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Ty was in a Любовь triangle.It was either Cece или Tinka.He did'nt who to choose and they went litterally crazy about it.Everyday when they walked pass each other in the hall,they exchanged nasty words like " You're a slut," and so on.One день when Tinka had called Cece " A dislexic retarded вишня вверх haired dumbo," Cece was furious.She slapped Tinka in her face, Tinka had fallen to the ground.Cece had ran down the hall, bashing and throwing things down.Cece was having none of it.Rocky had found her in the gym, practicing on a punching bag.The bag looked torn up and beaten,different from how it...
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Cece's mom had just moved in Далее door, and she was causing mayhem. Every night, she would blast Музыка loudly, let her dog bark until the police were called или just call Cece every five минуты to check on her.
"Gunther, I cant deal with this! I'm already uncomfortable from morning sickeness, I dont need her to make it worse!"

"Cece Im sorry, there's nothing I could do. I've searched for houses but there's nothing in our price range. Just take your prenatal vitamins and you'll be fine. Besides cheer up the baby душ is on Saturday."

"Okay. I'm just moody all the time. I cant controll it. Im...
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(This is fanfiction)

RockyBlueBear:Hey,whts up?


RockyBlueBear:I'm bored,Ty is out wit Cece ;)

DeuceMartinez123:R they on a date?

RockyBlueBear:I guess so...

DeuceMartinez: Speaking of dates I have to ask u sumthin'


DeuceMartinez123:You wanna go on a дата wit me?

RockyBlueBear: YES!:)!!!!!

DeuceMartinez:I'll meet Ты at the park I have something planned :)

RockyBlueBear:Okay bye.Bout 2 log off see u there :)

DeuceMartinez123:Bye! :) <3

RockyBlueBear: *GASP* <3 U 2!

'RockyBlueBear' has logged off.

'DeuceMartinez123' has logged off.
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CeCe's P.O.V

'Cause Ты had a bad день your taking one down Ты sing a sad song jut to turn it around. I was listening to Danial Powers 'Bad Day' becuase today I was having one. For one Deuce and Dina broke up. 2 Ty still hasn't noticed me. 3 I got insulted by Gunther and Tinka 4 I got up late and I was late for school. 5 Since i got up late I didn't have time to do my hair and make-up so I looked like a mess. 6 We had gym. And 7 I forgot mmy homework at home. I sighed and collapsed on the stairs.

"I hate today!" I yelled, then I realzed I still looked like a train wreck so I ran back inside fixed...
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