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posted by Hellowittykitty
I awoke the Далее morning. I looked at the time. Damn. It was 6:00 a.m. I stretched and scratched my hair. Guess it was time for a visit to the hair salon. Scourge's arms were wrapped around my waist protectively. He was murmuring various things in his sleep. In audio, all I could make out was, "Don't touch my girl. She's all mine. Stripes...." I pondered who this guy with stripes was. Probably another hedgehog. I flipped myself over so that me and Scourge were facing each other. He abruptly opened his ice blue eyes and my радуга ones met his. He smiled at me. It was еще of a grin because...
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While we were walking, I stared at his eyes. They were like the entire sea staring at you. He caught me looking at him and inched closer, "What are Ты looking at me for?" I shimmied away from him. I shouldn't have look at him. I didn't respond, merely just staring at the night sky. He was looking at me, I looked at him. A win win. Then we started talking. The conversation was on what we liked to do, what we were good at, our Избранное foods, and such. Scourge stopped suddenly, grinning at the sky. "What's wrong?" I asked, face-palming myself mentally for the stupid question. Scourge smiled....
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posted by silverstruelove
Shadow's POV: after luna explained about magic, i ran to the hospital. I promised her that i wasn't going to let her die. I ran just then i heard a sonic boom. At first i thought it was my dad but it was luna. She flashed one of her smiles and a thumbs up at me. I felt my self turn red. I looked up to see silver flying above us. I smiled and ran even faster. When we got to the hospital automaticly i went to magic's room. I saw scourge about to put the drug into magic. Just then luna ran into the room saying there's no way on hell i would let Ты kill my friend then started the first attack. Just then we all started to attack him. After we beat the shit out of him. I look at silver and Magic and decided it was the perfect moment to tell luna how i felt but i chickened out abd decided to wink at her
posted by silverstruelove
Some of Ты who been following the story may be wondering how scourge found me 3 years ago. I shall explain.
The день before the attempted rape:
Scourge: Эй, shadow
Shadow: Эй, scourge
Scourge:my mom сказал(-а) that i could come over to your house today
Shadow: awesome
They went walking to our house ( me and shadow's house)
Shadow: dude i cant wait for Ты to meet my family
Scourge: dude Ты sound like a girl who is taking her boyfriend to meet her parents
Shadow:sorry ( blushes)
Scourge: it's ok, sweetie (trying to hold a laugh in)
Shadow:(blushes a deeper red) stop it
Scourge:dude i was just messing with ya...
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posted by silverstruelove
Me: ohh god silver
"Silver": im going to finish this
He steadied me, and сказал(-а) that it was going to hurt like hell. I smiled at him, because other than shadow, he was most protective of me. He entered in me slowly, and i felt like i was getting ripped apart. To keep up his act, "silver" stopped and waited till the pain went away. Then he started again but this time not a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure. He gradually went faster. I was close to my climax but he beat me to it. He splattered everywhere then i followed a couple of секунды later. He fell Далее to me and kissed me on the cheek. Two hours later, i woke up and he wasn't there anymore. Just then i saw a note. It said," thanks for the fun babe, from scourge." I fell my tears water up in my eyes. I couldn't believe that i Остаться в живых my virgnity to a guy who tried to do that three years ago.

Short story time:
Silver: i wonder how magic
 I hope Ты guys like it!~Author's Note
I hope you guys like it!~Author's Note



This couldn't be happening! I can't be pregnant! I'm just a young fox! I'm still in high school! And god only knows what damn grade Scourge is. I covered my mouth and let tears flow down my eyes. Scourge immediately rushed toward me and shot Mindy a mean glare. "You think it's funny when my whole world has CANCER?" Mindy scowled. I knew in her mind she was sticking the middle finger at Scourge. I sobbed, full of happiness, sadness, and confusion. What was next? Scourge was probably going to dump me. Just like my prom дата Brian the белка dumped me at the last минута in the ballroom....
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posted by silverstruelove
Chapter two: the drug
Magic:(talking in her sleep) no. No.NO! (Wakes up in a cold sweat) oh it was only a dream
3 years ago, i was almost raped by Scourge, a convicted rapist and child molester. Ever since then, i have had nightmares about him. I was scared to being alone, but this time i was, because my parents had to go a meeting, and my brother had to go to a football meeting in a city 5,000 miles away, so they won't be back for a week. I got up to drink some молоко to make me fall asleep. I slowly closed my eyes. An час later, i felt a sharp pain in my neck. I opened my eyes to see silver in front of me. It wasn't even silver, that pain i felt was a needle filled with a liquid that made a person hallucinations and made that person's sex hormones grow. He smiled at me sexually, and said," Эй, beautiful did Ты miss me?" I smiled at him, and said," yes i have sexy"
To find out what happens read part 3

To find out what happened
posted by sexyluna34
i then watched as the police took scourge and sent him to a new dimension...far away from me...good riddens:

jake: ow my arm.

luna: are Ты sure your alright?

jake: long as your gonna be fine*smiles*

luna: *smiles and takes him inside*

luna; are Ты sure? do Ты need to sit down?

jake: shoulder....

luna: where does it hurt?

jake: right there *points to right shoulder*

luna: i dont see anymmmmpphhh

jake: *kissing me* mmmmmmm*breaks kiss* ...*smiles* i lied.

luna: *blushes*..what about your real injury?

jake: arm...ugh.... its gonna need to heal ...itll only take 2...
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added by christalthefox
Night: Scourgey, stop it! It tickles!!!!!

Scourge: *keeps nibbling on Night's neck gently* heh.

Night: *giggles* Tee hee!!!

Scourge: Night you're so cute!!!!

Night: Ты too scourgey.

Scourge: *licks his cheek* Night~

Night: Scourge~

Scourge: I Любовь you~ <3

Night: I Любовь Ты too~ <3

They looked at each others eyes, sparkling with beautiful stars. They leaned closer and both touched lips together, Поцелуи with equal passion. Alot of Любовь and forever be together....forever and always.

The end.
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posted by sexyluna34
i was only 13 when i met him.... jeez.....heres what happened i was alone at my house wathcing tv..i had the phone Далее to me and the news came on:

tv: in other news..a rapist hedgehog has been running around raping 13-16 год olds while no one is in there house-

luna:*spits out Кока-кола i just drank*

luna: ..the hell?


luna:*feels eyes watching her*

i then felt someones hands one my shoulders...i got scared and i turned around.

tv: this hedgehog is green with blue eyes and has a if anyone sees this man call-

????: Эй, there....wanna party?

luna: *gets out piko hammer that rosy...
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posted by sexyluna34
when i woke up the Далее morning..i found a note.

note: luna....look behind ya..and your gonna find something to make your morning great.

i turned and saw scourge...he slept near me...he then hugged me while sleeping...i blushed.....then.. i just didnt move....i started to Переместить my hand on his face....i saw his scars..i thought:poor guy. i then licked his stomahc as if doing that may make them dissapear...i then heard a laugh ...i looked up and scourge was smiling at me.

scourge: morning...that was a nice little good seems that your taking interest in me...dont ya think?

i then lost...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog
chapter 1-WAKING UP
Sonic blinked against the harsh light of the sun and forced his eyes open. To his amazement, everything was gigantic, especially Eggman, who looked as dumbfounded as he did. “I thought that invention was supposed to destroy them!” His voice boomed in his ears like fire-crackers, making him flinch. Then he stood up. He fell backwards onto his back, then rolled onto his stomach, which felt еще comfortable than usual. What happened to me? Sonic wondered as he tried to stand on his legs. To his astonishment, he could still stand, but he was standing on all fours. Suddenly,...
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posted by SonicXAlika
Scourge is a жопа, попка hedgehog but also is not a a** he is a guy who always hits on every girl he sees i do not like obsess over him i just like him as a character who has a attitude and is a pain and my sister showed me archie comics and learned еще about him and this is not a complaint to ScourgeXAlex17 because i live with her andshe is the one who showed me scourge and told me she was madly in Любовь with him so i kinda like scourge and i only like sonic the most becuase his hero attitude and now im so bored and i don't know what to wright
posted by sexyluna34
it happened last entire life changed after that... heres what happened:

luna: zzzzzzz..

scourge:*teleported into my room* time to finally make Ты mine..luna michelle the fox...*holds up cuff ring with an x on it*

scourge then got in the постель, кровати and took off my underwear...i woke up feeling his gloved hands on my hips...i turned around and stared at my worst nightmare:

scourge: *smirks and pulls my arm so that im closer to him* Эй, babe..did ya miss me? *chuckles* Ты and i are gonna have a party. *grabs my face and kisses me....he got his tongue in there to..i tried to grab my...
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