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So I know alot of people out there Любовь the idea of Lip and Karen together as a couple. Everyone has couples that they like and ones they dislike. I happen to greatly dislike this couple for many reasons.

I suppose one of the main reasons would be the fact that Lip seems to actually care for her. He genuinely likes her and I don't see that she cares about him at all. It is almost as if she is with him because she can get something from him. Like she wants to ride on his пальто tails so to speak.

You always see her opening up to him about her problems. It's always her this and her that. She never...
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posted by Noellexcz
Ok is it me или was anyone else annoyed about the karen lip thing!! That drove me up a wall. I cant fathom why he would forgive her "loving" her или not!!

I mean come on she fucked his father all because she was mad at daddy for an all to acurate Описание of what she was doing. She used guys for money and clothes and fucked them in return does that not scream whore?

And I felt bad for her father granted he shouldnt have called her a whore in public like that but come on she had it a long time coming!! And then eddie killed himself and I felt so bad for him. The girl has problems and she needs to fucking grow up. Everyone has problems with family, that doesnt mean Ты lash out like that.

Come on I cant be alone in thinking this was complete crap!!
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