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He wanted to know how she was feeling?

She felt numb.

She felt hollow, like a black hole at her center had sucked away her insides, only no one could tell because the outer shell was still intact.

She felt angry all the time, at him, at her parents, at the world, at herself. And she didn't know why.

Her thoughts were jumpy and sluggish at the same time, skipping from subject to subject only because by the time she got to the middle of a thought, she forgot where she'd started или where she was going. So she felt lost.

She felt like crying every time she laughed, and she rarely felt much like laughing.

She felt heavy.

She felt unworthy. She felt like if someone touched her in the right way, she might disintegrate.

She could turn off the tears and paint on a smile whenever she needed to, which made her wonder if the tears weren't real, either. She felt like a fraud.

But she wasn't about to tell him any of that.

"I feel fine."
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A four-hour miniseries that presents a modern-day look at the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. Harper Grace (Dreama Walker) is a manipulative Queen bee at her local high school, but her popularity is usurped when transfer student Kaia Sellers (Rachel Melvin) comes to town, seducing her friend Beth’s (Emma Lahana) boyfriend Adam (Jared Keeso), and even shamelessly pursuing handsome French teacher Mr. Powell (Eric Close). And unbeknownst to Harper, her father Hank is carrying on an extramarital affair with Sharon Geary, the town sheriff. But the seven deadly sins come with a price, and when one...
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seven deadly sins
7 deadly sins
Her skin was so soft.

Everything about her was perfect. That sweet, lilting voice that sang whenever she spoke. Her hair, which fell through his fingers like it had no substance, no weight, but was made of golden light. Her lips, which were now pressed against his neck, and her fingers, which crawled down his bare chest and massaged his back. Her pale blue eyes, closed now, shaded by delicate eyelids rimmed by eyelashes so light, they were nearly invisible.

She moaned softly, and shivered as he traced his fingers lightly down the small of her back. Reed grabbed her waist, gently tipping her onto her back and rolling on вверх of her, so their chests breathed together and their lips met. He supported his weight on his elbows, so as not to crush her, and stared down at her.

Whatever doubts he'd had at the beginning, whatever guilt he'd struggled with, he was past that now.

He had no regrets.
7 deadly sins
seven deadly sins
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They wanted him. All of them. He knew it.

And he loved it.

Kane Geary had developed many gifts in his eighteen years of life, not least of which was a finely tuned radar for the appreciative stares of beautiful women. And tonight, he could feel their eyes on him, their gazes drawn from all over the restaurant. The luscious redhead in the back booth, stealing glances over her date's sloping shoulders; the trim blonde waiting for the bathroom, zeroing in on his chiseled pecs; their perky waitress, shamelessly grazing his shoulder as she leaned across him to lay out their Еда — even the age-weathered...
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Beth loved to trace her fingers along the gently curved line of Adam's back. It was her Избранное part, this moment, this quiet pause just after they'd finished rolling around beneath the covers (careful not to go too far или to mention the fact that, as always, they stopped just before they did). And just before the inevitable. The tension. The горький look. The fighting.

No, it was worth it to lie there for a moment, watching the rise and fall of Adam's back as he sprawled on his stomach, spent. Easy to благодарность herself up and admire his lean, muscled form, to marvel, for the thousandth time, that...
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She'll be fine, Kane told himself. He'd find a way to fix things, without destroying himself in the process. He couldn't do that, even for her. He couldn't do it for anyone.

It doesn't make me evil, he told himself. It just makes me human.

Self-preservation was a fundamental human right. еще than that — it was an obligation.

He wished he could be that guy, the one who could dial the number, confess to his crimes, save the day. For the first time in his life, he wished he was someone else, someone nobler, someone braver. Someone better. But he wasn't.
It was a mistake.

It had to be.

She'd heard wrong. или it was a lie.

A dream. A nightmare. Something.

Because if it was true —

If it was true, and this was reality, there was no going back to the person she'd been. Before.

The plan had worked. Everything had unfolded as she'd imagined it. She'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted. But . . .

She'd made a mistake. A fatal error. Because it hadn't gone exactly as planned, had it?

There was supposed to be humiliation — and there was.

There was supposed to be suffering — and there was.

Everything had gone the way it was supposed to. Except —

No one was supposed to die.
"You know Ты want me," Kaia whispered, her breath hot and moist against his ear.

Adam сказал(-а) nothing, but didn't — couldn't — push her away. Her perfume washed over him, missing with the smoky air, and he was suffocating, he was dizzy, he was Остаться в живых in the pounding of the music, the vibrations running through the floor, through their bodies, the thunderous bass. He was Остаться в живых in the sight of her swollen lips, her wide eyes, her body pressing against his in the darkness.

He thought of Beth, of the look on her face when she'd walked away from him, of the sound of her voice through her tears, telling him she didn't trust him, could never trust him. He thought of what Beth would think, what she would do if she saw him here with Kaia. Thought of proving her wrong, thought of proving her right —

And then, as Kaia's hands tightened around his waist, as his chest pressed against hers, as her tongue slipped past his lips — he wasn't thinking about Beth anymore.