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It was a bright sunny день in chicago and Cece and Rocky is getting ready to the mall.
Cece:Are Ты ready?
Rocky:You bet i'am!
Cece:*Whispers* i will дата Ty!
Rocky:What was that?!
Rocky:You just say I will дата Ty
Cece:No that is stupid!
Rocky:I thought it was just the both of us!
Cece:Yes it is! Oh what am i saying no it's not!
Rocky:I can't Believe this!*Crying*
*Runaway crying*
Cece:(Bad feeling)
Cece finds Rocky in the Subway station...
Cece:I'm sorry Rocky...
Rocky:(ignoring Cece)
Cece:Rocky! i never had a friend like you! I mean when i was little my best friend is boy named Dummy!
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