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posted by Joanlockfan
“Stay,” he said.
That was the секунда time Joan Watson’s world had stopped in her whole life. She was about to leave Sherlock and Переместить on to another client, and she had been in that situation thousands of times- the fact of leave a client and then go to another was common for her, it was a routine. But for some strange reason, she couldn’t leave Sherlock so easily. She had become a way attached to him, they were friends? Joan wondered, but then she remembered that “Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have any friends.” She couldn’t help herself and imagined how a день without Sherlock could...
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posted by joejonasfan001
Memories are funny things. They can come and go. Memories are like diaries. We store everything in there. Good ones and bad ones. But what happens when those memories are taken from us?

Joan was in the кухня making some coffee to wake herself up. She didn't hear Sherlock sneaking up behind her. Sherlock wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close

"Good morning"
"Your up early"
"Yeah i couldn't really sleep"
"Everything okay?"
"Yeah must just be one of those nights"

Sherlock began to Kiss the back of her neck and run his hand through her hair. She lent back into him and sighed with...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Joan woke the Далее morning with Sherlock's arms wrapped around her. She gently turned to face him, he look so peaceful when he was asleep. She leaned in and gave a slow, soft kiss, After a moment she felt him reply. She pulled away slowly and placed her forehead against his.
'Can i get woken like that everyday?.' She giggled.
'Maybe..If your good.' She gave him a quick kiss. 'I have to meet my mother today, hope Ты don't mind.'
'Well it's ruined my plans for the da...'
'What plans?'
'Well they involved you, me and this bed.' Joan smiled as he leaned in and kissed her, his hands gripped her waist...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock couldn't keep his eyes of Joan all night, she was amazing. He knew he had to ask her now или he never will. He already told her dad about tonight and was waiting for his permission to ask her. Joe gave him a nod, Sherlock took a deep breathe.
'Sherlock, Ты ok?.'
'I'm fine, in fact i'm..Happier then i've ever been. Joan, when we first met i knew Ты were something special, and when we got together i knew Ты were the right one for me. You've never дана up on me and i promise to do the same.' He took the ring out of his pocket. 'Joan Watson, will Ты do me the tremendous honor of becoming...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Irene was listening in. She managed to plant a device in the браунстоун, коричневый камень, коричневого while they were out to ужин with Joan's parents. She couldn't believe it, Sherlock could be a father. He always сказал(-а) to her that kids would be a burden to him, especially with his work. She understood that but would Joan?.

'Your pregnant?.'
'I don't know. I haven't checked it yet.' Sherlock moved his hands to her tummy. He couldn't believe it, a baby could be in there. His baby. Joan placed her hands on his. 'I'm so nervous.'
'Your not the only one.' Joan looked down at her tummy.
'But i'm also..excited. I shouldn't be getting...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock woke to sound of Joan in the bathroom, morning sickness was a killer. He knocked on the door.
'Joan, everything alright?.'
'I'm ok. The baby's awake.'
'I'll go make Ты some tea.' He went downstairs and into the kitchen, He was so scared about all of this. He knew it was a natural part of pregnancy but it frightened him to see her being ill. There was a knock at the back door. It was Irene.
'What now?.'
'Have Ты thought about what i said?.'
'Yes. It's not going to happen.' She pulled him outside and shut the door.
'You have to convince her, Moriarty is making plans.'
'He's not going to touch...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'I use to be a surgeon, I reckon I can do this.' She managed to slide his пальто off and unbuttoned his shirt. She went into the bathroom and took through all the toilet roll they had. She applied pressure to the wound, hoping it would stop bleeding. 'You ok?.'
'I'm fine.' She pushed down еще which made him flinch.
'Sorry.' She removed the paper, The bleeding stopped. She filled the syringe with morphine.
'Trust me?.'
'Yes.' She pushed the needle into his skin and the morphine went in.
'Done.' She tossed it aside and grabbed a fresh needle. She took her scarf and pulled out a thread, which...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Irene was the first to wake, She wandered round the house so she knew every inch of it. She went out the back to get some air, she needed to clear her head. She took a few deep breathes thinking about Moriarty's plan, She felt sick. She went back in and found Joan in the kitchen.
'Morning. i'm making tea, Ты want some?.'
'No i'm fine thanks.' She sat down at the table.
'You don't look so good, Ты feeling alright?.'
'Stomach bug, nothing to worry about.' Joan sat opposite her. 'I was a little sick last night but i'm fine.'
'You sure?.' Irene nodded. 'Ok, Ты want some water?.'
'Yes please.' Joan...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock got up early the Далее morning. He looked over at Joan and smiled. He loved her so much. He leaned over and kissed her lightly so he wouldn't wake her. He got dressed then made his way downstairs, he grabbed his phone of the таблица and phoned Gregson.
'Captain, if Joan phones Ты and asks i was with Ты all this morning.'
'Ok, why?'
'I'll explain later.' He hung up his phone and made his way out the door.
He had been looking round the store for thirty minuets when he found exactly the right ring. It was a silver diamond with two blue sapphires either side of it. The woman asked...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Gregson!.' He came back in. 'You have to get back there somethings just happened to him.'
'What happened?.'
'I don't know, we're talking and all I heard was a gunshot.' She looked at Gregson who was looking at the floor like he was ashamed. 'You knew?.' He сказал(-а) nothing. 'You knew.'
'Don't. Don't even say your sorry, Ты hypothetically pulled the trigger.'
'How is this my fault?.'
'You could have phoned your men from the hospital phone and told them to go in there.'
'There wouldn't have been a different outcome,By the time they got in there he would have pulled the trigger anyway.' Joan shook...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'So Moriarty, 'M' wouldn't happen to be short for that?.'
'Ding Ding, Winner!.'
'I thought i would never find you. I spent ages scrolling through case file after case file but nothing. Not even a whisper and now, there Ты stand. Tell me something, why kill so many people?.'
'Haven't Ты ever done something just because Ты could?.' Sherlock became tense. 'But of course you have, Ты were Irene's drug addict boyfriend.'
'I wasn't that addicted when i was with her, it was only after Ты made her fake her death.'
'Well she wouldn't play fair.'
'What do Ты mean?.'
'Did she tell why she faked her death?.'...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The Поиск came up with nothing. They manged to wipe the place clean of any evidence. Gregson gave Sherlock a lift back to brownstone, he didn't say a word the whole ride there.
'Thank Ты captain.' He got out of the car.
'No problem. Ты know where i am...'
'If i need anything.' He opened the door and went inside. He hung up his пальто and went into the living room, 'Joan' was sitting on the couch. 'How are Ты still here?.'
'It's your subconscious.' He went and sat Далее to her. 'What's wrong?.'
'Irene gave us a dead end. We're still no closer to finding you.' She placed a hand on his thigh.
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posted by nickjonasfan001
For the past two days, Sherlock didn't sleep. He was so focused on finding her that sleep wasn't an option anymore. He placed all the evidence on the Стена above the fireplace and tried to piece them all together but he couldn't find any link. Who ever this is, they're very good, They had him stumped. He sat down on the диван, мягкий уголок with his head in his hands and sighed. After a moment he looked back up and saw 'Joan' standing in the corner.
'I know i'm not asleep или on drugs so how can Ты be here?.'
'Because Ты haven't slept in two days, Ты need to rest and Ты better not be on drugs.' She went over...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock didn't get much sleep, he kept going over different scenarios in his head. What if he chose to stay here in New York with Joan?. He knew he would have a happy life with her. But what if he went back to Лондон with Irene?. Would it be the same as before или would it be different?. He knew he couldn't have both. He had three days left to decide. He was about to go downstairs when he passed Joans room, He opened the door and looked inside. He missed having her around. He sighed and headed downstairs. His phone went off, It was Gregson.
'Holmes, i'm giving Ты heads up. The police...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
When Joan got to the police station, she found Sherlock in Gregson's office.
'Hey, Ты OK? I saw what happened on the news.'
'I'm fine, just a minor injury.' He showed her his arm. 'Nothing to worry about.'
'How did this happen?.'
'Don't know.' She hugged him so tight.'I'm fine Joan, honestly.'
'I know but what if something worse had happened?.' He pulled away gently.
'But it didn't. I'm here.' He pushed a stray hair behind her ear. 'I'll be back in a минута i have to give a statement.' He kissed her forehead and left the office. Joan sighed. She got and was about to leave when she saw an envelope...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of days later. Sherlock was about to go to постель, кровати when his phone went off. It was a text from Irene asking to see him one last time before she left. Joan was out seeing her family (She hasn't told them about her and Sherlock yet). He put on his куртка and scarf and left to meet her. He found her sitting in on a park bench.
'Didn't think Ты would Показать up.' Sherlock sat down Далее to her.
'What do Ты want?.'
'I told you. I wanted to see Ты before i left.'
'If Ты wanted to see me Ты would have come to my flat but no Ты chose to meet here. There's something else.' She took out her phone...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Aren't Ты going to invite me in?.' Sherlock just stared at her in shock. 'I didn't expect Ты to be so speechless. Glad to see i still have that effect on you.'
'How can Ты be here?.'
'Not important. Now...'
'Tell me!.'
'How about we take this inside?.' Sherlock moved aside so Irene could come in. He followed her into the front room. 'Nice place. Don't know how Ты can afford it with your little habit.'
'How do Ты know about that?.' She turned round at him and smiled.
'I've kept tabs on you.'
'Then you'll know I've дана it up.' Irene moved closer to him.
'Did Ты miss me?.'
'I've moved on.'
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of hours had past since Olivia left to meet Micheal, Sherlock lay on his mattress thinking about how to help her and Oscar. He could over them a way out but the Вопрос is would they take it? He knows Oscar is too dependant on drugs and rehab would be a waste of time but Olivia could convince him otherwise. He was stuck. He needed Joan. He took out the picture of Joesph and looked at his little boy remembering the день he was born, remembering the день his new life started and how he brought all his family back together. He placed the picture under his подушка and went downstairs, he...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
This is a continuation of the last story but is set about four months after.

Joan woke with sunlight coming through the window, it was beautiful. She looked over and saw Sherlock's half of the постель, кровати was empty. She put on her dressing платье, бальное платье and went downstairs.

'Sherlock?' No one answered, he must be out. She picked her bag up off the таблица and checked her phone, there was a text from him.
Sorry i'm not there, Gregson needed a hand with a case. Make it up to Ты tonight. Любовь you.
She smiled then went into the кухня to get some coffee. She went and sat down then she got a call from her mum.
'Hey mum....
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posted by nickjonasfan001
As Irene left the room, she ran into Joan.
'What were Ты doing in his room?.'
'Saying goodbye.'
'Good. You've caused enough trouble.' She was about to go in when Irene grabbed her arm.
'Look, the only reason i did all those things was to protect him.'
'By letting them kidnap his girlfriend? Some protection.'
'The only reason i did that was... because i was jealous.'
'Of me?. She nodded 'Why?.'
'I was still in Любовь him. I still am. He was the only man who was so challenging and difficult to figure out. I liked it, found it..kinda sexy. Then i saw how he was with Ты and i couldn't handle it. I'm sorry...
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