasper, Mike, Quil =]
Больше года ashesandwine said…
YAY:D Jazz:P

Kiss: Jasper:P
Hug: Quil
Slap: Mike:P
Больше года italiangirl976 said…
Kiss: Jacob
Hug: Emmett
Slap: Rosalie

Seth, Alice, Paul
Больше года caitie_cool said…
kiss: seth (ahhh)
hug: alice (yay)
slap: paul (grrr)

ok.... emmett, rosalie & carlisle

good luck.
Больше года cullen0lover said…
Kiss: Carlisle
Hug: Emmett
Slap: Rosalie

Nessie, Jacob, Rosalie