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A SasuNaru Fanfiction story

written by enslavedRei

A/N Just a little heads up; this fic is AU and Sasuke may be a little OOC (same things goes for Naruto). Also, I am not completely sure how the schooling system goes in Япония или anywhere else besides my country, so I'm probably gonna make some things up. Hmmm, that would be all, I think. Now, please read on…

- PB -

DISCLAIMER: Наруто is a A/M series that by law, and this is some proven shit, belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Even if I want a piece of it, I would have to get in line. Which is a bugger, so I'll just keep borrowing him.

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.......... = NEW SCENE
(....) = THOUGHTS

Naruto begins to open his eyes very slowly. He sees a figure above him, very faintly. but the figure has no face. it's covered by a mask. "wh-who are you?" he asks with a faint voice.... the masked figure doesn't respond. "wh-who are you?" he asks again. the masked figure stands above him, quiet. "mh! my head!" Наруто slowly begins to go unconsious again. the masked figure kneels down infront of him before he feels his body being lifted. "who are you?" He feels a light breeze on his face before he passes out again.
The Далее time he wakes...
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Наруто awoke with a bolt of lightening coursing through his body as he awoke. He forgot he left out a bunch of scrolls out from Чтение the night before! as he was cleaning them up he found a small unnamed scroll. He slipped his finger under the tab and slid it open. It сказал(-а) : Please meet me in front of the big oak дерево at 3 pm tonight! very important. Sasuke. Наруто was a bit taken back by the awkward note! He looked at the clock and noticed it was 2 pm! For some reason he felt it was important to not be late. He washed up and got dressed and left for the the oak tree. when he arrived he realized...
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AN: I've never been a big Фан of angst but i decided to give it a shot. This fic, although simply fiction, means a lot to me. The topic i decided to cover was a cruel reality that unfortuneatly exists. So i hope nobody takes this the wrong way. Based on the song "Love the way Ты lie" by Эминем and Rihanna. I can't believe my first СасНару fic turned out like this T_T

Disclaimer: I own Nothing

Warning: Яой (boyxboy), Violence, short sexual scene. Read at own risk.


The first time was the worst one. It left me broken, scared, and confused. The...
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Well boys and Fangurls its been a while and i have been a complete retard and forgot about Fanpop entirly. ON THAT NOTE! let the 9th chapter begin -awesome story beginning sound effects-

when they got to the Spa Наруто stared in shock of joy. A nicely built cozy spa in the woods. in his mind he was skipping and doing cartwheels. it was TOTALLY romantic. Well they checked in and headed tot heir rooms for a little bit before they got ready for their first день of SPA-TASTIC Adventure. (LOL) after some seaweed wraps a dip in a hot tub and a deep skin massage, Sasuke had Остаться в живых track of his little...
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ok we left Наруто and sasuke afternaruto was abducted by ITACHI (evil bastard!)now back with еще of the story.

Наруто woke up with clouded vision and stuggled breathing. His hand were tied behind his back and his mouth was covered. his ninja training kicked in he srvayed his surroundings. he was in a dark sound proof room with an iron door a matress on the floor and a toilet and sink but no mirror. Наруто struggled to his feet and ised a broken lead pipe to cut off the rope tieing his hands together. He removed the cloth coving his mouth and breathed deeply he smelled mold and blood! :Back...
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sorry for taking so long we were deciding on a name for the monster under my bed. last time Какаси had a mission for his ninja trainee's.

Naruto opened the scroll snuggling in sasuke's arms laying on sasuke's bed. he shot right up and gasped. They werent on a mission dear Какаси gave them a trip to a couples spa for them afteer what had happened. to their sadness Какаси and Iruka were going along as well. Sasuke laughed knowing that Iruka and Какаси liked each other but they were both to shy to say anything tot he other. Наруто just smiles and hugs sasuke tight. "Can Ты believe it!?! Kakashi...
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Yes im back and with some еще tear jerking, drool induceing scroll chapters. now forgive me if i miss spell anything. Also i will try with all my might to bring them еще regularly because i think this could turn out good ya know?! anyway on with the story...

Naruto sat on the диван, мягкий уголок of the безопасно, сейф house. He had his knee's pulled to his chest and his arms wraapped around them. Какаси was monatoring the безопасно, сейф houses status.Iruka and Sasuke were making dinner. Наруто felt lost."why did this happen? just when things strt to go right!" he though whinceing at the tears he felt swelling in his eyes....
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