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Another Lily/Sev Фан video.... I never do get tired of those two... Le sigh!!! Yeah it is AU but all of my Lily/Sev vids are!!! I don't own anything! Just playing in the sandbox!!!! Enjoy!!!
Северус Снегг
lily evans
Фан video
harry potter couples
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Suddenly, he saw very strong light. He didn't understand what's going on. When he appeared in a dark room, illuminated by the moonlight, his thoughts confused. Suddenly, Далее to the window he saw what caused him to speak.
- L...lily? - he stared at her like a kid in a Конфеты store's window.
Girl, who stood at the window, turned to him. Severus saw her long fiery hair and no longer had any doubts. His Lily. They were slowly catching on to the Далее one.
- Yes, Severus, that's me, - whispered.
He instantly ran to her and hugged her.
- But ... How? How can this happen? - his voice was shaky, tears...
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