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Why is Наруто X Sasuke put down so much????

notice how their friendship ends up becoming MORE. Наруто would do anything to get sasuke back. even risk his OWN life. thats what Любовь is all about. being dedicated.thats why i am a supporter of orochimaru and kabuto. not criticizing naru saku fans, but Наруто only promised sakura to bring sasuke back because they both Любовь him. like i said, if any out of the 2, naru saku and sasu saku, sasu saku would be the best.(after Наруто x sasuke) i just dont quite support naru saku at ALL. i hope Ты understand my point.and what u see in this vid, the same goes for the shippuden series too.
 NarutoCrypt posted Больше года
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