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I walked the streets of Shepherds Glen, the town was now desolate and lonely, and it wasn't like this before. It used to be full of life and friendly people, and now this. But today I'm extremely happy, because of the rumors. Rumors about my Alex. The few remaining people in Shepherds Glen loved to gossip, this time it was about Alex returning from the army. I've missed him so much. Alex and I have been best Друзья since kindergarten, when we would sit at our desks and pass little Любовь notes to one another. Those were fun times. I was a little mad when he left for the army so abruptly, but...
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recently i saw silent холм, хилл revelation and i notice how close it resembled silent холм, хилл 3 not the events but the locations and the people at least some. thats not why i wrote this though its what happens at the end as the truck the couple truck leaves a bus in a convoy is headed towards silent холм, хилл and by coincidence it resembles the prison bus in silent холм, хилл downpour. here are some pics that i save to compare also the truck driver looks like the one that drove alex back to shepherds glen. i also wondered if it would be good i guess we'll have to wait and see. although movie doesn't follow the games timeline exactly it has things that do exist in the game. i can't say if there really making another so don't go around telling everyone they're making a new silent холм, хилл i'm not sure
Let's face it; the first Silent холм, хилл movie stood true to its Источник material. It wasn't really scary, but it knew how to capture the essence of Silent Hill. It followed the storyline of the first Silent холм, хилл game, just like a movie adaption to a video game should. A mother drove by an eerie, mysterious town with her daughter, got into an accident, her daughter was gone, yadda yadda... True, it's been done before, but it worked. The first Silent холм, хилл movie didn't make for the scariest horror flick of all time, but it was (and still is, if Ты ask me) one of the best Фильмы based on video games....
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The long , out stretched hallway seemed to never end. Innocent people screamed in agony and pain, bloodcurdling wails filled the hallway, but no one was around. I held my flashlight in my hands, shaking. I looked around me. My leather ankle-boots making a metallic clanging sound against the blood-stained grates as I walked. God, what the fuck happened here?....
A pair of heavy, rusted doors appeared, a familiar symbol painted in blood on the door. Have I seen this before?...No...But why was it familiar?..
The screams had stopped.....It was a dead, eerie silence.
I wiggled the flashlight in...
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Pure eyes, blue like a glassy head, Ты are always looking at me, and I am always looking at you. Ah, you're too meek - beautiful, unspoiled: thus I'm so sad, I suffer - and so happy, it hurts - I want to hurt you. And destroy myself. What would Ты think, if Ты knew how I felt - would Ты simply smile, not saying a word? Even curses from your mouth would be beautiful as pearls. I place my left hand on your face as though we were to kiss. Then I suddenly shove my thumb deep into your eye-socket. Abruptly, decisively, like drilling a hole. And what would it feel like? Like jelly? Trembling...
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The Trailer starts off with a man obviously behind bars, a police officer saying to him "todays the big день huh?" It reminded me of the trailer from Silent холм, хилл Homecoming when Alex Shepherd wakes up in the truck after a bad dream. So to put it simply, it reminded me of a game that flopped to say the least, not the best start.

The bus is taking him somewhere that we're not supposed to know, its dark, raining and the people on the bus look creepy enough. All typical to Silent Hills usual atmosphere so far.

The police officer is looking at him intensly, as if he's caused trouble in the prison before...
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konami has announced the new upcoming horror for the Silent холм, хилл series, SILENT холм, хилл 8.
the game takes place when a prisoner ( Murphy Pendleton) that was transfaired with a cuple of other prisoners, police offcer and of course a bus driver to the town of silent hill, . at least this is what i came to descover in some websites but most of them wrote the same story. of course players well find them self face to face with thier deepest fears and sins in the strange world of silent hill.
"In honoring the rich history and strong following of Silent Hill, we're working hard to build a Далее generation...
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posted by 1122ridr
This is a guide to Показать Ты how to get the endings in all of the games.

Silent Hill

Good+ Ending

Save Cybil and complete the Kaufmann sidequest

Good Ending

Kill Cybil and complete the Kaufmann sidequest

Bad Ending

Kill Cybil and don't complete the Kaufmann sidequest

Bad+ Ending

Save Cybil and don't complete the Kaufmann sidequest

UFO Ending

Use the Channeling Stone on вверх of the lighthouse

Silent холм, хилл 2


Silent холм, хилл 3


Silent холм, хилл 4: The Room


Silent Hill: Ørigins

Bad Ending (unlocks Butcher costume and Great Cleaver)

Kill 200 enemies on subsequent playthroughs

Silent холм, хилл Homecoming

Good Ending (unlocks...
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new silent холм, хилл will be released in 2011 titled as silent hill:revelation
says to be about heather

The sequel follows Heather Mason and her father, who have been on the run - always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn't fully understand. Now, on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she's not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent холм, хилл forever.

this movie will be directed by Michael J. Bassett
posted by RayJamesRaywerc
Tommy Lee Wake in a room with blood
bone and flesh and he is not alone i had Daria, Lily, Kate, Humphrey, Kyle, Garth, and Hutch. Tommy Lee is или hell !!! Hutch: I do not know? Kyle: I think have is a Oh shit. Tommy Lee: have is where Kyle !! Kyle: sillent холм, хилл to good god shit !!! Tommy Lee: Oh great have is in the shit !!! Kate: How have to get by Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee: I know all I know is that I have will not be spotted and everyone realized as soon as I open the damn door have made no noise as it were ok, good let's go. Tommy-Lee opened the door and it's all black and he had forgotten that...
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posted by Engelbrecht
Silent Hill: The Revealing

Mark Engelbrecht Фан fiction story idea.

This story will involve only one character of my own creation as a protagonist. Throughout all of the Silent холм, хилл events, all of its living and dead characters and all of its monsters, my character, who is known as The Unknown Force, will come to Silent холм, хилл and bring an end to everything, making all perish. My character is an ascended human/alien hybrid from the real world, a guardian and protector to all humans. The Unknown Force (my character) is human in form, but will change physically into a large and tall alien being....
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posted by Midnight_Aura
Silent Hill: Advent Soul is a story I made up using information on the past Silent холм, хилл games. The story takes place before Silent холм, хилл V. Before i start, this isnt an idea for a game, еще like a novel. Heres a Список of the characters,
-Jereme Mason
-Heather Mason/Alessa Gillespie
-Angela Ross
-Michael Kaufmann
-Scarlett Galvin
-Dennis Howler
The story revolves around Jereme Mason, son of Heather Mason. So far, my ideas are, the story starts out with Angela Ross, priest/new leader of The Order praying to "God" explaining a vision she had on the return of Alessas divided soul becoming whole once more(which...
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